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The Alluring Physician-Chapter 6 I am Sheng Fang

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My lady, my lady. Bad news. The princess ordered you to see her now!” Chun Ni dashed towards her with her forehead covered in perspiration.

Yue Niang threw aside the needlework in her hands. She stared at Chun Ni with her big and round eyes.

“My lady, the princess stranded you in this courtyard for five years. Why now…”

She finally couldn’t resist it any longer!

Gu Qingwen calmly put down the medical book in her hands and raised her eyes slightly, looking serene. She sighed and said, “It’s time.”

“What do you mean by ‘it’s time’?” Yue Niang pulled her lady’s sleeve and asked with a cracking voice.

Qingwan did not reply her but said softly, “Yue Niang, stay here. Let Chun Ni follow me.”

“My lady, I…” Yue Niang spoke halfway and swallowed her words. She was the personal servant of the Qian residence and the princess might be reminded of the Qian residence upon seeing her. This would not benefit her lady.

“I…hope you can return safely!” Yue Niang said forcefully.

Gu Qingwan smiled gently. Her smile was beautiful.

“Don’t worry. I just wish to test the depth of the water in this residence.”

For the past five years, Gu Qingwan rarely stepped out from her own courtyard through the main door.

The former two servants guarding the main door were already chased out of her courtyard through her schemes. Today, the people in her courtyard were all her people.

This small courtyard was a supermundane land, which was isolated from all chaos in the large mansion. It was a place that allowed her to pace herself and make solid plans.

Now that the man was here, there was a high possibility that he would visit her clinic. If that was the case…It was time for her to go out and have a walk.

Gu Qingwan hesitated and turned around. She took a quick glance at the boston ivy on the wall of her courtyard and her eyes sparkled for a short moment.

“Aunt and Qingwan, you must widen your eyes and take a look. See how I am going to slowly pay back to those people who had bullied you in the past,” she thought silently.


“My lady, give your greetings to your mother!” Chun Ni softely hinted her at the side.

“Give…give…greetings…to…Mother,” Gu Qingwan stuttered as she clapped her hands and giggled.

Princess Huayang gave a cold smirk as she looked at the sixth lady, who was helped up by her servant. The princess thought that the sixth lady was indeed pretty, but it was a pity that she was a retarded child, who could not even differentiate the good from the bad.

“Now that the lady is older, she should know her manners to stand up and greet people. Otherwise, she will be a joke when she gets married in future. From tomorrow onwards, she needs to give her greetings to the elders daily and there’s no reason for her to slack off.”

Chun Ni hurriedly said, “Princess, our lady’s health…”

“How dare you speak to the princess!” Granny Tan reprimanded sternly.

Princess Huayang lifted the tea cup and said, “The more she’s like this, the stricter we should be with her. Unless you want our sixth lady to remain unmarried in the Gu residence for her entire life? Child, come to Mother. We shall teach you how to serve tea today!”

Gu Qingwan giggled foolishly and stood at the same place. Her eyes looked dark and hollow.

Princess Huayang hinted Granny Tan with her eyes.

Granny Tan understood what she meant and walked forward to pull the sixth lady’s hand. She quietly squeezed her hand forcefully, smiled and said, “Our princess wants to teach the sixth lady some rules. Servants, pour a cup of tea for our sixth lady.”

A servant served a tray of tea set. Chun Ni took a glance at it and broke out in a cold sweat. There was no doubt that the tea was piping-hot. If it was poured onto the lady’s body under this hot weather…

“Sixth lady, you need to hold the cup first. Lift it up high. Both your knees should be slightly bent…”

Gu Qingwan observed how Granny Tan opened and closed her big mouth. She suddenly jumped up excitedly and said, “I know…Qingwan…knows!”

The servant was taken aback and took a step back consciously. Her hands trembled and the tea cup on the tray landed on the floor with a crash. The piping-hot tea was splashed onto the floor.

Princess Huayang’s face turned pale. Granny Tan reacted swiftly and gave that servant a slap on her face.

“Are you asking for death? You can’t even take a tea tray properly.”

Gu Qingwan then took the opportunity to cry aloud. Her cries were as loud as thunder.

A slim and tall silhouette lifted the curtain and walked into the room. He pulled Gu Qingwan behind him and said angrily, “What have you done to Qingwan?”

Princess Huayang patted her clothes, stood up and said, “Second master, you’re here. I am teaching her rules. She’s getting older. It’s not good for her to remain like this. I’ve neglected her education in the past.”

Gu Songtao took a deep breath, grittled his teeth and said, “Princess, you do not have to bother yourself with this trivial matter.”

“What are you talking about, my master? I am, afterall, her mother.” Princess Huayang argued as she took a step forward and stared straight into his eyes, not willing to be outdone.

Gu Songtao did not dare to go against the princess’ stern look. He turned his head sideway and said gently, “She’s different from the others. No matter how you teach her, she won’t learn. Why waste your effort?”

Princess Huayang faked a smile and said, “Of course you won’t bother. You’re practically visiting the Spring Flower Courtyard every day. I am her legal mother, so I should pay more attention to her.”


Gu Songhao was filled with anger, to the extent that he could neither speak a word nor remain quiet.

Spring Flower Courtyard used to be the courtyard of Mistress Qian. After the Qian family died, Gu Songtao made a plaque with reference to her name as a commemoration.

“Second master, don’t you think I am right?” Princess Huayang pressed on and asked.

Gu Songtao instantly looked like a deflated balloon. He said with his long face, “I will not do it next time. The child is still young, don’t wear yourself out.”

Princess Huayang gave a satisfied smile and said, “Servants, seal off Spring Flower Courtyard. Without my orders, no one should permit the second master to enter the place.”

Color drained from Gu Songtao’s face. His body trembled with anger but he dared not speak a word.

Princess Huayang raised her chin and walked pass the people beside him arrogantly. She then pulled Gu Qingwan into a hug and gently patted her back, before she said with a tender look in her eyes, “Good child. Return to your courtyard and stay there. Whatever you wish to eat or play, just tell Mother.”

What a cookie slap. Gu Qingwan suddenly thought of an idea and hugged Princess Huayang tightly instead. She hopped and jumped as she said, “Eat…eat…Qingwan…wants to eat nice food!”

Princess Huayang immediately gave a disgusted look. She could no longer pretend to be her kind mother as she pushed Gu Qingwan away from her and turned to hug the man’s arm.

As she walked towards the house, she chuckled and said, “Dear master, I just received a news that King Shou came to the south. Out of all the princes, my Father doted him the most. Once he’s here, I’ll ask him to assist you to climb up the career ladder…”

Gu Qingwan noticed her father was led in by the princess like a puppet and she started to laugh foolishly. She mimicked the princess’ words as she giggled and said, “Climb up…climb up…Mama…I want to climb up!”

Gu Songtao had obviously shuddered upon hearing the words and scolded, “Hurry and bring your lady back to the courtyard!”

Gu Qingwan looked shocked and innocently pouted her lips. She then stared at her father blankly with her teary eyes.

Gu Songtao seemed heartache, yet he swang his sleeves, turned his body and left the place.

A tiny mocking smile flashed across Qingwan’s face. She just called out “Mama” and this had made the second master of the Gu residence anxious. It seemed like the events that had happened for the past five years were like wines. They tasted better with age.

In the afternoon, there was a heavy downpour, which instantly became a thunderstorm.

Gu Qingwan stood by the window as the strong wind blew against her face and her hair.

Yue Niang walked towards her quietly and said, “My lady, I received a news from the forecourt. The princess invites King Shou to stay in the residence.”

“What did the old master say?”

“The old master agreed instantly, of course. He even hired the most famous performing team in the south to welcome King Shou’s arrival.”

The helmsman of the Gu residence, who could force his daughter-in-law to commit suicide, was definitely a person who knew how to go with the flow. Moreover, the guest was King Shou, who was a special guest that could not be invited easily for a stay.

Gu Qingwan smiled and said, “Seems like the residence is going to be busy these two days. It’s good news for us as well. No one will bother about us when they’re busy.”

Yue Niang nodded and added, “My lady, there’s news from the hut.”

“Is that person awake?”

“My lady indeed knows the best.”

Gu Qingwan grinned and said, “Since I’m free now, I’ll have a look. Come with me.”

“But my lady, it’s raining cats and dogs outside now?”

“That’s why it is safe!”

The cat alley was famous for its narrowness. Three years ago, the Jin residence moved in.

The Jin residence was very huge. Its compound and inner yards were blocked off with high walls. The compound was used for medical consultation, while the inner yards were used to admit the patients.

Gu Qingwan walked into the inner yards and saw a muscular figure standing at the end of the long corridor. He was standing upright like a pine tree. She frowned as she walked towards him with an umbrella.

The man turned around and noticed that someone was here. A look of gratefulness was displayed on his cold and stern face.

“You saved me?” His voice was low and thick, almost emotionless.

Gu Qingwan grinned and said, “You just woke up. It’s better for you to rest on the bed. Afterall, it’s not easy for me to save someone from the hands of the Hades.”

The man’s eyes shone brightly.

The woman in front of him was small and her skin was fairer than the snow. She looked beautiful. It was as though she was from a painting. Her hair was tied in a loose bun without any accessories. Her black eyes seemed exceptionally clear, like black marbles, when contrasted with the white snow in the background.

He never thought that the famous Physician Jin in the South Zhili was actually an unmarried woman. The man said coldly, “I heard that you will ask your patient to help you do something in return?”

“That’s right. That’s the rule here.” Gu Qingwan nodded and said.

“What do you need me to do?”

Gu Qingwan smiled beautifully and said, “You just need to tell me your name.”

The man was slightly dumbfounded. He revealed a grim expression, which directly pierced through Gu Qingwan’s heart like an arrow.

Gu Qingwan felt a tightness at her chest for no reason, yet she continued to display a casual smile on her face.

Five days ago, this man was brought in by two men in black. He was covered in blood and was at the brink of death. There were a total of 32 slashes caused by a Taoist sword on his body and the most fatal wound was, in fact, the one on his left chest. It was less than two inches apart from his heart and lungs. For two days and two nights, she worked non-stop to pull this man back from the Gate of Hell.

After a long time, the man pursed his thin lips and said with his eyes filled with sorrow, “I am Sheng Fang.

Gu Qingwan gave a faint smile and her eyes seemed to beam with hope. She pulled her umbrella lower to prevent him from seeing her expression.

It had been five years!

For the past five years, she had not heard of anyone with the surname “Sheng”. She somehow felt strange yet nostalgic when she heard it. If not for her father who had married into the Qian family, her surname should be “Sheng”.

The Sheng family was an aristocratic family which was well-known in martial arts. Ever since the beginning of this reign, the Sheng family had followed Taizu to battle in wars all over the land. The Sheng family was then titled the Major General of the Flying Cavalry of the Second Rank as a reward for their deeds by the Emperor.

There were many men in the Sheng family. At her father’s generation, there were a total of 14 sons in the residence. Her father was the son of the legal wife and was the ninth child in the family. Many had known him as the Ninth Sheng.

It was inevitable for the martial arts people to get injured and the wounded must be treated by physicians. Hence, the Sheng family and the Qian family were great friends.

Her grandfather, Qian Zongfang, only had two daughters and he always wanted her eldest daughter, Qian Chunrong, to get a husband who was willing to marry into her family so as to take over the family’s business. As such, the son of the Sheng family became her grandfather’s top choice.

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