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The Village Doctress-Chapter 3 The Funeral

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Chapter 3 The Funeral

“Who dares?” Lin Fuyin yelled. She glowered as she looked at Mdm Zhao, saying, “You evil viper, my mother just passed away and you want to kill the three of us. My mother had indeed guessed correctly, she wrote a letter for my father before she passed away!”

She was, of course, lying through her teeth. But everyone in Hulu Village knew that Mdm Chu was literate. It was possible that Mdm Chu would write a letter to her husband making arrangements for matters after her death.

That was why the villagers did not suspect anything.

Lin Fuyin had no choice but to lie. The villagers of this time period were ignorant and superstitious. They all believed Mdm Zhao when she said that Fuyin was a jinx. Nobody from the main house would stand on her side, so the only person the three siblings could depend on was her father, Lin Yuan.

“Is it true? Did your mother write a letter to your father on her deathbed?” Mdm Zhao’s expression grew ugly. “Where is the letter? Take it out and let me see it.”

Mdm Zhao was a mean and ruthless person who was unafraid of everything else. However, she feared Lin Yuan the most.

He was a man who hunted for a living throughout the year and had a deathly aura. If Mdm Chu had really left behind a letter and she had treated his daughter like that, he might really kill Mdm Zhao.

Lin Fuyin’s lips curled up coldly when she saw that Mdm Zhao wanted the letter. She said, “Great aunt, you can’t read even if I give it to you. You aren’t thinking about destroying my mother’s letter, are you? You’re so evil, be careful that my mother will come to look for you tonight!”

Lin Fuyin had meant to mock Mdm Zhao, but when Mdm Zhao heard her statement about Mdm Chu looking for her at night, she was so frightened she shuddered.

Everyone also felt a chill down their backs when they heard what Fuyin said.

Just then, the village’s junior officer sent his wife, Mdm Li in. Mdm Li saw everyone’s grave expression and was a little surprised. A woman went up beside Mdm Li and whispered in her ear.

Mdm Li glanced at Lin Fuyin with an inscrutable expression and then, at Mdm Chu who was on the bed. Her gaze finally turned to the two placentas on the floor, and her frown grew.

Lin Fuyin bowed at her, but she did not react.

“Fuyin’s grandmother, did the head of your family not come? Something like this has happened to your Number Three’s family, why haven’t you all done anything?” Mdm Li asked, looking at Mdm Wu at last.

Mdm Wu harrumphed and then turned her head away.

Mdm Zhao answered immediately, “Mdm Li, this Lin Fuyin is the devil’s spawn. She cut her brother and sister out of her mother’s stomach with a pair of scissors…What’s there to say about such a devil’s spawn? We should drag her out and burn her!”

A village woman immediately shook her head. “That won’t do. Haven’t you heard what Fuyin said? Mdm Chu wrote a letter to Brother Lin Yuan. Let’s settle this matter regarding Fuyin when Brother Lin Yuan returns.” She said.

The woman who had spoken up for Fuyin was Mdm Song, her playmate, Daya’s mother. She was very close to Fuyin’s family.

Even though Mdm Song was afraid that Lin Fuyin might really be a jinx, she was also a mother. Her heart had softened when she saw the two babies who had been taken out from their mother’s womb.

Furthermore, Mdm Chu had always helped them out.

These village women said that Lin Fuyin was a jinx because they had mistakenly thought that the babies were removed from Mdm Chu’s belly by her.

Mdm Li, the wife of the village’s junior officer, nodded.

She was after all, more knowledgable than regular village women. Lin Yuan had in the past, frequently not return from hunting deep in the mountains for days. It meant that he had encountered large prey whenever this happens.

Lin Yuan had always shared his bounty every time he caught a large prey. He was strong and had good archery skills, and they could have burned his daughter for being a jinx while he was away.

But his wife, Mdm Chu, had passed away, leaving behind two babies waiting to be fed. If they killed the babies’ sister, then the two infants were doomed to die.

They could not depend on Mdm Wu and Mdm Zhao, who had fought with the Lin Yuan’s family for decades, to keep them alive, could they?

Wouldn’t the man go crazy if all his children were dead? With his disposition, he might massacre the whole of Hulu Village.

“Mdm Zhao, don’t be so aggressive. I think that since Mdm Chu has passed away, the Lin family should first discuss her funeral.” Mdm Li said. She had thought over it and coupled with her husband’s instructions, decided to ignore the matter of Fuyin being a jinx.

Mdm Zhao however, grew anxious. She asked Mdm Li in a sharp voice, “Auntie Li, are you not afraid of the jinx?”

“Compared to the jinx, I’m more afraid that Mdm Chu will come to look for me at night!” Mdm Li rebutted, seeing that Mdm Zhao had questioned her so impolitely.

She felt that burning Lin Fuyin right now would be as good as killing the two babies. She did not know if Mdm Chu will come and find her, but Lin Yuan would definitely not spare these people when he returned.

Mdm Li’s eyes turned to look at everyone. She thought, ‘The Lins are really stupid! Is Lin Yuan someone they can casually provoke? Don’t just think that he had come back to become a hunter. The third son of the Lin Family left Hulu Village when he was 13. He brought Mdm Chu back with him ten years later. Nobody knows about Mdm Chu’s background. This is already unusual, and now that something like this has happened…’

The two babies started wailing one after another. It was unknown if it was because they were frightened or hungry.

Lin Fuyin knew that Daya’s second aunt had just given birth to a son last month. She had plenty of breastmilk right now. She immediately looked at Daya’s mother, Mdm Song, pleadingly. “Auntie Song, my brother, and sister are definitely hungry. Can you please ask second auntie to come and feed them?”

Her mother had just passed away, so she could not carry the two children, whose mother was also deceased, to get fed.

Mdm Song looked troubled.

She did not dare to make any decisions at this time.

Fuyin knew what she was worried about, but money talks.

She said sincerely, “Auntie, my mother taught me when she was still alive, that we have to repay the kindness shown to us. If second auntie helps to feed them, I will definitely repay her!”

Daya’s mother knew Mdm Chu’s personality.  Mdm Chu had often gifted the prey Lin Yuan hunted to her neighbors for food.

Her second sister-in-law had plenty of breastmilk after giving birth to a chubby child. Was this not because Mdm Chu had brought her those wild chicken, rabbit, and pork for nourishment?

When she thought of that, she immediately answered, “Fuyin, don’t worry, I’ll go back and ask her.”

Lin Fuyin was very thankful. She knew that if Daya’s mother was willing to go home and ask, it was considered an agreement.

Daya’s second aunt, Mdm Zhu knew about repaying kindness more than Daya’s mother, Mdm Song.

Mdm Wu saw that the current events were different from her expectations and could not help but utter “you, you” at Daya’s mother for a long while.

Daya’s second aunt, Mdm Zhu indeed came over very quickly. Daya came with her as well.

Daya was one year older than Fuyin. She was tanned and strong, and she looked simple and honest.

However, she seemed to be hiding something when she looked at Lin Fuyin. Fuyin was a little surprised, and then, looked at Mdm Zhu.

Mdm Zhu had a round face. She was slightly pudgy and wore a green dress, her head was covered in a scarf of the same color. The first thing she did when she arrived was to go to Mdm Chu’s room to cry.

Daya suddenly tugged at Lin Fuyin and quickly said in her ear, “Fuyin, I saw…”

“Daya, you stupid girl, why have you come here? This isn’t somewhere an unmarried lass like you should be, quick go home!” Mdm Song was surprised when she came out and saw her daughter and immediately scolded her.

“Fuyin, be careful…”Daya turned and ran away.

Lin Fuyin was still shocked by what Daya had said, there was a loud buzz in her head. Her mother had been forced to death by someone.

What had Daya seen?

Mdm Zhu wept and then, emerged with Lin Fuyin’s younger brother.

When she saw Fuyin standing at the door lifelessly, she sighed and said gently, “Fuyin, you mustn’t fall!”

Lin Fuyin only came to her wits then. She shook her head, trying to clear her brain.

Then, she entered Mdm Chu’s room again.

“Auntie Wu, say something. What is the Lin Family’s stance regarding Mdm Chu’s funeral?” Mdm Li, the wife of the village’s junior officer, asked impatiently.

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