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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 139 Assemble

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Right. Room 2203. Here we go… Zhou Qin raised her knuckles and knocked on the door a few times, then waited for a few seconds.

No answer came.

Zhou Qin glanced at Senior Feng Na and Cheng Cheng. There could be no doubt that Senior Feng Na had given them the correct information. Li Yundong was staying at this motel; the receptionist had checked the motel’s registrar.  

“Maybe he’s asleep?” Feng Na suggested.

Zhou Qin rapped her knuckles on the door again, then waited some more.

About a minute later, Senior Feng Na seemed to have lost her patience. She moved towards the door, then slapped her palm against its surface.

“Hey! Li Yundong!” Senior Feng Na yelled. “Are you in there?! We need to talk!”

Again, there was no answer.

“Did you see him leave the motel this morning?” President Yin asked the receptionist.

Zhou Qin turned away from the door to look at the receptionist. She was wondering about the same thing.

The receptionist, a girl in her early twenties, shook her head. “No, ma’am. In fact, he and his girlfriend hasn’t left the room for two days.”

Chills ran down Zhou Qin’s spine, and her heart clenched. Two days… A sinking sensation formed at the pit of her stomach. What if something happened to Li Yundong and Su Chan? Were they both okay?

“Two days? Not even once? Not even to get food?” President Cao asked.

“No, ma’am,” the receptionist answered.

“But…” President Cao paused in thought. “Did they order in? Were there any deliveries to their room?”

The receptionist shook her head. “No, ma’am. No deliveries.”

Zhou Qin glanced at the number plate on the door. 2203. It was the correct room number.

Zhou Qin slammed the back of her fist against the door, then waited for a few more seconds. No answer came. Zhou Qin sighed. This was pointless. Suddenly, a thought occurred to Zhou Qin: she had Su Chan’s number.

Zhou Qin reached for her handbag, then pulled out her phone from inside it. She unlocked her phone, then quickly dialed Su Chan’s number.

Instead of listening to her phone, Zhou Qin pressed her ear against the door. Looks of recognition flitted across President Yin and President Cao’s faces.

Seconds later, fear coursed through Zhou Qin; Su Chan’s phone was ringing inside. Zhou Qin knew that ringtone, because she was the one who’d set it.

Oh, God no… Su Chan…

Something must have happened to the both of them.

Zhou Qin pushed away from the door.

“They’re inside,” she said, hanging up the call. “They’re definitely inside. I can hear Su Chan’s ringtone.”

“Oh my God… Do you think he’s…” Senior Feng Na said. She looked dangerously pale.

Zhou Qin frowned and turned towards the receptionist. “Unlock the door!”

The receptionist jumped at Zhou Qin’s harsh tone. “U- Um… I- I’m sorry, miss… I can’t. I mean it’s the motel’s policy to always ensure our customer’s privacy. S- So unless you have a warrant, I’m afraid I can’t—”

“Her phone is inside!” Zhou Qin snapped. “And you said it yourself that they haven’t stepped out of the room for two days! Use your common sense! Do you think that’s normal?”

“B- But… I can’t just…” the receptionist stammered.

Zhou Qin took a deep, calming breath. “What if something happened to either of them? Are you going to take responsibility?”

The receptionist looked around in a panic.

“Just open the door,” President Yin said calmly. “We’ll take care of any consequences you might face. Don’t worry. I’ll vouch for you.”

The receptionist looked at President Yin first, and then at President Cao.

President Cao gave the receptionist a firm nod.

A look of resignation flitted across the receptionist face. She pulled out her keycard and tapped it against the sensor beside the door knob.

Zhou Qin pushed the door open the moment she heard the beep.


When Yin Mengfan stepped into the room, she immediately noticed how tiny the room was; it barely had enough room to accommodate all six of them.

Yin Mengfan stumbled a little when she bumped into Zhou Qin, who had suddenly stopped walking.

“What’s wrong?” Yin Mengfan asked.

When Zhou Qin didn’t answer, she looked ahead and pretty much had the shock of her life.

“What in the world…?”

Li Yundong was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, and a young woman—who Yin Mengfan assumed was Li Yundong’s girlfriend—was standing behind his back. God, is that…

Oh, yeah it was.

Steam was rising from the top of the woman’s head, and she seemed to be doing something strange with her hands. Yin Mengfan leaned forward a little, then looked past Zhou Qin’s shoulder.

Li Yundong’s girlfriend had her palm resting on Li Yundong’s head, while her other hand was pressing against a spot on Li Yundong’s spine. The whole thing looked like a scene straight out of a Wuxia novel.

“What the hell…?” Kefei whispered beside her.

Yin Mengfan glanced sideways and noted the look of pure shock on her friend’s face. Yeah. What the hell indeed.

Before Yin Mengfan could comment, Zhou Qin was moving towards the bed. A moment later, Zhou Qin was standing directly in front of Li Yundong.

“Li Yundong…? Are you—” Zhou Qin let out a squeak before quickly turning away. Zhou Qin was also blushing to the tip of her ears.

Frowning, Yin Mengfan strode towards the bed. “Zhou Qin? What is it—”

Yin Mengfan saw it too, the thing that made Zhou Qin and—who was she even kidding—her blush. That huge, tent-like monolith between Li Yundong’s legs was impressive to say the least. Is he… Is he having a sex dream? Yin Mengfan tore her eyes away from Li Yundong’s “assets” and studied his face instead. Li Yundong’s face was flushed and God, his expression…

Li Yundong had an expression of pleasure—pure and unbridled sexual pleasure. And then she heard it—a soft moan that came unmistakably from Li Yundong’s lips.

Yin Mengfan tore her gaze away from Li Yundong’s face and looked towards the others. All the other girls were staring at Li Yundong as well, and not a single one of them was without a blush on their cheeks. Heck, Kefei was even biting her lip.

Shen Hui was the only one who was showing a negative reaction to what she was seeing.

Shen Hui snorted. “This perverted bastard…” she growled, storming towards the bed. “Hey, pervert!” Shen Hui stopped beside the bed and then patted Li Yundong’s right shoulder. “Are you even alive? There’s so many people looking for—”

Suddenly, Shen Hui’s body went taut, and her strangled gasp filled Yin Mengfan’s heart with horror.

And it didn’t end there.

A second later, Shen Hui’s mouth dropped open as if she was trying to scream. However, no sound came out. Shen Hui’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. And the next thing Yin Mengfan knew, Shen Hui’s body was twitching and convulsing violently.

“Shen Hui! Are you okay—” Yin Mengfan stepped forward but was pulled back by someone.

“Don’t. Don’t touch her!” Kefei hissed.

Yin Mengfan shot Kefei a look of panic. “What the hell is going on?”

Kefei shook her head grimly. “I don’t know. But I don’t think you should touch her. I just have this…” Kefei gestured with her hand. “This bad feeling that the same thing’s gonna happen to you if you touch her.”

“But she’s my cousin! I can’t just leave her like this!” Yin Mengfan said. “How am I supposed to explain it to Uncle Shen if something happened to Shen Hui on my watch!”

“I think the best way is to wake Li Yundong up…” Kefei suggested. “Who knows he can fix Shen Hui after he wakes?”

Yin Mengfan shot a glance at Zhou Qin.

“I’ll give it a try,” Zhou Qin said.

Yin Mengfan stared at Zhou Qin in surprise. “But… Are you sure?”

“I don’t think we have a choice now…” Zhou Qin glanced sideways. Yin Mengfan followed Zhou Qin’s line of sight and saw that Zhou Qin was looking towards her cousin. Shen Hui’s body was still twitching and convulsing violently. It was a miracle that she was even standing at this point.

“Wait! Maybe don’t touch him directly with your hand?” Yin Mengfan suggested.

“Yeah,” Kefei said. “Why don’t you use…” Kefei glanced around the room for a few seconds, then strode over to the nightstand. “Here. Use this ashtray.” Kefei picked up the ashtray and handed it to Zhou Qin.

Zhou Qin took the ashtray and extended it tentatively towards Li Yundong.

“Ah!!” The ashtray flew away from Zhou Qin’s hand the moment it touched Li Yundong. Both Yin Mengfan and Kefei jumped in surprise.

“What…? How did…?” Yin Mengfan whispered, staring at the ashtray, which was now rolling around on the floor. “But…” Yin Mengfan’s gaze snapped towards Shen Hui, whose hand was still holding on to Li Yundong’s shoulder. How come Shen Hui wasn’t repelled when her hand touched him?

Zhou Qin seemed to have come to the same conclusion too as she slowly reached out with her hand. Zhou Qin was biting down on her bottom lip, and she seemed scared, like she was anticipating something bad to happen.

Zhou Qin winced the moment her hand touched Li Yundong’s waist. It barely took a few seconds before Zhou Qin’s grimace morphed into a pained expression. Worry speared through Yin Mengfan. She gritted her teeth and moved forward to pull Zhou Qin away from Li Yundong. Once again, Kefei pulled her back. “Wait, look!”

Kefei was pointing at Li Yundong’s girlfriend, who was now awake and…

Good God…

Never in her life had Yin Mengfan seen something like this before. Like, who on earth could move their hands that fast?

Heck, fast was probably an understatement! Yin Mengfan couldn’t even see her movements clearly. It was like she was striking, jabbing, or poking at various spots on Li Yundong’s body almost simultaneously: his spine; his shoulders; a bunch of spots on his head. This girl could put all the masseurs in the world to shame.

Then again, whatever the girl was doing seemed to be working as Li Yundong’s cheeks were no longer flushed, and his expression was slowly returning to normal. Yin Mengfan let her eyes trailed downwards. The bulge inside Li Yundong’s pants was slowly… um… deflating? Then, Li Yundong let out a long sigh. Just when Yin Mengfan was thinking that the whole weird experience was finally over, a jet of white gas expelled from Li Yundong’s lips.


Voices echoed inside his head. A lot of voices.

“Hey! Hey! Shh!”

“Is he awake yet?”

“Wait… Lemme check… Yeah, I think he is.”

“He’s waking! He’s waking!”

Li Yundong blinked, fully expecting to see his princess’s beautiful face the moment he opened his eyes. However, disappointment coursed through him the moment his vision cleared.

“Z- Zhou Qin…? What are you doing here? And where’s…” Li Yundong looked past Zhou Qin’s shoulders and nearly jumped out of his skin.

Feng Na, Cheng Cheng, President Cao, President Yin, and even Shen Hui, were all standing beside his bed. The weirdest part of all this—aside from the fact that they were all here inside his motel room—was that they were all staring at him like he was some kind of creature from outer space.

Li Yundong shut his eyes, then slapped his cheeks a few times. Was this some kind of illusion? Was he still inside his Spirit Space? When he opened his eyes, the women were still there.

“W- What are you guys doing here? Wait. How did you guys even get in?”

Nobody answered him. And where the heck was Su Chan? By right she should be—

There was a strangled sob. Li Yundong turned his head around and saw Su Chan kneeling by the edge of the bed. Her face was buried against the sheets as she cried.

Li Yundong crawled over towards Su Chan and pulled her into his arms. “Hey… Hey… What’s the matter?”

Su Chan’s whispered words shook him to the core.

“You… You failed, Yundong…”

“What…? I thought you said…”

“No… You failed. “Su Chan shook her head and sobbed into his chest. “You failed the Zhuji phase.”

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