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Author: Dou Tian Xin



Description: Luo Qi got hit by a car. Luo Qi kicked the bucket.Luo Qi went through a time travel with a system. The system said, “You are an imperial concubine in the Cold Palace. You have to defeat the highest-ranking imperial concubine, the empress, a dozen concubines that the emperor favors, and untold concubines who are not favored by the emperor. And after you finally win the emperor’s liking, you then have accomplished the missions of the imperial harem. “Wait? Harem Fight?” Luo Qi looked at the primitive humans who were dressing in animal skins and beating stones in the cave, she felt that it was really an arduous task. “What a damned system! This is the stone age!” This novel was also known as “On Compatibility between Harem Fight System and Stone Age Civilization”.

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