The Alluring Physician-Chapter 1 Revival From Hell (I)

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The Alluring Physician-Chapter 1 Revival From Hell (I)

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Chapter 1 Revival From Hell (I)

“When will my lady be awake, Qian Fu?”

Yue Niang asked as she held a spoon in one hand and a handkerchief in another. The handkerchief was used to wipe the lips as soon as the spoonful of medicine was fed.

The person in bed remained unconscious.

Qian Fu, who was covered with grey hair, removed the last needle from the body. He was drenched in perspiration.

“Yue Niang, what you lady drank was a soul-crushing poison. Even if Old Master Qian were still alive, he might not be able to prevent her death too.”

Qian Fu kept his silver needle and sighed softly. He then shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that she might not be able to make it.”

Yue Niang fell to her knees and cried, “Qian Fu, please save my lady. I beg of you!”

Qian Fu replied regretfully, “I should be blamed for this. If only I had come earlier…”

The room was filled with sorrowful and heart-wrenching cries.

On the bed laid a motionless body whose face was as white as a sheet. There was no doubt that this person had died.

Thirty-second year of the Baoqing reign, winter.

It was the eighth of the last lunar month, which was considered a very lucky day.

The evening sky was oddly red. A joyous mood had filled the entire mansion, which spread out to the boundless sky and stretched across every street.

Loud sounds of the gong could be heard throughout the east courtyard, and plentiful red lanterns were hung from the mansion roof. The whole place was bustling with noises.

Many guests from respectable families in Suzhou had gathered at the main hall, which was lighted with red candles.

“The auspicious hour has arrived. Newly-weds, bow to the heaven——”

At the south-west corner of a cold and deserted courtyard, a white banner was plastered over the main door. Two servants with fully grown hair were chatting softly with each other as they munched on the sunflower seeds out of boredom.

“The sixth lady is such a poor girl. She has been lying in bed like a dead person for the past three months, yet no one in this mansion cared to show any concern to her.”

“Everyone is busy welcoming the princess into the family. Who will have time for her?”

“I heard that the princess’ former husband had only passed away half a year ago and now she is bringing along a child with her into this family.”

“If she wasn’t a widow, why would she marry our second master? Princess Huayang is, after all, the youngest daughter of the Old King Qi, who is the kinsman of the Emperor. Seems like it’s time for the Gu family to prosper.”

“It’s a pity for the second mistress though. She’s such a good person, yet she was forced to drink the poison…”

“Shut your damn mouth. If someone heard you, you will be dead.”

However, their voices had already penetrated through the heavy, thick cotton curtain and into the inner room. Upon hearing them, Qian Fu became upset and limped his way out of the room.

Yue Niang suppressed her sorrow as she got up to add more charcoal into the brazier. She then prepared a basin of hot water, squeezed the water from the towel and used it to clean her lady’s body.

“Lady, you heard what they said. The second mistress had passed on for only three months. She has not even been buried for long, and the second master is already getting himself a new second mistress. What a heartless man he is!”

As the cloth became cold, Yue Niang soaked it in hot water and squeezed it dry again.

“Lady, we ought to be thankful to Qian Fu for all he has done these days. He escaped from the capital city under Old Master Qian’s order and had even broken his leg during his escape. He did all these just to notify our second mistress about what happened. However, he was still too late…my lady…you got to wake up. If you don’t, I doubt I can live too.”

Yue Niang gradually began to sob.

Just then, a pair of eyes were slowly opening.

The eyes were black, distant and as deep as the ocean. They seemed to be filled with mixed emotions, yet they appeared peaceful and serene.

Still unaware of the situation, Yue Niang turned around to squeeze the warm towel that was used to clean the lady’s body.

“Yue Niang!”

A gentle yet deep voice called out, as if it was calling out from Hell.

Yue Niang was taken aback.

This was followed by a loud clanking noise as the copper basin was kicked over. Yue Niang threw herself against the side of the bed and stared intensively at the girl in bed.

“I’m awake, Yue Niang.” The girl blinked her eyes as she gently whispered the words in her red lips.

Yue Niang was scared out of her wits and she fell hard on the ground.

“Qian Fu —— Qian Fu!”


Qian Fu quickly limped his way back. He, too, was stunned by what he saw, as he dropped the Chinese herbs in his hand onto the ground.

The girl then slowly pushed herself up from the bed and sat down. Her oval-shaped face, snow white skin, and straight-cut fringe made her looked like an adorable clay doll.

“I’m awake, Yue Niang.”

“Lady…you actually…actually…spoke!”

Yue Niang exclaimed as she got up anxiously. Due to an accident during pregnancy, the lady was born mentally retarded and would tend to stammer. So, how on earth could she…

She widened her eyes to size up her lady. Her lady looked just like before, yet there was something different. Her eyes used to be in a daze. Yet now, her eyes were as clear as water.

Yue Niang held her lady’s hand and sobbed as she said, “Heaven has eyes. The second mistress must have blessed our lady from Heaven.”

The girl blinked her eyes slightly as her gaze fell upon Qian Fu. She cleared her throat and asked, “Qian Fu, did you save me?”

Qian Fu stumbled and was taken aback. He had never met the sixth lady before, so how did she recognize him?

“Who…who…are you?”

The girl smiled gently and said, “The Qian family has always been renowned for their medical skill. Your grandfather’s expertise is in pulse taking while your mother’s expertise is in the use of herbs. And as for you, your expertise is in acupuncture. Who else is capable of forcing the toxins of the soul-crushing poison out from my body except for you?”

Qian Fu’s face turned as white as a sheet until one could even see his nerves bulging out from his skin.  His eyes were so widely opened that his eye balls were almost popping out of their sockets.

Growing up in the Qian family along with his years of experience and knowledge acquired from roving around the world, he had heard many of such strange happenings.

He felt a chill down his spine before he gathered up enough courage to ask again, “Who…exactly…are you!”

The girl did not reply immediately. Instead, she stopped looking at him and lowered her eyes. Her thick and curly lashes had hidden away her mixed emotions.

Yue Niang’s palms became drenched in sweat as she attempted to probe further, “Are…are…you… really my lady?”

The girl remained silent for a long while before raising her head.

At this moment, nothing could hide the disappointment and loneliness shown on her face.

“I am Qian Ziqi!”

Her voice was not loud, yet it was crispy clear for everyone in the room to hear her.

This was then followed by dead silence.

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