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The Village Doctress-Chapter 2 Jinx, Devil’s Spawn

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Chapter 2 Jinx, Devil’s Spawn

Lin Fuyin shut her eyes tightly. And when she opened them again, her eyes were filled with determination.

From the memories of this body, Lin Fuyin was very much doted on by her young parents. Her life was peaceful and blissful, and she was innocent and kind.

But she was different. She had been an orphan since she was little and had seen both the good and bad of the world. Even if this body’s memories did not have any useful clues, her senses told her that the death of her mother, Mdm Chu, was not simple!

She was unafraid of how many difficult relatives this body had. She would definitely seek revenge for Lin Fuyin’s deceased mother!

She would help this body bring up the two children and not let down the body she borrowed from the young lady…

Mdm Wu felt silly as her granddaughter whom she rarely saw stared at her. The wench seemed different.

Even though the wench’s words were sharp before, she had never had such an intense gaze…

“Everyone, quick come and see. This Fuyin is indeed a jinx. Her mother had only been eight months pregnant and had died having gone into premature labor. Both mother and child are dead…”

Mdm Zhao returned, squawking, after running out. There were a few older village women following her.

After they entered Mdm Chu’s room and saw her sorry state, they could not help but shake their heads. The fear in their eyes as they looked at Lin Fuyin grew.

Lin Fuyin knew that these villagers were ignorant and really thought of her as a jinx. However, what she did not understand was, she was only about ten years old, how did she become the jinx that they spoke of?

“Eh, why are there two placentas on the floor?” shouted someone with sharp eyes who discovered two fresh placentas.

“Could it be…Mdm Chu had difficult labor because she was having twins?”

“Who delivered the babies?”

The women asked, chattering noisily.

Most of them were kind people but were afraid after listening to the rumors Mdm Wu spread about Mdm Chu’s eldest daughter, Lin Fuyin, being a jinx.

If Mdm Chu had gone though a difficult labor because she had twins, then it had nothing to do with Lin Fuyin being a jinx.

Looking at those women and listening to the deeper meaning behind their words, Lin Fuyin seemed to have understood something. Her expression softened when she looked at them as compared to when she looked at Mdm Wu and Mdm Zhao.

Mdm Zhao saw that the village women were not as hostile and immediately placed her hands at her waist. She yelled, “What twins and difficult labor? It is because Lin Fuyin is a jinx who jinxed her mother. When all those close to her are dead, she’ll jinx the villagers!”

Lin Fuyin had never been good-tempered, but her job had caused her to cultivate a good disposition and endurance. However, she did not feel like enduring anything right now.

She looked at Mdm Zhao’s annoying face and slapped her.

Everyone was stunned as they stared at Lin Fuyin.

She was very young, and they had not expected that she would dare to hit Mdm Zhao, who was her elder. Furthermore, Mdm Zhao was just an inch shorter than Mdm Wu and was considered large among women. Was she not afraid that Mdm Zhao would hit her?

She must have been upset at her mother’s death, how pitiful.

Mdm Zhao wanted to retaliate immediately after she was hit.

Before Mdm Zhao could retaliate, Lin Fuyin’s crystal clear eyes gleamed.

She asked scornfully, “Don’t you just want those three tile-roofed rooms of ours? Do you have to force us to our deaths?”

“Bullshit!” Mdm Zhao was enraged and she touched her swollen face. She scolded, “Your grandparents told my family and me long ago that my third son is in charge of your house. Do I need to plot for it?”

Lin Fuyin had never seen such a shameless woman before. She knew from her memories that Mdm Zhao had always wanted to send her third son over to the Third Family so he could inherit the Third Family’s wealth. However, Fuyin’s parents had never agreed.

That was why Mdm Zhao hated them.

Now that Fuyin was here, she was even more determined that she would not allow this house to be taken by the woman. Fuyin could at least stay in this house.

“My mother already gave birth to my younger brother!” Lin Fuyin said steadily.

“What?” Mdm Zhao heard what she said and immediately ran over, wanting to unwrap the bundle on the bed.

Lin Fuyin waved her hand away and said coldly, “Ladies, you have all seen, isn’t my aunt doing this for our house? She wanted to check when she heard that my mother had given birth to a son.”

The village women all looked down when they heard that. They thought that Mdm Zhao was being too obvious even though this was not the first time.

“Say, Eldest Lin Daughter-in-law, you said that Fuyin was a jinx a few days ago. Why exactly is she a jinx?” Someone could not help but ask.

Mdm Zhao yelled, “Fortune-teller Zhao from my family village said so. He’s really accurate!”

The village women did not say anything after that. They all rather trusted fortune-teller Zhao.

Lin Fuyin had an epiphany. This meant that Mdm Zhao had long released the rumor that she was a jinx. She had done it deliberately!

She just did not know if Mdm Zhao was the mastermind behind it. If this was so, then it could be easily settled.

But if she were not, then it would be tricky. She might have caught the attention of someone and be in big trouble. However, she was just a village girl, who had she offended?

“That’s right, you all know about fortune-teller Zhao, right? What else do you all have to say?” Mdm Zhao was pleased and pointed at the village women one by one when she saw that they did not speak.

“I think you’re doing this intentionally. You spread the rumor that I was a jinx when my mother was eight months pregnant, hoping that it would cause her to miscarriage…”Lin Fuyin gritted her teeth and looked at Mdm Zhao angrily and scornfully.

She would definitely blame Mdm Zhao for the death of her mother, Mdm Chu.

“You wench, how dare you to slander me. See if I don’t beat you to death!” Mdm Zhao rushed over, wanting to hit Lin Fuyin but was pulled back by a few village women.

The village women were close to Mdm Chu. When they saw that she had died in childbirth, they felt pity for her children.

“The child’s aunt, why bother with a child who had just lost her mother? She’s quite pitiful. Her mother died and left behind two children, how is she going to keep them alive?” An older village woman sighed.

“But she can’t just talk nonsense!” Fuyin’s grandmother, Mdm Wu, looked at her darkly. She suddenly asked, “Why did you not look for the midwife when your mother is giving birth? She might not have had difficult labor if the midwife was here! So you have jinxed your mother!”

Lin Fuyin gritted her teeth silently. She had forgotten that her grandmother was not a simple woman.

“Midwife? Aren’t you all prepared to burn me to death? I’d have been dragged off to be burned before I even leave this door. If that were so, those two children would have died, much less my mother!”

Lin Fuyin really wanted to gouge out Mdm Wu and Mdm Zhao’s hearts and see what color they were.


Suddenly, Mdm Zhao screamed madly again. She had lifted the blankets covering Mdm Chu while Fuyin and Mdm Wu were sparring verbally.

Everyone inhaled sharply when they looked over.

Then, when they turned around to look at Lin Fuyin, the way they looked at her had changed. They looked at her as if she was really a devil or a demon.

“She’s not only a jinx, but she’s also the devil’s spawn!” Mdm Zhao screamed, her voice trembling as she yelled. “It’s her, she was the one who cut open Mdm Chu’s stomach with scissors and pulled those two children out!”

Mdm Wu almost fainted when she heard her eldest daughter-in-law scream.

“Oh, my ancestors, what sins have the Lin family committed…to have such a jinx…”

“Mother, I already said she’s a jinx. She’s the devil’s spawn. Quick, take her out and burn her to death!” Mdm Zhao looked at Mdm Wu, panicked. She was truly afraid.

She had never heard of such a terrifying thing in all her years…

“Also, we can’t keep these two little spawns. Their mother is dead, but they are still alive. They are jinxes just like their older sister. They are the devil’s spawn!” Mdm Zhao added on in fear.

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