Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 313 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 313 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea!

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Lin Xueqing’s dramatic performance not only impressed the audience, but even Li Yundong couldn’t help but say in surprise, “Cultivation ability can also be used to perform tea skills?”

Ruan Hongling looked at Zi Yuan with worry in her eyes. She opened her mouth, but said nothing.

At that moment, Lin Xueqing on the stage cupped her fist at the audience and then got off the stage. The host then came up and said a few introductory words. Just as she was about to get off the stage, she bumped into the tea table and almost stumbled, making the audience burst out laughing.

She wasn’t intending to, but when she stepped down, the host gave Zheng Youming a look. Zheng Youming immediately understood and nodded.

This little exchange was supposed to go unseen, but it happened to be noticed by Zhou Qin, who had been staring at the stage. Zhou Qin felt that she had no Cultivation and knew nothing. She couldn’t help Li Yundong, so she had been staring at the stage vigilantly. When she saw them winking at each other, she immediately said, “Li Yundong, you need to tell Zi Yuan to be careful. I’m afraid they may have done something to that table.”

Li Yundong was stunned and blurted, “I know they are shameless, but they can’t be that shameless, can they? To even tamper with the table?”

He looked at Zi Yuan, who had already arrived at the edge of the stage, and whispered, “There’s no way to warn her now. What should we do?”

“I’ll do it. I can send a voice transmission to Zi Yuan,” Ruan Hongling said.

She sent a secret message which read: “Sister Zi Yuan, you should be wary of this tea table, I’m afraid there’s something wrong with it.”

Zi Yuan was startled, but she showed no outward sign of her emotions. She simply glanced in the direction of Li Yundong and the others and nodded slightly.

After the host’s introduction, Zi Yuan picked up her own tea set and teapot and went on stage.

As soon as the audience beheld her, it was obvious to them that her appearance and temperament was far better than any of the other Tea Waitresses’. Everyone around the stage suddenly took a breath and was shocked by her amazing beauty. Even the most daring man dared not think any impure thoughts. The boldest were only thinking, “Is it possible that such a beauty with such a unique temperament could exist in this world? What kind of man in this world would be worthy of her?”

At this time, Zi Yuan was wearing a white dress made with the classical charm of a Han costume and in a modern style. She was really like a fairy from heaven coming to the human world, amazing everyone around her.

Zi Yuan took the plate and bowed to the audience, then put the plate on the tea table. As soon as the plate was put down, the tea table suddenly tilted.

Fortunately, Zhou Qin had noticed the signs before, and Zi Yuan had been warned. Immediately, the Zhenqi from her body silently poured out and gently held the foot of the tea table. She glanced around and saw that someone had done something to the foot of the table. A mechanism had been set up on it. Once someone flipped a switch next to the table, the four corners of the table would immediately become very loose, and go crooked if even only a little thing was placed on it.

Thanks to Zi Yuan’s quick reaction, the audience did not notice anything strange. They just saw the tea table shake a little and then stabilize again.

But at this moment, Zhenqi and energy of Zi Yuan were being used in full to support the tea table. It would be difficult for her to calmly perform the tea art under such strain. She immediately sent a voice message to Li Yundong for help. “Li Yundong, this table has indeed been tampered with. The application of even just a little bit of force will make it fall. Your Zhenqi is dense. Hold this table from a distance, and then I will be able to use it.”

Li Yundong did not know how to use sound transmission, so without saying a word, he immediately stretched his palms in the air and lifted the table from a few meters away.

With Li Yundong’s powerful and vigorous Yuanyang surging over to assist her, Zi Yuan immediately felt much more at ease. She let out a sigh of relief, withdrew her Zhenqi, and began to focus on performing the tea art.

Under the stage, Zheng Youming saw that the tea table was as stable as Mount Tai. His eyes suddenly widened and he immediately turned his focus to the host. The host was also stunned and made a gesture, attempting to express her innocence and indicate that she had indeed done as instructed.

Only Zhong Qingsong, who was next to Zheng Youming, noticed this subtle exchange. He smiled and walked toward Li Yundong. When he got close to him, he secretly controlled his Qi and patted Li Yundong with his palm. He said, “Zhenren Li, why don’t you shake hands with me?”

Li Yundong was shocked and had to secretly withdraw his Zhenqi. He turned back and held out a palm toward the other party. With a light slapping noise, the two of them held each other’s palm, and suddenly they froze on the spot like stone statues.

Just then, the tea table suddenly lost the support of Li Yundong’s Zhenqi and began to tilt. Zi Yuan responded swiftly. Immediately, the Zhenqi in her body gushed out and held the tea table upright again. At the same time, she sent a voice message to Ruan Hongling, saying, “Hongling, help me, hurry up!”

Seeing that Zhong Qingsong was making trouble with Li Yundong, Ruan Hongling immediately gritted her teeth. The Zhenqi in her body gushed out and propped up the tea table. However, she did not have enough Zhenqi for the task. She could not hold it up as she was a few meters away. Su Chan, who was standing to one side, noticed that things were not going well and momentarily stopped caring that she and Ruan Hongling did not get along. She immediately mobilized the Zhenqi in his body to help. They worked together to hold up the stage.

Even the audience who was staring at the tea table didn’t notice anything unusual. Only Lin Xueqing saw Li Yundong and her Master secretly competing with their Zhenqi. She frowned and walked over, trying to separate the two.

However, when Li Yundong saw her coming over, he assumed that Lin Xueqing also wanted to take advantage of him. The fury in his heart bubbled and he snorted coldly before slapping Lin Xueqing with his other hand.

Lin Xueqing was shocked and immediately punched back. Li Yundong turned over his hand, and his five fingers firmly clasped his opponent’s wrist. Not to be outdone, she turned his wrist and her five fingers were like steel wire on his arm. For a moment, Li Yundong held both Lin Xueqing and Zhong Qingsong all by himself.

Zhong Qingsong saw that when Li Yundong was competing with his Zhenqi, he still had spare energy to fight another battle and had pulled Lin Xueqing in. He was suddenly shocked and frightened.

Lin Xueqing’s heart was also palpitating from the shock, but she felt unconvinced. She drove the Pure Yin in her body to attack Li Yundong from both sides together with Zhong Qingsong’s Pure Yang.

Li Yundong felt that it was as though half of his body was buried in snow, while the other half was being scorched by the sun, giving him a feeling of being assaulted by both ice and fire.

He took a deep breath and forced the vigorous Jindan’s Qi in his body to split into two parts, attacking both Zhong Qingsong and Lin Xueqing’s bodies. It was as if they were fighting him from both sides, and at the same time, he was fighting with the Zhenqi of the two. For a moment, he was not at a disadvantage.

The three fought fiercely with Zhenqi. After a while, a white gas rose from Li Yundong’s head. At first, it was like a thread of loose gossamer, but after a while, it soared up and became as thick as a finger. On the other hand, Zhong Qingsong’s face was getting redder and redder, as if he were drunk. Lin Xueqing’s face became paler and paler, like an unmarked sheet of paper.

After a while, the three were discovered by the audience. The onlookers immediately began to talk about them and whisper to each other, and more and more people turned to look at the three.

Zi Yuan could see that the white Qi above Li Yundong’s head was growing increasingly vigorous and thick, and that it was condensing and not dispersing. She suddenly had an idea. With one hand holding the teapot, and the other pressing the lid of it down, she said loudly, “Since the previous competitor, Lin Xueqing, showed the phoenix nodding heads three times, today I’ll let you see the long-lost Eight Immortals crossing the sea!”

The voice of Zi Yuan was bright and gentle. All of a sudden, it drew the attention of the audience again. They saw that Zi Yuan had suddenly lifted the lid of the pot and made a grasping motion in the air. The Zhenqi gushing out of Li Yundong’s body was grabbed by Zi Yuan.

The audience saw the white Qi flowing like the glorious and ethereal Milky Way. Zi Yuan’s hand was holding the teapot, and she quickly finished phoenix nodding heads three times. Then, at a speed that made it difficult to see with the naked eye, she used her five fingers as pens. With her fingers flying, she quickly painted on the lingering Qi in the air.

After a while, her drawing took shape. In it, there was an old man riding a donkey in the air who was holding a wooden stick with a gourd hanging from it. This was all captured by the camera and broadcast to the plasma screen. It was Zhang Guolao, one of the Eight Immortals, who was riding a donkey!

At this moment, both the referees on the stage and the audience off the stage were in an uproar. They were so shocked that they couldn’t even control themselves.

After drawing Zhang Guolao, she flicked her wrist and began to draw another character. After a while, they saw a middle-aged man with a bare chest and an iron crutch in his hand. It was Iron Crutch Li!

At this point, everyone was enraptured by the performance. They saw that the fingers of Zi Yuan instantly drew vivid immortals from the illusory white air. It was like a miracle and she was as elegant as a fairy!

Following this, Zi Yuan used both hands to draw Han Zhongli Lan Caihe, He Xiangu, Lyu Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, and Uncle Cao one by one. For a time, everyone could see that the eight immortals in the white Qi all had different postures. They flew up to the sky as if they were floating across the sea. It was daytime during all this. When the sun shone over the Qi river, it suddenly reflected light and sent up a rainbow. It was really dazzling.

At this moment, there was another round of exclamations and appreciation from those under the stage, and everyone was stunned.

After Zi Yuan had finished drawing all of the Eight Immortals, one of her hands suddenly gracefully and gently rolled up her sleeves. The other hand acted like Buddha‘s hand picking up flowers. With a flick of her finger, she gently took the lifelike Zhang Guolao from the long river of white Qi, then turned her wrist and lifted it up to one of the tea bowls in front of the tea tray. Suddenly, Zhang Guolao froze on the tea cup and did not dissipate for a while.

Then, Zi Yuan picked up the other seven immortals and placed them on the teacups one by one, like she was the Queen Mother picking up peaches.

The eight immortals floated above the eight bowls of tea, and the tea in the tea bowls was steaming, which made the eight immortals look like they were in a wonderland.

Just as everyone was mesmerized by the sight, they saw Zi Yuan suddenly wave her sleeve, bringing with it a gust of wind. The mist was immediately dispelled, and the eight ethereal Immortals instantly surged into the tea.

At this moment, Zi Yuan was standing gracefully on the stage. She said to everyone around her, “Just now we saw the phoenix nodding heads three times, and now you have witnessed the Eight Immortals crossing the sea. Please comment on it!”

When she finished speaking, everyone looked at her in a daze. They couldn’t even react. The place was so quiet that one could have heard a pin drop.

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