The Village Doctress-Chapter 1 Delivering Babies for the Dead

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The Village Doctress-Chapter 1 Delivering Babies for the Dead

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Chapter 1 Delivering Babies for the Dead

 Lin Fuyin felt tired, hungry and weak. It felt as if she had gone through hell and high water, experiencing many difficulties…

She immediately grew alert when she smelled the thick metallic scent of blood. She disregarded the heaviness of her eyelids and her eyes flew open forcefully.

When she saw what was happening in front of her, her pupils constricted and a loud crashing gong rang in her head.

There was a pregnant woman dressed in an ancient indigo costume who was bleeding from her lower body. The brown color sheets and blankets had already turned black from the blood.

And the beautiful woman’s eyes had rolled behind her head. It was evident that she was dead at first glance.

Lin Fuyin’s mind halted for a moment and her gaze sharpened. She did not think before leaping up to examine the woman’s birth canal.

She frowned at the object she held in her left hand and tossed it onto the bed without thinking.

She discovered that the foot of the baby had already descended when she looked at the birth canal.

Lin Fuyin frowned and calmly used her right hand to carefully hold the tiny foot, pulling it out slowly…


There was a sound and she finally managed to pull the baby from its mother’s body. However, the baby was completely purple and its little face was blue.

But, it was still alive!

Lin Fuyin did not have time to cut the umbilical cord. She slapped down at the baby’s buttocks with trembling hands.

“Wahh…” The piercing cries of an infant rang in the air.

Lin Fuyin cleaned up the floor. The water in the basin was boiling hot and there was a new pair of scissors in it…

She was glad that the scissors were disinfected, and when her eyes drifted to the woman, who was from an ancient time period and at her stomach, her heart trembled again.

The woman’s belly had not deflated completely, and she seemed to have seen the belly moving earlier.

Could it be twins…

She had barely caught her breath, but she immediately placed the baby in her arms onto the bed and then reached out to touch the pregnant woman’s belly.

Indeed, the belly was moving vigorously. It was a baby!

This woman was indeed pregnant with twins…

Lin Fuyin had never done a cesarean in the modern period, but she knew how to do it.

She took hold of the scissors in the basin and steeled her gaze. She was cutting down!

Otherwise, the child in the woman’s belly would definitely die.

She looked at the scissors in her hand and steeled herself. She aimed at the spot three inches below the dead woman’s navel and cut down swiftly.

There was no choice, she could only use these scissors to do a cesarean…


It was fortuitous that the second infant was taken out by her from the woman’s belly like that.

What was even more fortunate was that it was not harmed at all…

The condition of this child was even better than the first. It cried the moment it came out.

Lin Fuyin wiped the two children clean and cut their umbilical cords. Then, she dressed them in soft cotton clothing that had been folded neatly in the corner and heaved a sigh of relief.

She was exhausted and felt as tired as pig. She sat down on the ice-cold earthen floor.

Then, she could finally think about what happened.

When she received another person’s memories dazedly, Lin Fuyin’s eyes flew wide open.

She was in a fictional dynasty called the Great Wei. And she was the daughter of the dead pregnant woman lying on the bed. She was only 13 this year, and also had the surname Lin and the name Fuyin.

The dead woman on the bed who had just delivered had the surname Chu, and everyone called her Mdm Chu. She was more than eight months pregnant and had gone into premature labor because she had been aggravated. However, Fuyin did not know why she experienced obstructed labor.

Because the memories of this body ended several days before her mother experienced an obstructed labor, everything that happened after that was a blank.

Lin Fuyin guessed that perhaps this poor child had experienced helplessness and fear from her mother’s death during childbirth, and did not want to think of these memories even after her death.

A trace of sorrow flashed through Lin Fuyin’s almond eyes. The two children she had delivered were a boy and a girl. They were now her little brother and sister.

The children’s father was called Lin Yuan. He was the third son of the Lin Family in Hulu Village. He was an exceptional hunter.

However, his relationship with his parents was poor because he had married Mdm Chu. He had long moved out of the family house. That was why no one was there to help when Mdm Chu went into premature labor.

Lin Fuyin looked at the two babies who were lying next to their deceased mother silently. She felt her heart wrench.

She had been an orphan in her previous life and had grown up in an orphanage. Then, she had gone to a nursing school and through her own desire to learn and hard work, became a midwife in the obstetrics department at the National University Hospital. She knew the sorrows of orphans, but these two babies had her. She would take over the original body of their elder sister and raise the two of them well!

As for the process leading up to her traveling through time…She remembered that there was an extraordinary number of pregnant women who were giving birth that day. She and Doctor Zhang from the obstetrics department were helping a woman who was experiencing obstructed labor. She had fainted after the woman gave birth successfully.

She did not expect that she would be revived in a new body in a foreign dynasty…

She had time traveled and helped a dead woman deliver her children, successfully delivering two living babies.

She thought carefully, the father of this body was an exceptional hunter. It had been four days since he entered the hills to hunt and he had yet to return.

What was she going to do to feed the babies?”

Lin Fuyin’s head hurt and she closed her eyes.

She should carry the babies out first. She remembered that this body had her own room which was right next door.

Speaking of which, this family was rather well-to-do. There were three large tiled rooms in the house. The male owner of the house was good at hunting, so they were not hurting for money.

After some consideration, Lin Fuyin felt that her current situation was not bad.

“Mdm Chu…”

“Mdm Chu, quick hand over that jinx you gave birth to!”

“That’s right, hand us the jinx!”

Lin Fuyin had just brought her little sister into her room and settled her down when she heard the familiar voices of an old and a young person shouting.

She knew that they had ill-intentions when she heard those voices.

Furthermore, they wanted some jinx.


“What Fuyin! She’s a jinx! Tie her up and burn her!” A burly elderly woman who looked ugly and ferocious yelled at the mean looking middle-aged woman behind her.

A glint flashed through Liin Fuyin’s eyes. The burly elderly woman was the grandmother of this body, Mdm Wu. The mean looking woman was this body’s aunt, Mdm Zhao.


Mdm Zhao and Mdm Wu rushed into her mother, Mdm Chu’s room. They screamed shrilly in fright when they saw the bed filled with blood.

“Someone’s dead…”Her aunt screamed and ran out of the room like a madwoman.

Her grandmother, Mdm Wu might be large and tall, but she was old. When she saw the deceased Mdm Chu, she sat on the doorsill. She stared dazedly at the bed and at the bundle Fuyin had not yet had the time to move.

That was her newborn brother who had been frightened by Mdm Zhao and Mdm Wu’s shrill screams.

“Mdm Chu…she gave birth?” With that, Mdm Wu’s aged eyes finally moved and she glared at Lin Fuyin.

Lin Fuyin did not even spare her a glance. She walked to the child and patted him gently.

“Yes, they are my mother’s children.”

She knew from the memories of this body that this grandmother and first aunt had disliked her mother, Mdm Chu for decades. They had always had ulterior motives towards the Third Family.

She did not have to be polite to them.

Mdm Wu looked at Mdm Chu’s pale white face which was tinged with a hint of blue and shuddered. She said, “The child…is it a boy or girl?”

She was obsessed with this even though Mdm Chu had died in childbirth. If she had a boy, the Third Family would have a descendant.

The First Family’s plots would thus be futile. She definitely did not want that to happen!

“Grandmother, is this the only thing you’re concerned about?” Lin Fuyin looked at her coldly.

This supposed grandmother of hers only had a calculating gaze in her eyes. There was not a single trace of pity or sadness in her eyes. Lin Fuyin’s heart felt as cold as icicles in the winter frost.

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