Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 402 He is as High as the Sky!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 402 He is as High as the Sky!

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“Li Yundong?”

As soon as Yin Mengfan saw the name, she was stunned. Every member of the upper class of Tiannan knew that Li Yundong had almost gotten Zhou Qin paralyzed and that Zhou Keqiang had been dragged down by him.

“Is Zhou Qin still with me? Wasn’t that guy been killed by the He family?”

Yin Mengfan was full of questions. She had originally thought that Li Yundong was just an intelligent man and she had been planning to invite him to treat Shen Wancai. However, a series of things that had happened later had made her stunned and caught her off-guard. Li Yundong had also mysteriously disappeared from her world.

Yin Mengfan had initially believed that Li Yundong must have been killed by the He family as he had so completely disappeared from the world, but now it seemed that Li Yundong was not only alive, he was living a comfortable life!

“This Li Yundong is not all that he appears to be!”

Yin Mengfan muttered to herself for a while. Then she texted Zhou Qin back quickly: “Okay! I’ll be there on time!”

After a while, Zhou Qin replied: “Thank you.”

Yin Mengfan could sense feelings of alienation and estrangement from these two simple words on her screen. She secretly sighed, knowing that she could no longer be as close to Zhou Qin as she had once been.

At this time, Yin Mengfan had no intention of doing business. She fell back in her large office chair, put her hands in front of her chest, looked at the ceiling, and frowned.

While she was thinking everything over, the door was suddenly pushed open. A beautiful girl with a youthful, slightly chubby face poked her head in and said with a smile, “Cousin, I’m here to see you!”

Yin Mengfan looked at her and suddenly felt a headache coming on. She smiled bitterly and asked the newcomer, “What are you doing here?”

The girl was Shen Hui, and she replied with disappointment and grievance seeping into her tone, “You won’t welcome me? Then I’m leaving!” As she spoke, she turned her head and looked at Yin Mengfan. Though she had said that she was going to leave, her feet seemed to have become rooted to the ground and couldn’t move.

Yin Mengfan was both angry and amused. She half-heartedly glared at her and said, “Don’t be like that. Get in here!”

Shen Hui cheered and rushed in. She glanced at the document on Yin Mengfan’s desk, then brushed it away and pulled at her with both hands, shouting, “Cousin, I was locked up by the old master for half a month. I seriously thought I was going to die from the boredom! Let’s go out and have some fun!”

Yin Mengfan laughed and scolded, “You’re a grown-up, but all you know how to do is play!”

Shen Hui snorted and said, “Whatever! If you won’t play with me, I’ll stay here and never leave!”

Yin Mengfan put one hand to her forehead and said with a pained expression, “Oh God, I swear you’re some kind of demon. Don’t bother me anymore! Go and play with someone else! I still need to work!”

Shen Hui turned to leave but looked back, smiled mischievously and said over her shoulder, “Then I’ll go and mess with President Cao!”

Yin Mengfan shouted hurriedly, “Stop! Mrs. Cao has gone to Hainan. She’s not there!”

Shen Hui was a little disappointed. “What? She’s not here? That sucks!” She spun around in the room restlessly. Suddenly, she gave a strange smile and said, “Oh fine, I’m going to play with the handsome guys in her company instead then!”

Yin Mengfan smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t bother them!”

Shen Hui smiled slyly and said, “Those guys are so pretentious and seem to think that they are the most handsome men in the world. They just want to sleep with a rich girl like me. Hmph, it’s only right to play tricks on them!”

Saying this, she rushed out like a gust of wind, not waiting for Yin Mengfan’s consent.

Yin Mengfan groaned and buried her head in her hands. She could already imagine the disaster that was soon going to take place in Cao Kefei’s company.

Thinking of this, Yin Mengfan suddenly had an idea. She picked up her cell and fired off a text message to Cao Kefei: “Feifei, are you free now? I have something to tell you.”

After a while, Cao Kefei sent a text message back, which read: “I’m shooting now. What’s up?”

Yin Mengfan hesitated, wondering whether to tell Cao Kefei about it or not.

Since Li Yundong had disappeared, Cao Kefei had been crazily searching for him all over the world. But no matter what she did, she had not been able to find any trace of this boy.

Cao Kefei seemed to have lost all of her energy after the first month. Even work could not spark Cao Kefei’s interest. It was like she had lost her soul.

It had taken her two months to slowly recover, but she eventually began to forget Li Yundong and put herself back into her work again.

“It’s not been easy for Feifei to move on from this. What if I tell her and she falls into a rut again?” Yin Mengfan was not optimistic about the relationship between Cao Kefei and Li Yundong. However, Cao Kefei had repeatedly told her that she needed to inform her of the whereabouts of Li Yundong if she ever got hold of any information.

Yin Mengfan had seen how much Cao Kefei valued and was infatuated with Li Yundong. Moreover, Li Yundong was about to open a store on the pedestrian street and she had to go and support him. How could this kind of thing be kept from her? If Cao Kefei found out about it, would they fall out with one another? She didn’t want to lose a friend!

Yin Mengfan struggled with this dilemma for a while. Finally, she gritted her teeth and said to herself, “Forget it. If he really is your nemesis, you can’t just run away.”

Yin Mengfan gritted her teeth and sent the text: “I have something important to tell you.”

Cao Kefei obviously did not know what Yin Mengfan was about to say. She replied simply: “Go ahead.”

Yin Mengfan typed back: “I know where Li Yundong is.”

At this time, Cao Kefei, who was at Hainan Sanya filming site, suddenly stood up from her chair, her expression one of shock and ecstasy. Beside her was a staff member holding glasses, props, and plates.

The staff member was shocked by Cao Kefei’s sudden movement. The plates got tilted, and the wine glass and bottle were smashed to pieces on the ground, which caused the surrounding people to look at them in surprise. Cao Kefei, however, did not seem to notice at all. Her face flushed and she excitedly began dialing on her phone. When the call connected, she immediately shouted before Yin Mengfan could even speak a word, “Where is he? Where is that heartless guy?”

Yin Mengfan replied with a wry smile, “Feifei, look at what you said. He is not your boyfriend. How could he feel no guilt toward you?”

Cao Kefei gnashed her teeth and said, “I did so much for him, but he disappeared without saying a word. He clearly has no conscience.”

Yin Mengfan said with a moan, “I shouldn’t have called you. I’m already regretting it!”

Cao Kefei snorted and threatened, “Hey, tell me his whereabouts, or you can consider our friendship to be over!”

Yin Mengfan smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, yeesh. This guy has purchased a tea shop on Tiannan Street. Tomorrow, he will open for business and has invited me to come and show support.”

Cao Kefei was irritated by these words. “What? He really has no conscience! He doesn’t want to invite me? How ridiculous!”

Yin Mengfan felt so deeply regretful that she could have kicked herself. She said angrily, “Hey, what are you talking about? He used to be my employee, and I’m his boss! In terms of distance, I’m closer to him than you!”

Cao Kefei retorted unreasonably, “I met him first!”

Yin Mengfan was so angry that she couldn’t help laughing. “Do you think we’re like hunters in a primitive society? Anyway, he didn’t come to invite me in person. It was Zhou Qin who sent me a short message asking me to go there.”

Cao Kefei’s anger faded significantly upon learning this. She snorted and said, “Anyway, this guy is heartless. He didn’t tell me such an important thing and just disappeared. Damn it!”

Yin Mengfan sighed heavily. “Anyway, I have told you the news. It’s up to you what you decide to do.” Then, she hung up the phone.

Cao Kefei frowned slightly and ignored the curious gazes of the people around her. She shouted to the director sitting next to the camera, “Excuse me, Liu, I have something to do. I have to leave now!”

The director’s face turned gloomy and he said loudly, “Hey, you are the producer. You can’t leave!”

Cao Kefei quickly packed up her belongings. She didn’t even raise her head as she called loudly, “What difference do I make? Aren’t you the director? You will have the final say when I am not here. Haven’t you been waiting for the day I leave?”

As she spoke, she turned to her assistant, who was looking dumbstruck, and said, “Hey, book me an air ticket to Tiannan as soon as possible. Hurry up! If you keep me waiting, I’ll fire you!”

The female assistant snapped out of her stupor and responded in a panic, “Yes, President Cao! Should I bring the flight ticket to your room?”

Cao Kefei exhorted impatiently, “Nonsense, I’ll go to the airport myself. Just book a flight for me! If I don’t get the ticket when I arrive at the airport, I’ll fire you!”

The assistant was so frightened that she began sweating all over. She quickly fished out her phone and made a call, nervously grinding her teeth.

Cao Kefei packed her things and waved to the people on set. “Goodbye, everyone. I’ll be back before you know it!” After that, she rushed out in her high heels.

The director shouted after her despondently, “Hey, how long will you be gone?”

Cao Kefei waved her hand and called back loudly, “I don’t know. It’s up to you!”

While the director was left in a funk, a beautiful young girl suddenly rushed off of the movie set. She shouted at Cao Kefei, “Sister Cao, where are you going?”

Hearing her voice, Cao Kefei turned her head, grabbed her hand, and said excitedly, “Do you remember that boy named Li Yundong I told you about?”

The beautiful girl nodded and smiled ambiguously. “Oh, but of course! Sister Cao, you are going to see your old lover?”

Cao Kefei snorted, “Bah, what do you mean by an old lover? Do you want to see a real master with me?”

After thinking for a while, the beautiful girl rolled her eyes and said with a smile, “Well, it’s never a bad idea to broaden one’s horizons. Let’s see if the guy you’ve bragged about so much is as powerful as you say!”

Cao Kefei was overjoyed. She pulled her hand and the pair ran out together. As Cao Kefei ran, she said, “Humph, that wasn’t bragging. He’s even better than I said! You’ll understand when you see him!”

Having said this, the two beauties, one old and one young, disappeared from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

The onlookers, whether it was the guy responsible for the cameras, the woman doing the lights, or the actors, were all dumbstruck. They looked in the direction that Cao Kefei and the beauty had gone in with dull eyes and then turned to look at the director in unison.

Blue veins were bulging in the director’s forehead and he seemed to be going crazy. One actor next to him asked timidly, “Director Song, do you want to continue filming?”

Director Song flew into a blind rage and threw the director’s mug in his hand to the floor with a crash as he yelled, “What the hell are we filming? The producer has run away. The leading actress went with her! How are we supposed to shoot this scene now? I told everyone not to hire a big shot, but Cao Kefei didn’t listen. Now, everyone has to rest and wait for her alone. No, wait for the two of them!”

The actors on the stage suddenly burst into an uproar and began yelling to everyone, “Stop shooting, stop shooting. It’s over!”

Some people joined in the fun and said, “Come on, let’s go and see who this master is, too!”

Director Song sat in his director’s chair, boiling with rage. When he heard that, he jumped up and said loudly, “Hmph, master? What kind of master? Can he be more of a hotshot than I am? Can he be taller than me?”

Someone nearby immediately muttered, “Even Zeng Zhiwei [TN: a Chinese male actor who is the only 160cm] is taller than you!”

Although the voice was low, everyone was able to hear it clearly. All of a sudden, they all burst out laughing.

Director Song was absolutely livid and his complexion instantly reddened. He shouted angrily, “Who said that? Show yourself!”

No one dared to stand up, and instead everyone rain away in an instant. The director became the only person left and his rage only deepened. He thought to himself, “Hum, what master! F*ck this so-called master! I don’t believe there is such a master in this world!”

While the director was cursing angrily, Cao Kefei was arriving at the airport with the beautiful girl in tow, and they soon boarded a plane. As soon as they landed, Cao Kefei and the girl began heading to Li Yundong’s store. But on second thought, Cao Kefei stopped in her tracks. “Humph, Li Yundong, ah, Li Yundong. I couldn’t find you before. You are so mysterious! Now that you have opened a store, I am not afraid that will run away anymore! Hah, even if you want to run, you know you can’t leave the shop alone!”

Thinking of this, Cao Kefei snapped her fingers and said, “Let’s go and stay at a hotel!”

The girl was a little surprised. “So we’re going to his shop?”

Cao Kefei tapped her companion and then herself. “We’re only two people, and look at what we’re wearing! Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at? He will open the shop tomorrow, so we will go tomorrow! Today, we need to go back to do our hair and be pampered!”

When the girl had left the studio, she had been wearing a pair of big sunglasses. She covered her mouth and said with a smile, “Sister Cao, didn’t you always say that you were born beautiful and don’t need to rely on that kind of thing? Why do you want to get all beautified today?”

Cao Kefei’s pretty face turned red. She glared at the girl. “How dare you laugh at your sister Cao! Don’t follow me if you’re going to be like this! Humph!”

When the girl saw Cao Kefei turn to leave, she quickly smiled and chased after her. “Sister Cao, don’t, I left my agent behind and followed you here. If you leave me behind, I will have no one to rely on!”

Cao Kefei then broke into a smile and said, “Then listen to sister Cao’s words and I will take you to see the master tomorrow!”

The girl blinked heavily and said, “How amazing can one master be?”

Cao Kefei was stunned for a moment, and she suddenly became a little emotional. “He is beyond all expectations!”

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