Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 153 Retribution (Part 1)

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 153 Retribution (Part 1)

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The asphalt cracked under Li Yundong’s feet when he landed in the middle of the road like a golden meteorite. They had just reached the suburban area, and Li Yundong was finally gaining on the BMW.

Don’t let him get away… Don’t let him get away…

Images filled Li Yundong’s head. Images of He Shao’s terrible deeds, the people he had killed: Deng Yu and Deng Jiao’s ruined faces; Er Lu, with three bullets lodged in his chest; Er Lu’s mother, with her upper body completely squashed; and God knew how many more in the past.

Anger surged inside Li Yundong. He roared into the night, and then leaped into the air once more. His body shot into the air like a projectile. Two seconds later, he landed 15 meters away from where he leaped. Up ahead, the BMW’s taillights flashed provocatively as it sped away.

“Come on!” Li Yundong leaped again, covering yet another 15 meters of horizontal distance. “You evil son of a bitch!!!” Li Yundong leaped again and again, propelling himself closer and closer to the BMW. The way he was moving made him feel like the Incredible Hulk (except that he was golden instead of green): angry, turbulent, and with a profound need to smash anything in sight.

Suddenly, the BMW skidded sideways, and then…

“Leave me alone!!!!” BANG! BANG! BANG!

The bullets ricocheted off the golden aura surrounding Li Yundong’s body.

Heat shot out from the top of Li Yundong’s head. “Not a chance!!!” He charged forward. He Shao’s screams of horror were like coals fueling his wrath.

That’s right. Know the meaning of terror… Fear me… Fear justice!

Li Yundong’s feet slammed into the asphalt when he landed on the road. He looked ahead. The car was now 50 meters away. Li Yundong palmed a piece of rock in his hand, and then leaped into the air once more. When he landed, Li Yundong hurled the piece of rock at the car, and then leaped into the air again. SMASH! One of the BMW’s taillights shattered.

Li Yundong landed on the ground to see the BMW swerving back and forth between lanes.

He Shao’s screams pierced through the night, fueling Li Yundong’s anger further.

Scream… Scream all you want… Nothing can save you this time. Not your money. Not your status!

THUD! THUD! Li Yundong made two more leaps.


The bullets bounced uselessly off the golden aura.

“I won’t let you kill anyone else!” Li Yundong sprang forward. And I will give you a taste of hell.


Li Yundong’s hands shot out at the same time he landed on the ground; his fingers touched the car’s surface. The BMW swerved to the left lane, and his fingers slipped off before he could get a firm grip.

“God damn it!” The ground cracked when Li Yundong’s fist smashed into it. With a feral growl, he leaped again.


Come on… come on… come on!!!!

The BMW’s tires screeched when it made a sharp right turn at a junction ahead.

“Damn you!!!” Li Yundong made a desperate leap and landed somewhere near the junction. After a few steps, he rounded the corner and noticed the BMW hurtling along the road leading to the city limits. Li Yundong broke off into a sprint and then, using the forward momentum he’d gained, made a giant leap into the air. THUD! His hands missed the car by inches. F*ck!

Just then, something caught his attention. An open, grassy plain stretched out on the left side of the road. Glaring at the BMW in front, Li Yundong bridged his Three Gates.

Time to end this.

Li Yundong punched the air in front of him. The shockwave tore through the air and struck the BMW’s rear end from the side. A loud screech sounded as the BMW’s body pivoted around its front wheels.

Then, everything fell silent.

When Li Yundong lowered his fist, the BMW’s headlights shone in his eyes. The car had done a complete one-eighty while it was skidding around just now. The head of the car was now pointed straight at him.

Growling, Li Yundong moved his feet and strode towards the car. The windshield had shattered, so Li Yundong could see He Shao’s pale face staring right at him. How many people had stared at that vile face as they died? How many times had that face struck fear in the hearts of good people? How many dreams and futures had this foul creature crushed with his money and status? Karma had punished Zhao Yujian. Why hadn’t it punished He Shao?

Then it hit him. A simple yet powerful truth.

This was the working of karma.

I am He Shao’s karma…   

The BMW’s engine rumbled.

A moment later, the car surged forward, but Li Yundong kept walking towards it without fear. As the BMW picked up speed, the trembling muzzle of a handgun rose in front of He Shao’s face.


Li Yundong walked on as though nothing happened, smirking when he saw He Shao tossing the gun aside to grip the steering wheel with both hands.

The BMW’s loud vroom tore through the night.

“Die, dammit!!! Die!!!!” He Shao yelled. “Why won’t you just die and leave me alone!!!”

Li Yundong slammed his palms onto the BMW’s hood while his feet slid back a few meters. The metal hood groaned under Li Yundong’s palms. Then, the car stopped moving.

“It’s over, He Shao!!!”

Sparks danced around Li Yundong’s face when he brought his palms together and crushed the BMW’s engine bay. The rumbling of the engine stopped.

He Shao released his hands from the wheel and fumbled around to unbuckle his seatbelt.

“Give it up! You’re not getting away!!” Li Yundong grabbed the bottom of the car’s chassis and then flung the car to his left side. The vehicle tumbled over the road’s guard rail and rolled onto the grassy plain below the road. Seconds later, the car stopped rolling and lay on its roof amidst strips of tall weeds. Li Yundong leaped over the guard rail. The grass felt soft and fluffy beneath his feet, so unlike what he was about to do in the next few minutes.

Li Yundong looked towards the wreckage. The door of the driver’s seat flung open, and He Shao crawled out of the car.

Li Yundong released a low growl.

“Now, you’re finished.”


Zi Yuan hovered in the night sky hundreds of meters above Tiannan University. She had traced the Jindan’s Aura to somewhere around this area. Zi Yuan scanned the grounds below her. The Jindan’s Heir had followed the culprit here, Zi Yuan was sure of it.

But why here? Why did the culprit come this way?

A green flash beside her announced Hongling’s arrival.

“Elder Sister! Where is he? Is he here?” Hongling said, sounding a little out of breath.

“I can feel the Jindan’s Aura, so he’s got to be here somewhere.” Zi Yuan gave Hongling a pointed look. “Scout out the area.”

“Right away, Elder Sister!” Hongling disappeared in another green flash.

The night breeze caressed Zi Yuan’s face. She sighed into the night. What on earth is happening, Master? Do these events mean anything at all? What were you trying to tell me?

Zi Yuan could’ve gone after the Jindan’s Heir and He Shao much earlier if Su Chan hadn’t passed out in front of the gates just now. Zi Yuan didn’t have the heart to leave Su Chan lying there, so she asked the girl who came in the Audi—Zhou Qin was her name—to book a room for Su Chan at the hotel’s reception. Zhou Qin complied, and by the time Zi Yuan and Hongling carried Su Chan to the room, the police had already arrived at the hotel.

After that, Zi Yuan decided to go after the Jindan’s Heir, leaving Zhou Qin to deal with the police. Before Zi Yuan left the hotel, she ordered Hongling to cast a healing spell on Su Chan. In any case, Su Chan would be up and awake in no time.

Zi Yuan shook her head wryly at the thought of Su Chan. That impulsive girl would’ve died if Zi Yuan hadn’t stepped in earlier and shielded her from the Jindan’s Aura. Even so, Zi Yuan had to admire the girl’s selflessness. Su Chan clearly valued Li Yundong’s life more than her own.

Doubt niggled at Zi Yuan’s mind.

Was it possible after all? Was it really possible for genuine love to exist between humans and fox spirits? Was the entire Cultivation world wrong about fox spirits? But the Mystical Silver Fox…

A green flash announced Hongling’s returned. “Found something, Elder Sister Zi Yuan!”

Zi Yuan turned around and saw Hongling’s grim expression.

Something terrible had happened.

Zi Yuan sighed. “How many?”

Hongling’s lips trembled. “Two.” Hongling hesitated for a moment. “I think it’s best if I show you, Elder Sister.”


Zi Yuan stared at the two dead bodies in front of her, aghast at the cruelty behind those deaths. The man had died from three GSWs to the chest. But the woman…

Bile rose to Zi Yuan’s throat. The poor woman’s torso was completely crushed. Flattened, no doubt by the weight of a car.

Hongling’s scream of anger tore through the night. “How can anyone be capable of such terrible acts?!”

“Hongling…” Zi Yuan said.

“Argh! Li Yundong is right, Elder Sister! That man needs to be exterminated!” Hongling yelled. “And if Li Yundong doesn’t do it, then I will!”

“Stop it, Hongling!” Zi Yuan said sharply. “Have you forgotten about the commandment?”

A red flush crept up Hongling’s face. She looked like she was holding back tears.

Zi Yuan took in their surroundings once again. The place was eerily quiet and deserted. No doubt there weren’t any eyewitnesses around when this horror took place. Zi Yuan had already figured out why He Shao had driven all the way here. It was obvious to her now that He Shao was trying to flee the city. In that case…

All she had to do was to follow this road and then catch up to Li Yundong before he brought disaster upon himself by breaking one of the biggest commandments in the Cultivation world.

A Cultivator should never take the life of a mortal with their skills. The violation of that sacred commandment would bring instant death to the Cultivator—he or she would be struck by the Heavenly Thunder.

Granted, they might have to let He Shao go for the time being, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for Zi Yuan to track him down afterwards. Although the Zhengyi School forbade its members to involve themselves in worldly matters, Zi Yuan agreed that an evil man like He Shao had to be stopped.

Zi Yuan didn’t have to do much, of course. She could just give a little tip to the police once she tracked down He Shao’s location, and the police would handle the rest. Then, she would pull some strings and use the Zhengyi School’s influence in the upper echelon of the government to ensure that He Shao stay in jail for the rest of his life.

“Come, Hongling,” Zi Yuan said as she floated away from the crime scene.

Hongling complied wordlessly and floated towards Zi Yuan.

“Let’s follow this road,” Zi Yuan said.

A minute later, Zi Yuan and Hongling were floating fifty meters above the road. Zi Yuan could feel the Jindan’s Aura growing stronger, so they must be getting closer to Li Yundong. Along the way, they’d passed by a series of dents on the pavement, each approximately 15 to 20 meters apart. There could be no doubt how those dents came about.

There was a loud screech. Zi Yuan paused midflight and looked towards Hongling. Hongling was staring back at her with wide eyes.

“Up!” Zi Yuan ordered. “Tell me what you see!”

Hongling nodded and shot higher into the air. Zi Yuan flew after her protégé.

“There!” Hongling pointed to her ten o’clock.

Before Zi Yuan could speak, a series of gunshots rang out.

“Move in!” Zi Yuan said, then flew towards the location.

“My God, Elder Sister!” Hongling screamed. “Look!”

Li Yundong had just flipped the entire BMW over the guard rail. Good God, such tremendous strength…

“Left,” Zi Yuan ordered. “To the field. Quickly!”

Ten seconds later, Zi Yuan and Hongling hovered above a wide field with no vegetation other than grass and weeds.

“Wait!” Zi Yuan’s hand shot out, preventing Hongling from flying straight down.

Li Yundong was now crossing the field towards the wrecked car, where He Shao was crawling out on all fours.

“This could get messy,” Zi Yuan said without taking her eyes off the scene below. “The seal I placed isn’t foolproof. I might’ve underestimated the Jindan’s Aura after all…”

Hongling’s arm trembled slightly. “Then… Then what do we do?”

Zi Yuan went over their options silently. The wind howled around them as though reminding them that a storm was coming.

“I’ll talk to him,” Zi Yuan said, after a few moments.

“What about me?” Hongling asked.

“Call Zhou Qin,” Zi Yuan said, finally looking at Hongling. “Give her our location. Ask her to bring Su Chan here as soon as possible.”

Hongling’s face scrunched up in confusion. “What? Su Chan? Why—”

Zi Yuan silenced Hongling with a shake of her head. “I don’t think the Jindan’s Heir will listen to anything we have to say. But he might listen to her.” Zi Yuan gave Hongling a pointed look. “Did you use the healing spell on her?”

Hongling nodded. “Of course.”

Zi Yuan sighed inwardly, glad that Hongling had carried out her order. Good. At least Hongling had gotten over some of her dislike towards Su Chan. “Then she should be awake by now. Ask Zhou Qin to bring Su Chan here as soon as possible.”

As Hongling got to work, Zi Yuan lowered herself to the field.

Time to confront the Jindan’s Heir.


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