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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 433 Diversion

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Once Yan Fang got serious, Zhou Qin would have no chance to win. After all, the gap between their strengths could not be made up for by her risking her life.

This Spiritual Palace cultivator was known as the most outstanding female cultivator in the cultivation world in the past hundred years. At twelve years old, she had reached Foundation Establishment, and then she had reached the Sun God realm at fourteen years old. At that time, her talent was already legendary throughout the cultivation world.

She and Wang Yuanshan had once been regarded as the most enviable Shenxian couple in the Cultivation World. In the future, they would be a couple and become each other’s trusted training partner, ever harmonious. Yan Fang, who was in Linggong Sect, had been famous at that time. She had been expected to become the first female cultivator in the future!

However, no one had expected that Wang Yuanshan would meet Ao Wushuang in the end. Since then, Linggong Sect had fallen apart, and Wang Yuanshan disappeared. In order to take revenge, Yan Fang had hidden her name for nine years. The glorious days she had enjoyed in the past had gradually faded from the minds of the people.

Now, the former genius was carefully studying the young woman in front of her, who had only cultivated for one month, and her eyes were full of shock and hostility.

To Yan Fang, Zi Yuan’s talent was not inferior to hers, but she was indifferent and aloof when it came to worldly affairs. She only wanted to seek immortality. Although her cultivation would be limitless in the future, Zi Yuan was her shizhi after all. It was impossible for Zi Yuan to deal with her harshly. In fact, she would not pose much threat to her at all.

Although Li Yundong was a genius, it was difficult for him to survive alone. With her sniping at him in the dark, it was difficult for him to carry the Fox Zen School forward.

However, Yan Fang hadn’t been expecting Zhou Qin to appear all of a sudden. The talent she displayed in cultivation and combat was shocking!

The scariest thing was that this girl was the daughter of a rich and powerful family, the descendant of officials!

Once she grew up, with her background and strength, it was undoubtable that she would become a formidable figure in the cultivation world!

When the power of cultivation combined with the power of noble blood, the result would be something no one could imagine!

Yan Fang looked at Zhou Qin carefully and seriously, then said slowly, “Zhou Qin, apart from Zi Yuan, you are the most talented female cultivator I have ever seen. Honestly, the cultivation world is not very prosperous now. It would be a great blessing for the cultivation world to have a talent like you, but…”

Yan Fang took a deep breath and said with a slight sigh, “But unfortunately… I have to kill you with my own hands! Because you are standing on the side of evil!”

Zhou Qin sneered, “Do you think that you are the only one in the world who is righteous? Is everyone else evil? Why do you think that what you have done is right?”

Yan Fang snorted coldly. “I won’t waste my breath on arguing with you. If you have any last words, tell me quickly!”

It was the first time that Zhou Qin had faced such a strong enemy, but it did not make her panic at all. Instead, she stood tall and strong, looking at Yan Fang calmly. She held her Vulcan’s Whip in one hand and the Chiyue in the other and said proudly, “Come on!”

“Humph, do you think I’ll give you a chance to get close to me?” Yan Fang said mockingly. “Let me tell you, with your current Cultivation Quotient, even a hundred of you would not be my opponent!”

As soon as she finished her words, she heard an elegant, quiet voice travelling through the thick night. “What if I’m included in that number?”

As soon as Yan Fang heard the voice, a bright light flashed in her eyes. “Zi Yuan?”

She turned her head and saw a woman in white slowly walking out of the darkness. This woman was wearing a long dress with her silky black hair piled up like a cloud. Her figure was as ethereal as that of an immortal, and it really was none other than Zi Yuan.

There was a threatening chill in Yan Fang’s voice as she said coldly, “Zi Yuan, are you really determined to do something to me? Have you ever considered what Shishiong would think if he knew what you’d done?”

Zi Yuan’s gaze was somewhat complicated as she looked at Yan Fang. She sighed softly and said, “Shibo, sometimes, a grudge is best left buried. I think you’d better let this go.”

Yan Fang burst out laughing. “You’re talking nonsense again! You’re a good person, but you’re so girlishly fussy about things! Zi Yuan, let me tell you, when I uncover the big conspiracy of Fox Zen School one day, you’ll see if I’m right or wrong!”

Zi Yuan’s face was as cold as ice. “Shibo, whether it’s a conspiracy or not is a different issue. However, what did Zhou Qin do to make you want to get rid of her permanently like this?”

Yan Fang said sternly, “This woman doesn’t know right or wrong, nor can she distinguish good and evil. Doesn’t everyone have the right to punish someone who helps evildoers carry out their dark work?”

Zi Yuan asked a question in response, “Shibo, may I ask who this person is? Who is helping a tyrant? Also, in what way did she do it? If there is evidence, please show me. I will not be partial in helping any side!”

Yan Fang sneered coldly. “Assisting an evildoer is a great sin. There is no need to have evidence!”

Zi Yuan sighed lightly and said, “Shibo, this is your fault. As cultivators, we naturally have to be reasonable as we go about our business. As the saying goes, reason rules all over the world. Shibo, although you are my senior, please forgive me for being rude in this matter. You must not touch a hair on Zhou Qin’s head!”

Yan Fang laughed and said furiously, “Oh, fine! I’ve been thinking about learning your kung fu for a long time already! I don’t know if your kung fu has improved, but, to put it in an arrogant way, I couldn’t be more certain about your Shentong kung fu. Do you know what kind of Shentong kung fu I’ve cultivated over the past nine years?”

Zi Yuan said indifferently, “Shibo, you used Liujia Qingshen Fuan to invite the gods to come to the human world. This kind of high-level talisman is obviously the martial arts of the Maoshan Sect. I think that you have already mastered the two sects of Taoism in the north and south. Even if you didn’t have the Liuhe, you could already be regarded as a great cultivator.”

Yan Fang snorted. “It’s good that you understand that. Do you think I can’t do anything to you just because you’ve come to help her?”

Zi Yuan suddenly laughed. “Shibo, do you know why I am here?”

Yan Fang frowned slightly. She narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Could it be that this was all arranged by that man, Li Yundong?”

Looking at the Liuhe that was still fighting with the two great heavenly troops, she smiled and said, “Shibo, you’ve fallen into Li Yundong’s trap. The reason why he gave the Liuhe to Zhou Qin was not only for the sake of self-defense, but also to lure you out!”

Hearing this, Yan Fang was not angry. Instead, she simply laughed and said, “What wonderful bait to draw the snake out of its hole! He even used his chief disciple for his trap. This master is really competent!”

Seeing Yan Fang trying to drive a wedge between them, Zhou Qin snorted and said, “My master told me everything beforehand. Do you think I didn’t know it would be dangerous? Humph, with a thorn like you in his side, my master wouldn’t be able to sleep well. As long as I can help him get rid of you, don’t talk about personal danger. Even if it were a sea of fire, I’d still break through it!”

Yan Fang suddenly looked at Zhou Qin with some emotion. At this moment, she seemed to be looking at the younger her, the infatuated woman who was willing to do anything for the man she loved!

For a moment, Yan Fang’s heart swelled with mixed feelings. She felt a little emotional about Zhou Qin as she recalled the past, and she could see that Zhou Qin was willing to give up her life for Li Yundong. If she tried again to drive a wedge between them, it would only bring shame to herself.

When she understood that, Yan Fang snorted and stopped trying to provoke them. Instead, she sneered and said, “So what if I fall into your trap? What can you do to me?”

However, Zi Yuan asked, “Shibo, you said that to lure you out, we put in so much effort to set up such a trap. How could we not have put a perfect plan together? My skills are indeed not as good as yours. Even if I worked together with Zhou Qin, we would not necessarily be your match. But… why do you think that Li Yundong wouldn’t be involved in such a big matter?”

Yan Fang’s face changed drastically as she exclaimed in shock, “Has that little bastard Li Yundong come as well?”

As soon as she finished her words, a figure emerged from the thick night behind Zi Yuan and stared at Yan Fang. It was Li Yundong!

When Yan Fang saw him, she was slightly shocked. She gritted her teeth and said, “So, the little bastard is really here!”

The expression on Zi Yuan’s face was one of confidence. She smiled and said, “Shibo, do you think you still have a chance to win now?”

Although Yan Fang was furious, she knew very well that if she were to fight Li Yundong, her chances of winning would still be fifty-fifty. However, if Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin were added to the mix, then she would have absolutely no chance of winning at all!

Moreover, recently, Yan Fang had been lurking around Li Yundong, so she knew very well about Li Yundong’s cultivation at this time!

Besides, just during the opening ceremony of Disanxian, Li Yundong’s Dragon Playing with Water Spell had scared off The Lady of the Earthly Fire, Zhang Ling. When she had witnessed it from upstairs, she had also been shocked to the point that her scalp went numb!

At that time, the ordinary people who were watching the fun in the teahouse didn’t know how awesome it was, but she, Yan Fang, understood it well. She knew how incredible it was for someone to be able to do this!

In the face of such a powerful opponent, she was too discouraged to even put up a fight!

When Yan Fang’s momentum weakened, Zhou Qin was keenly aware of it. She immediately shouted aggressively, “Yan Fang, hand over the Emperor’s Clock and release Ao Wushuang. Otherwise, you will die today!”

Yan Fang laughed bitterly and said, “You, a rookie that has just joined the sect, yet you dare to yell at me?” As she spoke, she turned her face towards Zi Yuan and sneered. “Zi Yuan, do you think your plan to scare the snake out of the cave is really so very brilliant?”

“It’s not complex, but it works well enough! Zi Yuan said.

Yan Fang sneered, her face distorting. “Do you think I can’t see through your lousy tricks? Hand the Liuhe to a little girl who hasn’t even reached Zhuji phase, and do it right in front of me? Do you think I didn’t know what Li Yundong was planning?”

Zi Yuan smiled slightly. “Even if that’s the case, you still showed yourself, didn’t you? The Liuhe is too important to you. You knew that it was a trap, but you still jumped into it!”

Yan Fang gave a cold laugh. “So what if I showed up? The world is so big that I can come and go whenever I want. Who can keep me here? Besides, if you can make use of this plan to lure the snake out of its hole, can’t I just play my own trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain and attack the west?”

Zi Yuan’s expression shifted rapidly. “Shibo, what do you mean by that?”

Yan Fang smiled proudly and exclaimed, “Zi Yuan, you don’t understand anything at all! Compared to the Liuhe, Cao Kefei’s life is even more important to me! I don’t want the Liuhe, but she must die!”

Zi Yuan couldn’t help feeling a little angry as she yelled, “Shibo, Cao Kefei is just a mortal. Why can’t you ever get along with her?”

Yan Fang’s tone was one of mockery as she spat, “Secular mortals? Have you ever seen a secular mortal with only one soul and three spirits? As far as I know, the great conspiracy of the Fox Zen School is closely related to Cao Kefei! Humph, the reason why I came here to take the Liuhe today was for no reason other than to get you away from Cao Kefei and make it easier for me to kill her”

“Shibo, even if you can get us away temporarily, we can still fly back with you! We’ll only arrive together in the end. How do you plan to avoid that, hm?”

“Zi Yuan, you just saw me using the talisman technique of Maoshan Sect. You have been reading the classics of cultivation since you were thirteen years old. Don’t you know that there is a talisman technique called Shrinking Spell in Maoshan Sect?”

After that, Yan Fang suddenly slid out a talisman from her sleeve. She shouted and drew a spell with both hands. The talisman burned itself up suddenly, emitting a dazzling yellow light.

This burst of yellow light was blinding, and Zhou Qin couldn’t help but cover her eyes with her hands and close her eyes tightly. When she saw the yellow light fade, she opened her eyes, only to find that there was no one in front of her. Even the two Liujia Tianbing summoned by Yan Fang were gone.

Zhou Qin was shocked at once. “Oh crud, she’s gotten away!”

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