The Alluring Physician-Chapter 10 Little Hades (II)

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The Alluring Physician-Chapter 10 Little Hades (II)

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Chapter 10 Little Hades (II)

The street along the River Pingjiang in Suzhou was built with brothels, of which, Brothel Shu was the grandest.

When the night fell, the lanterns lights beautified the street. Large red lanterns were hung around the classic and elegant looking brothels. Music played from the various wooden instruments were heard along the street. The street was bustling with life.

In a room on the second floor, a Jiangnan woman in nicely embroidered tulle dress was pouting her lips and concealing her face as she coquetted with the man beside her like a butterfly.

Zhao Jingyan held a wine cup in one hand and rested his other hand on the woman’s nipple. His fingers were gently dancing on the nipple. “Jiangnan women are really fantastic. Their breasts are soft. Their legs are slim and long. Most importantly, their voices are gentle and alluring.” He thought.

Ah Li entered the room in his green coat and stared directly at him.

Zhao Jingyan did not change his posture as he asked lazily, “So, how is it?”

“My master, there’s a message from Qingfeng Medical Hall. Physician Jin is feeling unwell and the clinic will be closed for three days.”

The handsome yet demon-like face changed twice. Zhao Jingyan gently frowned his brows and gulped his cup of wine. He then gave a fake smile and said, “What a coincidence!”

The woman in his arms gently pouted her red lips and said flirtatiously, “Master, you must be feeling unwell since you wants to see Physician Jin. Come, let me ease your pain.”

Zhao Jingyan smiled gently and said, “Your master is feeling unwell all over.”

“You are so cheeky!” The woman punched him playfully in his chest. Her almond-shaped eyes shone brightly and beautifully.

Li couldn’t stand looking at them. He gave a straight face and said, “Master, are we going to wait or not?”

“Tell me baby, should I wait for that Physician Jin?” Zhao Jingyan said as he pinched the woman’s nipple hard.

The woman moved up to his neck and spoke elegantly, “My master, Qing’er dare not lie to you. This Physician Jin is worth waiting for.”

“Oh, tell me more.”

“This person has the ability to revive the dead. Many Suzhou people said that her medical skill is way better than the Imperial Physician in the Imperial Medical Department.”

“Is she really that good?”

“Moreover, this Physician Jin does not take money from her patients. She just need the patients to get the herbs from Qingfeng Medical Hall and fulfill her request in return.”

“Oh, that’s surprising.”

Zhao Jingyan’s eyes sparkled as he said jokingly, “What if that physician requested the patient to murder someone or burn down another’s property…”

“My master!”

The woman deliberately rubbed her nipples against his body and said annoyingly, “Physician Jin is here to help people, so the physician must be a soft-hearted person. The request will at most be asking the patient to provide a bowl of porridge to the beggar, or humor them with some jokes. Why would a physician request the patients to do such cruel things? Moreover, Physician Jin has helped many poor people in Suzhou.”

Zhao Jingyan gave a thoughtful look and gazed at the woman in his arms with intensively. He then revealed a smile and said, “I’ll listen to my baby. I’ll wait!”

After listening to their conversation, Li nodded his head silently, but remained stationary.

“Anything else?” Zhao Jingyuan asked impatiently. “What a dumb man, he thought, doesn’t he know that his master has more important matter to attend to?” He thought.

Ah Li took a look at that woman before he cleared his throat and said intentionally, “Master, as for Princess Huayang…If the Emperor asked about it…”

Zhao Jingyan understood what Ah Li meant. He gently frowned his brows and acted as though he was thinking hard. After a short while, he sighed and said, “Forget it. Though she and I are not the same kind of people, I have, afterall, travelled all the way here. There’s no harm paying her a visit!”

In a wide courtyard of the Gu residence, Princess Huayang, who was dressed in light clothing, was lying down on the royal day bed with her eyes closed. There were two servants standing beside her, one of them was fanning her with fan while the other was massaging her with a massager.

Granny Tan lifted the beaded curtain and entered the room, “Princess, King Shou has arrived in Suzhou and has sent a greeting letter to the old master.”

“Why is the Little Hades here? Where is he staying now?”

Princess Huayang was delighted upon hearing the news as she quickly stood up. She waved her hands and her servants quiety retreated.

Granny Tan came closer to her and whispered, “He’s staying in a Ten Thousand Flowers Pavilion!”


Princess Huayang said sternly, “Servants, go and tidy up the best courtyard in the Gu residence. Granny Tan, ask the butler to personally invite him here.”

“Yes, princess.”

Princess Huayang smirked and said, “That old bastard insists to get a concubine for the second master. I want to see if he still dares to have such request when my brother is here.”

Granny Tan appeared happy and was just about to leave the room.

“Hold on!”

“What else can I do for you?”

“Where’s the second master?”

Granny Tan hesitated for a moment, She carefully observed her princess’ reaction as she said, “The second master went to Spring Flower Courtyard.”

“Spring Flower Courtyard again!” The princess thought.

She swang her wide sleeves fiercely. A high-quality blue and white pottery cup crashed onto the floor and broke.

“Does he really think that I can tolerate his nonsense so he kept stepping over the line? Servants, get the sixth lady here. I’ve not seen that child for a long time. It’s time for me to show her some care.”

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