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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 326 Ups and Downs

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Li Yundong stepped forward and said to Cao Yi, “What’s going on here?”

Seeing him appear, Cao Yi suddenly seemed to grow more confident. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Leader, thank God you’re here. These people insisted on looking at the backyard. Because I refused to let them in, they began quarreling with me now.”

Li Yundong couldn’t help frowning. “It wouldn’t matter if these people wanted to go to the backyard as usual, but two people have just died here, and now these people have come to visit. It can’t be so coincidental.”

Among this group of tourists, the young leader glanced at Li Yundong and sneered. “Head of the sect? What era do you think we’re living in? Do you think you’re acting in some TV show?”

He rushed forward and shouted at Li Yundong, “Hey, if you don’t let us in, I’ll make a complaint about you!”

Spurred by his shouting, the other tourists also fell into an uproar.

Some excited tourists even began spouting insults, which made Li Yundong and the others angry.

Li Yundong frowned and said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry, it’s really inconvenient for tourists to view the backyard today. You can visit the other places in the Taoist temple.”

The man turned around and said loudly, “We’ve paid a lot of money for this. Why won’t you let us in? You are really too much! What’s more, there was no indication that we couldn’t go in! Forget him. Let’s go in!”

Cao Yi and the others of the Fox zen Sect were all in a mess. Although their Cultivation Quotients were not high, they would not show cowardice in the face of people from the Cultivation World. However, these people in front of them were all ordinary, so they did not know how to deal with them. At this moment, they were in quite a pickle.

Seeing the young man rushing ahead, Li Yundong reached out his hand to block him, his expression stern. However, the young man suddenly turned over his wrist. Using his body as a shield, the man grabbed the joint of Li Yundong’s wrist with one hand and poked his lower Dantian with the other.

This move was swift and hidden. The tourists blocked behind him couldn’t even see what he was doing. However, Su Chan, Zhou Qin, Cao Yi, and the other disciples of Fox Zen School, who were all next to Li Yundong, could see it clearly. They hadn’t expected this tourist to be a cultivator at all. They all began exclaiming in succession, “Be careful!” “Shameless!” “Despicable!”

Li Yundong, however, seemed to had predicted this situation. He turned over his wrist and put five fingers on the man’s wrist. His thumb accurately pressed against the three key acupoints in the man’s hand: Yanggu, Yangchi, and Yangxi.

In the past, when Shi Neng had fought with Li Yundong, he had used this move to attack him. It was a hidden and dangerous move. Even if he did not grab it, he could turn the opponent’s wrist to hit his chest for a further attack. It was a unique skill that could not be stopped until the opponent was defeated.

However, Li Yundong was choosing to fight face to face. He broke the bones of the man’s fingers.

At present, this trick was being used by Li Yundong, so it was much more powerful than when it had been used by Shineng. The man who had attacked him felt like he was being handcuffed and was unable to move at all. However, one of his hands, which was aimed at Li Yundong’s Dantian, was only an inch away from hitting it.

The man gritted his teeth and relinquished the hand that had been grabbed by Li Yundong. He poured all his strength and Zhenqi into the finger that was poking into Li Yundong’s lower abdomen.

At this time, Li Yundong had cultivated to the Shentong phase. As a Great Seer, he was so observant that once someone started being hostile to him, he could immediately sense what the person was thinking and what they wanted to do.

Li Yundong had guessed that the young man would try to sacrifice one of his arms to defeat Li Yundong. He laughed coldly and gripped the Yangchi, Yanggu, and Yangxi acupoints, then said solemnly, “Be careful, don’t be so rash!”

Hearing that, the man went stiff. Li Yundong’s three fingers were on his three acupoints, blocking his Qi. His whole body was out of control, and his finger was only a centimeter away from Li Yundong’s lower Dantian. However, he couldn’t poke it anymore.

Standing to one side, Zhou Qin finally breathed a sigh of relief. She was smart and studious. Seeing Li Yundong grab his wrist, it was as if the man had been fixed by an immobilizing skill and couldn’t move at all. She couldn’t help asking, “Why can’t he move when Li Yundong grabs his wrist?”

Seeing that Li Yundong had defused the attack, Su Chan explained in a low voice, “It’s said that a slight move can affect the whole body. When I pull a strand of your hair, you have to move with me if you don’t want to be in pain. That’s exactly what Yundong is doing. Moreover, Yundong has seized the key acupoints of the opponent’s wrist and invaded his body with Zhen Qi in order to control him. Therefore, the man has become a puppet and can’t move at all.”

Zhou Qin suddenly understood exactly what was going on.

Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and the other members of the Fox Zen School could see Li Yundong fighting clearly, but the tourists couldn’t see what was going on. When they saw LiYundong grabbing the man’s hand, they shouted loudly, “Hey, what are you trying to do? Do you want to fight?”

Before Li Yundong could even say anything, Su Chan shouted angrily, “Hey, are you blind? It’s him who…”

Li Yundong didn’t want to expose the conflict to ordinary people. He interrupted Su Chan and shouted, “Su Chan!”

Having been interrupted, Su Chan swallowed the rest of her words. She looked at Li Yundong only to see him winking at her and then looking at the backyard. Su Chan immediately understood what he wanted and exchanged a glance with Cao Yi. They then turned around and went to the backyard to clean away Mei Niang and Zhangsun Hong’s corpses.

Seeing that the two had taken his hint, Li Yundong was relieved. With one hand still holding onto the man’s wrist, he said in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them, “Which sect are you from? Why did you ambush me?”

The man said in a deliberately raised voice, “Hey, why are you holding onto me like this? Let me go. I’m not gay!”

After hearing his shout, some of the tourists tittered.

Li Yundong was furious, but he kept a smile on his face. His Zhenqi gushed out secretly and flowed into the opponent’s body. The man suddenly felt that his meridians were seriously suffering. He was in pain and feeling terribly hurt but was unable to speak.

However, under Li Yundong’s control, he couldn’t resist, hide or even shout. The pain he was enduring was like a living death.

Li Yundong grabbed his hands and said to the tourists with a smile, “It’s really inconvenient for you to be here today, and the backyard is our own accommodation. There’s nothing to see there. I hope you can understand. As compensation, our Taoist temple will treat you to some vegetable noodles today!”

These tourists had been making a fuss because of the young man, but at the moment, he had been completely subdued by Li Yundong and now couldn’t say a word. Li Yundong was now talking to them in a gentle tone, so there were fewer people wanting to make trouble. Therefore, they all settled down and turned to leave.

However, one of the tourists suddenly pointed to the person being restrained by Li Yundong and asked, “Why won’t you let him go?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “When I saw this man, I felt like we were old friends. I want to talk to him later. Don’t tell me you want to take part in our conversation too?”

“Are you holding him against his will?” the man asked brashly.

Li Yundong laughed and said, “How could I? If you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself.” Then, he turned to the young man and asked, “Are you willing to stay here?”

The young man was certainly not willing, but he felt an invisible hand pressing his head down again and again, making it look like he was nodding.

When the tourists saw him nodding affirmatively, they immediately scolded with a smile, “Huh, and you still say you’re not gay!”

“What the hell? You were like mortal enemies a moment ago, but now you’ve become such good friends?”

Zhou Qin was clever and immediately stepped in, saying to the tourists, “Please follow me, everyone. I’ll take you to the restaurant to enjoy some vegetarian noodles.”

Ordinary people love to take advantage of others. The tourists saw that they were going to get free noodles, so they stopped caring about this person’s life and left one after another. Only two young people looked at each other before shooting a glare at Li Yundong. They turned around and left, but they didn’t go to the restaurant. Instead, they went down the mountain.

When Li Yundong saw them leaving, he looked at the young man and ordered with a cold face, “Tell me quickly, which sect do you belong to?”

When the young man saw that these people had been sent away by Li Yundong, leaving him alone, he simply lifted his head and shouted, “My father is the Leader of the Blue Cave Sect. How dare you hurt me?”

Li Yundong had been cultivating for a long time, and he had read a lot of cultivation manuals, which had general information on the various cultivation sects around the world. Holding the wrist of the young man, he walked step by step to the outside of the Taoist temple, then sneered and said, “Blue Cave Sect? So, it’s the cultivation sect of Qingyang Palace on Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan? Why did your Sichuan cultivation sect come to Jiangsu? Why are you troubling us?”

The young man also sneered. “I can come if I want to. It’s none of your business! This mountain is not your property!”

Li Yundong was a little angry. He exerted force with his fingers, and the young man made a pained sound. The sweat on his forehead was flowing down in glittering rivulets. Li Yundong said coldly, “Don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you! In the past, the Great Six besieged Fox Zen School, and I killed two people and defeated nine others. You are not the only one that I will have hurt. Anyway, killing two people is murder, what difference will taking another life make! I am not afraid of the Great Six or of Zhengyi School. Don’t think that I won’t dare to offend the cultivation sects in Sichuan!”

The young man was drenched in sweat. Trying to endure the pain, he said in a trembling voice, “I heard that you’re the strongest master of the younger generation. Even Zi Yuan was defeated by you. That’s why I’m here to make trouble for you. If I can beat you, I’ll be known as the strongest master of the younger generation!”

When Li Yundong heard this, he laughed loudly. “What do you mean by being first and second! Wouldn’t you be ashamed to call yourself first after winning with this kind of method?”

The young man turned his face away. He did not speak, but disapproval was written all over his face. Obviously, in his opinion, victory was all that mattered.

Li Yundong could saw that their paths were different and that they were incompatible. He didn’t want to waste time on the man, so he just led him out of the Taoist temple and then warned him with a sneer, “Today, seeing that you didn’t attack anyone else and only directly attacked me, I’ll let you go. When you get back, tell the cultivators of the younger generation that if they are not convinced by my strength, they can challenge me anytime. I, Li Yundong, will never refuse a challenge! However, if anyone dares to attack the people around me, or use any tricks on them, I will show no mercy!”

After that, he waved his hand and tossed the young man away by more than ten meters.

The man momentarily felt like he was flying, but when he landed, a huge force rushed out of his body, forcing him to fall back.

He was the kind of cultivator who began their cultivation journey in their mother’s womb, so his basic skills were extremely solid. After getting free of Li Yundong’s control, he immediately sank his Qi into his Dantian, trying to control his body.

But the force was too strong. If the young man took it head-on, most of his meridians would be injured. He had to take a dozen steps back. When the force lessened, he was ready to stabilize his body again.

However, just as he was about to control his Qi, another force suddenly came at him. It was now as if there were waves behind him, forcing him to retreat again.

The young man felt helpless and thought, “The Leader of Fox Zen School caught me and sneak-attacked me before. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. His covert powers are really strong.”

He had to step back again, but after taking a dozen steps, the force suddenly gave birth to yet another wave-like power, as if there were two small waves coming one after another, and then there was a real wave!

The young man was shocked. Although there were some cultivators who could divide their strength into two and emit it in successive bursts, in front of him was a great force that had been hidden after the first two forces. His enemy must have an extremely authentic and extremely dense Zhenqi! How had this person cultivated? Was it really like the rumors said, that he had practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique?

This time, the young man had to retreat by dozens of steps before the power was counteracted. After he stopped, his body could not help but tremble, and his feet were weak, as if he was still swaying in the waves from earlier.

Standing on a step halfway up the mountain, the young man looked up at the Taoist temple where Fox Zen School was located, and a look of legitimate terror finally appeared on his proud face.

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