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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 366 Wanna Bet?

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As soon as he saw the landlady, Li Yundong thought, “It can’t be this coincidental! I was just thinking about how you drove us out before, and now you’re here? It’s so weird!”

Su Chan also opened her eyes as wide as she could. She pointed at the landlady and said with some hesitation, “You, you’re the…”

The landlady seemed to have been recently graced by fortune. Although she was fat, she was garbed in designer clothes; she was also holding many bags in her hands. Her face was full of health; she had obviously made a small fortune, and she was particularly proud of it.

She didn’t expect that she would meet a former tenant on the pedestrian street. She also couldn’t help mocking the couple when she saw that they were openly acting affectionate as if they were the only ones walking on the street.

But what kind of person was Li Yundong?

He wasn’t the type who would willingly take a beating. His cultivation was extremely strong, and his eloquence was also decent. He immediately retorted, “It’s you. You’re still alive?”

The landlady suddenly became gloomy. She was quick-tongued and just wanted to satirize him and mock him before leaving. Unexpectedly, Li Yundong was sharp-tongued to sting, which made her feel awkward.

The landlady thought, “Good… How dare you quarrel with me? I’ve been quite lucky since I drove you away… You must be a jinx. Poor devil, now you dare to challenge me!?”

The landlady sneered and said, “Of course I’m alive, and I’m living quite well, thank you!” Then she struck a pose and showed off her items made by exclusive brands. She pointed at her bag and said, “Do you know what brand it is? It’s Louis Vuitton! LV! It costs more than 10,000 yuan. Are you able to buy one for your girlfriend? I don’t think so! I can, I have the means to buy it myself. Women should favor themselves! As for you Su Chan… Ah, by the way, you talked about how great your man was. Is he still great now?”

Su Chan hated the landlady since she had driven them out. She sneered and said, “Of course. Since you’re so fat, you can only be cruel to yourself. You probably yearn for a man who could buy you that bag, but can you find one?”

Her words struck the Landlady’s weakness. She was so angry that her face turned pale and her lips were trembling. She pointed at Su Chan and said, “You, you, you’re such a flapper. What nonsense are you saying? What else can you do besides seducing men?”

Seeing how the Landlady’s eyes bulged out because of Su Chan’s words, Li Yundong laughed and said, “I’m sorry, my little girl only knows how to seduce me, and I like being seduced by her very much. I do wonder though, who do you want to seduce and who wants to be seduced by you?”

The landlady was so angry that she shouted, “I was also beautiful at that age. What are you showing off for! Let’s see if you remain as beautiful 30 years from now.”

Her words actually spoke of Li Yundong and Su Chan’s pride. Ordinary people were afraid of sickness and death, but it wasn’t the case when it came to cultivators. They looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

Li Yundong suddenly felt that it was inappropriate for cultivators to quarrel with such a shrew. He smiled at Su Chan and said, “Forget it, just ignore her. Let’s go.”

The landlady thought she had won when she saw they were about to leave, so she said proudly, “Hum, you can still be proud of your youth for a few more years. Li Yundong, I’m telling you, although you’re young and handsome now, it’s useless for a man to rely on his face. Once you become penniless, you’ll see whether your girl leaves!”

Li Yundong looked back at her and sneered, not caring about replying. However, Su Chan turned around and said earnestly, “The man I like must be a great hero. He will do his best no matter what he does! He used to be very poor, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll be poor in the future!”

After saying this, Su Chan pointed at the shop behind them and said, “This is the shop that my Yundong rented. Yundong said that we will open two, three, or even more than a dozen shops like this in the future. We will open them all over the world!”

As soon as Su Chan finished speaking, the landlady burst into laughter, full of disdain. She pointed at Li Yundong and Su Chan and said, “You? You’re daydreaming. Don’t you notice how arrogant you are! It’s so funny. Do you think running a business is that simple? How dare you boast with such a small and shabby shop!”

Su Chan’s face turned red. She yelled angrily, “What makes you think you can look down on me?”

The landlady sneered and said, “Well, I simply don’t like you! You dare to say such arrogant words even though you’re so young. Who the hell do you think you are?”

Su Chan was so angry that she wanted to keep bickering, but Li Yundong suddenly raised his hand to stop her. Li Yundong smiled and said to the landlady, “Wanna bet?”

The landlady squinted at Li Yundong. “What bet?”

Li Yundong smiled, pointed at the store behind him, and said, “I will definitely open shops all over the country and all over the world within three years! Wanna bet?”

The Landlady was shocked to see Li Yundong acting so calmly. She couldn’t help but seriously size up the boy in front of her for the first time.

In her view, whether in terms of appearance or temperament, this boy couldn’t be compared to how he was before.

This boy was still immature when she drove him out. But at the moment he had a powerful aura surrounding his body, like a pine tree standing proudly and facing the skies, vigorous and powerful. His words were calm and confident. This was a bearing that had been through countless storms. It was definitely not something that could be feigned.

The landlady looked at Li Yundong doubtfully and then at the store behind him. She couldn’t help asking, “What kind of store are you running?”

Although she didn’t like Li Yundong and Su Chan, she wasn’t stupid. She specially asked Li Yundong in case he opened an international chain. If she agreed to the wager, she could fall into his trap.

Li Yundong smiled and was about to reply, but Su Chan interrupted him and said loudly, “Listen well, Yundong is running a tea shop called Disanxian!”

“A tea shop?” The landlady suddenly felt relieved. She asked with a strange face, “A tea shop for drinking or distributing?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “For drinking.”

The landlady laughed out loud. “I don’t believe that a tea shop chain could open branches all over the world. It’s ridiculous! That would be impossible!”

Li Yundong asked, “Foreigners can open coffee shops in China, why can’t Chinese people open tea shops all over the world? Our Chinese tea culture is profound and has a history of thousands of years. Tea is not only a drink, but it can also cure diseases and keep your body healthy. It is precise because no one has done this before that I’m sure that I will succeed!”

How could the landlady believe in Li Yundong’s boasting? She sneered and said, “All right, let’s bet on it. Tell me, what are you betting?”

Li Yundong chuckled. He stretched out two fingers and said lightly, “If I lose, I will stab my eyes. If you lose, you must crawl like a dog on this street, twice!”

The landlady’s face suddenly changed after hearing this. She had never heard of a bet this vicious. Li Yundong spoke as if he would stab someone else’s eyes instead of his. She thought, “Why would this guy dare to make such a bet? Is he bluffing?

“Yes, three years from now, who knows if this boy would be dead or alive? Maybe he’ll run away before the bet is due. How would he remember this bet by then! This is only him venting his anger right now. Yes, it has to be a lie!”

The landlady made up her mind and sneered, “Well, I think we need a witness.”

After she said that, a voice was heard next to them. “I’ll be the witness!”

Li Yundong and Su Chan turned to look in the direction of the voice, only to see Zou Ping and Wang Lingfei slowly walking over from a place nearby.

Li Yundong frowned and thought, “Why do I run into these guys everywhere? Are they apparitions?”

Zou Ping glanced at Li Yundong, then he smiled at the landlady and said, “I’ll be your witness.”

Li Yundong looked at the two and sneered. “Where is your fat Shidee?”

Zou Ping’s expression changed. She said coldly, “You don’t have to worry about him. He’s fine.”

The landlady gave a close look at those uninvited guests, then she gave Li Yundong a suspicious glance. She asked, “Do you know each other?”

Zou Ping sneered and said, “I don’t know him. I just want to help.”

Li Yundong retorted sarcastically, “I think it’s none of your business.”

The landlady didn’t expect that there would be another change between her and Li Yundong, but she was happy to see him suffer a setback. So she clapped her hands and said, “It’s much easier now that we have a witness! Li Yundong, you have to remember what you said. Three years later, humph, I’ll wait for you to stab your eyes!”

She didn’t want to get involved with these people, so she turned and left after saying that.

Su Chan was so angry that she shouted at her, “It will be you who will be crawling like a dog! My Yundong will never lose!”

Li Yundong touched the little girl’s hair with a smile, then straightened his face and said to Zou Ping and Wang Lingfei, “Anything else? If we’re done, I won’t accompany you further.”

Surprisingly, Zou Ping didn’t make trouble. He smiled and said, “Please go ahead Zhenren Li!”

Li Yundong snorted and went back to the shop with the little girl.

As soon as they entered the place, Su Chan pulled Li Yundong’s arm worriedly and asked, “Yundong, will our shop make money?”

Li Yundong held her in his arms and said with a confident smile, “Don’t worry. I have my ways. Except for the time when I met your master, have you ever seen me lose?”

Su Chan felt at ease after hearing this. She giggled and held Li Yundong’s strong waist. “That’s right. Yundong is invincible in this world, even when it comes to business!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “That’s a little too much boasting!”

At this moment, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and the others came down from the second floor. Zi Yuan walked to Li Yundong’s side and noticed that Zou Ping and Wang Lingfei were outside the store. She asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

Li Yundong smiled. “It’s nothing. I just drove away a fly.” After that, he asked Zi Yuan in confusion, “Are these two guys targeting us now?”

Zi Yuan nodded slightly. She said with a soft voice, “If the Zhengyi School wants to annex the Linggong Sect, they first have to cut off our sources of income before forcing us to submit. If they don’t do that, they won’t be able to force us to compromise. So, Li Yundong, you have to be mentally prepared. In the past, Zou Ping was simply angry with us, but now, it’s a cruel battle of interests. There’s no trace of modesty between sects… Everything is filled with blood and slaughter! Don’t be careless, or it’ll be a disaster for our entire sect!”

Li Yundong’s expression was solemn. He nodded and replied, “You’re right. This can be proven with the siege of the Fox Zen School. Don’t worry, I won’t be afraid if they openly attack us, but if they come in sneakily, I don’t believe that those evil tricks can win against our righteous masters. Just like you said, real tea skills can’t be framed with evil tricks!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Zi Yuan, Zou Ping and Wang Lingfei, who were outside. They looked at each other through the glass, immediately arousing countless sparks.

Wang Lingfei looked at Li Yundong and snorted coldly. He said unhappily to Zou Ping, “This fellow looks really annoying! But my powerful magical weapon hasn’t been refined yet!”

Zou Ping smiled. “You don’t have to fight to defeat a person! Since they want to run a business, I will satisfy them! Making money in the business world is not so easy.”

Wang Lingfei asked, “You have a good idea?”

Zou Ping snorted, and a sinister expression suddenly appeared on his face. “It’s quite easy for our Zhengyi School to cut off the source of income! However, there’s no need for us to do this right now. I want him to first open the shop, then we will destroy it! I want them to be completely helpless. They won’t even have a single customer, so they won’t be able to earn a single cent! Let’s go back now. My master still has to refine the souls of sword today!”

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