Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 331 I’m Here for Warmth!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 331 I’m Here for Warmth!

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As both the Leader and the chef, Li Yundong felt that his life was dark and dready after failing to even eat a bit of his own cooking…

Li Yundong, who was feeling very gloomy, ate a bowl of dried rice and began to allocate accommodation to all of the disciples.

After a brief discussion, Zi Yuan took the initiative to say, “Why don’t I stay in the living room together with the disciples of Fox Zen School? You can sleep in my room while Ruan Hongling can sleep in her own room. The others will do as usual. What do you think?”

Li Yundong thought for a moment, hesitating. Unexpectedly, when Su Chan heard that Li Yundong could sleep alone in a room, she immediately beamed with joy and said, “Okay, okay, that’ll work!”

Li Yundong shot her a strange glance. Cao Yi and the others beside him also agreed and said, “That’d be perfect.”

Li Yundong thought for a while. Zi Yuan was a woman and there were only women in Fox Zen School. It would only be proper for these girls to live together. Li Yundong nodded in agreement, but he glanced at Zi Yuan as he did so. They looked at each other and nodded almost imperceptibly.

At night, when everyone was asleep, Li Yundong began practicing with his Yin Spirit, sending it out of his body. As soon as he left the room, he saw that Zi Yuan was already waiting for him on the balcony, standing there like a fairy.

Li Yundong still looked like a young man when he was using his Yin Spirit out of his body. He smiled at Zi Yuan and said, “How long have you been waiting?”

Zi Yuan smiled and replied, “Not too long. I was just out of my body with Yang Spirit.” She looked Li Yundong up and down and said with a slight sigh, “Last time your Yin Spirit was out of your body, you looked like a young man. You look the same now too. You haven’t made any progress in your cultivation.”

Li Yundong also heaved a sigh. “Yeah, I used to only need to take care of my little girl. Looking after two people were easy enough, but now a dozen people are waiting to be fed. The burden on my shoulders is heavy. I must find a way to make money first in order to have time to concentrate on my cultivation.”

Seeing his worried expression, Zi Yuan tried to console him in turn. “Don’t worry, there’s always a way through these kinds of problems. Everything will be fine.”

Li Yundong was born optimistic. He chuckled and said, “I was just sighing casually. Let’s go. We’ll set off now.”

Zi Yuan nodded. They swiftly turned into green lights and flew away.

After flying to the top of the mountain where they had buried the two big golden snakes, Li Yundong descended and took a look. He saw that the previously flat ground had been dug up and the two snake bodies inside had disappeared.

Li Yundong exclaimed seriously, “I knew it!”

Zi Yuan frowned and said, “Actually, I still haven’t figured out why you suddenly wanted to see if these golden snakes were still here?”

Li Yundong said with a cold face, “I have always felt that someone is secretly spying on Fox Zen School, especially after Zhangsun Hong’s death. What’s more, I found a figure in the secret room peeping at the Heavenly Jindan Technique, which only made me more sure that there’s someone watching us.”

Zi Yuan suddenly understood. “I see. That’s why you came here to see whether the two golden snakes were still here. If they were here, it would mean that everything might just be a coincidence. As they’re not, it means that someone has been watching you from the beginning.”

Li Yundong nodded. “Yes, exactly! It’s very likely that this person has been following us all this time and saw where we buried the golden snakes. He waited until we were gone and then came back to take out the bodies.”

Zi Yuan asked, “Could it be Zheng Yuan?”

Li Yundong thought for a moment before replying, “It could be that he came back, but the probability is low. This mountain is so big, how could he know where we buried the golden snakes? This person who has been following us can’t be found by us, which indicates his cultivation quotient is higher than ours! I feel a sense of restlessness knowing that there’s such a person staring at me behind my back.”

Zi Yuan said comfortingly, “Don’t worry about it too much. Maybe a villager accidentally dug them up.”

Li Yundong chuckled and said, “You know that that’s impossible. This kind of mountain is so sparsely populated that no one comes here ordinarily. The top of the mountain is even more rugged. Only cultivators like us who can fly can get here. How could some ordinary people climb it? What’s more, we buried them so deep. Unless they saw us bury them here with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have found it.”

Zi Yuan sighed and said, “Then who could it be? Things are really getting complicated!”

Li Yundong pondered and said, “In my opinion, the reason that this person dug up these two big golden snakes was either to use the golden snake’s leather scales or poisonous fangs as a powerful magical weapon, or to use their Neidan and flesh to improve their skills. When the time comes, we’ll see which powerful magical weapon above worldly considerations is related to the snakes in the cultivation world, and then we can guess who is behind this. As long as we find this person, we can find the mysterious person that’s been watching Fox Zen School!”

Zi Yuan nodded and said, “There is another possibility.”

Li Yundong asked curiously, “Huh?”

Zi Yuan said, “They might want the Neidan of these two golden snakes to refine Jindan! I have said before that the golden snake’s Neidan is a necessary medicinal material for refining the Diyuan Jindan. Without this medicine, it is impossible for one to refine the Diyuan Jindan.”

Li Yundong understood and said, “Then the mysterious man might be the one who refined the three Elixirs of life at that time.”

Zi Yuan nodded and said, “It’s very likely! Moreover, this big golden snake even said that the Medicine King Tripod is about to be raised above worldly considerations. Coupled with the fact that the bodies of these two golden snakes have been stolen, I feel that there is a great storm brewing in the cultivation world. It seems that this matter will involve Fox Zen School and Linggong Sect.”

Li Yundong nodded seriously. After a while, he sighed and said, “True. I feel the same as you. It seems that someone is setting up a conspiracy against Fox Zen School.”

Zi Yuan gave a slight smile. “It doesn’t matter. There will be a day when the truth comes to light. If there is really someone scheming against the Fox Zen School, you can use unchanging tactics to deal with the ever-changing situations and wait for the enemy to reveal themself instead.”

Li Yundong said, “You’re right. First, we should solve our financial problems, and then we can find a way to strengthen Fox Zen School. As long as we grow stronger, they can’t do anything to us.”

Zi Yuan said enthusiastically, “Exactly!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Then let’s go back.”

They did not stay for long and flew back after only a couple of hours.

At this very moment, Su Chan was secretly observing Zhou Qin in her room, trying to see if she was asleep. After watching for a long time and listening to Zhou Qin’s light breathing, she was sure that Zhou Qin had fallen asleep. She slipped out of bed softly and opened the door, intending to sneak into Li Yundong’s room.

But when she reached the living room, she saw Zi Yuan sitting in meditation in the dining room and the young disciples of the Fox Zen School lying on the carpet in a big mess. Just as Su Chan was about to walk by them carefully, all of a sudden, the girls opened their eyes and looked directly at her one by one.

Su Chan felt embarrassed. It was as if she had been caught red-handed like a thief. With cold sweat running down her back, she smiled awkwardly. She raised her head and said with a yawn, “Ah, the moon is so nice today. I’ll go out to bask in the moonlight. Umm, yeah, bask.”

“Oh,” the little foxes said in unison. They then said in one voice, “We are going to bask in the moonlight too!”

Su Chan muttered in her heart, “These girls dare to joke with me! It turns out they were just waiting here to tease me!”

She put her hands on her hips, tightened her throat, and glared at them as she said, “Girls, I’m going to find my honey. If anyone has any opinion, they can say it right out!”

The little foxes gasped in unison, then giggled and closed their eyes.

Su Chan saw that they’d settled down, so she slipped away as fast as she could.

She knew where Ruan Hongling’s room was, so she hopped over to the balcony of her house, opened the door and slipped in quietly.

She was proficient in the art of invisibility and hiding herself. Additionally, Ruan Hongling was sitting in meditation, so she didn’t notice when she sneaked in.

When she got to Li Yundong’s room, Li Yundong’s Yin Spirit had just returned. Su Chan saw a young man rush into Li Yundong’s body with a flash of green light, then Li Yundong woke up.

She watched cautiously as Li Yundong roused himself after meditation, frowning eyebrows and a worried expression on his face. After a while, he sighed, then turned over and fell back on the bed, ready to sleep.

She walked over quietly and was about to hop up onto the bed. Unexpectedly, as soon as her body touched the sheets, Li Yundong quickly turned over and said in a low voice, “Who’s there?”

Su Chan hissed and giggled. “It’s me, my dear. Don’t you recognize your little darling anymore?”

Li Yundong chortled and said, “Ah, so it’s you. Why are you here?”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong eagerly and said, “Sister Zhou Qin stole my quilt while she was sleeping. I’m so cold that I’m having to come here for warmth!”

As she spoke, she thought in her heart, “Sister Zhou Qin, I’m sorry that I’m making you take the blame for this! I will definitely make it up to you!

Li Yundong snickered and said, “Searching for warmth? But I’m also feeling cold. What should I do?”

Su Chan didn’t believe what she was hearing. She chuckled and said, “I don’t believe it! My dear master is the warmest. No matter what, I’m going to get under your quilt!” Having said that, she clambered into the bed.

But as soon as she got in, she found that Li Yundong’s bed was truly cold. Moreover, Li Yundong’s body was even colder. She screamed and tried to climb out, scrambling with her hands and feet together. As she struggled, she shouted, “Why are you so cold? You’re freezing me!”

Li Yundong laughed loudly and was unwilling to let her crawl away. He grabbed her back and said, “Where are you going, hmm? Let’s share our blessings and misfortunes together!”

Su Chan struggled and said angrily, “It’s too cold! You’re going to freeze me to death!”

Li Yundong’s Yin Spirit left his body, and most of the Yang Qi in his body curled up in the Dantian of the lower abdomen. The rest of his Yang Qi turned into Yin Spirit and ran out. The Yin Qi left in his body was naturally making him cold. He laughed and said, “Honey, honey, your dear master also feels very cold, won’t you warm him up?”

Hearing this, Su Chan stopped struggling. She turned her head and looked at Li Yundong pitifully. “Well, I’ll warm you up, but don’t freeze me on purpose!”

Then she fell into Li Yundong’s arms, opened her mouth to breathe on his chest, and rubbed her hands aganist each other for a while. She rubbed them back and forth on Li Yundong’s arms, trying to warm him. As she rubbed, she looked at Li Yundong and said, “My dear, do you feel any warmer yet?”

Li Yundong didn’t feel warmer, but he was feeling very moved by her behavior. He looked at the girl with affection and fondness, and the look in his eyes became more and more gentle. He immediately took the little girl into his arms and said, “My silly little girl!”

After that, the grand Yang Qi hidden under the lower abdomen of his dantian was released, and his body became warm as well.

Su Chan was being held tightly in Li Yundong’s arms. She was afraid that she would be frozen into an ice stick if this carried on, but then she touched Li Yundong and found that Li Yundong’s body was warm. She immediately grinned and said with delight, “My dear, you don’t feel chilly anymore. I’ve warmed you up!”

Li Yundong looked at the little girl in his arms with a smile and said meaningfully, “Yes, you’ve warmed me up! With you, I can get warm no matter how cold I am!”

They looked at each other in the dark room and noticed that each other’s eyes were shining brightly in the moonlight. They flashed smiles at the same time, full of sweetness and happiness.

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