Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 384 Su Chan’s Decision

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 384 Su Chan’s Decision

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After Zi Yuan left, Su Chan acutely detected the strangeness of Zi Yuan’s behavior. She watched as Zi Yuan left, then quietly entered Li Yundong’s room, carefully closing the door behind her.

The girl said to Li Yundong as if she were a thief, “Hey, your girl is here!”

Seeing her like this, Li Yundong suddenly laughed and waved at her. “Girl, come to your boyfriend.”

Su Chan smiled sweetly. She snuggled up to Li Yundong like a sweet and helpless bird. She blinked and looked at her companion affectionately. The girl whispered, “Yundong, did you quarrel with Sister Zi Yuan just now?”

Li Yundong chuckled. “Don’t be silly. Zi Yuan is my master and friend. She has done too much for me and she has all my respect. How could I quarrel with her? Even if she were wrong, I would give in to her.”

Su Chan was relieved to hear that. She smiled sweetly and said, “That’s good. Sister Zi Yuan’s sect was closed off. I dreaded the idea of her becoming homeless after a fight between you. I have been kicked out, so it’s not good to when I see that someone is homeless.”

When he heard this, Li Yundong sighed in his heart. He gently held Su Chan in his arms and stroked her black hair gently with his big hands. “That’s so kind of you. You are quite considerate.”

Su Chan blinked, “It’s Sister Zi Yuan who deserves such praise! She cares about everyone, except herself. Therefore, I also respect her a lot. I try my best to learn from her.”

Li Yundong chuckled. “Good, good. Then you should take Zi Yuan as your master as well. That way the Linggong Sect will also have another disciple.”

Su Chan twisted her body and said coquettishly, “No, I want to acknowledge Zhenren Li as my master.” Then, she grabbed Li Yundong’s right hand and pretended to bow. “Master, I, Su Chan, pay my respects to you!”

Li Yundong laughed and held the girl in his arms. He said softly, “Girl, let’s stop this. I have something to discuss with you.”

Su Chan giggled, wrapping her arms around Li Yundong’s waist and burying her face in his chest, greedily sniffing his masculine scent. She said, “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Li Yundong knew that she was naturally naughty and playful. In addition to practicing cultivation, it was almost impossible for her to stay quiet for even one minute. He smiled but didn’t force her; he just held her in his arms and whispered, “Can you help me decide who should I give this Renyuan Jindan to?”

Upon hearing this, Su Chan was immediately rooted to the spot. Countless scenes flashed across her mind.

After her master had snatched the Renyuan Jindan and handed it over to her, she had been hunted down by Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling. Then she had fled without stopping until she met Li Yundong. In order to escape the pursuit, she threw the Jindan into his mouth. However, Li Yundong ended up taking Renyuan Jindan by mistake.

She had made up her mind to squeeze out Li Yundong at that time, but then she slowly fell in love with him. The scenes over the past few days flashed in front of Su Chan’s eyes. Her mind was as clear as a mirror, thus she knew that the reason why she could fall in love with Li Yundong in this life was all because of the Renyuan Jindan!

She had lost her Renyuan Jindan, but got Li Yundong in exchange; the companion she loved so deeply. The gains and losses could not be explained clearly in a short time.

Since a Renyuan Jindan had once again appeared in front of her, what choice would she make?

Su Chan was lost in thought. Li Yundong didn’t rush her. He just looked at her tenderly, like a powerful patron saint: silently guarding her, so that she wouldn’t be hurt in the slightest.

Gradually, her eyes became clear. She retreated from Li Yundong’s embrace and sat up straight, looking unusually serious. She grabbed Li Yundong’s hand and said, “Yundong, you’ve made up your mind, haven’t you?”

Li Yundong smiled. “I just have a general idea, but I haven’t decided yet. I want to listen to your opinion.”

Su Chan said seriously, “Let me offer my perspective first.”

Li Yundong nodded. “Well, I’m listening.”

Su Chan fixed her eyes on Li Yundong and said word for word, “I want to give this Renyuan Jindan to Sister Zhou Qin.”

Li Yunqi said, “Why didn’t you keep it for yourself? You know, you should have it. Back then, I took your Renyuan Jindan by mistake. As a result, you couldn’t turn from a three-tailed to a six-tailed fox spirit. This should have been your thing! Now it’s just returning to its original owner.”

However, Su Chan shook her head, her grip on Li Yundong became tighter. “No, I don’t think so. In the beginning, I really coveted it very much, especially before I met you. Every day, I yearned to become a cultivator like Mystical Silver Fox. But when I met you, I gradually realized that there was another thing in this world that was more interesting than cultivation. That is, to have someone in this world who loves you.”

The girl’s eyes were a little blurred. She said in a daze, “I think, this must be a blessing that I have cultivated for several generations. God made me lose my Jindan, but allowed me to find you. This is fair. Anything you gain requires something to be paid in exchange. So, if I get the Jindan now, I’m afraid that I would lose you at once…”

Su Chan threw herself into Li Yundong’s arms and murmured, “Master, you can’t leave me alone. I can’t live without you.”

Li Yundong was moved by Su Chan’s words. He suddenly remembered the dark days when he was with Su Chan at his lowest point, and when he had been forced to leave her… Back then, the girl shouted in a heart-wrenching manner, “Yundong, you must become stronger!”

Li Yundong’s eyes stung a little, and were a bit moist. He smiled and patted her on the back, then said softly, “Don’t be silly. I’m very strong now. No one can separate us. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Su Chan shook her head and continued to say, “No, it’s not just this. There is another reason why I want to give the Renyuan Jindan to Sister Zhou Qin.”

Li Yundong asked while bewildered, “Then, what else do you want to say?”

Su Chan said again, “If I take the Renyuan Jindan, it will take me three months to digest it. Even with your help, it will take at least two months. Yundong, you sent me away before. Although you don’t say it verbally, I know what you’re thinking. You’re just afraid that I will worry about you because of the many strange things that happened tonight. Moreover, we robbed the Renyuan Jindan in front of so many cultivators, which will definitely attract a lot of enemies. Therefore, we should give the Renyuan Jindan to a person who is able to absorb it as soon as possible, to become the most powerful cultivator.”

Su Chan said seriously, “I’m a Fox Spirit. My cultivation speed is naturally slower than that of a human being’s. Besides, I’m not as talented as Sister Zhou Qin, who was born to be a Virgin Container with Full Yin Qi. Also, with your Jindan’s Qi in her body, the consumption of the Renyuan Jindan will complement her well, which will in turn help her gain twice the result with half the effort. I believe that Sister Zhou Qin will definitely be able to break through to the Zhuji phase within a month, with both your assistance and the help of the Jindan. Then, when the Taoist assembly begins, she will certainly become your most powerful assistant!”

Li Yundong was deeply moved by her words. He looked at Su Chan with a complex look in his eyes and thought, “My girl seems to have been normally born to be careless and a little slow-witted. But in fact, she’s not inferior to anyone. In the current situation, she knows this better than anyone else; her mind is as clear as a mirror.”

Li Yundong said softly, “Don’t you feel regret and envy because of this, at all?”

Su Chan smiled sweetly. She held Li Yundong’s arm and said with a smile, “She should be jealous of me! Because I have you! With you by my side, I will be content with everything and have nothing else to ask for.”

Saying this, the girl stuck out her tongue and playfully said to Li Yundong’s right hand, “Master, it’s only been hard on you. I’m afraid that you’ll have to practice the 64th Formula of Bajiquan for a longer period of time.”

Li Yundong laughed. He pinched her nose and scared her with a straight face, saying, “Nonsense, it’s obviously you who practiced the 64th Formula of Bajiquan!”

Su Chan’s cheeks turned red. She giggled and buried her head in Li Yundong’s arms, refusing to look up. “You only know how to bully me. You’re so annoying!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Since you’re generously giving that Jindan to Zhou Qin, I won’t let you suffer a loss. We heard Wan Zhenyuan say that he wanted to refine a Diyuan Jindan. We can rob the Diyuan Jindan again the moment it appears in the world. You can’t push it to others anymore at that time! I’m still waiting for you to succeed in cultivation and we fly together. Can you bear to watch me live like a widower for the rest of life?”

“A Diyuan Jindan? It’s too hard to refine. I don’t believe he can do it,” Sain Su Chan and giggled.

Li Yundong smiled noncommittally. After being intimate with her for a while, he said to her softly, “Since you have made up your mind, I will give the Jindan to Zhou Qin. It’s not too late for you to go back on your word now.”

Su Chan took out the Renyuan Jindan from her arms. In an instant, the room shone with bright golden light. She handed it to Li Yundong, then she shook her head and said seriously, “No, Sister Zhou Qin has paid a lot on your behalf, far more than I have done. She deserves that. If I’m destined to take it, there will be more in the future!”

Li Yundong nodded slowly, openly praising. He sighed and said, “I was afraid that you would take things too hard in your heart, but I didn’t expect my girl to be so righteous and open-minded. It’s quite rare. I’m really lucky to have you.”

Su Chan giggled and said, “You should cook more delicious food for me to make up for it, then!”

Li Yundong laughed. “You foodie! All right, stay in the room. I’ll go find Zhou Qin and see if she’s asleep.”

With this, Li Yundong squeezed the Renyuan Jindan in his palm and turned to leave through the door.

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