Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 137 The Fine Line Between Reality and an Illusion

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 137 The Fine Line Between Reality and an Illusion

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Ishvara wasn’t that difficult to achieve this time around. Li Yundong managed to gain control of his three-faced, six-armed personal god in just a short time after he entered his Spirit Space. Why had it seemed to difficult the first time he did it?

The only reason he could come up with was that he was much more aware this time around; he would no longer be swayed by the illusion of omnipotence that came with his interaction with his personal god.

Now he just had to sustain Ishvara until the formation of his Vital Orb was complete. He wondered how long the process would take.

Li Yundong took stock of his Spirit Space, which seemed like a boundless ocean of thick clouds. He glanced down at himself, at the six arms that were now his to command. This was only the second time he’d taken control over his personal god’s body, so the whole experience still felt kind of weird.

Li Yundong raised one of his arms. There was a loud rumble and the clouds shifted in response to his movement.

Hey… Isn’t that…?

Fascinated by what he saw, Li Yundong waved his arm harder. Bolts of lightning streaked across his Spirit Space, and the clouds continued to roil until they eventually parted.


His Spirit Space wasn’t comprised of just clouds; there was a ground too. More bolts of lightning darted around him. The bolts struck down on the ground beneath the clouds, but strangely. For some strange reason, none of the bolts seemed to be able to touch him. The bolts swirled around him as though he was protected by some sort of barrier.

Hmm… What if I…

Li Yundong raised his hand, then pointed a finger at a spot on the ground. A blinding flash of light lit up his Spirit Space. A loud thunderclap followed suit. A huge bolt of lightning struck the spot on the ground he was pointing at, causing a series of cracks and explosions.

A while later, Li Yundong found himself staring at the charred spot on the ground beneath him, stunned by the amount of destruction he could bring with literally just a finger.

He suddenly wondered if he could do that in real life—

A burst of white light filled his vision the moment that thought crossed his mind. Li Yundong shut his eyes and used his arms to shield himself from the blinding light. Seconds later, he opened his eyes and slowly lowered his arms.

What the…

He was no longer inside his Spirit Space—the clouds, lightning, and the charred ground were gone. Instead, he found himself standing in the middle of a banquet hall…

Hey… Wait a minute.

He recognized this place. No. He didn’t just recognized the place; he recognized this event. It was Zhou Qin’s birthday party.

“You’re a nobody!”

Li Yundong turned around sharply and found himself face to face with He Shao.

“You’re nothing!” He Shao pointed his finger at Li Yundong’s nose. “How dare you try to take my woman from me! You listen well, pathetic loser. Zhou Qin is my woman. Mine! And I’ll destroy you if you dare touch her!”

Destroy me? We’ll see who’s the one getting destroyed in the end!

Li Yundong raised his hand and, in a blink of an eye, they were both transported from the banquet hall onto an open ground. Take this, you scum! Li Yundong pointed his index finger at He Shao. Bolts of lightning descended from the sky. He Shao’s scream only lasted for a second as his body disintegrated almost instantly. There was nothing left of He Shao, nothing except ashes.

A derisive laugh sounded. Who the hell…? Li Yundong turned around with a growl.

Liu Chuan stood there, looking at him snidely. “You can kill him, but you can’t kill all of us!”

“Oh, yeah. There are so many of us in this world!” Another voice sounded from his right. “You’ll never get rid of people like us! Never!”

Li Yundong turned right and saw Zhao Yujian.

There was another laugh, this time coming from his left. Li Yundong swiveled his head.

“Xie Fei…” Li Yundong growled.

Xie Fei was smirking at him. “You killed He Shao because… what? Because he told the truth. You are a pathetic loser. A nobody.”

Li Yundong could feel his body trembling in anger. “Do you all want to die!!!” Green light emanated from his body as electricity trickled along his—six—arms.

A pleading voice sounded just as Li Yundong was about to start summoning lighting. “Stop it, Li Yundong! It’s wrong to commit murder! It’s against the law!”

Zhou Qin? Li Yundong let out a derisive snort.

“The law,” he said snidely. “Does the law bring justice?” He laughed. “No! The law is full of holes. It’s a breeding ground for corruption! It’ll never be able to deliver true justice.” Li Yundong turned away from Zhou Qin. “I’m the only path to justice! I’m the one who’s going to deliver justice! And I’m gonna start with wiping these vile creatures off the face of the earth!” Li Yundong raised his hand again.

“Let them go! Please!” Li Yundong’s hand stilled in mid-air.

Feng Na. He turned around and saw both Feng Na and Cheng Cheng giving him pleading looks.

“Don’t do this, Li Yundong! They aren’t worth it!” Cheng Cheng shouted.

Li Yundong released a bestial roar, one that shook his surroundings.

“Wake up!” he yelled. “Look at these people!” He pointed at Liu Chuan and the others. “Are they showing any signs of remorse? Of repentance? They had many chances to repent, but again and again, they chose to stray from the path of good. They chose evil! They are evil!” Li Yundong swung his arms harshly. Blinding flashes permeated the sky followed by the loud rumbling of thunder. “Enough is enough! I’m going to end them once and for all!”

“No!!! Don’t!!!”

Li Yundong let his arms drop. That voice… That was the voice of an angel. His angel.

“This is the work of your inner demon! Fight back! Don’t let it control you!”

Li Yundong’s anger vanished the moment he saw Su Chan’s figure. The electricity coursing through his arms disappeared, and his body stopped glowing.

“Are you here to stop me too?” he asked weakly.

Su Chan approached him slowly. Somehow, his heart fluttered with each step she took. Her eyes, though… Those eyes were so bright and clear. He could really lose himself in her eyes.

“I’m not here to stop you,” she said with a gentle tone. “I’m just here to remind you about the promise we made to each other…”

“P- Promise?”

Su Chan nodded. “You promised you’d never leave me, remember? You promised me that you’d never abandon me…” Tears welled in Su Chan’s large eyes.

“Of course I won’t abandon you. I will never—”

“Then you need to stop this madness. Murder is one of many mortal sins. Don’t let it control you. Fight your inner demons!”

Fight my inner demons… Fight… Fight!

His surroundings shattered, leaving only darkness behind.

The first thing he felt was the movement of his eyelids. His eyelids were fluttering; he was blinking. Seconds later, the motel room came into view. Su Chan was sitting right in front of him with a huge grin on her face.

“Yayyyy!!!! You’ve passed the Zhuji phase, beloved!”

Li Yundong stared at Su Chan for a moment. “What? I did it? So soon?”

Su Chan’s grin widened and she bobbed her head harder. Then, she crawled forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Of course! That’s because you’re a genius, beloved!”

Li Yundong stared down at the woman in his arms and inhaled her tantalizing scent. They were so close to each other that her breath was tickling his neck. The grin on Su Chan’s face slowly dwindled. Li Yundong stared into her eyes and noted the widening of her pupils. His hand rose to cup her cheek. “Su Chan…” he whispered.

Su Chan’s lips parted as she licked her lips. He’d been waiting for this moment for God, so long. And now he could finally do what his mind, body, and soul desired.

Su Chan moaned the moment their lips met. That voice… God, so throaty and sexy, lit a fire inside Li Yundong. He released a low growl and pushed Su Chan down onto the bed.

“I’m going to make you feel so good tonight, my princess…”


Su Chan paced the room anxiously. Oh, Tao. What do I do now? What do I do? Two days had gone by since Yundong went into meditative state. Things had been going well until an hour ago when Su Chan first noticed the bulge in Yundong’s pants.

Su Chan stopped pacing and kneeled down in front of Yundong. The bulge between his legs was still there. Worst, the bulge was twitching. Su Chan’s face went pale as horror filled her heart. This is bad… If he ejaculates now…

Su Chan sprang to her feet and continued pacing. She had to do something. Come on, Chan’er… Think! Su Chan stopped moving and turned around abruptly. The orb-shaped glow inside Yundong’s chest was still there, which meant that the formation of his Vital Orb was still ongoing. But the problem was that Yundong’s Spirit…

Wait, what if I… Argh! No! It’s too dangerous! Her master had warned her countless times never to disturb or disrupt a person when they are trying to pass the Zhuji phase.

But… Yundong…

She shot a worried glance at Yundong. She studied his face, which had morphed into an expression of lust.  

No. She had to do something. She couldn’t just sit around and let Yundong lose his soul. To hell with her own safety.

Gritting her teeth, Su Chan approached Yundong carefully. She palmed the top of Yundong’s head—his Baihui—with her left hand, then poked her right index finger into Yundong’s Lingtai.

Yundong’s powerful Yang Qi flowed into Su Chan’s body almost instantly, drawing a gasp from her lips. Su Chan bit her lip and pushed her Yin Qi into Yundong’s body. Once her Yin Qi mixed with the Yang Qi inside Yundong’s body, harmony would occur, and Yundong would be fine…

She just had to hang on long enough for it to work… Hold on, Chan’er… Hold—

Su Chan’s legs go weak. The room tilted sideways and she felt a sharp pain in the side of her head a second later. Dark spots formed in her vision. She tried her best to blink them away, but everything was quickly turning into a blur. Yundong’s Yang Qi was too powerful. She couldn’t hold on. This was bad. Had she channeled enough of her Yin Qi into Yundong? Had she done enough?

Through her haze, she could make out the outlines of Yundong’s body. He was still sitting unmovingly in a meditative posture. Oh, no… This was it. This was the end. They were both screwed.

Su Chan’s eyelids suddenly felt immensely heavy. “Help… Master…” she whispered. “Help… us…”

Everything went dark.

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