Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 153 Retribution (Part 3)

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 153 Retribution (Part 3)

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Li Yundong picked up the glowing talisman from the ground. The talisman glowed brighter the moment it came into contact with his hand. It was as though the talisman was responding to his touch.

Li Yundong gathered his Qi at his palm, then watched the glow of the talisman change its color from white to green. Seconds later, the talisman burst into flames, releasing a string of tiny symbols into the air.

Glowing like embers, the symbols spiraled outwards until it formed a full sphere with Li Yundong at its center. Directly above the field, storm clouds began to gather.

Moments later, more clouds drifted in from all directions as though they were being summoned by a mysterious force. The wind howled amidst the distant rumbling of thunder.

A storm was coming.

All of a sudden, the air grew thick and heavy as though there was a spike in air pressure. Sparks materialized in the air at random, and soon, the golden aura engulfing Li Yundong was crackling with electricity. The symbols surrounding Li Yundong spiraled quicker and quicker as steam began to rise from the top of his head.

Something strange was happening to his body.

He soon realized that he wasn’t just emitting golden light from the surface of his skin. The color of his skin had actually changed into gold, like he was wearing a shiny golden armor.

Li Yundong angled his head skywards and released a loud roar. Above the field, the storm clouds tumbled and spun around as though answering his battle cry. Random flashes lit up the clouds as they moved in the air.

Li Yundong stopped roaring and raised him arms above his head. He held that position for a few seconds, then slowly brought his palms closer together—like he was squeezing an invisible object above his head.

The storm clouds shifted inwards and slowly condensed into a thick clump.

Be in harmony with Heaven and Earth… Su Chan’s words echoed inside Li Yundong’s mind.

Li Yundong’s arms dropped to his sides.

He glanced around until he saw He Shao’s head peeking out from between a bunch of tall weeds.

He Shao’s eyes widened in fear the moment their gazes locked. A second later, He Shao sprang to his feet and started running towards the edge of the field.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Li Yundong slashed his hand across the air. A thin shockwave sliced across the field like a blade and grazed He Shao’s left thigh.

He Shao’s body spun into the air like a rag doll before it landed further out into the field.

Li Yundong’s feet began to move. Each step he took would bring him one step closer towards He Shao’s death, towards justice.

He Shao struggled to push himself up, but failed every time he tried.

“You will pay… You will pay for everything…” Li Yundong growled dangerously. “You will suffer for every crime you’ve committed… and every person you’ve murdered in cold blood!” Li Yundong stopped about two feet away from where He Shao lay. “No amount of money, status, and power can save you now…”

“P- Please… s-s-s-spare me!” He Shao screamed. “Spare me! I-I-I’ll give you anything you want! Anything!”

“You’ll give me anything?” Li Yundong laughed darkly. “Well this is what I want! I want you gone from this earth!”

He Shao started bawling and weeping.

“P-P-Please… I’ll repent! I-I-I’ll change!! I w- won’t kill again! I swear!”

“Too late!” Li Yundong yanked He Shao up by the throat, then slammed him down onto the ground. “Your death shall be an example to the world that the Heavens aren’t blind to humanity’s evil deeds! That the Heavenly Thunder will slay the vile and the wicked!”

Li Yundong crouched down and grabbed He Shao’s left arm.

“Arrrgghhh! No! No! I’ll give you money! Status! Please! Just don’t kill me…” He Shao wailed.

“This is for Deng Yu!!!”

CRACK! He Shao screamed when Li Yundong broke his left forearm. CRACK! Another scream when Li Yundong snapped He Shao’s left wrist.

He Shao’s left arm fell uselessly to the ground when Li Yundong dropped it. Li Yundong shifted on the grass and grabbed He Shao’s right arm next.

“Argh! No! No—”

“This is for Deng Jiao!!!”

CRACK! The bones in He Shao’s forearm shattered under Li Yundong’s crushing grip.

“Arrgh!!! Arrgh!!”

He Shao screamed and screamed until his voice became hoarse.

Li Yundong rose to his feet and stared down at He Shao on the ground.

“This is for all the women you’ve raped and violated!!!” Li Yundong raised his leg and then slammed his foot into He Shao’s groin.

“Arrrggghhhh!” He Shao’s body curled up like a shrimp.

With a growl, Li Yundong bent down and forcefully uncurled He Shao’s body.

“Lie still!” Li Yundong yelled. “I’m not done with you yet!”

He Shao whimpered weakly. “P- Please…”

Li Yundong picked up a piece of rock and then crushed it with his bare grip. Pieces of rubble fell to the ground when he uncurled his fingers. He bent down and picked up three tiny pebbles from the rubble.

“This is for Er Lu!!!!” Li Yundong slammed each of the three pebbles into He Shao’s chest until they were partially buried in his skin.

“This is for Er Lu’s mother!!! The woman whose chest you crushed with your car!” Li Yundong slammed his foot down onto He Shao’s chest until he heard the sound of ribs snapping.

“This is for all the vicious and disrespectful things you’ve said!” He Shao’s lips ruptured the moment Li Yundong’s fist slammed into it.

“This is for all the cruel and dishonest orders that you’ve given out.” Li Yundong slammed his fist into He Shao’s lips again. “And for all the assassinations that you’ve ordered!” CRACK! A few of He Shao’s teeth fell to the grass.

Blood spilled from He Shao’s busted lips as he lay on the ground, wheezing and coughing.

Li Yundong rose to his feet and walked around until he was standing beside He Shao’s feet. Bending down, Li Yundong raised He Shao’s leg.

“This is for all the people you have trampled over and oppressed with your status and power!”

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! He Shao’s leg fell back to the ground, where it lay as limp as a piece of cooked spaghetti. The ankle and knee joints were both crushed beyond recognition.

Then, Li Yundong started backing away from He Shao.

After about four or five steps, Li Yundong stopped walking.

“And this…” Li Yundong raised his fist into the air. The storm clouds swirled above the field like a maelstrom. White and blue flashes lit up the storm clouds’ surface.

“…is for justice!!!” Li Yundong pointed his right index finger at He Shao.

A white flash illuminated the entire field as a huge bolt of lightning descended from the storm clouds and engulfed He Shao’s body. A loud explosion sounded above. It was as though a bomb had detonated in the sky.

The air sizzled and crackled around Li Yundong as he struggled to remain upright. It was as though his body had become a vessel for some kind of boundless power, the power to alter the state of the universe with a mere flick of a hand.

Li Yundong screamed in pain as his body threatened to rip apart from the inside. Be in harmony with the Heaven and Earth… Su Chan’s soothing voice rang out inside his mind once again. Be in harmony with the Heaven and Earth…

Be at peace.

Li Yundong thought back to all the times he had shared with Su Chan, all the happy memories, the moments of joy and sadness.

My little chipmunk…

For the first time since he witnessed the twins’ deaths, Li Yundong felt the need to smile.

I guess this is goodbye then…

Li Yundong’s body sway from side to side.

By the time his body hit the soft ground, the white flash had already disappeared. So soft… Just like the bed my room…

Pieces of weed tickled his cheeks when a gentle breeze blew across the field. The scent of charred flesh wafted to his nostrils and lingered there briefly. Li Yundong turned his head slightly and saw the dark hole on the ground. Specks of black ashes rose from the hole. Dark fumes drifted into the air, tilting sideways in the direction of the breeze. There were no signs of He Shao.

Li Yundong’s eyelids grew heavy. He gave the dark hole on the ground one last glance before allowing his eyes to draw shut.

His work was done.

The Heavenly Thunder had struck.

Evil had been slain.


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