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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 435 A Hidden Traitor has Appeared!

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Li Yundong’s body remained in the ward, but his Yang Spirit followed Yan Fang closely.

He had already reached the apex cultivation of his Yang Spirit. His Yang Spirit body could now transform at will and change as he wished it to. When he changed his mind, his Yang Spirit immediately transformed into an Immovable Wisdom King with superhuman powers. His six arms continued to form Mahamudra, and like a moving cannon, he chased after Yan Fang and bombarded her with wild explosions.

In the beginning, she had thrown out a few talismans to summon the celestial troops and try to hamper Li Yundong’s movements, but as soon as she summoned the celestial troops, he immediately made a fierce Mahamudra, smashing the troops to pieces!

Seeing that the celestial troops had been smashed into pieces in a single blow, Yan Fang couldn’t help but feel horrified. She paused for a moment and saw Li Yundong attacking her with a Samadhi Vajra Seal. She subconsciously dodged, and the gang wind of the Mahamudra whipped past her back.

Although Yan Fang had a Yang Spirit Body, she still felt a burning pain on her back, as if she had been struck by a steel whip!

The gang wind had only grazed the outer surface of her back and yet it was so painful. What kind of torture would it be if the Mahamudra hit her body?

If Yan Fang had a magical item, she would still be able to fight against Li Yundong. However, she didn’t have one and her talismans had all been used up. How could she defend against his extremely powerful Yang Spirit body?

Yan Fang was so frightened that her heart was thumping wildly. She didn’t dare to stay and ran away while cursing, “Li Yundong, you little b*stard, don’t you want to know the whereabouts of Ao Wushuang?”

He sneered, “As long as I catch you, I’ll have plenty of ways to make you talk!”

Yan Fang was furious. She gnashed her teeth and spat, “You will regret this. Li Yundong, you will regret this for sure!”

He stayed silent, simply glaring at Yan Fang intensely. His Yang Spirit flew quickly, following Yan Fang’s figure closely.

It was late at night. The two of them were zipping through the air as two beams of blue light. The cyan light that Li Yundong had transformed into would sometimes be tinged with a golden light, and these several colours of lights would chase after one another, sometimes entangling and giving out a dazzling brilliance.

Yan Fang and Li Yundong tangled with each other for a while. She was shocked to find that she couldn’t shake him off at all. It looked like no matter how far she ran, he would still be chasing after her!

Yan Fang gritted her teeth, descended rapidly, and quickly shot towards the residential area of the Hepan new district.

Seeing that Yan Fang was suddenly fleeing home, Li Yundong was enraged. He shouted, “Yan Fang, I’ve already set up a tight encirclement at home. Do you want to go back and die?”

Yan Fang paused slightly, seemingly frightened by Li Yundong’s words. However, she quickly accelerated again and rushed into Li Yundong’s residence like lightning.

Li Yundong shouted and made three Mahamudra in a row, blocking Yan Fang’s way.

But she didn’t dodge. As if she hadn’t notice the Mahamudra behind her, she still rushed straight to the residence. But when she was one or two hundred meters away from the residence, his Mahamudra caught up with her and slapped her heavily on the back.

She let out a bloodcurdling scream as her Yang Spirit body shattered into countless tiny beams of green light that all rushed into the residence together.

Li Yundong also zoomed into the house, hot on her heels. At this time, the little foxes of the Fox Zen School were all watching TV in the living room. They saw a flash of blue light and countless tiny lights going straight to Cao Yi’s room. Before they could even react, Li Yundong suddenly rushed in and went straight to Cao Yi’s room with a murderous look flashing in his eyes.

Li Yundong broke through Cao Yi’s door like a rampaging beast. He looked inside and saw that the French window of Cao Yi’s bedroom was open, the curtains were fluttering in the wind, and there was no one in the room.

The little foxes were all stunned to see Li Yundong kick open Cao Yi’s room with a bang. He looked inside and then turned his head and said coldly, “Where is your Shibo, Cao Yi?”

The foxes were so frightened by Li Yundong that they couldn’t speak. Liu Yuehong, who was sitting with them, asked boldly, “Leader, what’s going on? Hasn’t Sixth Shimei been in her room doing Qi-control training?”

Li Yundong pointed to the empty room and said darkly, “You said she was doing Qi-control training. In that case, where the hell is she?”

Liu Yuehong was shocked by Li Yundong’s predatory expression. She stammered, “Sixth Shimei isn’t there? Perhaps she, she’s gone out…?”

He responded in a voice like ice, “What business could she have at this hour?”

Liu Yuehong was speechless. Li Yundong’s gaze swept across everyone’s faces like a sharp knife. “Where’s Shibo Zhuang Yating? Where is she?”

As soon as Li Yundong finished his words, the door of Zhuang Yating’s room creaked open. This enchanting, coquettish Shibo of the Fox Zen School, who was wearing her pyjamas, came out yawning and asked with sleepy eyes, “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Li Yundong stared at her for a long time before eventually asking coldly, “Third Shibo, have you been sleeping in your room all this time?”

She replied queerly, “Of course.”

Li Yundong squinted slightly, and his eyes seemed sharp enough to penetrate a person’s heart. He asked in a deep voice, “Who here can verify that?”

Zhuang Yating smiled slightly and said, “Everyone here can testify to it. I have been in my room all this time and have never come out.”

Li Yundong turned to look at the little foxes in the living room. Seeing him looking at them, the little foxes all immediately nodded.

Li Yundong nodded back slightly, then snorted and asked, “Then do you know where Cao Yi went?”

Zhuang Yating was stunned. “I don’t know…” However, she quickly followed up by asking probingly, “Leader, what happened?”

Liu Yuehong, who had always kept a low profile in the Fox Zen School, keenly noticed that Li Yundong no longer addressed Cao Yi as Cao Yi Shibo. Instead, he called her by her name. This was something that had never happened since he had taken over as leader!

“Oh no, something must be wrong!” An ominous idea flashed across Liu Yuehong’s mind. She stood up and asked, “Leader, what is going on?”

Li Yundong’s sharp eyes swept over them, his gaze filled with doubt and suspicion. His cold eyes made the little foxes shudder and shiver in their hearts.

At this time, hearing the noise, Su Chan came out of her room. She rubbed her eyes and asked in a daze, “Yundong, what happened?”

Hearing Su Chan’s voice, Li Yundong turned his head. When his cold eyes fell on the girl, the look on his face gradually became soft and warm.

He closed his eyes and sighed slowly. After a while, he opened his eyes again and said, “There is a traitor hidden in our Fox Zen School.”

The foxes were astonished. “A hidden traitor? Who is it?”

Liu Yuehong was also startled by the news. “Leader, who are you talking about? Do you have any proof?”

But Zhuang Yating had a mocking look on her face. She snorted coldly and said, “Leader, the truth has been revealed now, right? I’ve already said that Cao Yi is the traitor!”

Li Yundong’s face was sullen and he did not speak, but Liu Yuehong’s face was distorted by her anxiety. She glared at Zhuang Yating and shouted, “Third Shijie, how could you say that! How could Sixth Shimei be a hidden traitor!?”

Zhuang Yating smiled coldly and looked at Li Yundong. “Leader has already come to a conclusion in his heart. Listen to him!”

Li Yundong looked around at the panic-stricken little foxes. He could see that these normally carefree little foxes were looking at him with doubt and worry in their eyes.

He sighed and beckoned to the foxes, indicating for them to sit down. Then, he waved to Su Chan, indicating that she was to take her place next to him.

After they had all sat down, he sighed softly and said, “Zhuang Yating Shibo is right. Cao Yi is indeed the Fox Zen School’s hidden traitor! To be precise, she is no longer the Cao Yi Shibo that you know. She only has Cao Yi’s physical body, but her soul and Yang Spirit are that of the traitor.”

Liu Yuehong’s body swayed slightly and her face turned pale. She had grown up with Cao Yi since she was a child. Although they were not actually blood-related sisters, they might as well be. When she heard Li Yundong’s words, she was extremely shocked, as if she had been striked by lightning. She asked in a quivering voice, “Leader, what did you say? Who has taken over Sixth Shimei?”

Li Yundong looked at her sympathetically. “It’s Yan Fang.”

The crowd instantly burst into a big uproar. The little foxes were so shocked that they all jumped up immediately, their hair standing on end!

They couldn’t believe Li Yundong’s words, but they had to believe them because the facts were in front of them!

The foxes clearly remembered the time when they had been at Mount Tianlong. It was Yan Fang who had killed their powerful Shibo, Ye Yu, and it was also Yan Fang who had single-handedly come up with the plan to destroy the Fox Zen School!

If it hadn’t been for Li Yundong, the entire Fox Zen Sect would have been destroyed by the various sects!

Yan Fang, for them, was not only the name of a mortal enemy, but also a nightmare!

None of them had expected that Mo Ashi, the Eldest Shijie of the Fox Zent School, whom they most respected and held in the highest esteem, was actually Yan Fang!

And now, Cao Yi, who had been with them day and night, was actually Yan Fang again!

This was just too terrifying!

But what was even worse was that she had escaped again!

For a moment, every fox was thinking in a panic, “Since Yan Fang can take over Cao Yi Shibo’s body, she must be able to take over me, and in the future, she could also take over other Shijie and Shimei!”

The little foxes looked at each other in the same instant with suspicion and vigilance, as if the most familiar person next to them might turn into a terrible Yan Fang in the next second!

Seeing the suspicion and vigilance swallowing up the little foxes, Li Yundong frowned and said, “Don’t worry. Yan Fang has been seriously injured by me. Even if she escapes, she won’t be able to come out and commit any crimes for a while. If she doesn’t want to die, she will definitely recover after a period of time.”

Li Yundong thought for a while before saying, “What’s more, the reason Yan Fang was able to do that to Cao Yi is probably because Cao Yi was once alone in the Tian Long Mountain, so Yan Fang had a chance to do it. From today on, no one can be out alone. In this way, Yan Fang will not dare to take action rashly!”

The little foxes finally felt a little relieved, but all of them frowned and still looked worried. Some of them could not help but choke with sobs. “Cao Yi Shibo was originally fine. How could she have become that villain, Yan Fang?”

When one of them started crying, the others couldn’t help themselves either. Someone said with a whimper, “Leader, you have to avenge Cao Yi’s death!”

Tears streamed down Liu Yuehong’s cheeks as well. She plopped down on her knees in front of Li Yundong and cried, “Leader, I know you’re powerful. You’ll definitely be able to find Yan Fang and avenge Sixth Shimei!”

Li Yundong sighed and reached out to help her up. “You don’t have to do this. As your leader, I bear responsibility over everything that happens within the sect. I will definitely give you an explanation! I will hunt Yan Fang until the bitter end!”

Zhuang Yating gritted her teeth and said resentfully, “Leader, if there’s anything you need me to do, just let me know!”

Li Yundong nodded to her, then sighed softly and said, “All of you should go and rest. We have to open the teahouse as usual tomorrow. No matter what, this thorn will be pulled from our sides at some point. We can live a peaceful and leisurely life for a while.”

After hearing Li Yundong’s words, the foxes wiped away their glittering tears and went back to their rooms. Liu Yuehong and Zhuang Yating also said their goodbyes and headed to their rooms.

Only when Su Chan saw that all the people around had left did she allow a sad look to creep over her face. With tears sparkling in her eyes, she whispered, “Yundong, Yan Fang ran away again. I’m afraid she won’t show her face again now. Does this mean that we won’t be able to find my master anymore?”

Li Yundong gently stroked her dark hair and said gently, “No, I’m sure that Yan Fang will appear at the Taoist assembly! Although her Yang Spirit comes and goes very quickly, I have found a way to deal with her!”

Su Chan raised her head and looked at Li Yundong with tears in her eyes. She whimpered doubtfully, “Are you serious?”

Li Yundong said with a soothing smile, “Of course! Zhenren never lies!”

Su Chan wiped her tears, broke into a grin, and said confidently, “Then I believe you!”

Li Yundong tenderly stroked the girl’s long hair with one hand and placed the other behind his back. He looked thoughtfully at the endless night outside the window and said slowly, “Chan’er, just wait, it’s definitely going to be a very interesting Taoist assembly…”

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