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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 318 Metasamsara

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Su Chan’s eyes flashed as she looked up at Li Yundong. Her red lips parted slightly, as if she had something weighing on her mind, but she swallowed her words when they were about to come out of her mouth.

Li Yundong gently pinched the tip of the little girl’s round nose and said with a smile, “What’s the matter? If you have something to say, just say it. We have been together for a long time. Is there anything you can’t say to me?”

Su Chan was touched by Li Yundong’s gentleness. She mustered her courage and said, “Yundong, do you think I’m useless?”

Li Yundong asked curiously, “Why would you be wondering about that?”

Su Chan said in a daze, “Sister Zi Yuan is very clever and powerful. Not only does she know how to do housework, she is also good at tea art. Without her this time, we wouldn’t have been able to make so much money. Zhou Qin can also help you with running the business and give advice to you, but I… I can’t do anything…”

Finishing her words, she became so sad that her eyes filled with tears. Li Yundong felt pity at the sight. He held the little girl in his arms and said softly, “You are really a silly girl. Of course you can do things.”

The little girl asked with tears in her eyes, “What can I do for you?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “You can make trouble for me!”

Su Chan momentarily burst out laughing, but soon pursed her lips again. With more and more tears filling her eyes, she sobbed, “You’ve said so. I’m really useless…”

Li Yundong smiled and hugged her like he was coaxing a child. “I’m just joking with you. You’re a knowledgeable girl.”

Su Chan wiped her tears. “What are you saying?”

Li Yundong held the soft, snow-white hand of the little girl and counted on her fingers. “Look, first, you know about cultivation. Didn’t you teach me cultivation at first? You’re the one who led me into cultivation, so you’re my introductory teacher. That was fabulous of you.”

The little girl looked at Li Yundong without blinking. When she heard Li Yundong talking about the past, she felt warm in her heart and became slightly happy. “You were so stupid at the beginning, even stupider than me! You didn’t know anything and I was exhausted teaching you.”

Li Yundong quickly nodded and said, “Yep, I am the stupidest. Without you, my God, I would have died of my own stupidity! ” As he said this, Li Yundong suddenly laughed. “Do you know how the pig died?”

The little girl remembered the joke she had told while eating at a McDonald’s with Li Yundong for the first time. She immediately laughed and said, “Because it was too stupid!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Yes, you finally understand? Though I’m so stupid, you were able to teach me successfully. Don’t you have a sense of accomplishment?”

Su Chan was happy at first, and then her lips trembled. She said unhappily, “You were so foolish at first but now you are greater than me while I’m making no progress. Therefore, aren’t I even stupider than you? You lied to me just now.”

Li Yundong said coaxingly, “That’s not right. It’s precise because I’m stupid that I have to fly first. As a fox immortal, it’s only natural for you to take a little nap to relax first, but t won’t take long for you to catch up with me. ”

Su Chan knew that what Li Yundong was saying was to coax her and she was well aware of his talent. As long as he continued cultivating, she would never be able to catch up with him in her lifetime.

Fortunately, the little girl felt that she was far less powerful than Li Yundong, which made her happier. However, Li Yundong had suddenly made progress so quickly with his cultivation that she could not help him like she used to. She felt as if she had become dispensable. That was why the little girl was sad.

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong with eager eyes and said, “Well, you don’t have to coax me. I understand the situation. I don’t know how to do housework or cook meals. Actually, I can’t do anything. The only thing I know is how to cultivate, which you have surpassed me at already. I’m useless now…”

Li Yundong glared at Su Chan with feigned anger and growled in a low voice, “Nonsense! You are not useless!”

Su Chan pouted, her fingers tugging at one corner of her clothes. “What can I do? When other cultivators saw you with me, they all said that you were letting yourself go. I was so sad to hear that. ”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Others’ words have nothing to do with us, you know? My girl is really capable. They are just jealous of me!”

Su Chan raised her head and asked, “What am I capable of ?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “In the future, we will set up a shop. I can be the boss and you can be the landlady! Now that I am the leader of Fox Zen School, you will be the wife of the sect’s leader! In the future, I will have a lot of disciples, so you will be the wife of their master!”

Li Yundong continued to describe the future. “Think about it. In the future, we can set up one store first. If business is good, we can set up a second one. If the second one opens, a third and fourth will naturally follow. Wow, when we set up chain stores, you will be their great boss. With millions of men under your control, people will respectfully call you the lady boss when they see you. Wow, how powerful you’ll be!”

Su Chan giggled and pressed her cheek against Li Yundong’s strong broad chest. She stared at Li Yundong, listening to his words hungrily.

Li Yundong waved his hand and added, “So, don’t you think you’re powerful enough? I’ll take on a lot of disciples in the future, and then my disciples will take a lot on of their own disciples. That’ll go on for generations. They’ll end up spreading their branches and leaves among their disciples. Wow, the whole country will be full of disciples. When they see you, they’ll call you Mistress or Grand Mistress. Uh, what should they call wife of their master’s master’s master?”

There was a slight flush in Su Chan’s cheeks. She buried her face in Li Yundong’s arms, revealing only a pair of crescent eyes. Then she giggled and said, “I don’t know either.”

Li Yundong thought for a moment before simply saying, “Then they can just call you Buddha! Wow, look at how majestic you are. As soon as you step outside, there will be many disciples and grand disciples scrambling to clear the way for you. Conscientious disciples will shout, ‘Buddha, we’ll carry the sedan chair!’ At that time, you will be surrounded by great numbers of people. Even the real Buddha will not be as powerful as you!”

Su Chan giggled and said, “Annoyingly, you’re the Buddha. No, you’re the real Buddha’s, which is to say my, Little Li!”

Li Yundong was stunned. “Oh my god, it’s so true. Don’t I even have the Li surname?”

Su Chan was delighted to see Li Yundong’s dull expression. She deliberately put on a stern face, coughed, and said in a crisp voice, “Little Li, I’m going to use the sedan chair!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “You fool, how can you say that? That is only to be said by others.”

Obviously, Su Chan had already gotten well into her role. She put her hands on her hips and said, “Are you the Buddha or am I the Buddha?”

Li Yundong saw that the little girl was very happy, so he continued to play with her. He made a reluctant face and said with an obsequious smile, “You are, of course. You are the Buddha!”

Then, he flapped his sleeves, imitating the eunuchs once can see in palace dramas as he screamed, “Buddha, please take your place on the sedan chair!”

Su Chan fell into a fit of giggles.

When Li Yundong saw Su Chan settle down, he asked curiously, “Why aren’t you moving, Buddha?”

Su Chan deliberately put on a stern face and said with an affected air, “Where is the sedan chair?”

Li Yundong’s heart stirred. He quickly squatted down in front of the girl and turned his head to smile at her. “Come, Little Li will carry you back to Cining Palace!”

Su Chan burst out laughing. She hopped onto Li Yundong’s back with a chuckle, wrapped her arms around Li Yundong’s neck, and whispered in his ear, “Sir, you’re so nice to me!”

Li Yundong noticed the little girl turning serious, so he laughed and said, “That’s right. Who am I good to if not you?”

Su Chan giggled and rested her head on Li Yundong’s shoulder, greedily inhaling his strong masculine smell. Thinking of every little thing Li Yundong had done for her, the little girl suddenly became a little dazed. With tears in her eyes, she murmured, “Did I earn a lot of good karma in my last life so that I could meet you in this one?”

Li Yundong knew that she was talking nonsense, so he laughed and said, “No, it’s me who knocked out 300 wooden fish in my past life, allowing me to meet you this time.”

Su Chan was delighted upon hearing this revelation. “That’s what my master told me last time.”

But as she spoke of her master, her face darkened again. Su Chan said in a low voice, “I don’t know how my master is now. I’m living a happy life here while she is off suffering somewhere.”

When Li Yundong heard the little girl talking about Ao Wushuang, he also felt his heart grow heavy for a moment. He couldn’t help saying with a sigh, “When it comes to this matter, I really don’t know how to handle it. Where can I find Yan Fang in this huge world? Even Zi Yuan didn’t know her whereabouts. This woman endured for nine years at Fox Zen School. I really can’t imagine how long she will hold on this time.”

Su Chan became quieter and frowned. After a long while, she finally heaved a sigh. “I’m so worried about her. I feel like I can’t breathe whenever I think about my master. It’s so uncomfortable.”

Li Yundong gently stroked the little girl’s hair. “How about this? I’ll ask around. I am now the leader of Fox Zen School, and Ao Wushuang is a predecessor of Fox Zen School, so I should rescue her as soon as possible regardless of whether its based on reason or emotion.”

Su Chan said with a sigh, “It would be great if someone had cultivated Metasamsara.”

Li Yundong was stunned and said, “Metasamsara? One of the five major spells of Buddhism?”

Li Yundong said. Suddenly, he slapped one of Su Chan’s thighs and said loudly, “You’re so clever! Why didn’t I think of that?”

As soon as he slapped her thigh, Su Chan, who was on his back, suddenly cried out. She covered her thigh and complained loudly, “Why did you just hit me?”

Li Yundong shifted Su Chan higher up his back and laughed, “Sorry, it’s a little inconvenient for me to slap my own thigh in this position, so I had to use yours.”

Su Chan said resentfully, “Why would it be inconvenient? You did it on purpose!” She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Do you know about Metasamsara?”

Li Yundong laughed, “Of course I know about it. There are five major spells of Buddhism in the Surangama Sutra: the Heavenly Eye, Heavenly Ear, Heart Binding, Divine Foot, Metasamsara, and Nirvana. Metasamsara refers to the one which allows a person to see through all living beings, the unknown and the future.”

Su Chan said with a sigh as she looked at Li Yundong, “You didn’t know anything before, but somehow you are so knowledgeable now.”

Li Yundong chuckled and said, “I do know a person who is proficient in Metasamsara. Maybe he will be able to help you find your master.”

Su Chan couldn’t contain her excitement and asked hurriedly, “Who is it?”

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