Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 387 Trouble Is Coming

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 387 Trouble Is Coming

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Just as these foxes were about to swarm upstairs, Cao Yi suddenly chided them in a low voice, “Fools! Do you want the leader to go Zouhuo Rumo?”

At this time, Zhuang Yating also stood up and glared at the little foxes. “You are really lacking judgment if you can be mischievous at this time!”

Just in time, Zi Yuan came out of the bathroom. She cast a meaningful glance at Cao Yi, then at Zhuang Yating, nodded slightly to them and went upstairs. She took the towel from Ruan Hongling’s hand and whispered, “Give it to me. You can keep watching here. It’s unnecessary to close the door. After all, we are all women. Zhou Qin is not afraid of being exposed and it’s better to let the air circulate.”

Ruan Hongling took a look at Zhou Qin, her eyes full of envy. She thought to herself, “My life is really different from hers. She is so lucky. She has taken the Renyuan Jindan and has two masters to escort her. My life sucks by comparison!”

Zi Yuan poked Ruan Hongling’s forehead with her finger and glared at her. She hissed at Ruan Hongling, “Aren’t you ashamed to say such a thing? You’ve been fed spiritual herbs and medicinal soup since you were young. Do you think you’ve eaten less than her? It was fate that allowed her to eat the Renyuan Jindan. The first thing that can change a person is fate! If something in your life is predestined, It’s useless to try and change it. Are you sure that you are a cultivator? Why don’t you even understand this?”

Ruan Hongling made a face. “Of course I’m a cultivator! It was just a casual remark, why are you being so serious? Humph, boring!”

While they were talking, Li Yundong threw another towel and shouted at them in a low voice, “Another one!”

Zi Yuan quickly threw the dry towel to Su Chan, who went to the bathroom to wash it, drying it afterward with her Zhenqi.

After repeating this over and over again a few dozen times, Zhou Qin’s sweat stopped pouring, and the colorful light on her body slowly weakened.

Li Yundong didn’t allow himself to left out a sigh of relief at this time. Instead, he became even more focused. He whispered in Zhou Qin’s ear, guiding her consciousness to pay attention to her own breath and let it begin to visualize the things in the Spirit Space.

By the time two days had passed, Li Yundong had helped Zhou Qin advance by leaps and bounds all the way to the third dan of Yin Ling, Manifest, and the Ishvara high-level realm. After that, Zhou Qin’s was exhausted, and she fell into a deep sleep from meditation.

Only then did Li Yundong let out a sigh of relief. At this time, he also felt a sense of fatigue washing over him, and his waist was a little stiff.

Li Yundong loosened his grip, which had been adhered to Zhou Qin’s Baihui, and then covered her with the quilt. He put her on the bed and tucked her in before leaving the room.

What surprised him was that over the past two days, there had always been someone waiting at the door of the room in case he needed help. But at this time, there was no one there.

When he walked out of the door and reached the corridor, Li Yundong found that everyone was in the hall discussing something anxiously in a low voice.

When Li Yundong came out, he immediately drew everyone’s attention. They all looked up at him. As soon as Zi Yuan, Su Chan, and Ruan Hongling saw Li Yundong, they were overjoyed. Su Chan exclaimed in surprise, “Yundong, you’re out? Where’s Sister Zhou Qin?”

Zi Yuan smiled too. “Are you done with your work?”

Li Yundong nodded to everyone with a smile. He walked down the stairs and said in a tired voice, “Yes, Zhou Qin has already fallen asleep. What are you talking about?”

At this time, Su Chan’s expression immediately turned from one of happiness to one of anxiety. She grabbed Li Yundong’s hand and said worriedly, “Something’s happened, something’s happened at the store!”

Li Yundong was surprised and quickly asked, “What is it?”

Standing to one side, Zi Yuan said softly, “Actually, it’s not important. Don’t worry. You’ve been tired for two days. It’s not so urgent that you can’t take a break first.”

Su Chan understood her point and thought, “Yun Dong has been staying by Zhou Qin’s side for two days. He kept doing Kuojing and Famai for her and he’s exhausted now. Why didn’t I just stay calm? Now I’ve made him worried?”

Su Chan also nodded and pulled on Li Yundong’s arm. “Yes, Yundong, you’d better take a rest first.”

Li Yundong sighed slightly and said in a deep voice, “I’m fine. What happened?”

Seeing that she wasn’t going to be able to stop him now, Zi Yuan explained, “Some certificates were blocked in the course of approval. Also, in the decoration company, boss Han’s staff have been poached, and now it’s impossible for us to continue with the renovation.”

Li Yundong was stunned. “Ah? What’s going on?” After he said that, the foxes of the Fox Zen School began to chatter. They seemed worried and kept looking at Li Yundong, hoping that he could come up with some grand idea.

Observing their worry, Li Yundong winked at Su Chan and Zi Yuan. He then turned to Cao Yi and said, “Cao Yi Shibo, take your disciples to practice martial arts first. I have something to talk about with these two in private.”

Cao Yi nodded and led the little foxes to Zi Yuan’s residence. Li Yundong, along with Zi Yuan and Su Chan, went to his own room.

Entering the store, Li Yundong did not even wait for Zi Yuan to close the door before asking, “Our certificate was blocked? What happened? Do we need an approval certificate to open a store?”

Because Zhou Qin had been in fully handling the matter before, and Li Yundong had given full control of it to her, he had not kept an eye on proceedings. But at this time, Zhou Qin was sleeping, so Li Yundong did not know what the root of the matter was.

Zi Yuan explained, “Opening a store requires a business license…”

Li Yundong asked in surprise, “Didn’t we get one previously? Didn’t old madam Xu ask her son to help us acquire one?”

Zi Yuan sighed. “Li Yundong, it’s not that simple. Last time, old madam Xu mainly helped us solve the problem of the shopfront and rent. However, it will not be easy if we want to get a business license. To get a business license, we first need a shopfront, and then we need your various certificates, as well as the rental contract for the real estate…”

At that point, Su Chan interrupted and said, “Did Sister Zhou Qin go to the real estate office last time to write the contract?”

Zi Yuan nodded. “Yes. In short, we need the official copies of the business licenses, the code certificates, the land tax certificates, the tax certificates, and the license for opening accounts…”

Li Yundong felt a migraine coming on as he listened to this. “Wait, why are there so many things? I thought Zhou Qin had settled everything last time.”

Zi Yuan shook her head helplessly and sighed. “Don’t you know where you are? This is China, these officials are waiting for redundant things to come up to torment you over. Not only that, but we also need the hygiene certificate of the Sanitary Bureau to open a teahouse. Besides, the most important thing and the biggest problem is that… we need a bank account to store registered funds in.”

Li Yundong smiled ruefully. “This is freaking nuts. It’s so troublesome to open a store! I have a headache just from listening to it! How much does the registered capital you mentioned cost?”

“At least one million!” Zi Yuan said.

Li Yundong sucked in a breath of cold air. “One million? Sh*t, where am I going to get one million from at this point in time?”

Zi Yuan said helplessly, “Well, this is not a rigid rule. The standard of registered funds can be very high but can also be very low. However, now someone is making things difficult for us, so the Trade and Industry Bureau has set a high standard.”

“Who stabbed us in the back?” Li Yundong asked angrily. “Director Wang?”

Zi Yuan shook her head. “I don’t think so. I called him before and asked him about the situation. He said that one of the higher-ups is looking to trap us and he couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Did he say who’s behind it?” Li Yundong asked.

“He doesn’t dare to, but I can make a guess.”

“Who do you think it is?” Li Yundong asked quickly.

Zi Yuan sighed. “Li Yundong, just think about it. You offended so many sects before, and these sects more or less all have some amount of influential power. Now our country has relaxed its management of the Cultivation World, so the cultivation world has started to expand into business and political circles. The officials and the businessmen can collide with each other, so the officials and the cultivators can collide with each other too! You have to know that the things an official is most afraid of are death and aging! What is the most valuable skill of a cultivator? Health preservation and longevity!”

Li Yundong suddenly understood and said, “Got it! No wonder the Taoist priest Li Yi had such a big effect a while ago. Those Qigong masters and numerous famous national doctors have been praised by countless rich businessmen and high-ranking officials. It’s because of this!”

“Previously, you offended so many sects,” Zi Yuan said. “Although they won’t dare to cause trouble for you openly, if you intend to open a store in the secular world, they have countless ways to hamper you. For example, they’re blocking your path to the approval certificate right now.”

Li Yundong snorted disbelievingly. “Then what about the decoration company? Is it also because of those guys?”

“I can’t be sure,” Zi Yuan answered.

Li Yundong thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to the store to see what’s going on.”

Zi Yuan said, “All right. I’ll go with you.”

Su Chan also smiled and volunteered to accompany them.

Li Yundong was relieved to see the playful smile on the little girl’s face, as if what they had been discussing a moment ago was nothing but a trifle.

Li Yundong tweaked the tip of the little girl’s nose with a smile, “How can you still be laughing? Aren’t you worried?”

The little girl held Li Yundong’s arm and said coquettishly, “What’s there to worry about? Last night at Mount Gezao, you managed to pull through such a dangerous situation. My Yundong will definitely turn danger into safety and reverse the situation!”

Li Yundong laughed, “You’re right. There must be a way. There’s nothing to worry about.”

The group of people all headed out the door and took a taxi to Pedestrian Street. When they arrived at the shop, Li Yundong saw that the premises, which had been in the process of being decorated, was in complete disarray. There were fragments everywhere, especially around one of the walls which had been partly smashed, revealing a twisted and glinting steel bar.

Zi Yuan slightly frowned. She looked around and said, “I called Mr. Han before. He said that he needed to recruit someone else, but it would take a long time. I’m afraid it will be quite a while before we can open for business.”

Li Yundong grinned mischievously. “Are there no other decoration companies?”

At this time, Zi Yuan said even more helplessly, “I have already contacted several decoration companies in Tiannan City, but they are all busy now…”

Li Yundong was tongue-tied. “It can’t all only be a coincidence, can it?”

“You’re right. Someone must be playing tricks behind the scenes, it can’t be such a coincidence!” Zi Yuan replied.

Li Yundong was about to speak when he suddenly heard the door of the shop being pushed open. An arrogant and harsh voice rang in his ear, saying, “Yo, little bro, you are here! Hahaha, what’s up? Is the decoration going well?”

Li Yundong turned around and saw a middle-aged man holding two coquettish women in his arms and gazing down at him arrogantly. “Who else could it be but Zhao Yougen?”

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