Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 315 I’m Not Convinced!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 315 I’m Not Convinced!

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Seeing the fear in their eyes, Li Yundong said, “If it goes on like this, both sides will definitely suffer a lot. In front of all these people, no one will gain a good result. How about making a concession? What do you think?”

As he spoke, he began to absorb a little of his Zhenqi.

As soon as he pulled back, Zhong Qingsong and Lin Xueqing immediately breathed sighs of relief. It seemed that the mountain pressing down on them had been lifted by half an inch. Now they could breathe, so they also took back a little Zhenqi.

When Li Yundong saw them returning the favor, he knew that they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. He tentatively withdrew a little more Zhenqi, and they withdrew their Zhenqi bit by bit in response. Gradually, all of them withdrew their Zhenqi.

With that done, Zhong Qingsong looked at Li Yundong in shock and cried out involuntarily, “Who is your master? How did you cultivate such dense Zhenqi? The Fox Zen School will never be able to teach you the Cultivation Quotient of Xuanmen Sect!”

Asking about other people’s sects and cultivation methods was taboo in Cultivation World. Zhong Qingsong’s question was abrupt and rude. If he had not been surprised to the extent of losing his composure, he would never have said it.

Li Yundong’s cultivation method had been introduced to him by Su Chan and taught by Zi Yuan, so he was unwilling to reveal the details. He just glanced at Zhong Qingsong and said lightly, “I don’t have a master.”

Zhong Qingsong naturally didn’t believe this, but he had no good way to deal with Li Yundong. The cultivation world and the martial arts world were very similar in that whoever had the strongest cultivation and martial arts ability had the right to speak.

Since ancient times, there had been no first place in literature, and no second place in martial arts.

If scholars wanted to compete, they would not be able to determine who was better, even after hundreds of years of verbal sparring. However, this was not the case in the Cultivation World. Whoever was feeling skeptical could come and fight until they were convinced. No matter what, those involved would be able to be ranked first and second in the end.

Why was Zhengyi School so strong? Because the predecessor of Zhengyi School was the Five-Pecks-of-Rice cult, founded by Zhang Ling. This sect had been thriving since the time of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms. Each generation was getting stronger and stronger and there were more than 100,000 disciples. In the period of Emperor Zhenzong of Song, the emperor had summoned Zhang Zhengsui, the Taoist priest of Zhengyi School. Since then, the supreme position of the commander of the Three-mountain Holy Land of Zhengyi School had been firmly established.

The cultivation sects in the world knew that they would be no match for the Zhengyi Sect alone. Therefore, they had formed a loose organization based on the alliance of the Great Six in order to resist the expansion of the Zhengyi School.

The strength Li Yundong was showing at this time really made Zhong Qingsong, who was in the Pine Valley Cottage of Mount Huangshan, feel fearful. He also felt that Pine Valley Cottage was not a big sect like Zhengyi School, and could not even compare with any of the Great Six. Although his sect was in charge of the tea garden business near Mount Huangshan and had earned a lot of money, when it came to fighting, Zhong Qingsong and Lin Xueqing could handle it. The others were insignificant.

Lin Xueqing also knew this. She had already been fully convinced by Li Yundong’s ability. She thought to herself, “No wonder he could make so many people in the Great Six retreat. I thought that most of the Great Six were idiots, but it seems that Li Yundong has his own unique ability.”

So she thought in her heart, refusing to admit defeat. She no longer dared to make trouble for Li Yundong, but looked at Zi Yuan in the arena.

By this time, the situation in the arena had been settled, and the emcee was getting ready to present an award to Zi Yuan. Lin Xueqing suddenly shouted, “I won’t accept it!”

All the people present heard her exclamation clearly. In an instant, everyone had turned to look at her.

Lin Xueqing was not afraid. She jumped into the arena and pointed a finger at Zi Yuan, then shouted, “I won’t accept this. I didn’t lose to you, but I lost to him!” As she said this, she pointed her finger at Li Yundong.

All of a sudden, everyone turned to look at Li Yundong in unison. They were all puzzled, wondering why Lin Xueqing said that she had lost to someone who hadn’t even participated in the competition, instead of the person on the stage.

On stage, Shen Wancai frowned as a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

Some people couldn’t understand her behavior, so they all booed, “If you lose, you have to accept it!”

“If you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t take part in the competition!”

Lin Xueqing had been spoiled by her master all year long, so she had never experienced being insulted like this. Her face turned red for a moment, and she said loudly, “If it weren’t for Zhenren…”

Before she could get the words “Zhenren Li” out, Zhong Qingsong suddenly shouted and interrupted her, “Qing’er, shut up!”

His loud shout reverberated through everyone’s eardrums painfully. Everyone unconsciously covered their ears and grimaced.

Zhong Qingsong jumped onto the stage and glared at her sternly. He said in a low voice, “Don’t you think you’ve made enough trouble already!? Come with me!”

After that, he bowed slightly to Shen Wancai and Zheng Youming on the stage by way of apology, and then dragged Lin Xueqing off the stage.

When everyone saw that Lin Xueqing had been taken away by Zhong Qingsong, they also starting shouting loudly, adding insult to injury.

Seeing that they hadn’t taken the second-place prize or trophy, Zheng Youming felt sad but happy at the same time. “Now I can save some money.”

At this time, the attention of the audience once again shifted from Li Yundong to Zi Yuan on the stage. They didn’t know that Li Yundong, Zhong Qingsong, and Lin Xueqing had secretly been carrying out a fierce, thrilling fight. Some people who were closer to them saw the three shaking hands with one another for a while, and then letting go of each other, but that was all. They didn’t know that so many other things had happened too.

Not long after, the host and the emcee began to award the prizes to the winners.

Two million yuan was a huge sum of money. Naturally, it was impossible to hand over the cash or checks on the spot. Therefore, he presented the winner with a symbolic giant paper board in the shape of a check, on which was written two million yuan.

Standing to receive the award on the stage, Zi Yuan still looked calm. After she had been given the award and walked off the stage, Ruan Hongling and Su Chan saw that they no longer needed to use Zhenqi to support the tea table, so they removed their Zhenqi at the same time, and the tea table collapsed with a loud bang.

All of a sudden, there was another uproar. Some people saw that once Zi Yuan had left the stage, the tea table had collapsed. The teapots and cups were smashed to pieces, as if a tea fairy had left and the teapots could no longer be left in the world, lest they dirty themselves.

Everyone was excited and talking about this new development. Some of them even concentrated on talking about the backing of Zi Yuan.

On the stage, Shen Wancai gazed at Zi Yuan. When Zi Yuan walked along with Li Yundong and the others, he could see that they were chatting very closely with each other and a rare smile of joy appeared on her face as she spoke to him. It was obvious that she had an extremely close relationship with the man.

Shen Wancai was shocked. “Is this boy the boyfriend of Zi Yuan? Who is he to be worthy of this goddess?”

Shen Wancai glanced meaningfully at Li Yundong. He wanted to go up and chat with Li Yundong, but the location was inappropriate and there were too many people around for them to talk. He controlled himself and walked down the platform.

As soon as he got backstage, he saw Shen You and Shen Zhihui, who had been waiting impatiently, come up to him. Shen You couldn’t wait to say, “Dad, why did you give the first place to that guy? Didn’t I talk to you about this?”

Shen Wancai glanced at his son and calmly asked, “Oh? Wasn’t I supposed to give it to that guy?”

Shen You waved his hands and shouted, “That woman is in cahoots with Li Yundong!”

Shen Wancai felt a deep unhappiness heart, but he still didn’t show his anger. He asked, “Who is Li Yundong? How did he provoke you?”

Shen Hui wanted to add fuel to the fire, but she keenly noticed that her father seemed to be a little unhappy. She wisely shut her mouth, but Shen You didn’t notice at all. He still said loudly, “He’s the b*stard who competed with me for a woman!”

Shen Wancai’s face darkened. He nodded and said noncommittally, “Okay, I understand. Come with me.”

After saying that, he walked forward.

Shen Hui had already determined that her father was angry, but her brother seemed oblivious. He just followed Shen Wancai and made up stories about Li Yundong. At first, he said that he had been bullied, and then he blamed Shen Wancai for giving first place to Zi Yuan. Shen Hui laughed in her heart and got ready to watch the show.

Shen Wancai didn’t show any reaction along the way. He just led his son and daughter to the Culture Palace. Along the way, he greeted acquaintances warmly. When they reached a spacious office, he waited for Shen You and Shen Hui to enter the room before saying in a deep voice, “Go close the door.”

Shen Hui was smart enough to take the initiative to close the door, but Shen You still babbled to Shen Wancai, “Dad, hurry up and talk to them. Maybe we can take back first place. I just don’t like that guy. I…”

Before he could even finish his words, Shen Wancai suddenly showed his ire and slammed his palm against Shen You’s cheek. The slap was so hard that Shen You’s body tilted and almost fell to the ground.

Shen You was stunned by the slap, and there was a ringing sound in his ears. His mind went blank, and there was only one thought left in his mind: “Why did you hit me?”

Shen Wancai shouted angrily, “You b*stard, all you know is how to flirt with ladies all day long! I can turn a blind eye in daily life, but last time I asked you to come to Dongwu City to do business, you got distracted by some woman and stayed for more than ten days, causing the business to be ruined! I, Shen Wancai, had to face up to it personally and apologize with a smile on my face to get the business back.”

Shen You covered his burning cheek and said loudly, “What do you even expect me to do with such a small business! Can’t you just send a project manager?”

Shen Wancai was so angry that he was trembling all over. “You can’t even handle a small business! And you expect me to trust you with a big one? Do you know that I started from a small business?”

Shen You straightened his neck and shouted, “What era is it now? How can it compare with the past? The business in Dongwu City is not even enough for me to earn my monthly pocket money with, yet you asked me to look after it. Obviously, you look down on me! What’s the big deal? Our Shen family doesn’t take such a small business seriously. Why should we apologize?”

Shen Wancai was furious and went to slap him again, but Shen You was prepared for it this time. He raised his hand and blocked it. Seeing that he had blocked it, Shen Wancai became angrier and tried to slap him once more. Shen You didn’t dare to block again and just protected his face. He straightened his neck and took a few blows.

Shen Wancai hit him and scolded, “I have told you so many times that the most important thing in doing business is reputation and credibility. Although the business is small, it can still destroy my reputation. After just a simple sentence from you, how much effort have I had to spend to make up for it? Do you even know?”

He was old, beating and cursing. He was exhausted by the effort of expending his rage and was out of breath for a while.

Shen Hui, who was standing to one side, saw that Shen You had been beaten to a pulp. She patted Shen Wancai’s back and carefully comforted him while secretly laughing in her heart.

Shen Wancai suddenly snapped his head around and said to Shen Hui, “You, go and find Li Yundong and Zi Yuan for me!”

Shen Hui was shocked. “Why are you looking for them?”

Shen Wancai said angrily, “Look at you two b*stards. One only knows how to buy famous brands and squander money, and the other only knows how to flirt with girls all day long. The Shen family will be ruined by you two brats sooner or later! I want them to be your teachers and show you a few things for self-cultivation so that you won’t go out and squander money all day long!”

Shen Hui had not been expecting her enemy to become her teacher in the end. She was shocked and subconsciously wanted to refute loudly, but when she saw Shen Wancai’s sharp eyes staring at her, she trembled internally. She immediately reacted and said modestly, “Dad, even if you want to hire a teacher, you can invite the beautiful Tea Waitress. Why would you want to invite Li Yundong? What ability does he have to teach me?”

Shen Wancai feigned a look of disgust as he said, “It’s a shame that the size of your brain can’t compare to the size of your chest! Is there nothing but water in your skull? What’s a Tea Waitress for? Doing tea art. Do you know tea art? It’s something passed down from one’s ancestors for thousands of years! It’s a priceless treasure! You, Shen Hui, usually think of yourself as smart, but why have you become so stupid now? Zi Yuan has an extraordinary temperament, so she’s obviously not an ordinary person. With her appearance and temperament, she can be friends with Li Yundong. What does this mean? This means that Li Yundong must not be a common person! This is the concept of like attracts like. Do you understand?”

With this, he turned to Shen You with a look of exasperation on his face. “Don’t think that you can look down on all the people in the world just because you were born to a good family. There are so many capable people in the world. If you didn’t have me as your father, who the hell do you think you’d be!”

He was talking fiercely, but when he saw that Shen Hui was dawdling and unwilling to move, he said angrily, “What’s going on? Do you want me to invite you?”

Shen Hui’s heart was twisting with rage. She took out her anger on Li Yundong and thought to herself, “This b*stard has no good luck whenever he meets me! This is the worst!”

Just as she was walking to the exit, she suddenly heard someone knocking on the door twice, then saw it get pushed open as someone entered.

Shen Wancai saw that an outsider had pushed open the door and come in himself. He was about to lose his temper when he saw that the person was his secretary, and immediately his rage subsided. He asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

The secretary carefully pointed to the phone and said, “Old Master, there’s a call for you.”

Shen Wancai took the phone and said into it, “Yes, it’s me, Shen Wancai.” After answering the phone, he said to Shen Zhishui, who had been dawdling at the door, “Don’t go. I’ll give you a lot of money for hiring them when I have a chance later. It’s not dignified to leave now.”

Shen Hui was overjoyed. He immediately ran up to Shen Wancai and massaged his back with a big smile. “Dad, I told you this wouldn’t be good!”

Shen Wancai didn’t want to expose her little daughter’s thoughts. He just snorted and looked at Shen You, who was looking at him angrily, then said in a low voice, “Go home now and don’t go out for a month. I will freeze all your bank cards in order to let you experience how ordinary people live, in case you want to go out and make trouble for me all day long!”

After that, he nodded to the respectful secretary beside him and walked out of the door.

Shen Hui turned around and gave Shen You a sympathetic look, then she also slipped out.

Shen You was left breathing heavily in the room alone. The anger in his eyes was intensifying. After a while, he suddenly roared, “I don’t accept it! I am your son. What right do you have to do this to me?”

Shen You heavily paced back and forth in the room like a violent beast, clenching his fists and trembling all over. The more he thought about it, the more he blamed everything on Li Yundong. He shouted to no one in particular, “Li Yundong, I won’t let you get away with this!”

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