The Alluring Physician-Chapter 2 Revival From Hell (II)

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The Alluring Physician-Chapter 2 Revival From Hell (II)

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Chapter 2 Revival From Hell (II)

“Help me up.” Qian Ziqi said as she struggled a little. Her chest felt extremely painful and uncomfortable, as though something was burning within.

“Stop moving around, my lady. The toxins from the soul-crushing poison had already entered your nerves and veins…”

“Just help me up!”

Her expression and tone remained cold as ice.

Yue Niang and Qian Fu exchange a single glance at each other before helping her up to a seat in front of the bronze mirror.

She reached out to touch her own face and noticed that the girl in the mirror had a snowy white skin. Her eyes were beautiful as a painting and her lips resembled the bow of Cupid. She looked alluring yet adorable. She was undeniably beautiful.

She was lost in her thoughts for a moment as she observed the face in the mirror.

This was not her face, but the face of her cousin, Gu Qingwan. How did this happen?

Qian Ziqi felt a sharp pain in her chest before feeling dizzy.

“My lady!” Both Yue Niang and Qian Fu exclaimed as they supported her on each side. Their faces were filled with worries.

Qian Ziqi gritted her teeth and looked into the mirror again.

Looking into her deep dark eyes, there was a sense of loneliness that was incompatible with the girl’s age. .

She sighed softly.

Only these eyes belonged to her. Those were Qian Ziqi’s eyes before her death in her previous life. Those were the look of despair and utter indifference.

Qian Ziqi heaved a soft sigh before her body became weak and collapsed. At that moment, she finally understood that her cousin, Gu Qingwan, was her second life —— she has been reborn.

“My lady…my lady” Yue Niang shrieked.

Qian Fu suddenly thought of an idea and said, “Get the lady in bed. I need to treat her with acupuncture. Hurry!”

Yue Niang was shocked by what had just happened. She exerted strength to help her lady onto the bed.

Holding up his acupuncture needles, Qian Fu swiftly inserted them into the lady’s meridian points.

After five minutes, dark blood started to flow out from the lady’s fingers. Qian Fu revealed a look of happiness as he sat down on the floor and mouthed silently, “Yue Niang, our lady is saved.”

A chilling cold breeze entered into the room through the gaps between the windows.

Yue Niang trembled slightly as she gazed down at the small figure lying in bed. She mumbled, “Qian Fu, who…do you think this lady is?”

Qian Fu’s eyes became watery as he teared up while saying, “Yue Niang, this lady…is our lady.”

In the night of the winter.

The fire blazed through the sky and in front of the eyes. The fire devoured the land and worldly life.

The girl gazed at the blaze and ashes as the houses collapsed in front of her. She heard the fluttering noises of the people and the burning sound of the fire.

But she remained still. She was waiting.

She was waiting for that man to step through the fire and pulled her into a hug, before he whispered in her ears and said, “Ziqi, don’t be afraid. I am here to rescue you!”

And just as she wished, it did happen.

However, the charming man had only galloped over and stopped miles away from her. A pair of eyes were staring coldly at the fire and quietly at her. There was no expression on his face.

The girl panicked and shouted out the man’s name.

The man remained still without any emotion. It was as though her life and death had nothing to do with him.

She felt despaired and sad. It was a feeling that she had never felt before. A drop of tear streamed down from her eyes.

Just a moment ago, he had told her, “Ziqi, I want to see the nine provinces with you.”

And just a moment ago, he had pulled her into a hug and brushed her soft hair with his long fingers.


But before she could ask, an arrow had already pierced through her chest.

The girl lowered her head to look at the long arrow in her chest in disbelief before raising her head back up in a daze. Her black hair flew in the wind and that arrow remained in her chest.

The man was still holding onto the bow.


The girl shrieked in pain as the blood spurted out from her throat.

She fell face flat as she howled. There was no sadness in her howl but intense hatred.


“My lady, you must be having nightmares again. Look, your forehead is covered in sweat.”

Yue Niang rushed into the room and took out a handkerchief to gently clean her forehead.

Qingwan clasped her hands to her chest as she sat on the bed, breathing heavily. She had been having this same dream for the past ten days.

She knew that this wasn’t a dream, but the scene of her terrible death from her previous life.

The fiery fire had burned for an entire night, covering half of the capital city in red. The entire Qian family, a total of 108 members including her parents and brothers, were buried in the fire and none of them had survived.

And ironically, she was killed by her fiance’s arrow.

“Get me a cup of warm tea, Yue Niang.”

After gulping down a cup of warm tea, she felt better and rested herself in Yue Niang’s arms.

Feeling sorry for her lady, Yue Niang patted her back and gently coaxed her just like in the past.

“My lady, don’t think too much. I’m sure that there’s a way out of this situation. Qian Fu and I will do our best to protect you.”

“How did my aunt die?” Qingwan suddenly asked.

Yue Niang’s eyes watered. Her voice cracked as she said, “The members of the Gu family were worried that they would be punished, so they ordered…ordered someone to serve her a bowl of soul-crushing poison.”

“My aunt was willing to die?” Qing Wan asked with grief.

Yue Niang tore and said, “The second ma’am said the soul-crushing poison could only break her soul, but not her hatred. She will definitely take revenge as a ghost and curse the entire Gu family.”

“But isn’t my cousin innocent?” Qingwan gritted and said.

“The second ma’am said that since the Gu family is heartless and selfish, it’s better to bring her along.”

Qingwan slowly closed her eyes.

They knew and loved each other for 14 years, yet an arrow that pierced through her heart destroyed everything overnight.

The Qian family had over 100 members and yet they were all killed and buried in the fire.

Her aunt and her cousin were forced to the wall by the Gu family to the extent that they chose to commit suicide…

“When will my lady be awake, Qian Fu?”

She dug her nails deeply into her palm as she felt the pain in her heart. She herself was certain of what she needed to do. She gritted her teeth and vowed, though in agony, that ——

whatever grievances she had in her previous life, she will live through them again in this life!

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