Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 421 I Know Who the Hidden Traitor Is!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 421 I Know Who the Hidden Traitor Is!

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Li Yundong and the others were still immersed in the successful and enthusiastic opening ceremony, none of them expecting that they would soon be welcomed.

Although there were some officials of Tiannan City who had come to congratulate them after hearing the news, they were not guests. After handing over their gifts, they turned around and left.

Li Yundong frowned and asked, “What’s going on? Why are there no guests?” He looked at Zi Yuan. “What’s happened?”

Zi Yuan was silent for a moment. She shook her head and said, “I don’t know yet either.”

Li Yunyang then turned to Zhou Qin again. “Miss Zhou, do you know?”

Zhou Qin also shook her head, saying comfortingly, “Master, don’t worry. There’s no rush in business.”

Li Yundong smiled. “You’re right, but there shouldn’t be no guests at all, right? On the first day of the opening ceremony, there were a lot of celebrities from all walks of life that attended, but now there’s no guests at all. What’s going on?”

Liu Fei’er suddenly raised her hand and shouted, “Who said that there’s no guests? Am I not a human being? Waiter, serve me some tea, now!”

Li Yundong turned his head and grinned at Su Chan. “She’s calling you. Go and serve tea.”

“Yes sir!” Su Chan replied obediently and walked over to Cao Kefei’s table. She asked with a charming smile, “Sisters, how may I serve you?”

Liu Fei’er wanted to tease Li Yundong, so she deliberately said with a straight face, “You’re not the waiter. Ask the waiter to pour tea for us.”

Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked back at Li Yundong.

Li Yundong couldn’t help laughing in spite of his anger. So, it turned out that this girl was still holding a grudge. He snorted and said, “There are no waiters here!”

Cao Kefei secretly kicked Liu Fei’er under the table, whispering with a smile, “Hey, don’t make trouble.”

Pretending not to have felt anything, Liu Fei’er kept her chin raised, as if she were settling a score, and said slowly, “Well, no one here knows why the business is not going well, but I know. It’s really embarrassing.”

Hearing this, Li Yundong immediately ran over to Liu Fei’er, bowed, and said with a smile, “Sir, your waiter is here to serve you. What would you like to drink?”

All of a sudden, everyone burst into laughter. Ruan Hongling laughed and scolded, “Behaving like this when you are still the manager of the store, it’s too shameful!”

Li Yundong turned around and said fiercely, “What nonsense are you spewing? I’m working hard to earn money for the sake of a bunch of black sheep like you.” After saying that, he turned his head back and said with a dazzling smile, “Dear guest, please ignore this impudent person. What would you like to drink? I’ll prepare it for you right now.”

Liu Fei’er tried her best to hold back her laughter. After thinking for a moment, she said, “I’ll have an Oolong Tea!”

Li Yundong laughed and said proudly, “We have Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han, Bai Ji Guan, Shuijin turtle Wuyi cinnamon. These are all Oolong teas. Which one would you like to drink?”

Liu Fei’er opened her mouth and said in surprise, “You have Wuyi Da Hong Pao? That’s a good one!”

Li Yundong glanced at Zi Yuan and smiled. “These were all traded for by Zi Yuan. This was her doing, and I don’t dare to take credit for it.”

Liu Fei’er rolled her eyes and said seriously, “Well, I want to drink… the Oolong tea from the supermarket!”

Li Yundong’s smile froze. He thought to himself, “She must be messing with me!”

Cao Kefei, who was standing to one side, tried to mediate the dispute with an ingratiating smile and said coaxingly, “Alright, stop it. Hurry up and tell him!”

Yin Mengfan matched her smile and said, “That’s right. This isn’t a good sign on the first day of the teahouse’s opening.”

Liu Fei’er chuckled merrily. “Do you want to know why no one is here?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Dear Goddess, don’t keep me guessing!”

Liu Fei’er giggled and said, “Because you just said that there were no guests, so now it’s come true!”

Su Chan and the others cracked up, but Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Am I truly such a doomsayer?”

Su Chan giggled and said mischievously, “Yundong, this is all your fault!” The other little foxes also started to shout, “That’s right!”

Li Yundong was annoyed, a bitter smile taking over his features. He suddenly heard the voice of an old woman coming from the door. “Hey, it’s really here. Is there anyone here? Doctor, I’m sorry for being late!”

Li Yundong turned around and saw an old lady standing at the door, wearing a blue cotton-padded jacket with black cotton shoes. She seemed to be in high spirits and had a friendly smile on her face. She carried a gift basket in her hand. It was none other than old lady Xu, who had been cured by Li Yundong and helped him open his business.

Li Yundong beamed at her and said, “Oh, Lady Xu! Come in, please!”

Zhou Qin also greeted Lady Xu with a smile and said, “Granny Xu, what brings you here so late this afternoon?”

Granny Xu smiled and said, “Actually, I came here in the morning, but when I saw so many officials’ cars parked all over and realized that all of them were high status guys, I, a commoner, could not bring myself to come in. So, I went back home again and thought that I would come back in the afternoon.”

She then turned to address Li Yundong. “My doctor, you are really too good at hiding your strength. I hadn’t expected you to be such a powerful person. Even the No.1 car of the Provincial Party Committee was here. You’re too impressive!”

Li Yundong smiled and pointed to Zhou Qin. “That was thanks to her. I don’t have the ability to move such a great god.”

Granny Xu took Zhou Qin’s hand and said with twinkling eyes, “I know that you are not an ordinary girl. You must be the daughter of a rich family. You are obviously different from ordinary people in terms of your speech and behavior. It seems that you are really unusual, hah.”

Zhou Qin smiled and pulled Granny Xu over to a chair, saying cheerfully, “Granny Xu, sit down. What do you want to drink?”

Lady Xu waved her hand dismissively. “Ah, I won’t sit down. I have to go and watch a play later.”

Li Yundong then chimed in, “Lady Xu, please have some drinks here. At least let me open my shop!” As soon as he finished his words, all the people around him chuckled.

Lady Xu asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Hasn’t anyone come for tea?”

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and said, “Not a soul, and I don’t know why.”

Lady Xu patted her thigh thoughtfully, “You don’t know why? Hey, your restaurant is so grand and high-class, and there were swarms of high-ranking officials here this morning. What ordinary person would dare to come in after that? Besides…”

She then nodded from Zhou Qin to Su Chan, and then to Zi Yuan and finally to Liu Fei’er, Feng Na, and the others. “Look at your room,” she said. “Everyone in this room is an unearthly beauty. Although your teahouse is small, there are many immortals here. How could ordinary people dare to come in and drink tea?”

Li Yundong listened with a strange look on his face and said, “Nowadays, isn’t beauty an advantage? The eyeball economy? Why is it not good to have too many beauties?”

Lady Xu grinned from ear to ear. “But this is a little too much. I can count, one, two, three… Wow, my god, eighteen beautiful women are here, each as lovely as the last! With so many beautiful women, who wouldn’t tremble upon entry? They’ll think: My God, there are so many beautiful women here. How much is it to have a cup of tea in a place like this? I can’t afford it, I’m sure I can’t!”

Lady Xu’s words dispelled all of Li Yundong’s doubts. He looked up and let out a bark of laughter, then clapped his hands and said, “It’s true what they say that those who are involved will be confused, while those who are watching from outside will see clearly!”

Li Yundong smiled and said to Zi Yuan, “You, a living immortal, also didn’t expect things to turn out like this, right?”

Zi Yuan pursed her lips and laughed. “Indeed, the older, the wiser!”

Lady Xu smiled and said, “I’m not going to sit! Doctor, I wish you luck in developing a rich and prosperous business. I’ll bring some friends here to have tea some other time. You’ll have to give me a discount when I do!”

Li Yundong grinned at her readily. “Okay, sure!”

He then escorted Lady Xu out. Upon his return, he thought for a while. He simply waved his hand and said, “Well, I won’t bother you anymore today. The opening ceremony was already very lively. I can’t expect to make a pile of cash on the first day, right? Let’s go. We’re done today!”

Liu Fei’er whispered to Cao Kefei, “Who in the world does business like this? He’s done in the afternoon?”

“There is no other actor like you in the world,” Cao Kefei replied. “You just disappeared while acting.”

Liu Fei’er said angrily, “Sister Cao, who are you helping? Him or me?”

Yin Mengfan, who had been quiet all this while, suddenly laughed and said, “It’s obvious that you value your crush more than your friend! Didn’t you see that after she came, she barely spoke to me and just stared at her dream lover?”

Cao Kefei’s blushed and glared at the two of them. “Hey, what are you saying? If you spout this garbage again, I will turn against you!”

Yin Mengfan picked up her bag and said with a forced smile, “I’ve been with you for the whole day. Forget it, I’m leaving now”

She stood up gracefully and went over to Zhou Qin. “Zhou Qin, I’ll go back first. I’ll be looking for you when I’m free. Call anytime.”

Zhou Qin smiled and said to Li Yundong, “Master, I’ll see her off.”

Li Yundong nodded. “Yes, of course. Ms. Yin has given us a good start today.”

Hearing this, Yin Mengfan’s heart skipped a beat. She smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll ask Master Li to do me a favor in return someday. You can’t refuse me when that time comes!”

Hearing that she had called him Master Li, Li Yundong was obviously shocked. He sighed at the power in his heart and said with a warm smile, “If there’s anything you need help with, just tell me.”

“That’s a deal!” Yin Mengfan said, turning to head out with Zhou Qin.

Cao Kefei then also stood up and looked at Li Yundong with a complicated expression. She said, “Well, we’re leaving too. We can have tea another day!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Okay, thank you for coming to support us today.”

Liu Fei’er, who was standing to one side, suddenly decided to reveal some information. “Sister Cao was filming in Hainan. When she heard that you were opening a store, she immediately flew back.”

Cao Kefei glared daggers at Liu Fei’er and then at Li Yundong, her ears red. “Who made this wretch not tell me the news?”

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and asked, “Are you going back today?”

“No, we’re staying at the Di Hao Hotel today. Would you like to come? Sister Cao misses you so much!” Liu Fei’er said quickly.

Cao Kefei was so angry that she covered her mouth and yelled in a low voice, “Will you die if you don’t say anything?” As she spoke, she pulled Liu Fei’er out, not daring to cast another glance at Li Yundong. However, he looked at her and could see that her neck was completely red.

As Liu Fei’er struggled, she turned her head and said with a grin, “Hey, Immortal Li, you’d better come!”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he watched the two of them leave. When he turned around, he saw Su Chan looking at him suspiciously. Her eyes were darting around, and everyone else had ambiguous looks in their eyes too.

Li Yundong said defensively, “Hey, why are you looking at me? I’m innocent!”

“Oh! You’re innocent, are you!? Well, I believe you used to be!” Ruan Hongling dragged out her words, her tone sarcastic.

Li Yundong said angrily, “What do you mean by ‘used to be’? I have always been innocent!”

Li Yundong turned to the little foxes and said, “Hey, hurry up and back me up!”

The foxes immediately crowed, “Leader, we believe that you are innocent!”

Li Yundong looked at them suspiciously. “Why do I feel like you are being sarcastic?”

Helen chuckled and said in a voice dripping with irony, “You’re what we call a thief with a guilty conscience!”

Li Yundong couldn’t help but lose it. Su Chan, who was next to him, suddenly gripped his arm with a smile and said in a coquettish voice, “Yundong, I believe you are innocent!”

Hearing this, Li Yundong felt a twinge of warmth in his heart. He smiled and said, “My girl is the best! Hum, my girl, I’ll take you to eat some delicious food tonight. As for the others, they’re not invited!”

With that, he took the girl in his arms and went out.

Ruan Hongling was stunned and hurriedly shouted after them, “Hey, what about the store?”

Without looking back, Li Yundong yelled, “I’ll leave it with you!”

Ruan Hongling stomped her feet and whined, “Damn it, this guy is the worst! He’s actually willing to be a hand-off shopkeeper! Sister Zi Yuan, what should we do?”

Zi Yuan turned around and walked out of the door with a smile. “It’s up to you!”

Ruan Hongling was dumbfounded. She looked at her senior sister and thought, “Am I hallucinating? Since when has Sister Zi Yuan acted like a rogue?”

She quickly chased after her as well, leaving the other members of the Fox Zen Sect to look at one other in dismay, their eyes wide open.

At this time, Zhou Qin came back. Looking at the back of Li Yundong, she asked curiously, “Where are they going?”

The little foxes and the three senior Shibos also opened their eyes and ran out one after another, leaving Zhou Qin confused and shouting helplessly, “Hey, where are you going? Hey, say something! Hello!? Don’t you want to run the store anymore?”

Zhou Qin was so angry that she balled her fists, locked the door quickly, and rushed to catch up with them.

After the group had finished having a good meal, they finally returned home. Once Li Yundong had returned to his room, he calmed down and began to think about some things that happened during the day.

What puzzled him most was why there was Heavenly Thunder when he and Zhang Ling had been fighting in the air. Theoretically, there should not have been any clouds for thousands of miles at that time, so there should not have been any Heavenly Thunder either. Had someone been observing them?

If there was, who could it be? Moreover, if the thunder was attracted by someone, why hadn’t he been hit at the beginning? Was it supposed to be a deterrent to make Zhang Ling and him stop?

These questions came one after another, making Li Yundong feel as if he had fallen through miles of clouds. He sighed softly.

While he was struggling, feeling troubled and confused, he heard someone knocking at his door.

He called in a deep voice, “Please come in.”

With a creak of the door, a woman came in. The tall and pretty newcomer was none other than Zhuang Yating, the Third Shibo of the Fox Zen School.

Li Yundong was stunned and asked curiously, “Shibo, what can I do for you?”

With a surprisingly serious look on her face, she said, “Leader, I have something important to tell you.”

“Can’t you tell me something important tomorrow?” Li Yundong asked with a weary smile.

Zhuang Yating shook her head and said, “Leader, I know who the traitor in Fox Zen School is!”

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