Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 415 Stunning Fairy From the Heavens Battles the Immovable Wisdom King!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 415 Stunning Fairy From the Heavens Battles the Immovable Wisdom King!

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Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit was getting bigger and bigger, shocking Zhang Ling’s Yang Spirit. She looked serious and said coldly, “It’s rare to see someone reach your level of cultivation at such a young age!”

At this time, Li Yundong was looking at Zhang Ling’s Yang Spirit in the air and thinking that she was like a beautiful fairy from heaven. He sneered and said, “Your Yang Spirit has transformed into a very good-looking one. Is it to make up for the shortcomings of your own lack of beauty?”

Zhang Ling’s eyes flashed with anger, but soon she was laughing once again. “The physical body is just a skin bag. We cultivate Yang Spirits, which are the most worthwhile things to cultivate. Only the Yang Spirit can transcend aging, sickness, and death, but the body can never surpass it! Li Yundong, you have earnt a great reputation for yourself, but you can’t see through this point? What do I care about this stinky pile of flesh? Moreover, the body of Yang Spirit represents your real soul, and I didn’t deliberately conjure it! You don’t understand this, so how can you cultivate yourself?”

Zhang Ling shouted, “My Original Spirit is a stunning fairy from the heavens. Li Yundong, you are no match for me. Surrender now!”

After that, Zhang Ling’s Zhenqi surged and her body shook slightly. In the space of only a few moments, she split from one person into two, and then from two into four.

Li Yundong was shocked. He could see Zhang Ling’s Yang Spirit coming at him from all directions, and he knew that he couldn’t defeat all of them with just his two fists. For a time, he couldn’t hold on and was too tired to deal with them.

“Dammit, what kind of magic is this? If you have the guts, I’ll fight you one by one!” Li Yundong roared, gritting his teeth.

Zhang Ling controlled her four avatars, beating Li Yundong so relentlessly that he had no room to fight back. She laughed and said, “Li Yundong, the mystery of our Zhengyi Sect’s magic arts can’t be understood by a beginner like you!”

Hearing this, Li Yundong’s heart was stirred. He suddenly remembered that back when he had just reached the Yangshen phase and his Yang Spirit had gotten out of his body, he and Su Chan had been laughing and playing in the room. He had turned from a baby into a teenager, and then into a young man. He had been able to do whatever he wanted. It could be said that he could change as much as he wanted, as long as his Zhenqi could support him.

At this moment, Li Yundong suddenly felt like there was a door in his mind that had been pushed open, and he had gone through it to enter into a new world. The things that he didn’t understand in the past had all integrated.

When Li Yundong had been cultivating in the beginning, he had felt that cultivation was very unreliable, because the purpose of continuous cultivation was to escape the burdens of aging, sickness, and death, stepping past the inevitable laws of nature to achieve immortality.

However, the more cultivation books Li Yundong read, the more he found that almost no cultivator’s body was immortal. No matter whether it was the founder of Dragon Gate Sect, Wang Chongyang, or Sun Lutang of the Republic of China, their death was recorded in history, especially Wang Chongyang’s. After his death, his body had been dug out and abandoned in the wilderness.

In Li Yundong’s opinion, if even such great cultivators could not escape death, what was the point of cultivation?

But now, this question had suddenly enlightened Li Yundong!

Although Zhang Ling had reprimanded him just now, her words had revealed the secrets of the cultivation world: The ultimate purpose of cultivation was not to cultivate the physical body and reach immortality, but to cultivate the Yang Spirit to reach immortality! The physical body would die, but it was only a vessel for the Yang Spirit, which was eternal.

Li Yundong said in his heart, “Yang Spirit is a spiritual body, and it can change according to one’s mind! Since Zhang Ling can become four people as once and turn the Yang Spirit into a god, why can’t I?”

As soon as this thought came to mind, Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit began to transform significantly. His whole body emitted a jet-black aura, making him look like a dark cloud. His skin turned as dark as steel, and his nose spurted a puff of red air and a puff of pitch-black air.

Zhang Ling didn’t know that her casual words had inadvertently made Li Yundong realize the Tao. All she could see was that Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit had suddenly become extremely ferocious and was exuding two different colors of air. She was secretly shocked and said coldly, “You have practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique and reached the eighth phase! It’s rare for someone to be able to reach this kind of cultivation level at such a young age! However, do you think you can deal with me just because you’ve reached the eighth phase?”

When Zhang Ling spoke, the four avatars spoke at the same time. Their voices came from all directions, sounding extremely powerful and oppressive. The air around them was constantly shaking, as if a stunning fairy from the heavens was berating the mortals below.

But as soon as Zhang Ling finished speaking, Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit body made a crashing sound. Another person appeared on one of Li Yundong’s shoulders with one head and two arms. A second later, another person appeared on the other side of him with another head and two arms.

This time, Zhang Ling was suddenly shocked. She fixed her eyes on Li Yundong’s Yang Spirit and whispered in horror, “The Immovable Wisdom King? This, this is impossible. You are obviously a cultivator of Taoism. How could your soul turn into a Buddha and Wisdom King?”

Li Yundong laughed and asked, “So there’s something you don’t know? Take this!”

After that, Li Yundong rushed over to one of Zhang Ling’s doppelgangers like a black whirlwind.

Zhang Ling was shocked and filled with uncertainty. Her fighting ability had been greatly reduced, and her doppelganger was beaten back. The other three avatars shouted at the same time and all rushed towards Li Yundong.

The two Yang Spirits fought fiercely in mid-air, but their physical bodies weren’t moving at all in Disanxian, as if they were two stone statues.

The customers in the shop were all confused and began to whisper, “What’s going on? Why is there no movement?”

“Yeah, Young Master Li, what are you doing?”

“Why is he frozen?”

“Is there no way for him to get the cup back?”

“He hasn’t even moved. How do you know he can’t get it back without even trying?”

“Maybe he is trying to think of a solution?”

Liu Fei’er said to Cao Kefei in a low voice, “Sister Cao, what are they doing? Why are they just staring at each other like that?”

Cao Kefei glared at her and snapped, “Don’t be so noisy!” She was also worried about Li Yundong in her heart. She was wondering whether, if Li Yundong started to lose, she could help him save some face.

However, Cao Kefei was too concerned, especially now that the upper and lower floors were crammed with celebrities from all walks of life. No matter who it was, she could not afford to offend anyone present. Her words were deliberately light. After all, how could she speak freely? For a moment, Cao Kefei was so anxious that she clenched her fists, and her palms grew slick with sweat.

As for Zi Yuan, Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and the other cultivators, they were even more nervous than the people around them. They were staring at Li Yundong with wide eyes and glancing at Zhang Ling from time to time, trying to judge the progress of the situation by their expressions.

When they saw Li Yundong’s angry expression from the very beginning, their hearts couldn’t help but skip a few beats. They thought to themselves, “Oh no, Li Yundong is definitely at a disadvantage!”

After a while, when they saw Li Yundong still gnashing his teeth, they couldn’t help their eyes flicking to Zhang Ling anxiously, only to find that she was also frowning and glaring at her opponent, as if they were going in for the kill.

Zhou Qin hadn’t had much time to cultivate, so she couldn’t help whispering to Su Chan, “Su Chan, what’s going on? Why are the two of them standing still?”

Su Chan replied in a low voice, “My guess is that the two of them must be secretly fighting each other, so the two of them are completely focused on manipulating their Yang Spirits right now and don’t dare to relax a bit.”

Zhou Qin was shocked. “They’re using Yang Spirits to settle a score? How? Why can’t I see them?”

Su Chan explained in a low voice, “Didn’t you see both of them throw out a charm just now? Although I didn’t see the pattern on them clearly, I guess it was the posture of Goddess Nayan, the amulet of invisibility. These two amulets of invisibility secretly hid the figure of the two Yang Spirits, so we can’t see them fighting now.”

Hearing this, Zhou Qin’s heart was filled with awe and curiosity. She looked around and whispered, “So are they somewhere around us?”

Su Chan shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. I guess they’re fighting in the air.”

Zhou Qin sighed and said quietly, “Su Chan, you know so much!”

Su Chan giggled. “Sister Zhou Qin, you’re the one with a lot of knowledge!”

Zhou Qin smiled and didn’t say anything.

While the two of them were busy chatting, Zi Yuan frowned slightly next to them. She raised her head and looked at the sky outside before glancing at the surrounding people. When she saw that their gazes were fixed on the battleground, she quietly walked out.

Seeing her move, Du Fei and Zheng Yuan also followed her out.

At this time, in mid-air, Li Yundong and Zhang Ling had advanced to a stage of all-out, white-hot fighting.

Li Yundong had three heads and six arms, and his defensive skills were impeccable, leaving Zhang Ling’s four avatars unable to hit him at all. Her other magic arts were also slapped away by Li Yundong’s big handprint, making Zhang Ling gnash her teeth in rage and hatred.

In particular, Li Yundong’s original body, the Immovable Wisdom King, was a man with superhuman powers. He uttered a mantra, and his nose exhaled two breaths. It was really like the Immovable Wisdom King had descended to the human world. He punched using the Immovable Wisdom King Gesture, and Zhang Ling did not dare to take it. Li Yundong’s palm print flashed with a golden radiance, then disappeared after it had flown into the sky, invisible to the naked eye. Its power was really terrifying!

The more Zhang Ling fought, the more frightened he became. She thought to herself, “Could it be that Li Yundong is the reincarnation of the Immovable Wisdom King? How could he be so powerful?” But a moment later she rejected her own opinion. “No, that’s impossible. The Immovable Wisdom King is a benevolent and wise man who can control all phenomena! Li Yundong is extremely abominable. How could he possibly be the reincarnation of the Immovable Wisdom King?”

Li Yundong didn’t know what Zhang Ling was thinking, but when he saw that Zhang Ling’s offense was getting weaker and weaker, he became more and more excited in turn. The True Energy throughout his body was like a long river, surging endlessly, and the big handprints made by his six arms were like cannonballs, completely stopping Zhang Ling’s four avatars from getting close.

At first, Zhang Ling had still wanted to rely on her agility to dodge Mahamudra and consume Li Yundong’s Zhenqi. However, she saw Li Yundong make more than a hundred Mahamudra in a row, and not only did his Zhenqi not show signs of being exhausted, but the big handprints only grew fiercer and his Zhenqi’s vigor intensified!

Zhang Ling secretly complained bitterly in her heart. For a moment, she regretted picking a fight with Li Yundong using Yang Spirits. After a cultivator reached the top realm of Yang Spirit, it was difficult to separate their cultivation realms. In terms of the realm, Zhang Ling was the same as Li Yundong – both were at the top realm of Yang Spirit. However, in terms of magic skills, she was far stronger than Li Yundong, especially when it came to the divine way and martial arts she knew.

However, Zhang Ling was best at the Divine Sense of Earth Fire. She took out the True Fire from the nine earths and fought with her opponent. This was her most powerful martial art, especially when she used her unique skills to take out the True Flames of Samadhi from the nine earths, which could burn anything in its path. Even the Mantra Mahāmudrā could not be broken like this.

However, she was fighting with Li Yundong in mid-air, so she had no way to borrow strength. She couldn’t even use the magical power of earth fire, and Li Yundong was smashing her other magic arts, so she couldn’t do anything to him at all.

Zhang Ling was gritting her teeth in hatred, her attention distracted. Suddenly, one of her Yang Spirit forms moved a little too slowly and became caught by Li Yundong.

Li Yundong grabbed Zhang Ling’s avatar with his six arms and pulled on it hard, immediately tearing it to shreds.

The remaining three avatars of Zhang Ling suddenly let out shrill screams. The avatar that had been shredded by Li Yundong turned into a wisp of smoke at the same time, escaping Li Yundong’s grasp. It then quickly gathered together and returned to its original appearance.

Zhang Ling roared in pain, “Li Yundong, how dare you hurt my Yang Spirit!”

Li Yundong sneered and said, “If you won’t admit defeat, I’ll keep tearing you to pieces until you can no longer recover! Let’s see how much Zhenqi you can waste!”

“You insolent bastard! How dare you be so arrogant!”

Zhang Ling’s Spiritual Qi was extremely strong. Feeling desperate, she subconsciously wanted to fly back to the ground and use the Fire of the Nine Emotional Areas against Li Yundong, but before she could move, she suddenly saw a large dark cloud hanging in the sky. The dark clouds above their heads began to roll and a bolt of lightning struck.

Li Yundong and Zhang Ling both felt jolts of shock run through them. They could feel that a pair of extremely terrifying and majestic eyes were staring at them.

Zhang Ling yelled angrily, her voice strained, “Li Yundong, you cheated and used such a dirty trick. Aren’t you afraid of attracting thunder that will hurt innocents?”

Li Yundong was similarly shocked and confused. “I didn’t do this. Do you think I’m crazy?”

Zhang Ling was stunned. “Well if it’s not you, then who is it? Is there anyone who would want to take advantage of the situation?”

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