Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 422 Rush into Di Hao Hotel

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 422 Rush into Di Hao Hotel

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Li Yundong was stunned upon hearing what Zhuang Yating’s words. He jumped up quickly, then sat down again slowly and said without turning a hair, “Really? How do you know there is a hidden traitor in Fox Zen School?”

A worried expression came over Zhuang Yating’s face. She sighed lightly and said, “Leader, do you think I’m truly blind? I actually heard everything when you were talking to Zhenren Zi Yuan in private. At that time, I started paying attention to the suspect, but I was not sure. That’s why I didn’t talk to you before.”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Do you know that Zi Yuan and I also suspect you?”

Zhuang Yating nodded. “Yes, I know! So I also know that I have to prove my innocence.”

Li Yundong asked in reply, “And how do you intend to do that?”

She said in a hushed tone, “Once you go to Cao Yi’s room and take a look, you will understand.”

Li Yundong was surprised by this suggestion. He stood up and said in a low voice, “What’s wrong with Cao Yi’s room? Take me to have a look!” Just as he was about to go out, his cell phone suddenly rang loudly.

Since Feng Na had reminded him, he had started carrying his phone on him again. He picked it up and saw that it was a call from Cao Kefei. Feeling suspicious, he pressed the answer button and immediately heard a woman panicking and shouting loudly, “Li Yundong, is that Li Yundong?”

Li Yundong could hear that the woman was so terrified that her voice was a little hoarse. He asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

The woman shouted loudly, “It’s Liu Fei’er. Li Yundong, come and save me. Sister Cao has been killed!”

Li Yundong was deeply shocked. He hurriedly asked, “What’s going on? Calm down. What happened?”

Liu Fei’er sobbed, “Someone wants to kill Sister Cao. Come quickly, she’s dying!”

Li Yundong was about to ask for the address when he heard the sound of the phone being hung up. He immediately panicked and hurried out of the room, no longer paying attention to Zhuang Yating. He walked to the balcony and shouted over to the balcony next to him, “Zi Yuan! Zi Yuan!”

Hearing the anxious yells, Zi Yuan rushed out onto the balcony. She asked curiously, “What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?”

He explained in a rush, “Someone wants to kill Cao Kefei. I need to go and check. Get everyone together and tell them not to move.”

Zi Yuan was startled at the words but quickly collected herself and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll be here.”

Li Yundong nodded. He glanced at Zhuang Yating and said, “Let’s talk about the details when I get back.” Then, he moved his body and shot into the air. He turned into a blue light and flew toward Dihao Hotel.

After Li Yundong had left, Su Chan came to the living room in her pajamas and asked inquisitively, “Sister Zi Yuan, what happened?”

Zi Yuan smiled faintly and said, “Nothing. Li Yundong just has something to deal with. Ask everyone to come over.”

Although Su Chan did not understand why, she still knocked on everyone’s doors one by one, calling for everyone in the Fox Zen School. When she got to Cao Yi’s room, she knocked on the door for a while, but she did not hear any voices from within.

Strange. Isn’t Shibo Cao Yi here?” she wondered.

Zhuang Yating sneered all of a sudden. “It would be strange if she were here!”

Su Chan blinked rapidly and inquired, “Shibo Zhuang Yating, how do you know that Shibo Cao Yi is not here?”

Zhuang Yating snorted again, staying silent.

Su Chan rolled her eyes. After thinking for a while, she was about to knock on the door again, but as soon as she raised her hand, the door opened with a squeak. Cao Yi, who was dressed in a loose Daopao, came out and asked with a perplexed expression, “What’s up? What’s happened?”

Su Chan laughed. “Shibo, you’re truly here. Shibo Zhuang said you weren’t.”

Cao Yi shot a quick glance at Zhuang Yating. “Shibo Zhuang might have thought that I had gone out.”

Su Chan asked with amusement, “Where would you have gone so late?”

Cao Yi smiled slightly. “Right? Anyway, what’s the matter now?”

Su Chan said, “Leader said we should all stay together in the living room.”

“Huh? What happened?” Cao Yi asked curiously.

Su Chan shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. I just heard him say that we have to do this.”

Cao Yi nodded. “Since Leader has given the order, I’ll do as he says.” As she said this, she began heading downstairs with a smile.

When Su Chan passed by Cao Yi, her nose suddenly twitched slightly and she sniffed. She wondered in her heart, “It’s strange. How could there be a smell of blood on Shibo Cao Yi?

Su Chan pondered this in her heart. Moving on autopilot, she chased after Cao Yi, trying to figure out if the smell was really blood. When she began to follow her, Cao Yi immediately turned around and looked at her suspiciously. “Chan’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Chan was keenly aware of the fact that Cao Yi’s was being abnormally sensitive at this moment. She immediately smiled and said, “Nothing. I’ll go over and call the other Shijies.” With that, she hurried past Cao Yi. When she passed by, she sniffed again and detected a faint but definite smell of blood.

Su Chan was extremely proud of her sense of smell and knew that it was impossible for her to misidentify a scent twice in a row. She shuddered in her heart and thought, “Where did the smell of blood on Shibo Cao Yi come from?

While Su Chan was guessing alone, Li Yundong had already flown to the Di Hao Hotel. Before descending, he scouted out a deserted place to land in, then quickly rushed to the gate of the Di Hao Hotel.

Li Yundong had been feeling anxious all the way. He knew that Cao Kefei was kind to him. It was more or less unreasonable that he had disappeared on her in the past, and he felt guilty about it in his heart. His pace quickened until he became like a galloping horse. When he crossed the road, he did not look at the cars on either side at all. Like a monkey, he jumped from one end of the road to the other side with only a few leaps.

Li Yundong moved without worry, but the drivers were unlucky. They saw a figure flying past their cars in the space of a few moments. The figure was so agile that it didn’t look like that of a human. They were shocked and turned their heads to look at the person.

All of a sudden, there were sounds of people chasing each other over the road, and the way became completely blocked.

Li Yundong had no time to figure out what was happening behind him. Dialling Cao Kefei to ask for the specific room number, he continued rushing to the hotel.

Dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, the security guard could tell that Li Yundong was nervous and in a hurry, which triggered his suspicion. At that moment, someone went up to Li Yundong and said, “Sir, please wait. Please show your certificate.”

Li Yundong was holding his phone in one hand while the other dug around in his pocket. He immediately said in a daze, “I didn’t bring it!”

The security guard said gravely, “Then I’m afraid you can’t go in.”

Li Yundong held out his phone and said to the security guard, “Something has happened to my friend. If you don’t believe me, will you at least listen?”

The security guard looked at him suspiciously and took the phone to listen, but soon returned it to him and said, “Busy tone.”

Li Yundong became anxious all of a sudden. “I called just a second ago. What’s the matter? Look, I really have a friend who has had an accident!”

However, the security guard simply shook his head and said stubbornly, “Sorry, you can’t go in.”

Li Yundong was more than a little annoyed. “Saving people is like putting out a fire. Are you f*cking going to let me in or not?”

The guard sneered and said, “Where? I’ll go and save her! But you can’t go in!”

Li Yundong spat back spitefully, “If I knew where, would I be here talking nonsense with you!?” Then, he shoved the security guard away and muttered threateningly, “Get out of my way!”

How could Li Yundong’s strength be comparable with an ordinary person’s? With a simple push, the security guard flew back. The other security guards on both sides of the hall noticed that the situation was serious. They immediately called the police and began waving their batons, rushing in from all directions.

Li Yundong snorted angrily, headed straight to reception and made the security guard close to him fly back without saying anything. The guests in the hall saw these strong security guards being immediately thrown back as soon as they approached Li Yundong. The furthest one was sent more than ten meters away, like he had taken a plane. They were all stunned and stood rooted to the spot. They didn’t dare to take a breath for fear that they would provoke this devil and have to suffer his ire.

The lady at reception pressed the silent alarm bell under the counter with one hand, while the other hand was gripping the counter tightly. Her body was trembling, but she still maintained a professional smile.

Li Yundong rushed to reception and saw that the girl was so scared that she couldn’t standstill. He was taken aback, and his face relaxed slightly. “Is there anyone named Cao Kefei staying at your hotel?”

Seeing Li Yundong’s expression soften, the receptionist’s heart also subconsciously relaxed a little. She thought to herself, “This person is quite handsome, but I’m afraid he’s here to get revenge. I’m sure he’s not a good guy!

So she plucked up her courage and shook her head, telling him, “No! There’s no one with that name!”

Li Yundong suddenly became furious. “You said without even checking, you f*cking bullsh*tter. She called me just now and said she was here! Check your books and find her quickly, then tell me where she is!”

Even cultivators would have been in awe of his roar, let alone a young and beautiful receptionist!

The receptionist suddenly shivered, and her hands rapidly flew to the keyboard. While she was searching, she saw a security guard behind Li Yundong swing the electric baton in his hand toward him.

Without looking back, Li Yundong grabbed the electric baton.

As soon as he held the electric baton, the receptionist and the security guard felt smug. They all knew that the electric baton could send out tens of thousands of bolts in an instant, enough to make people tremble and lose their ability to move.

But as soon as the smile appeared on their faces, it froze again.

Li Yundong gripped the electric baton and stared at the security guard who had attacked him from behind. He kept quiet but still managed to project a natural dignity and power.

The security guard was stunned for a moment. He thought it was because he hadn’t pressed the switch and he immediately pushed it down a few more times. He could hear the crackling sound of the baton, but Li Yundong didn’t move at all, staring at the guard like a statue.

Li Yundong was not in the mood to dally with them. He suppressed his anger and muttered in a low voice, “Had enough?”

The security guard instantly released the electric baton, raised his hands, and looked at Li Yundong with abject fear, as if he were looking at a devil.

Li Yundong glared at him and slapped the baton down on the front desk with a thud. He then shouted to the receptionist, “Have you found it?”

The smile on the receptionist’s face had not faded. The expression on her face a mixture of scared and terrified as her smile became gruesome. She said in a shaking voice, “Room 19035.”

Without saying a word, Li Yundong turned his head and rushed upstairs. No one dared to stop him in the hall. Everyone just gaped at his figure stupidly, staying motionless.

After Li Yundong had left, the receptionist curiously picked up the electric baton and pressed the switch, only to see that the baton was still buzzing. She whispered to herself, “That’s impossible. Why didn’t the electricity work? Is it an inferior product?

Several other receptionists, who were just as frightened, came back to their senses and said angrily, “It must be an inferior product. Otherwise, how could that guy have been left unscathed after touching it?”

The girl who had directly spoken to Li Yundong tentatively touched the security guard at the counter with the electric baton. As soon as the security guard’s hand touched the electric sparks, he began trembling violently and shivered all over. He fell to the ground, his movements reminiscent of a goat suffered from epilepsy, frothing at the mouth.

Then all of the girls came back to their senses. It turned out that this electric baton was not broken. Li Yundong just wasn’t an ordinary person at all!

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