Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 445 Settling a Score Frighteningly!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 445 Settling a Score Frighteningly!

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The Quchi acupoint on a person’s arm was not an important one, but it was located on the Hand-Yangming Large Intestine Meridian. It could provide the arm with Yang Qi. If this acupoint was hit, it would not be life-threatening, but it would render the arm unusable for a long time, essentially paralyzing it.

It was because Yue Sheng had attacked the Quchi, not any other important acupoint, that Li Yundong knew that he was jealous and secretly asking for a fight. It was obvious that Yue Sheng didn’t want them to fight at the cost of their lives as soon as they met, and he didn’t want the others in the lift to discover them either. As such, when he pointed his finger, he slanted his body slightly to cover his actions.

When Li Yundong saw one of Yue Sheng’s fingers coming at him, he also leaned to one side, and then half of his body blocked the lines of sight of the others in the elevator. His fingers quickly hooked over Yue Sheng’s fingers.

Li Yundong’s grasp just happened to borrow the tactics of Shi Neng, which he had never competed with before. His little finger and ring finger were buckled inward, his index and middle fingers were slightly bent, and his thumb penetrated the fingertips. His whole hand was like an eagle’s claw.

Yue Sheng wanted to attack his Quchi, but Li Yundong dodged sideways. He then used his other hand to grab three of Yue Sheng’s acupoints: Yangchi, Yanggu, and Yangxi, which were near the other party’s wrist, with his thumb, index finger and middle finger.

Yue Sheng was also a cultivator. He knew what it meant if the three acupoints became locked. Before he could stab Li Yundong with his finger, he immediately flipped his wrist and grabbed Li Yundong’s fingers with his own, as if he were holding a tower.

Li Yundong saw that the other party did not dodge but rather collided with his fingers. It was obvious that the strength of his hands was very strong. He was very confident in the strength of his fingers. His heart was slightly cold, and he thought to himself, “I have never failed before. Even if I use Shi Neng only a little bit, his finger bones will be broken immediately.”

Li Yundong also used his full strength and hit his opponent’s fingers.

Suddenly, a loud crunching sound could be heard as the two of them slammed their finger bones together. The sound it produced was like steel colliding, but the steel was wrapped in a layer of flesh, making the sound a little dull.

The white-collar workers in the elevator were all stunned by the sound. They felt that it was very odd and couldn’t help looking around, as if they were trying to find the source of the noise.

Li Yundong saw that Yue Sheng was hiding his strength. Obviously, he was afraid because there were ordinary people in the elevator, but he was still daring to fight with him in front of the ordinary people and relying on his courage, so actually he was not afraid of being discovered by the others around him. Therefore, Li Yundong did not counterattack, obviously. When his fingers collided with Yue Sheng, he saw that Yue Sheng did not become injured at all. Instead, Li Yundong’s own fingers were aching!

Li Yundong was stunned. He knew full well that he had encountered a strong opponent. If he continued to fight recklessly, he was afraid that their secret little duel would become a big fight, which would be noticed by the surrounding people. Therefore, he immediately grabbed his opponent’s wrist with his snake-like fingers, trying to capture and suppress him.

Li Yundong was surprised, but Yue Sheng was even more shocked. He was from a famous and authentic family, and he was also an inner-disciple. Since he was a child, he had always been soaking in potions and taking elixirs of life. The intensity of his body’s cultivation was no weaker than what could be achieved with the re-creation of Jindan.

He had originally thought that even if Li Yundong was able to make it through, he would have to react slowly at one point, but what he hadn’t expected was that Li Yundong would not only defend himself quickly, but even counterattack a bit faster than before!

Instead, he felt a sharp pain in his fingers, and his reactions became a little slower than before, so his wrist was immediately touched by Li Yundong.

All of the hairs on Yue Sheng’s body were standing to attention. After all, he was the best member of the younger generation in Quanzhen Dragon Sect. His reaction speed was fantastic. Seeing that his three acupoints, Yangchi, Yanggu, and Yangxi were about to be seized, he twisted his arm and got two acupoints away. Then, he turned his wrist and put his finger on the Yangxi acupoint of Li Yundong’s arm.

The fight between them progressed as fast as lightning. The white-collar beauties in the elevator could only hear the continuous muffled sounds of collisions happening as they clasped hands, pinched each other’s acupoints, and tangled with each other.

After the white-collar workers in the elevator had looked around, they all suddenly turned to Li Yundong and Yue Sheng at the same time.

At this moment, the two of them were facing the people in the elevator with their backs. One hand of each person was hanging by the sides of their bodies, and the other hand was being blocked from sight by their back. No one knew what they were up to.

But judging from their postures, the white-collar workers assumed that they were shaking hands, especially as the two men had narrowed their eyes and were looking at each other. Their eyes were motionless, like they were two stone statues.

Some of the active white-collar workers thought, “What’s the relationship between these guys? Is it necessary for them to be so intimate in the elevator?”

Some of the workers with dirty minds thought slyly, “These two people are so intimate. Are they gay? Oh my god, is it possible that such handsome men could be gay? What a waste!”

While they were having these kinds of thoughts, Li Yundong and Yue Sheng began mobilizing their Zhenqi at the same time to attack each other fiercely. As soon as they mobilized their Zhenqi, they immediately began fighting with each other, like two huge armies. The battlefield was their clenched arms and palms.

The Essence, Qi, and Blood of cultivators were extremely vigorous, so their strength was amazing. When Li Yundong and Yue Sheng used their Zhenqi, they would usually extract force from the ground, but right now they were in an elevator. If they borrowed force at the same time, their force would amount to more than 5,000 kilograms.

The elevator suddenly let out a horrible buzzing sound as the steel bars strained, and their upward momentum also slowed down.

The workers in the elevator thought that there was something wrong with it, so they immediately began screaming in horror. Some held their heads and shouted, some desperately pressed the button for the nearest floor, and others took the emergency phone off the hook and began shouting hysterically into it.

Li Yundong and Yue Sheng observed the chaos. They were aware that they as Shenxian were fighting while ordinary people were suffering, but at this time, they had no choice but to carry on. Their Zhenqi converged in their wrists and palms like a flood pouring in. How could they retreat now?

They hesitated for a moment, and then there was a horrible creaking sound in the elevator as if the steel bars attached to it were snapping one by one.

For those white-collar workers who didn’t know what was going on, the sound was agony. To them, it was ferocious and horrible, like the mumble of Death.

All of them were so scared that they almost went crazy. They cried and shouted hysterically. Some of them collapsed to the floor of the elevator and burst into tears.

Li Yundong knew that if he continued to compete with Yue Sheng like this, the elevator wouldn’t be able to take it. If they fell, they would come to no harm, but the rest of the people in the elevator would die.

Li Yundong muttered in a low voice while controlling his Zhenqi, “Stop?”

Yue Sheng’s eyes darted to the side and he nodded slightly. Both of them retracted their strength at the same time. A moment later, their Zhenqi was gone.

When they had finished withdrawing their Zhenqi and were just about to breathe a sigh of relief, the top of the elevator suddenly made a loud bang, and then the elevator suddenly began to crash down madly!

For a moment, the other people in the elevator could do nothing but scream, and their voices were so shrill that even the steel and concrete walls around them couldn’t contain the noise.

Li Yundong was shocked. He immediately released his Yang Spirit, then changed from Yang Spirit to Yin Spirit. After getting out of the elevator, he immediately changed back to Yang Spirit and grabbed the falling steel chain of the elevator.

But as soon as he grabbed the chain, his Yang Spirit body dropped down and was staggered by the sheer weight of the elevator.

Although Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit body was strong, he had nowhere to borrow strength from in mid-air and was thus dragged down madly. He saw the elevator falling, causing countless sparks. It wouldn’t take long for it to reach the bottom, smashing everyone in the elevator into nothing more than a meaty paste.

Li Yundong’s heart tightened. He gritted his teeth and was about to use his Zhenqi to enlarge his Yang Spirit when suddenly he saw a flash of golden light. With a clanging sound, a golden halberd pierced through the middle of the broken steel chain of the elevator, the tip of it going straight through the opposite wall.

The falling elevator was immediately stopped by the halberd’s strength, and it froze in mid-air with a buzz.

Li Yundong turned his head and saw a man in golden armor holding the golden light halberd not far from him. The man was as tall as an iron tower. He was handsome and had a Heavenly Eye, making him look awe-inspiring.

Li Yundong was stunned and thought, “Damn, is this Yue Sheng’s true Spirit Erlang God?”

He was slightly stunned. The heavy momentum of the elevator was pulling the halberd down. The tip of the halberd broke through the hard cement wall and kept falling down.

Li Yundong didn’t have time to think. He quickly used his Zhenqi, and his Yang Spirit turned into an Immovable Wisdom King with superhuman powers. His body was huge, and alone it occupied almost all of the elevator. His arms grabbed the steel chain, and his other four arms grabbed the four sides of the elevator respectively. The six arms exerted force suddenly, and the muscles of his Yang Spirit body began bulging like the roots of a tree. Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit exhaled two streams of red and black breath at the same time, and its appearance was extremely shocking.

Li Yundong finally stopped the momentum of the elevator with his ungodly strength.

The elevator had finally come to a stand-still. The white-collar workers in the elevator were still crying and laughing wildly. They didn’t know that they had almost become the victims of Li Yundong and Yue Sheng’s fighting!

Li Yundong was still in a state of shock as he looked at Yue Sheng’s Yang Spirit. He could see that Yue Sheng was sizing up his Yang Spirit with a face full of shock and doubt and he seemed eager to try fighting. The Heavenly Eye between his eyebrows suddenly opened wide, spewing out a sense of fanatical excitement. The air around them seemed to have become hot.

Li Yundong suddenly began cursing in his heart, “Damn, this bastard, he still wants to fight? Does he really have a bloodlust?

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