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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 63(New)

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Chapter 63 Jealousy

Li Yundong stepped into the shower immediately after he got home. Having sand and ash tossed at his face, not to mention being called a “panda” by the most gorgeous woman he knew, certainly provided enough incentive for Li Yundong to take his personal hygiene seriously.

When he stepped out of the shower, he saw that the door of the other bathroom was shut, and he could hear the sound of running water from inside; Su Chan was taking a shower as well.

Li Yundong’s throat suddenly went dry. He swallowed hard and scampered into his room. Knowing that Su Chan was naked on the other side of the door, lingering outside the bathroom was detrimental to his sanity.

Inside his room, Li Yundong realized that he needed a way to take his mind off the images of water trickling down Su Chan’s glorious birthday suit. A moment later, he decided that Qi-control training was the way to go, so he dropped into a meditative pose on the floor and began mobilizing his Qi.

Ten minutes later, Li Yundong opened his eyes, feeling much better. He sat there on the floor, wallowing in his thoughts. Well, one thought in particular. How come Su Chan knows Kung Fu?

He spent a couple of minutes debating with himself, trying to decide whether he should ask her about it. But then he realized that the question would venture into the “tell me about your past” territory. He had once promised Su Chan that he’d wait until she was ready to tell him everything about her past. Argh, maybe I should just go to sleep, he thought, getting up from the floor.

After five minutes of tossing and turning, Li Yundong gave up and fired up his laptop. When he logged onto the university forum, the latest thread caught his attention.

The thread was titled “Boys vs Girls: Bring It,” created by a user named FCupCC.

He clicked it and scrolled through the first few comments.

What? he thought.

The comments were all about him. More accurately speaking, they listed out his good qualities: tough; knows how to fight; charismatic; has a sunny personality; funny; has a great sense of humor; handsome; treats a woman like a gentleman.

Li Yundong snorted.

Yeah… A month ago I was called a bum and a loser… he thought, shaking his head.

Another comment caught his attention.

FCupCC: Girls, now it’s time to show these boys why they don’t stand a chance to win the “Ideal Male Partner” poll.

Poll? What poll? Li Yundong thought in amusement.

He read on and saw a list of bad qualities that all the guys in Tiannan University (except him) possessed: irresponsible; lack of courage; no guts; no sense of humor; narrow-minded; lack of drive and determination; lack of vision; rough and barbaric; etc.

Li Yundong’s amused expression turned into a dark scowl the moment he scrolled down further. The guys had retaliated and listed out the reasons why they would choose his Su Chan as their ideal female partner!

The first few comments were acceptable: Beautiful, but humble; good-natured; has an adorable personality; not money-minded; prettier than celebrities!

However, the comments became lewder and lewder further down the list: sexy as hell; has big boobs; would love to hear her sweet voice when I f*ck her; want those lips wrapped around my—

Li Yundong growled and stabbed the Page Down button on his laptop. Once he got to the bottom of the page, he typed out a comment and posted.

FearlessOtaku: F*ck you assholes! Y’all wanna die? How dare you fantasize about my Su Chan?

After that, Li Yundong sat there, glowering at the screen. When nobody replied minutes later, he made another comment.

FearlessOtaku: I’m Li Yundong, you sick f*cks! Su Chan is MY gf. MINE! Stop having lewd thoughts about her, or else I’ll beat the f*ck out of you!

Thirty seconds.

One minute.

Then he began receive email notifications. Someone had replied to his comment on the forum.

UserXXX: @FearlessOtaku, why should we believe that you are Li Yundong just because you said so?

ProSpammer: No… I am Li Yundong. Su Chan is my girlfriend. So y’all better back the f*ck off!

YinYangTao: If anyone has a right to stake a claim on Su Chan, it’s me! I am Li Yundong’s 49th successor!

“Why you little shits…” Li Yundong growled as he scrolled through the comments which had begun trickling in.

Before Su Chan came into his life, Li Yundong was a homebody who spent most of his time on his laptop. In other words, he was a frequenter of the university forum. Unfortunately, due to his non-existent popularity back then, nobody knew that FearlessOtaku was him.

UserXXX: Fine then. @FearlessOtaku, why don’t you prove to everyone that you’re Li Yundong?

Li Yundong chuckled at the comment, then began typing out a reply.

FearlessOtaku: Fine! How do you want me to prove it?

ChickMagnet: Post a selfie!

ProfessorGenius: @FearlessOtaku, it’s actually pretty simple. Post your phone number here. We’ll give you a call to verify your identity!

FearlessOtaku: o.O And you can verify my identity just by hearing my voice?

Sunny_Mulberry: Hey guys! I’m in the same class as Li Yundong. I can recognize his voice.

ProfessorGenius: Wonderful! That settles it then! @FearlessOtaku, post your phone number here and @Sunny_Mulberry will call you.

Li Yundong stared at the screen, debating if he should post his phone number onto the forum. He knew it was unwise, but…

Would it put an end to these lewd comments about Su Chan?

“Argh! Screw it!” Li Yundong said and began typing his phone number into the comment box. “Take this, you little f*ckers!”

His phone rang seconds after he posted the comment.

“Hello? Who’s speaking?” Li Yundong said into the phone.

From the speaker, he heard the excited voice of a woman: “Oh my gawd, Lili! It’s Li Yundong!”

Another female voice sounded.

“Seriously? It’s really him? Nah, I don’t buy it. Give me the phone and let me hear his voice!” This voice sounded a bit familiar, but he couldn’t tell whom the voice belonged to since it was too soft.

“Hello? Hello? Li Yundong? Is that you?”

Realization dawned on Li Yundong.

Sun Li…  

Li Yundong chuckled wryly.

“You again, Madam Class Rep? I swear, every time I have a phone conversation, you’re always somehow involved. Hey, wait a minute, how come you can’t recognize my number? I mean, you’ve called me many times already, right?”

Li Yundong heard a snort.

“That’s because I didn’t memorize your number, idiot. I always called you from my contact list. Besides, my phone’s charging in my room right now. So I couldn’t check.”

“Yeah well, now you know it’s me, so you can tell those idiots on the forum that it’s me as well.”

Sun Li burst into laughter.

“So, Li Yundong. Congratulations! You’re now the most famous student in Tiannan University!”

Li Yundong released a half-snort.

“As if I give a f*ck,” he said. “Hey, by the way, do you know the OP of that thread? CC something. If you do, ask him or her to remove those lewd comments about my girlfriend. Those comments f*cking piss me off!”

“Oh? Look at you ordering people around the moment you become famous…” Sun Li teased.

“Oh, come on… Please? Madam Class Rep? Won’t you help out a guy in need?”

Sun Li laughed and said, “Well, I can’t help you in this case because I have no idea who the OP is. Why don’t you do something about it yourself! Bye!”

“Hey, hey, wait—”


Li Yundong tossed his phone aside and looked at his laptop screen again.

Sunny_Mulberry: @FearlessOtaku really is Li Yundong! I just spoke with him!

Troll_55: Hahaha! Guys! If you want to hear Li Yundong’s magnetic voice, hurry up and call the number! I bet the poor guy’s phone is gonna explode soon.

Indeed, Li Yundong’s phone began ringing the moment he finished reading that last comment. Li Yundong glanced at his phone and saw that the call was made from an unknown number. He sighed and picked up the phone.

He heard a male voice with a northern accent: “Hello? Is that you, Li Yundong? Oh, hey, what’s up, big brother! Damn, I gotta say you were so damn badass tonight! Right now, I’m your biggest fan! I truly mean it! From the bottom of my heart I—”


Li Yundong hung up.

“Whackjob,” he mumbled.

The phone rang again. Li Yundong sighed, then picked up.

“Hello?” he said.

This time it was a woman speaking in the Shaanxi dialect: “Er di shen na!!! Ni ke zhen di shi Li Yundong na?” Oh my God, are you really Li Yundong?

Li Yundong shuddered and hung up immediately.

When his phone rang for the third time, Li Yundong turned it off and tossed it aside.

Annoying f*ckers… Li Yundong thought angrily and went back to his laptop.

When he refreshed the thread’s page, he saw that there were dozens of new comments minutes after his phone number had been posted! Most of them were bitching about hearing the busy signal when they dialed his phone number.

Li Yundong chuckled. “These knuckleheads really have too much free time…”

Li Yundong tore his gaze away from the screen when the door of his bedroom opened.

Su Chan, who had clearly just gotten out of the shower, sauntered in as though this was her own room.

Li Yundong swallowed hard.

Su Chan was dressed in one of his T-shirts, which was several sizes too large for her. Not that the loose T-shirt did anything to diminish her allure. If anything, the two points on the front of his T-shirt made it clear that her body was made for all kinds of sin. He’d never be able to wear that T-shirt again. Ever.

He tore his gaze away from her chest and let his eyes travel down her legs, which were covered in Li Yundong’s pajama pants. Again, due to the difference in their sizes, the pants looked baggy on her. Below, her delicate toes peeked out from the hem of the pants.

“Who were you talking to just now?”

Su Chan’s voice brought Li Yundong out of his relentless gawking.

Li Yundong closed the lid of his laptop and pushed his chair away from his desk. Su Chan approached the desk with a playful smile, then sat down on the chair next to his.

“A bunch of guys are… having thoughts about you,” Li Yundong grumbled. “I’m jealous.”

Su Chan giggled, then leaned in to kiss Li Yundong’s cheek.

Li Yundong turned and looked at her in surprise.

Su Chan snuggled up to him, then clung to his arm tightly.

“Beloved,” Su Chan said in a sweet voice. “I’m yours and yours alone. Nobody can take me away from you.”

Li Yundong leaned backwards slightly and feigned a skeptical look. “Really?”

Su Chan’s eyes curved into two alluring crescents as she grinned as him.

Li Yundong thought his heart had just liquefied right then and there.

“Yes, my beloved!” Su Chan said.

Li Yundong smiled and pulled Su Chan into his lap.

“Very well,” Li Yundong said, then paused, his eyes glinting playfully. “But, your words alone aren’t enough. I need proof!”

Su Chan pulled back and looked at him curiously. “Proof?”

Li Yundong smirked.

“Yep, proof,” he said, tightening his arms around her waist. “In the interest of scientific enquiry.”


“How about I give you… a full body inspection!”

“Kyaaaaa!!!! Hahaha!” Su Chan leaped off of his lap and ran towards the bedroom, leaving peals of giggles in her wake.

Li Yundong sat there, utterly stunned. It boggled his mind how Su Chan could extract herself from his grasp in such a lithe manner. He glanced up and saw Su Chan pausing at the door of her bedroom.

“You wanna put your hands on me? No way!”

Su Chan made a face at him, then burst into giggles.

Li Yundong released a feral growl.

“In the interest of science!” he yelled, then charged towards Su Chan’s bedroom.



Invincible badass, Li Yundong, had once again ran face-first into the door.


With her chin resting on her palm, Zhou Qin replayed the video featuring Li Yundong’s performance for the umpteenth time. She had downloaded the video the moment she logged into her forum account and had been watching it ever since.

He’ll come to my birthday party tomorrow… Oh, how exciting! Zhou Qin thought, a gentle smile creeping into her countenance.

However, Zhou Qin’s smile disappeared moments later when she saw a thread started by FCupCC: Who Do You Think Is the Perfect Female Partner?

Zhou Qin sighed when she saw the winner of the poll.

“Li Yundong’s mysterious girlfriend…” Zhou Qin said. “Who is she?”

In the past, Zhou Qin had always been able to get whatever she wanted. This time, however, things wouldn’t be as simple. The guy she was interested in already belonged to someone else.

Will I be able to capture his heart?

That question filled Zhou Qin’s mind, carrying her thoughts further and further away…


At another corner of Tiannan City, Zhao Yujian sat on the bed of his hospital room. The blue light from his laptop screen shone on his face, revealing his vacant expression. On the screen, the comments kept trickling in, all of which were about Li Yundong. Li Yundong, who had stolen his glory. It was supposed to be him. Him, Zhao Yujian, was supposed to be the star of the university. Yet here he was, a pathetic cripple lying all by himself in a f*cking hospital bed.

That thought caused a sudden shift in Zhao Yujian’s expression. Other elements began to seep into his vacant expression.




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