The Village Doctress-Chapter 4 Won’t Do Anything About the Funeral

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The Village Doctress-Chapter 4 Won’t Do Anything About the Funeral

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Chapter 4 Won’t Do Anything About the Funeral

Mdm Wu pursed her lips and glared at Lin Fuyin

before saying to Mdm Li, “The old man at home has not yet said anything, how can I? Furthermore, Number Three has always had a mind of his own. He had also kicked up a fuss to marry this wife of his. Now that something like this has happened, he can settle it himself.”

“Do you mean that you all at the Lin family home will not do anything regarding Mdm Chu’s funeral?” Mdm Li asked angrily.

If the Lin Family washed their hands off the matter, the villagers would have to help. Harvest was about to approach, who would have time for it?

“Hurmph,” Mdm Wu harrumphed. “Didn’t you all send anyone to go look for Lin Yuan?”

Mdm Li was enraged, she said, “The village’s junior officer sent a few young men into the mountains to look for him. However, the days are getting hotter and hotter. Mdm Chu’s body might start smelling before we find him!”

“Then that’s his business. Who asked him to go into the mountains to hunt when his wife is more than eight months pregnant?” Mdm Wu said stubbornly.

Mdm Wu had yet to forgive Lin Yuan. It was his fault for not listening to her when she arranged for him to marry her niece and insisting on marrying the short-lived Mdm Chu when he was younger.

Mdm Wu’s family had looked down on her because of this matter, saying that she was incapable, not even able to make decisions for her son.

This matter alone could make Mdm Wu hate Number Three for a whole lifetime. Furthermore, Number Three had never listened to her. He had also refused to adopt Number One’s third son.

“Exactly, this matter has nothing to do with us at the Lin family home.” Mdm Zhao’s face was dark, and she felt even more resentful as she thought about. She continued, “Auntie Li, if you don’t burn this devil’s spawn now, and she really kills everyone in this village, would you be able to bear the responsibility?”

A cold glimmer flashed through Lin Fuyin’s eyes when she heard that.

“Disregarding everything else, if you dare encourage anyone to burn me, my father will be the first to wave his knife at you when he returns. Don’t harm others and yourself.” Lin Fuyin warned. Though they said that she was a jinx and wanted to kill her, Fuyin had never become flustered through it all.

Her eyes were clear and cold with a hint of disdain. Mdm Zhao’s heart skipped a beat.

She had not known that Lin Fuyin, whom Mdm Chu had groomed as a well-born lady, had such a clear mind and such powerful disposition which was indescribable.

It was not just Mdm Zhao. The other village women, including the village’s junior officer’s wife, Mdm Li, also looked at her in surprise.

They all thought to themselves, ‘This girl had indeed been taught by Mdm Chu. Mdm Chu was literate and placed focused on etiquette and grooming…She had educated her daughter to be different from other daughters in the village…’

If a regular farm girl encountered such matter, they would not be able to use logic against their elders. They would all be flustered!

Mdm Zhao looked at Lin Fuyin somewhat jealously. It seemed as if this was her first time meeting her.

The chit was so powerful, her two silly girls would not be able to catch up even if they rode on horses.

She was not a village girl. Those who did not know would think that she was a knowledgable young lady from a wealthy and good family!

She thought of the plans her sister-in-law had and thought, ‘This chit has to be destroyed if she cannot become my First Nephew’s wife.”

Otherwise, she was afraid that when Mdm Chu’s bastards grow up and have such a powerful sister, Number One’s third son would have no part in the Third Family’s vast wealth.

She had never intended to have her third son learn to do farm chores since he was born; and had never intended for him to learn to read and write. Now that he was older, how would he survive if he did not inherit the Third Family’s wealth?

Mdm Zhao grew more determined to eliminate Lin Fuyin and her siblings when she thought of that.

However, the village’s junior officer dared not move forward because of Mdm Chu’s death. Mdm Zhao had no other ideas.

But, that was no problem. She could ask fortune-teller Zhao for help…

“Auntie Li, since the First Family is not willing to hold my mother’s funeral, then I shall do it. But please tell the junior officer and have him help Fuyin look after the matter. Fuyin will be very grateful!”

Lin Fuyin had never pinned hopes on the First Family holding Mdm Chu’s funeral. That was why there was not a trace of fear or panic in her features when she said this to Mdm Li, looking at her firmly.

Mdm Li was stunned once more. She stared at Lin Fuyin, who was too calm, dazedly…

She was the village’s junior officer’s wife, and was rather knowledgable. But even she did not dare say that she could hold a funeral.

“Fuyin…”Daya’s mother, Mdm Song was somewhat moved, and also a little worried. “Holding a funeral is not simple. You’re just a girl, how would you be able to do it?”

Lin Fuyin knew that Mdm Song was worried for her. She looked at Mdm Song gratefully and said, “Auntie, I can do it.”

These four simple words, “I can do it,” touched all the other village women other than Mdm Wu and Zhao.

Even if this child was really a jinx, she was a filial daughter!

Filial piety was thought of to be the greatest virtue in the Great Wei. They all slowly started to support Lin Fuyin.

“I will discuss this with the junior officer,” Mdm Li thought about it and told Fuyin.

Lin Fuyin nodded gratefully and bowed deeply. She said, “I’ll leave it to you and Uncle officer.”

Mdm Li sighed and left for work.

The village’s junior officer was invited to the Lin Family’s central room. After listening to the message Mdm Li had conveyed, he frowned and thought about it. Since the Lin Family was not willing to help, and the weather waited for no one, he had to agree to allow Lin Fuyin to hold Mdm Chu’s funeral.

But he really despised those from the Lin family home.

However, their grudge was a horse of another color. The deceased was more important!

The Lin family’s behavior was horrid!

Lin Fuyin had asked Daya’s mother, Mdm Zhu to invite an old woman to help her mother pack up her belongings. Then, she left to meet the village’s junior officer.

The village’s junior officer was a burly man in his 40s. He had a goatee and looked very energetic. His eyes shone with wisdom and wits of a merchant.

The village’s junior officer sized up Lin Fuyin. The lass was indeed just like what the rumors say. She had been groomed to be like a well-born lady by Mdm Chu.

She was not only pretty, but her disposition and deportment were also different from the girls in the village. Her guts had also surprised him.

He could not help but think, could a girl like that be a “jinx”?

But he also knew that 13 years ago, there was a meteor shower on the night when the girl was born prematurely…The midwife then and a few other elders in the village all knew about it.

Furthermore, Mdm Zhao had said that the fortune-teller Zhao from the Zhao village where she came from had calculated that she would have a hard life and was a huge jinx.

He dared not gamble with the lives of everyone in the village…

“Uncle Officer?” Lin Fuyin called.

“Be at ease,” the village’s junior officer said gently. He could not be mean at the gracious and polite girl. “I know what happened. How do you plan to hold your mother’s funeral?”

Without waiting for Lin Fuyin to say anything, he continued, “What I want to tell you, is that your mother died young and had died in labor. This is not happy mourning, but an inauspicious one. Even if it was not because of the weather, she could not stay at home for too long. The earlier the funeral, the better.”

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