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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 80 The Jaws of Death

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Li Yundong ran alongside Su Chan across the compound. Director Qian, Vice-chancellor Ke, and several other professors had gathered in front of the building’s facade. Li Yundong moved past the white-collars without sparing them a glance, but he still managed to pick up snippets of their conversation.

“Damn it, how am I supposed to report to the mayor if this situation goes south!”

“God, think about the budget cuts next year. And what about the extra expenses we have to spend on dealing with all the bad PR!”

“Budget cuts! There wouldn’t even be a Tiannan University’s if word about this incident gets out! We’ll probably be closed down for good!”

“You guys are forgetting something else! The Deputy Governor! It’s his daughter up there!”

 Unbidden anger coursed through Li Yundong. Two lives are at stake, and all these f*ckers care about is politics? Li Yundong increased his pace and tuned out those obnoxious voices. He didn’t have time to deal with these good-for-nothing bureaucrats. Saving the two girls was his top priority.

 Su Chan pulled him to a stop when they reached a corner of the building twenty feet away from the crowd.

 “Yundong! Check out that window!”

 Li Yundong glanced up and saw an open window on the second floor. The window had two exterior ledges, one along its top side and the other one along its bottom side. Both ledges protruded enough from the wall that he could grab onto them. He could definitely use that window to start the climb. That’s one problem solved. Li Yundong shifted his gaze upwards. To his relief, he saw a series of similar windows for every floor until the sixth floor. The rooftop’s ledge was just slightly above the sixth floor.

Okay. So getting to the rooftop using those windows wouldn’t be an issue. But what if one of them fell before he finished the climb?

Li Yundong glanced up at the rooftop again. The windows formed a vertical column slightly to the left of where the girls were now standing near the ledge. Theoretically speaking, if he hung on to the ledge (of a window) with his left arm and reached across with his right arm, he should be able to catch one of the girls if they fell along a vertical path…

Whatever. The best-case scenario was that the fall never happened, which meant he had to get up to the rooftop and take Zhao Yujian out before shit hit the fan.

“Good job, princess,” Li Yundong said. “This will work.”

“Be careful, Yundong.”

“I will,” Li Yundong said as he began backing away from the wall. He first had to grab the bottom ledge of the window, which was about five or six meters above the ground floor.

Suddenly, he halted. “Hey, Su Chan…” he said. “Do you think my body can handle the weight of a falling girl?”

He didn’t want things to lead to that, but he had to prepare for the worst.

Su Chan eyed the rooftop silently, then shook her head. “Not if you catch the body from here. It would’ve gained too much speed by the time it reaches ground level. Your shoulder joints probably won’t hold.”


“Okay… But what if I catch it from somewhere above ground, like from the third floor or something.”

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Wait, what if I hang on to the ledge with one arm, then catch them with the other arm?”

“Shouldn’t be a problem too as long as the body isn’t falling too fast,” Su Chan said with a confident nod.

Li Yundong glanced up and studied the bottom ledge of the second-floor window. Six meters up… Could he even reach the window from down here?Maybe he should just run back inside and take the stairs to the second floor.But he didn’t know which lecture hall this window belonged to… He’d just be wasting precious time if he tried to locate it on his own… Maybe if I ask around—

“Don’t worry, beloved. You can reach the second-floor window from here,” Su Chan said as if reading his mind. “Your bones and muscles have been strengthened after you passed the Sutai phase. But the most important thing is still your Qi control. Mobilize your Qi to whichever part of your body that needs it, and you’ll experience a surge in strength and endurance.” (T/N: Sutai is the first phase of Cultivation; Li Yundong passed that phase the moment he consumed the Renyuan Jindan)

Wait, the Sutai what? That’s a training phase? But he couldn’t recall undergoing any training other than the Qi control stuff that Su Chan had taught him recently…

Li Yundong exhaled and decided that now wasn’t the right time to be pondering that question.

“Okay… I can do this,” he said, slapping his cheeks a few times. “Let’s go!” He rolled his shoulders a few times.  

“Hey! Li Yundong!”

“Sheep poo! Sheep foo!”

Li Yundong turned and saw Kris and John running towards them.

“Are you sure that catching them mid-fall is the best way to go?” Kris said in an anxious tone. “Why not just set up an air mattress on the ground or something!”

“No,” Li Yundong said, shaking his head gravely. “This is some kind of sick game to him. He’ll know something’s up the moment he sees the air mattress. He might change his mind and just shoot one of them instead.”

“Fair enough,” Kris said, sighing defeatedly. Then, all of a sudden, she looked right into his eyes. “God, I really hope you know what you’re doing.”

Li Yundong smiled wryly. “Guess you’re about to find out then.”

He turned away from Kris to face Su Chan, then leaned down.

“Princess, keep an eye on the rooftop for me, okay?” he whispered. “Report whatever you see to me. The plan’s gonna be blown if Zhao Yujian notices me climbing up. You don’t have to shout. Just whisper. I can hear you if I focus on your voice.”

“Mmm!” Su Chan nodded.

“Wish me luck?”

“You won’t need it, beloved,” Su Chan said.

There. There it was, that feeling of encouragement which shot his morale into the stratosphere, making him feel like he could achieve anything. All because this girl with a mysterious past had said a few words to him.

He backed away from the wall until he was a good seven meters away, then stopped to look up at the window on the second floor. Whispers from the crowd drifted to his ears, but he tuned them out. Focus, Li Yundong. Two lives were at stake, and he had a chance to save them both. If he ended up making a fool of himself, then so be it. He didn’t give a shit. He was no superhero anyway. He just didn’t want to see two women he knew die in the hands of some lunatic with delusions of grandeur. Neither of those girls deserved such an ending.

Li Yundong closed his eyes as a wave of anxiety crept into his chest.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…

Did he really know what he was doing?What if his grip slipped and one of them fell?

He’d never done something like this before. Not even the parkour stunt, or hell, the bullet-dodging feat he did earlier, could compare to what he was about to do. It was one thing to put his own life on the line, but another to have two lives depending on his strength, quickness, and decisions.


A warm palm settled on the small of his back. Then, a melodious voice washed over his soul like the most soothing balm in existence: “Xiao Zhoutian and Da Zhoutian. Qi at your lower Dantian. Huiyin, Lingtai, Shenting, and then Baihui… That’s gonna help calm you down. Don’t worry. I got your back, beloved. Always.”

Oh, Su Chan…

Calmness and confidence coursed through every fiber of his being.

“Just remember that your Qi is your best ally. Move it to wherever your body needs it. Also, remember that your Qi answers to your Spirit. So you need to focus. And focus on the right things…”

Li Yundong’s eyes shot open the moment he felt a wave of heat gushing out from the top of his head. He broke off into a sprint, and f*ck, he didn’t think he ever ran this fast before. He pushed his Qi through his meridians and got it to circle around his calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


Li Yundong made a huge leap forward with his right leg. Then, when the wall was within his kicking range, he kicked the wall with his left leg, using the force of the kick to propel himself up the wall.

Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.


With every kick, his body was propelled a few feet upwards along the wall. He wasn’t even fully aware of what he was doing. He was just kicking for dear life, as though his legs were moving by instinct.

Several more kicks later, Li Yundong could tell that he was losing upward momentum. He knew he was going to fall if he didn’t grab onto something. He channeled more Qi to his right calf and performed one final kick.


He raised his arms above his head and grabbed the window’s bottom ledge. He hung on the ledge for a second or two, then perform a perfect muscle-up to raise himself onto the ledge.

He did it. He f*cking did it. He just ran six meters up the wall, then performed a perfect muscle-up even though he’d never done a single pull-up in his life. The magnitude of what he just did was not lost on him.

He shoved those thoughts to the back of his mind and focused on the task at hand. There would be time for introspection later. Right now, he had a mission. He looked towards the ground and located Su Chan among the crowd. He zoomed in and saw that Su Chan was already doing what he’d asked her to do. She was staring up at the rooftop with intense focus. He turned away and focused his attention on the top ledge next. He would have to perform a vertical jump and pull himself up onto the top ledge. Okay… Here we go. Just like dunking a basketball…

He bent both legs at the knees, then pushed his legs against the bottom ledge as hard as he could. When his hands grabbed the top ledge, he performed another muscle-up.

He’d just cleared the first window.

One down, four more to go…

Li Yundong focused his hearing on the crowd, where Su Chan was standing as she stared at the rooftop with rapt attention. However, instead of hearing Su Chan’s whispers, he heard the sounds of chatter.

“What is that boy doing?”

“He’s climbing up the building, duh!”

“Climbing up the building!” Vice-chancellor Ke screamed. “Who does he think he is? Some kind of superhero!? Someone get him down here! Now!”

Yeah, announce the plan to the whole world, why don’t you? Useless idiots!

“Su Chan… Tell them to keep their voices down,” Li Yundong growled. “Those idiots are going to blow the plan wide open.”

Seconds later, he heard Su Chan’s voice: “Shut up, you fools! You’re going to clue in the enemy with your yapping!”

“Y- y- you… How dare you! You insolent—”

“She’s right, sir… I think Li Yundong knows what he’s doing…”

Kris… Guess I owe her one.

Li Yundong turned away from the crowd and eyed the window on the third floor.



“You heard me! One of you must jump!”

All it took was one simple statement by Zhao Yujian to turn Zhou Qin into something infinitely more lethal than the gun in Zhao Yujian’s hand. Because Ding Nan knew that if she were to die today, it would be by Zhou Qin’s next words, not the gun.

Ding Nan took an unconscious step back from the woman who now held the power over her own life. She couldn’t believe this was how her life would end. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was beautiful and smart. She was supposed to have a whole life ahead of her, not fall to her death and become a mere sacrificial lamb just so Zhou Qin could live on. None of this was fair.

Zhou Qin’s figure became a blur in Ding Nan’s vision. A strangled sob escaped Ding Nan’s lips. Oh God… I’m really gonna die… I’m really gonna die…

“Hahahahahahaha… How about it bitches? This is my final gift to you both for f*cking up my life!!! This is the perfect way to screw up the both of you at the same time! You two are very close, right? Joined to the hips, like sisters? Hahahahaha… This is perfect! This is absolutely beautiful! Two sisters, forced to kill one another! One falls to her death, while the other one carries the guilt with her for the rest of her life! Hahahahaha…”

Tears slid down Ding Nan’s cheeks. She swiped them away, and Zhou Qin’s figure became clear again. Ding Nan didn’t even have to hear the words to know what Zhou Qin’s decision was; the look in her eyes said it all.


Zhou Qin was looking at her with pity.

“Go on, then! Make your choice!” Zhao Yujian yelled.

Zhou Qin’s hand rose slightly as she took a step towards Ding Nan.

“D- don’t come any closer!” Ding Nan yelled, backing away a few more steps.

“Ding Nan… You’re a smart woman. You know how this is gonna end…”

Ding Nan broke into sobs.

Not fair… not fair… None of this is fair… It’s always me… always me…

“Do you think my family will actually let you live if I die here today? If I jump, then we both die, that’s how it is…”

“Oh God, no… No!!!” Ding Nan wailed.

“I promise I’ll take care of your family, okay? They’ll all live a comfortable life, a life that they’d never dreamt of living. You have my word…”

Ding Nan stopped sobbing and stared at Zhou Qin. Even now, Zhou Qin’s countenance was devoid of any emotion. However, the pity she saw in those eyes was absent. Those eyes now held the intensity of a promise.

Twenty… I won’t even live past twenty…

For a moment there, Ding Nan considered what would happen if they both jumped together. But then she also knew that it would change nothing. What good would it do if they both jumped? She still wouldn’t live past the age of twenty, and her family would be bereft of Zhou Qin’s promise of a comfortable life. Was that the answer, then? That Ding Nan the insect repellant should be tossed off the roof?

Ding Nan burst into tears again. I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die…

“Quit stalling, and choose!”

“Get away from me!” Ding Nan yelled when she saw Zhou Qin stepping towards her.

“Get away!” Ding Nan took a step back.


Ding Nan’s world tilted sideways. The blur in her eyes cleared away as she fell, giving her a rapidly diminishing view of Zhou Qin’s figure. Was that regret and pain she saw on Zhou Qin’s face?

Ding Nan’s hair fluttered around her face, her flailing hands grasped nothing but air. This was it. She was going to die.

She closed her eyes and allowed the colors of her world to disappear until only darkness remained.


Well, this wall-climbing thing was easier than he’d originally thought. Now, he was standing on the bottom ledge of the fourth floor’s window, and it had only been about two minutes or so since he got to the first window. Okay… two more windows to go… Then I’ll have to climb up the ledge without Zhao Yujian noticing… but first… I gotta get a sitrep from Su Chan.

He focused his hearing on the ground. All he heard was chatter. He didn’t hear Su Chan’s voice. Li Yundong glanced upwards, wanting to see what was happening on the rooftop, but unfortunately, his view of the rooftop was blocked by the window’s upper ledge. He glanced down again and zoomed in on Su Chan’s face. She was still staring at the rooftop but—

Wait… Her lips are moving… But then why can’t I—

Li Yundong strained his ears again. More chatter. Director Qian yapping about something. Vice-chancellor Ke speaking on the phone… Dammit!

“Su Chan, you’re gonna have to move away from the crowd,” Li Yundong said. “Can’t hear what you’re saying. The chatter’s too loud.”

“Shuddup you fools! If you’re not being helpful, then at least don’t get in the way of those who’re trying to help!”

Li Yundong flinched slightly at Su Chan’s shrill voice.

A split second later, Su Chan’s whispers drifted to his ears.

“I think there’s gonna be trouble soon… Things are getting pretty heated up there.”

“What’s going on?”

“Ding Nan is slowly backing away from Zhou Qin. Wait… the bad guy is talking… no wait… he’s laughing now… He’s saying that… Grrr! This bastard is crazy!”

“What? What is he saying?”

Should he switch his hearing’s focus to the rooftop? No, but I can’t see a damn thing from here! He had to keep his hearing focused on Su Chan because she was now acting as his eyes.

“Crazy bastard… He’s saying that this was his way of punishing the both of them. One dies, while the other one lives with the guilt forever…” Su Chan said.

Li Yundong clenched his jaw. Son of a bitch…

“Ding Nan is terrified. She’s crying now. Zhou Qin’s still keeping it together though. Ding Nan is still backing away from Zhou Qin… But her movements seem more desperate now…”

Shit, shit, shit… Li Yundong glanced upwards, but all he saw was the concrete of the upper ledge. Should I keep climbing? Or should I be on standby?

“Uh-oh…” Su Chan’s voice drifted in once again. “Ding Nan is panicking. And she’s getting nearer to the ledge…”

Argh! F*ck it! I’m not climbing anymore.

He had to be on standby. From what he’d heard from Su Chan, it sounded like someone could fall off the ledge anytime. Li Yundong muttered a curse, then took a deep breath. Alright, Li Yundong. Think. Come on… come on… think! What’s the best course of action here…

Li Yundong’s eyes widened.

Xianjue! If he could predict when and where they fell…

Li Yundong closed his eyes and willed his clairvoyant ability to work. One second. Two second. Three seconds. Nothing. Come on, come on! Work, damn it! Work!

Another two seconds passed without any bursts of white light. F*ck! Why isn’t it working!

“Su Chan, my Xianjue isn’t working! My Qi’s already at my Shenting—”

“Of course it won’t, beloved. Xianjue allows you to perceive the effects and consequences of other people’s actions ahead of time. But those actions have to be directed at you, or at least be related to your own actions.”

“Shit… No wonder…” Li Yundong sighed.


Li Yundong didn’t like that tone.

“What? What is it, princess?”

“Zhou Qin is telling Ding Nan that she’ll take care of Ding Nan’s family…”

“What! Is Ding Nan jumping?”

“No. It doesn’t seem like it yet. Ding Nan is just backing away at the moment… But I don’t like it… she’s too close to the ledge. Ugh! Unbelievable! How can she be so careless! She keeps stepping backwards even though her back is facing the ledge! She can’t even see a thing!”

“I don’t think she’s thinking straight at the moment, Su Chan…” The girl’s probably scared shitless…

Li Yundong cursed under his breath.

“Uh-oh… Yundong… Zhao Yujian is approaching them now… He looks… impatient… He just yelled at them. Zhou Qin got startled and jumped forward… Argh!!! Yundong!!!”

Li Yundong knew right then that someone had fallen off the ledge. He also knew that he couldn’t afford to second guess himself now. He must act, and act decisively. Without delay, he moved his Qi to his biceps, quads, and deltoids, then got into a crouching position on the window’s ledge.

The moment he saw a dark figure falling past the window where he was standing, he leaped. He didn’t even care whose body it was. He just jumped.

Tendrils of hair tickled Li Yundong’s cheeks as he wrapped his arm around a waist that was most definitely feminine. Ding Nan…

Li Yundong tightened his arms around Ding Nan’s waist, then reoriented his body in mid-air until his feet were pointed towards the ground.

The ground was approaching quickly, and Li Yundong knew he only had a few seconds to mobilize his Qi to his joints. He quickly adjusted Ding Nan’s body until he was holding her in a bridal’s carry. Then, he closed his eyes and channeled his Qi towards his ankle joints, knee joints, shoulder joints, and spine. One second. Two seconds. Three…

THUD! Li Yundong bent his knees slightly upon impact.

A deafening silence spread across the compound. Seconds later, the entire compound erupted in cheers.

When Li Yundong opened his eyes, he saw Ding Nan’s glassy eyes staring up at him.

“It’s okay, Ding Nan,” Li Yundong said with a steady voice. “It’s okay. It’s all over now… You’re safe…”

What happend next took Li Yundong by complete surprise. Ding Nan threw her arms around his neck and bawled like there was no tomorrow. The endless cheers from the crowd and Ding Nan’s heart-wrenching sobs made Li Yundong glance around helplessly. Err… What the hell am I supposed to do here? Instinctively, Li Yundong’s eyes sought out Su Chan. She stood some distance away from the crowd, and it appeared that she’d been running towards him before something made her stop. A moment later, Li Yundong realized what it was. Su Chan’s eyes were focused intently on the rooftop.

Li Yundong glanced towards the rooftop and zoomed in. Zhao Yujian was holding the gun to Zhou Qin’s head and forcing her towards the ledge.

No. This wasn’t over yet.


“You really have no heart, do you, Zhou Qin?” Zhao Yujian said. “What are people to you, eh? Toys? Tools? What am I to you? I bet you see me as nothing more than a clown…” Zhao Yujian laughed maniacally for a moment. “But wow… Forcing your best friend to her death without even batting an eye… You’re a real piece of work Zhou Qin…”

Zhou Qin kept her eyes trained on the gun’s muzzle as she backed away from Zhao Yujian.

“She wasn’t my friend,” she said. “I don’t have any friends.”

Her statement made Zhao Yujian halt, but she kept backing away until she was at a safer distance away from him. Zhao Yujian began to wheeze and huff as though he was struggling with his anger. Should I make my move now? He isn’t looking at me… If I can just grab the gun and then pull the trigger…

Too late.

Zhao Yujian had already recovered from his emotional outburst and was now looking straight at her. Zhou Qin decided that she didn’t like the way he was looking at her right then. Those eyes were too frenzied, too desperate, and not at all like the eyes of a man who would just let his victim walk away unharmed. Maybe she should act now. If his plan was to shoot her and then jump off the building, then what did she have to lose?

Zhao Yujian’s lips moved. “Zhou Qin, you—”

“Zhao Yujian! Calm down! Don’t do anything rash!”

Zhou Qin whipped her head to the side and glanced at the door leading to the rooftop’s staircase. Vice-chancellor Ke and several other members of the university’s staff were gathered around the door, looking at them anxiously. Zhao Yujian’s growl drew her attention back to him. His eyes were no longer on her and the gun was no longer trained on her. Now’s my chance!

The muzzle of the gun jerked in the direction of Vice-chancellor Ke and his staff. “Stand back! Don’t come any closer!”

Zhou Qin inched closer towards Zhao Yujian, her gaze never leaving the gun.

“Zhao Yujian… Please… You need to calm down,” Vice-chancellor Ke pleaded. “Come on… Just please, put the gun down and let’s talk, okay? Let’s have a proper discussion and come to a peaceful resolution… Nobody else has to get hurt…”

Zhou Qin inched forward a few more steps, making sure to keep her footsteps light. The gun was now within her reach. A series of scuffles sounded from her right.

“I- I- I said stop! Stop walking! Don’t come any closer!”

“Come on Zhao Yujian… Don’t do this… please… We can still work things out… Tell me what you want, hey? On behalf of the university, I’ll try my best to make it happen…”

Zhou Qin’s gaze traveled between the gun and Zhao Yujian’s face. Steady… steady… steady…

“What I want?!” Zhao Yujian sounded far too desperate to her liking. “You can never give me what I want! You fools don’t understand!!! It’s all over for me! My life is ove—”

Zhou Qin pounced, grabbing Zhao Yujian’s arm with both hands. A struggle broke out with Zhou Qin pushing Zhao Yujian’s arm downwards with all her might, throwing her entire bodyweight into it. Fight! I have to fight! Rapid footsteps sounded from her right.

“No! Miss Zhou! Watch out!!”

She heard a nasty growl, then felt a sharp pain on her scalp where Zhao Yujian was pulling at her hair. She ignored the pain and pushed down harder on Zhao Yujian’s arm, groping and fumbling for the gun’s grip. Get to the trigger! I just need to press the trigger! Another growl sounded. Zhao Yujian’s hand smacked against her face as he tried to push her face away. Zhou Qin bit down on his hand, hard.



The final bullet struck the floor a few feet away from them.

Zhou Qin stumbled to the side as Zhao Yujian flung her away with all his might.

Zhao Yujian’s wretched scream rang out, filling the rooftop with his own sorrow and hopelessness. Seconds later, the scream petered out into echoes. The ordeal was over.

Zhou Qin rose to her feet and looked to her right. Vice-chancellor Ke and his staff were all down on the ground with their hands covering their heads. Zhou Qin turned away and looked towards Zhao Yujian. He was bent over slightly with his hands on his knees, and he was shaking. The gun lay on the ground a few feet away, abandoned and empty.

Zhou Qin sneered. “You’re out of bullets.”

“Looks like death is my only way out,” Zhao Yujian said, then laughed maniacally for a while. Suddenly, the laughter stopped, and Zhou Qin wasn’t prepared for the look of sheer menace in his eyes. “And I’m taking you with me!”

Zhao Yujian was on her before she even had time to blink. The next thing she knew, she was tumbling over the ledge while the jaws of death gaped up at her from the ground.


“Hey… Ding Nan… It’s alright now… It’s alright… You’re fine… Now you gotta let me go, okay?” Li Yundong said.

Li Yundong had been watching the rooftop for the past minute or so, and he didn’t like what he saw. Zhao Yujian was forcing Zhou Qin closer and closer to the ledge with the gun. Li Yundong didn’t even need his telescopic vision or super hearing to know that Zhao Yujian was going back on his word. Hell, he bet that this was the bastard’s plan all along — kill both girls, then kill himself.

Son of a bitch.

The crowd’s cheers grew more and more raucous by the second. Li Yundong glanced around and was appalled by what he saw. Other than Su Chan, Kris, and John, the rest of the crowd, which consisted of these so-called “educators,” were practically useless. Vice-chancellor Ke and Director Qian were gone. For a moment there, he wondered if they had fled the scene to avoid the responsibility of having to deal with this situation.

“Sheep poo!!!”

Li Yundong turned to his right.

Kris and John were both running towards him.

“Jesus Christ!” Kris yelled. “Li Yundong! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine…” Li Yundong said.

Ding Nan was still sobbing and clinging on to his neck.

Li Yundong shot Kris a helpless look.

“Is she…?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know,” Li Yundong said. “I think she’s in shock.”

Kris crouched down and started patting Ding Nan’s back.

“Where are the damn cops?” Li Yundong gritted. “F*ck! Why aren’t the cops here yet!”

“They’re on the way,” Kris said. “I called them just now, and I think your professors called as well. Ambulance is on the way too.”

Li Yundong flicked his gaze towards Su Chan, who was still staring intently at the rooftop. The grave expression on her face gave Li Yundong a bad feeling.

Li Yundong glanced towards the rooftop and zoomed in. He had to be ready to prevent the next disaster.

“Hey, Kris,” Li Yundong said, taking his eyes off the rooftop to look at Kris. “Take care of her would you—”


The crowd’s cheers turned into screams of horror.

Li Yundong froze, but only for a split second before he pried Ding Nan’s arms off his neck and sprang to his feet.

“What the hell happened!” he yelled. I only took my eyes off the rooftop for a second, dammit!

“Zhou Qin made a grab for the gun, beloved!” Su Chan answered.

It made sense, since Li Yundong could no longer see Zhao Yujian and Zhou Qin’s bodies. They must have tumbled to the ground during the struggle. F*ck, I hope it isn’t Zhou Qin that got shot…

Li Yundong focused his hearing on the rooftop: Zhao Yujian’s strangled growls; a fearful whimper… was that… Director Qian?

Then, Zhou Qin’s figure appeared on the rooftop. Still, he didn’t see Zhao Yujian. Is Zhao Yujian the one who got shot?

Zhou Qin’s voice cold voice sounded. “You’re out of bullets.”

“Looks like my only way out is death…”

Crap, the guy’s still alive…

Zhao Yujian was now laughing maniacally, but Li Yundong still couldn’t see him anywhere on the rooftop. Where is he? Maybe he’s lying on the ground?  The laughter stopped.

“And I’m taking you with me!”

Li Yundong’s blood ran cold. Oh shit…


The horror in Su Chan’s scream matched the horror he was now feeling as he watched the disaster unfold on the rooftop.

Two bodies had just tumbled off the ledge and were now falling rapidly to the ground.

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