Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 438 The Little Ghost Master the Home!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 438 The Little Ghost Master the Home!

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The next day, Li Yundong and the little foxes all awoke early. Zi Yuan had already set off to protect Zhou Qin, but nobody saw Li Yundong off.

After the disturbance, last night, the normally very naughty little foxes had become much quieter. Because they had undergone such huge changes, each of them was feeling a little listless.

Li Yundong looked into their eyes and sighed in his heart. Before going out, he asked Su Chan in a low voice, “Chan’er, I won’t be here long. You’ll be in charge as the master, so you have to show nerve and be courageous enough to solve some things on your own. If you’re not sure, you can call me.”

Su Chan blinked slowly, and there was a sly glint in her eyes.

Li Yundong looked into the little girl’s eyes. Suddenly, he felt a little uneasy and told her, “You have to take good care of the tea house. Don’t get into trouble. We don’t even have to make money because we are already rich. Do you understand?”

Su Chan giggled and pushed Li Yundong out, urging him by saying, “You’re so annoying. I know all this! Hurry up, I promise I’ll take good care of this tea house!”

Li Yundong was pushed out by Su Chan. He couldn’t help but turned to look at her and say with a strange expression, “Hey, you promised me. Don’t get yourself into trouble!”

Looking displeased, Su Chan said, “Of course I won’t! Do you look down on me? Do you really dislike me?”

Li Yundong saw Su Chan getting to the bottom of the matter and had no choice but to smile. “Okay, forget it. Even if you really get into trouble, I’ll take the blame. I’m just asking you to watch yourself!”

Su Chan was overjoyed and said with a smile, “That’s right. This attitude is better! Humph, I don’t believe that I, Su Chan, won’t be able to take care of the Disanxian!”

Seeing that Su Chan was feeling pretty confident, Li Yundong was shocked. He couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Hey, you’re still so excited, aren’t you? Do you think that if I give you the sword, you’ll be able to confuse the world?”

Su Chan pulled a grimace at Li Yundong and said, “You are so irritating. I just want to do business. You are too worried about me and don’t support me at all!”

When Li Yundong heard this, he thought to himself, “That’s true! Although the girl is a little naughty, her starting point for everything is usually good. It’s only because of some coincidences that she eventually screwed things up before. Sooner or later, she will learn to take charge of this tea house. What’s wrong with letting her start the trial now? If something goes wrong, I’ll consider it as the cost of tuition!

“Besides, if I love someone, I should support her and let her do what she wants to do. It’s not like it’s a bad thing that goes against my conscience! Even if she causes trouble, will it be more difficult to deal with than the fact that I killed He Shao?

“In the past, I was poor and constantly dealing with all sorts of troubles. Could it be that I, as the head, can’t handle these issues anymore?

Thinking of this, Li Yundong came to a decision. He rubbed the little girl’s hair and said, “Little girl, what you said makes sense. It’s me who misunderstood! Do whatever you want! I will fully support you. If in the end it really goes sour or we even go bankrupt, I will pretend that I just never opened the DisanxianTeahouse!”

Su Chan was grinning and felt moved at first, but after hearing the last sentence, her face darkened. She flung Li Yundong’s hand off her hair, then covered her messy hair with her own hands. She stamped her feet and said frustratedly, “You still don’t believe that I can make money!”

Li Yundong could only laugh. “Even you sold yourself, you’d still just be counting money for others! Okay, forget it. You can do whatever you want. Anyway, our background is strong enough now. You don’t have to worry about other cultivation sects coming to make trouble. Even if you get the Disanxian to close down, I’ll still have a way to get it back to its peak!”

Su Chan was livid. She ground her teeth and thought, “Damn, Yundong still looks down on me. He doesn’t believe that I can make money! I just want to earn some cash to prove my worth to him! Humph!”

Li Yundong chuckled for a while, then waved his hand at Su Chan and said, “Well, don’t get riled up. I’m going out.”

Su Chan’s mind was consumed with ideas for making money, making more money, and then making Li Yundong look at her with admiration. There was no pain or love-sickness in her heart at that moment. She lowered her head and rolled her eyes, just waiting for Li Yundong to leave so she could get on and do a good job.

Li Yundong didn’t see Su Chan’s expression. He was worried, but he couldn’t identify what was wrong. Moreover, he had already made up his mind and mentally prepared himself for the worst outcome. “There couldn’t be anything worse than the collapse of Disanxian, could there?”

Li Yundong issued a few more instructions to the two Shibos and other little foxes of the Fox Zen School, then left to find Du Fei.

After watching Li Yundong walk away, Su Chan closed the door. First, she asked her Shibo Liu Yuehong innocently, “Shibo, are you going to come to the tea house with us later?”

Liu Yuehong was still immersed in her grief. She shook her head morosely and said, “Chan’er, I don’t want to go. If I do, I will only cause chaos, so I won’t join you.”

Su Chan looked at Zhuang Yating and asked, “Third Shibo, what about you?”

Zhuang Yating sighed and said, “Chan’er, now that our Fox Zen School has undergone major changes, the only person left in charge is the leader. Although the leader is wise and powerful and has a high level of cultivation, he can’t do much. Every time something happens, I can’t help him and I feel so bad! I think I’d better stay at home and cultivate. Even if I can’t actively help, I at least don’t want to be a burden to everyone in the future.”

Su Chan blinked and watched the two Shibo going back to their own rooms. She then turned to the little foxes and asked, “What about you?”

The little foxes looked at each other and a few said, “We’ll also stay with Third Shibo and cultivate at home!”

Some others said, “Shijie, let me accompany you to the teahouse.”

Yet others added, “Sister Su Chan, I’m not in a good mood. I don’t want to go anywhere!”

Seeing them babbling like this, Su Chan suddenly put her hands on her hips and yelled, “Shut up, everyone!”

Su Chan had always been a lovely girl out of the members of the Fox Zen School. She was kind to others, rarely arguing or quarreling with her peers. Her roar gave the little foxes a fright, causing them to look at each other in shock. They did not understand why this girl had suddenly become so stern.

With her hands still on her hips, Su Chan raised her head and puffed out her chest, looking just like a general inspecting troop. She shouted, “Do you know what’s going on right now? Why are you still moping around?”

The little foxes looked at each other in confusion and shook their heads at the same time. Someone ventured to ask, “Su Chan Shimei, what’s happened? Has something more serious than Shibo Cao Yi’s death come up?”

Su Chan nodded vigorously and said loudly, “Yes, of course! Shibo Cao Yi is a cultivator. Although she’s dead, it might just be a kind of detachment for her! But what about us? We’re struggling in the secular world, but we can’t detach ourselves from worldly affairs. If we can’t live happily, we’ll have to endure living a miserable life, won’t we?”

The little foxes became more and more puzzled. “But we are very happy in daily life!” they cried.

Su Chan stomped her feet and spat, “Bah! You don’t know anything!”

The little foxes had never seen Su Chan lose her temper like this before. They were all clever and mischievous and they were well aware that Su Chan was the closest to Li Yundong and the one he trusted the most. She must have heard some gossip that they hadn’t heard yet. As they thought of this, they gathered around and asked in a rush, “What happened?”

“That’s right. Chan’er Shimei, just say it!”

“Su Chan Shijie, hurry up and tell us!”

Su Chan snorted and said evilly, “Don’t you know? The leader has begun to dislike us!”

When the little foxes heard this, they burst into an uproar. “What? No way! The leader always treats us very well!”

“Yeah, since when has Leader disliked us?”

Su Chan put her hands on her hips and said bewitchingly, “Just now, Leader was thinking that we only know how to make trouble and said we couldn’t earn a penny. He thinks we’ll just make him go bankrupt!”

Hearing this, the little foxes suddenly looked at each other in dismay. They remembered that they had indeed caused a lot of trouble for Li Yundong while they were in the Fox Zen School. Suddenly, all of them began to feel uneasy. “Leader really dislikes us?”

Seeing that her act had worked, Su Chan decided to strike while the iron was hot and said, “Now that Leader is gone, he has handed Disanxian over to us. This should be a good thing, but do you know what he said before he left?”

The foxes pricked up their ears and asked, “What?”

Su Chan said indignantly, “He said that Disanxian has been handed over to us and that he thinks that the Disanxian should have never been opened. If it is destroyed by us, he will just set up another one! How much do you think our Leader despises and dislikes us if he can say something like that!”

Su Chan’s previous words had all been an excuse to take advantage of the situation, and some of what she’d said had even been fabricated. However, this sentence was based on the truth, so when she said it, she appeared to be extraordinarily reasonable and confident.

Hearing this, the little foxes were full of resentment. They stamped their feet and said angrily, “Leader is really too much! Are we honestly so useless?”

Su Chan snorted. “Was that completely over the top? That’s not all!”

By this point, the little foxes were already angry. They all shouted, “What else? Say it, say it!”

Su Chan said loudly, “‘Do we really look like troublemakers to you?’ I asked him. He replied, ‘No, you yourselves are the trouble!'”

This time, her audience fell into an uproar! The little foxes jumped up one by one, looking enraged.

As the saying goes, people are always keen on face-saving and anxious to keep up appearances. Even these little foxes wanted to save face!

“How could the Leader look down upon us so much?

“No, no, I have to do something to prove my worth to the Leader!”

When Su Chan saw that these little foxes had been bewitched by her, she waved her hand and imitated Li Yundong’s usual imposing manner, saying seriously, “Now that Yundong is gone, he thinks we are useless and only know how to make so much trouble. Don’t you think that we should do something to prove him wrong?”

The little foxes were unprecedentedly united. They all said in unison, “Yes! We must prove ourselves to the Leader. We’re not troublesome!”

Seeing that she had managed to trick all of the little foxes with only a few words, and they were no longer sad, Su Chan triumphantly said, “Then let’s go to Disanxian! Yundong said that we can’t make money, so we have to prove that we can!”

The little foxes all replied in unison, “Yes, yes, yes! We’ll make piles of cash to prove it to him!”

After saying that, Su Chan waved her hand, and the group of little foxes responded with a thunderous roar and aggressively began rushing to the Disanxian Teahouse!

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