Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 374 Let’s Watch Them Fight!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 374 Let’s Watch Them Fight!

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All of the sects’ cultivators were shocked at seeing the trio fighting. Some also took action, trying to persuade them to stop. Du Fei raised the golden stick in his hand and threw it at Yan Fang’s flying sword and he yelled, “Calm down! Let’s discuss this peacefully!”

Seeing how chaotic the situation had gotten, Zheng Yuan smiled sinisterly and used two ox-hair needles to stab the cultivator next to him secretly.

These cultivators hadn’t expected that this kind-eyed person with silver hair and a ruddy complexion to be so cruel and ruthless, and instantly several of them fell prey to his trap.

Some of them had a grudge against each other even in ordinary times. Having been secretly provoked at that moment, they immediately began shouting in astonishment. They looked at each other for a few seconds before all beginning to fight.

Zheng Yuan’s heart was bursting with joy, but he put on an act and shouted, “Don’t fight, everybody. We’re all cultivators here. Let’s keep our cool.” However, he was playing despicable tricks all along, making the situation more and more chaotic.

Ding Nan observed the chaotic situation and whispered, “Master, what, what is going on?”

Zheng Yuan said with an evil smile, “Isn’t it great? The more chaotic the situation is, the easier it will be for us to fish in troubled waters! My good disciple, don’t you want Renyuan Jindan?”

Ever since Ding Nan had joined Zheng Yuan’s sect, she had heard a lot of stories about the cultivation world, especially about the time when the Renyuan Jindan had been above worldly considerations and the time when Li Yundong had begun to rise to face. Ding Nan realized that Li Yundong had taken the Renyuan Jindan to make such a big change.

“Li Yundong was suddenly able to become so powerful after taking Renyuan Jindan. What about me? If I also became an outstanding cultivator, would Li Yundong think highly of me from then on?”

At the thought of this, Ding Nan’s heart began beating wildly.

Li Yundong was stunned. He had never thought that a chaotic situation would be caused just by him going to Linggong Sect with Zi Yuan to get the Five Thunder Jade Books and then following a Shibo from the Fox Zen School to Mount Gezao!

He couldn’t help but look at Zi Yuan, hoping to ask her what they should do now. However, when he turned his head, he could see that Zi Yuan was also dumbfounded and speechless, gawping at the scene. It was obvious that she was helpless and had no idea how to deal with the current situation either.

Su Chan pulled on Li Yundong’s arm. She was not afraid of being heard in the midst of such chaos, so she lowered her voice and risked saying, “Yundong, what should we do now?”

Li Yundong smiled bitterly in his heart. “You tell me.

But just as he was about to reply, he noticed that Mei Niang, who had already been weak at the knees, was taking advantage of the cultivators being distracted by fighting one another and not paying attention to her. He watched as she slowly moved to the corner and got ready to run away.

Li Yundong considered things for a second, then pointed at Mei Niang and whispered, “Grab Mei Niang first and ask what is going on!”

Zi Yuan nodded. “Makes sense, but it’s not easy to make a move here. Let’s follow her for now and wait until she is alone to take action!”

Li Yundong agreed and began slowly walking towards Mei Niang with Su Chan.

But Mei Niang seemed to have never experienced such a chaotic scene. She was so scared that her legs were shaking. She leaned against the wall and used it for support as she moved step by step, being extremely slow. Li Yundong saw that although she was leaning against the wall, she remained in the area of the battlefield and couldn’t get out of their sight.

Li Yundong thought, “Are you staying there to wait for death? Stupid chicken! Swords don’t have eyes, let alone the ability to settle a score!”

As he was thinking this, he suddenly saw Yan Fang give a loud shout. Her fingers quickly pinched as they cast a few spells, and Zhenqi from all over her body poured out like a waterfall, causing her black hairs to stand up one by one and the corners of her clothes to dance wildly.

The Liuhe behind Yan Fang shot into the vast starry sky in an instant and turned into a small star. Following that, there was an ear-piercing sound of the sword in the sky, like the roar of a dragon from the Ninth Heaven. When everyone looked up, they saw the stars in the sky suddenly begin to shake. Then, these stars turned brighter and brighter, and the distant lights turned bigger and bigger, as if all of the stars were falling down!

Some cultivators shouted in horror at the sight of this. “This is the ultimate skill of Linggong Sect, sky-cracked sword. Run, everyone!”

Some weak cultivators immediately made themselves scarce, while others used their powerful magical weapons to protect themselves. Wan Zhenyuan snorted and waved a curved ruler in his hand to create a long river of purple mist above his head, which was densely gathered, like a city wall.

Zhang Ling slammed her hands, causing countless cracks to appear in the ground with a boom. A red light was rolling from between these cracks, like lava surging. She grabbed with her fingers, produced a boiling magmatic flame from the cracks in the ground, and then slapped her palms toward the rain of swords falling through the air!

Faced with such a terrifying sword rain, although Li Yunddong, Zi Yuan and Su Chan were not in the court, he could still feel the sharp sword Qi approaching, and his skin was covered with goosebumps!

This sword rain was much fiercer than the one he had encountered while fighting with Du Fei before. Besides, both the intensity and range of the attacks were not at the same level.

“Amazing! What kind of magic is this?” Li Yundong was shocked. Although he had an extremely powerful Fan of Seven Treasures and Mantra Mahāmudrā, which could be used to fight in close combat, he couldn’t use this kind of magic with a large-scale, powerful level of lethality, apart from the unmastered Five Thunder Spell.

“Sky-cracked sword was created by the Patriarch of Linggong Sect. It’s one of the sword spells, which can only be used by the one holding the magical sword,” said Zi Yuan solemnly.

“Why?” Li Yundong asked, confused.

Zi Yuan explained quickly, “Although there are numerous magical items in this world, each magic item has its own strong point. In terms of the number of powerful magical items, the immortal’s sword is worthy of being called the king of magical items! Whether it is the Five Immortals’ Swords of Taoists or the Four Shie Swords of Buddhism, they are all top-notch magical items.”

As they were talking, the countless flying swords in the sky continued to descend at the speed of light.

Li Yundong and the others leaned into one corner, almost in a blind spot. They were successfully avoiding the majority of the impact of the sword rain, but there were still a few longswords falling toward them occasionally.

Li Yundong caught a glimpse of one of the swords leaping toward his face like a streak of lightning. He subconsciously wanted to grab with his hand, but was pulled by Zi Yuan and pushed aside. Li Yundong only had time to turn his head before he heard a noisy clang. The long sword had buried itself next to his head and was swaying in the wall, making a buzzing sound.

Su Chan was so terrified that she felt a chill come over her body. She stared at the sword which was protruding from its hole less than an inch away from her face. The little girl’s eyes widened with horror as she stared at this longsword, almost becoming cross-eyed.

Li Yundong was about to comfort her, but he suddenly spotted that there was a white light flashing towards Mei Niang. He panicked immediately and blurted, “No, Mei Niang!”

Zi Yuan and Su Chan immediately turned their heads to see what was going on. They saw Mei Niang staring in shock at a longsword that was heading straight for her. She was too frightened to even try to dodge.

“God, Mei Niang is dead meat!” This thought flashed quickly through Li Yundong’s mind. Before he could even move, he noticed a figure flashing quickly beside him. This man waved his hand violently at the sword, causing a gust of wind to fly from his sleeve. With a burst of force, the long sword was blown away.

Li Yundong took a closer look and saw that the man was strong, with a strong back and a stocky waist, standing at about 1.85 meters. He was wearing a Daopao. Although the clothes were large, it couldn’t resist the explosive force from the inside out.

He flashed over to Mei Niang’s side and quickly carried her to a side palace.

Li Yundong said without hesitation, “Follow him!”

The three of them had no time to worry about being discovered by the others as they immediately began running after the man.

When Li Yundong saw the man enter the side palace, he was about to follow him, but then he suddenly saw the man turn back to hit him with a palm!

All of a sudden, Li Yundong’s Zhenqi burst out. He raised his hand and made a Fixed Fundamental Palm with which to intercept the attack.

With a boom, the two palms collided. As a loud buzzing sound began, the air around them shook sharply. Li Yundong and the man’s palms began emitting red light at the same time, as if there was a flash of lightning in the side palace. Using this light, Li Yundong took in the appearance and figure of the man.

The man looked to be about 30 years old, tall and handsome, upright and extraordinary. Although it seemed that he was a stranger, Li Yundong couldn’t help feeling that he was somehow familiar.

Once Li Yundong had made another Mahamudra, the man twisted his body strangely, making Li Yundong’s mind flash. He blurted loudly, “You are the person who peeked at the Heavenly Jindan Technique in the stone room of Fox Zen School!”

The man didn’t answer Li Yundong, simply slipping past him. He was holding Mei Niang in his arms, so it was inconvenient for him to exert his full strength and fight Li Yundong. Furthermore, Zi Yuan and Su Chan were also by his side.

The man hit Li Yundong with a palm while still holding Mei Niang in his arms, then quickly took advantage of the power of Li Yundong’s palm to fly backward like a cannonball. In the process of retreating, he suddenly shifted Mei Niang from carrying her horizontally to having her on his shoulder.

Mei Niang screamed and couldn’t help but yell, “You d*mned man…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man pointed at her and Mei Niang’s voice stopped abruptly.

Seeing that he was about to run off with Mei Niang, Li Yundong realized he wouldn’t be able to find an answer to his countless questions if he was successful. Without thinking, he immediately said to Zi Yuan and Su Chan, “Quickly, don’t let him get away. Follow him!”

Zi Yuan and Su Chan responded in unison. As soon as they moved, they saw the man suddenly turn around and throw out a golden rope.

Li Yundong saw the rope rushing towards them. He didn’t know what kind of magical item it was and just snorted at the sight of it. He quickly made the sign of Divyadundubhi Meghanirghosa with his hands, slapping toward the rope.

But as soon as he did this, Zi Yuan shouted in shock, “Stop! This is a fairy-tied rope!”

As her words rang out, the fairy-tied rope touched Li Yundong’s Mahamudra. The golden rope was shaken by the Mahamudra, and then turned into a streak of golden lightning. It quickly tied Li Yundong, Zi Yuan and Su Chan together.

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