Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 431 Yan Fang Snatched the Sword!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 431 Yan Fang Snatched the Sword!

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Hearing Li Yundong’s words, doubts swelled within Su Chan. She asked in confusion, “If it were me, of course, I would snatch the Liuhe. Isn’t my personal magical item more important? Why wouldn’t I snatch the Liuhe, which is so powerful?”

Li Yundong nodded slightly. “That’s what I mean, so I asked Zhou Qin to get going now with the Liuhe. I’m trying to draw the snake out of its hole.”

Su Chan suddenly asked, “But I still don’t get it. Why would Yan Fang Shibo even want to kill Cao Kefei?”

Li Yundong’s face darkened slightly at this time. “Soon we will have the answer.”

Looking at his confident and thoughtful face, Su Chan somehow felt a little worried, but as she had absolute faith in Li Yundong, she buried the worry in her mind.

She had no idea. It was okay that Yan Fang couldn’t get along with the Fox Zen School, but why would she be annoyed by such a weak, insignificant woman as Cao Kefei? Moreover, every time Su Chan saw Cao Kefei, she always felt a sense of familiarity, as if she knew her.

“It’s so weird…” The little girl pouted slightly, her head tilted. “It seems that I am not the only one who has this feeling. Don’t the other Shibos feel as I do?”

While she was puzzling over this, Zhou Qin had already sorted out her luggage and was getting ready to set out on the long and dangerous road to Zhuji phase.

Zhou Qin walked over to the door with her luggage on her back. She turned back to take a look, only to see that the little foxes in the living room were all gazing at her with envious eyes. Li Yundong looked at her from the stairs of the second floor, standing tall like a pine.

In Zhou Qin’s eyes, this young and handsome boy already had the air of a true master. He stood high as he looked at her, like a dignified elder watching a member of the younger generation going out for a long journey.

Zhou Qin’s eyes were fixed on Li Yundong. She hesitated for a moment before calling softly, “Master, I’m leaving.”

Li Yundong looked at his classmate, this beautiful apprentice who had a somewhat ambiguous relationship with him, with complicated emotions swirling in his heart. He had embarked on his own journey to Zhuji phase a month or two ago, so he understood the difficulties well. In a moment, his first apprentice would embark on her dangerous journey to the Zhuji phase in the Himalayas.

Half a year ago, she had just been a pampered and rich young lady. “Will she be able to withstand the test of this journey of more than 2,000 kilometers?”

As if she understood the worry in Li Yundong’s eyes, Zhou Qin, who was feeling a little nervous, suddenly smiled and said bravely, “Master, don’t worry about me. I will come back safely. I can do what you can do. I won’t disgrace you!”

Li Yundong’s worries were heavily diluted by her words. He smiled slightly and nodded to Zhou Qin. “In that case, I won’t see you off.”

Zhou Qin nodded, turned around, and headed out, leaving the others of the Fox Zen School very sad.

Zhuji phase was the most important threshold for cultivators. Countless changes occurred within it. Even those who had cultivated Metasamsara were unable to predict what would happen on one’s way to Zhuji phase.

Since ancient times, countless geniuses had fallen on the road of cultivation during the Zhuji phase. No one knew whether Zhou Qin would be next to fail.

Su Chan placed a hand on Li Yundong’s arm and whispered, “Yundong, do you think Sister Zhou Qin can successfully pass through the Zhuji phase? Isn’t it too hash for her to go to such a dangerous place to do Zhuji for her first time?”

Li Yundong sighed softly and said, “The fragrance of plum blossoms sharpens in the bitter cold. Zhou Qin is proud and arrogant. It’s not suitable for someone like her to be cultivated in a greenhouse. She should face the cruelest and most dangerous challenges in the world. Only in this way can she complete her self-transformation and become a great cultivator. I believe that she can overcome this obstacle, and I also believe that she can defeat herself.”

While he was still talking with Su Chan, Zhou Qin left the housing estate. She trotted along the road in the direction of Tibet.

It was winter now. Although Tiannan City was in the south, because of the sudden cold snap, most of the citizens had already put on their winter clothes and were looking a little bloated.

However, Zhou Qin was the only one wearing light clothing. Her shoulder-length hair was also tied up, revealing a large area of her snow-white neck.

This rich young lady was carrying a cloth bag containing a change of clothes, a long sword wrapped in a piece of black cloth, and a thousand yuan in her pocket. Besides those few possessions, there was nothing else.

Zhou Qin trotted along with this bag on her back. Her pretty face and strange attire attracted the attention of countless passers-by. People began to guess where this beautiful woman, who seemed to be going somewhere far away, was heading?

At first, there was a man who was shocked by Zhou Qin’s appearance. Some men who were lusting after Zhou Qin had designs on her, but Zhou Qin herself was the virginity Dark Yin Furnace tripod. She was one of the best cultivation furnace tripods in the world. Moreover, she had the help of the Renyuan Jindan. Since the Renyuan Jindan had transformed her body, it was now no less powerful than Li Yundong’s.

In addition, with Li Yundong’s careful guidance, she had opened up the Eight Extraordinary Meridians in her body when she was Fati. Now, she could run like a small roadster. She was so strong that she didn’t feel tired at all even after running for more than ten kilometers.

The several men who had followed her at the beginning only ended up following her for about ten minutes before having to give up, left watching her retreating back as they caught their breath.

Zhou Qin ran all the way out of Tiannan City and before slowing down. Just like Li Yundong’s Zhuji phase in the past, she stood on the edge of the city, looked back at the bustling metropolis, and then turned to the road in front of the desolate suburbs. Zhou Qin suddenly had an inexplicable swell of feelings and melancholy in her heart.

For the first time, she was going through the mood and feelings that Li Yundong had experienced when he was in Zhuji phase.

“On the road with an uncertain future and in this vast world with no one to rely on. Looking up at the sky, bending down to see only soil, how small a person is!

“And it is in this dangerous way that cultivators try to conquer the world and surpass life and death!

“What kind of lofty ambition does a person need? What kind of courage and energy?

“I went to Tibet to cultivate. At least, I had my own family backing me up, and Li Yundong, my strong master, was supporting me. However, Li Yundong had no one to rely on, and the only one who was close to him, Su Chan, was forced to separate from him.

“How did he overcome this kind of lovesickness and surpass the danger of the world to complete the Zhuji phase?”

The further Zhou Qin went on her road of cultivation, the more she admired Li Yundong. There were some things about horror and hardships that one could not understand until they had experienced them for themself.

Zhou Qin stood tall and lean by the road, gazing at Tiannan City. There were fast cars zipping by her from time to time, and some of them even stopped and asked her if she needed to take a ride, but she turned a deaf ear to them. She just looked at the city she was familiar with, and then step by step moved away from the bustling mortal world.

Zhou Qin followed in Li Yundong’s footsteps and continued west. Night fell before she even knew it.

At this time, the moon was bright and the glittering stars were few. Zhou Qin had already gotten off the highway and made her way into an unknown deserted mountain. She found a remote place and tidied up the surrounding environment, then sat down cross-legged and prepared to start Qi control.

But as soon as she settled into meditation, she suddenly felt her blood run cold and her hair stand on end. It seemed that there was a pair of eyes staring at her through the dark night.

Zhou Qin abruptly lifted her lids, and her beautiful eyes were shining. She called loudly, “Come out, who is it?”

In this quiet night, Zhou Qin’s voice covered a good distance. For a moment, the birds and insects were all quiet, and there was nothing but dead silence, no response.

Zhou Qin looked into the darkness of the night. She snorted and took out the Liuhe from the package. “You still won’t show? Do you want to force me to use my powerful magical weapon? My master gave this to me personally. I don’t even need to drive it to kill the demons. Once I release it, it will never return without having spilled some blood. I advise you to show yourself now to avoid any misunderstanding!”

As soon as she finished her words, she saw a woman appear from the darkness. This woman had a graceful figure, her clothes were fluttering, and she seemed to be some kind of elegant and otherworldly being.

Zhou Qin took a look at her under the moonlight, only to see the woman’s extremely beautiful face. Her eyes were as razor-sharp, and when she looked at her, Zhou Qin felt her eyes sting.

Zhou Qin shivered. She knew that the cultivator in front of her had to be impressive. At the very least, her Cultivation Quotient was not lower than Li Yundong’s.

Zhou Qin frowned and asked, “Who are you? Why are you following me in the middle of the night?”

The woman didn’t look at Zhou Qin, just stared at the Liuhe in her hand thoughtfully. After a long time, she sneered and said, “You said that this sword was given to you by your master?”

Zhou Qin replied in a low voice, “That’s right!”

The woman threw back her head and laughed. “Do you know that this sword was personally handed down to me by my master?”

Zhou Qin’s face froze. “So you are Yan Fang?”

Yan Fang sneered, “So you’re quick-witted! Humph, Li Yundong is such a little brat, how dare he let you swagger through the street with the Liuhe on your back? He thinks too highly of you!”

Zhou Qin didn’t say a word. She just held the magical sword in her hand and slowly slid it out.

The Liuhe rubbed against its scabbard, making clanging sounds and filling the air with a murderous aura. After Zhou Qin had completely pulled out her sword, the Liuhe made bursts of buzzing sounds by itself, seeming eager to fight. It jumped into the air and pointed at Yan Fang, on the alert.

Zhou Qin said coldly, “Yan Fang, I know you’re also a pitiful person. You’ve been hiding your identity for nine years to seek revenge. Now that Ao Wushuang has been sealed by you and Liu Ye was killed by you, and the Fox Zen School has become unrecognizable, why not give up? As the saying goes, if you give up on killing, you will become a Buddha. The sea of ​​suffering is endless, just repent and salvation is at hand. It’s not been easy for you to cultivate for so many years. Don’t become blinded by your hatred and lose your cultivation in one day!”

Yan Fang laughed coldly. “Li Yundong is a sharp-tongued guy. I hadn’t expected that his disciple would also be like him. Your master and you are perfect for one another!”

Yan Fang continued laughing for a while, and suddenly her face became serious, her eyes full of killing intent. She bit out ferociously, “Zhou Qin, don’t think that you can talk to me with your back straight when you have a strong background! Let me tell you, you are already a cultivator now. If I kill you, I won’t need to be punished by a Heaven Strike! Moreover, this powerful magical weapon belonged to me originally, it’s just that your master had the cheek to take it for himself. Today I will take back what’s rightfully mine!”

Zhou Qin stood firm and said caustically, “The magical items in this world should all belong to the person who can use them the best! You couldn’t look after it, but now you say such sarcastic words? Can you even be regarded as a cultivator?”

Yan Fang could not help but fly into a rage. She yelled, “The magical items in this world should all belong to the person who can use them the best!? What nonsense! If that’s the case, I’ll just snatch it back right here and now!”

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