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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 434 Answer a Trick with a Trick

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Zhou Qin yelled and subconsciously turned around to look in the direction of Tiannan City, then eagerly looked at Li Yundong, and cried loudly, “Master, give chase! Yan Fang ran back to kill President Cao!”

However, Li Yundong stood where he was, ignoring her and not moving at all.

Zhou Qin was very anxious and rushed over to Li Yundong. She grabbed his shoulders with both hands and shook him hard, imploring loudly, “Master, we have to do something!”

But as soon as her voice fell, Li Yundong’s body suddenly shook, and bursts of flames began igniting all over his body. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared, leaving only a burning talisman floating down in the air.

Zhou Qin was stunned. She stared at the talisman that had been burned to ashes on the ground and muttered, “What the…?”

Zhou Qin turned her face to look at Zi Yuan and said loudly, “Ziyuan, what exactly is going on here?”

Zi Yuan, who was standing nearby, couldn’t help but chuckle softly and say, “Zhou Qin, it’s a fake!”

Zhou Qin gaped. “A fake? Is this magic?”

Zi Yuan nodded slightly. “Yes, this is the Liujia Yang Spirit Fu. Li Yundong and I discussed it in private and decided to lie in wait for Yan Fang to appear, but we knew that if I was the only one who appeared, Yan Fang would not be scared. As such, I got a fake Li Yundong to help out. Yan Fang, as I expected, she fell into my trap immediately!”

Zhou Qin couldn’t help asking, “But why is Yan Fang bothering Cao Kefei?”

Zi Yuan’s eyebrows drew into a slight frown. She thought for a while before saying, “I don’t know about it too well, but when I first met Cao Kefei, I thought this woman was too coquettish, and she only had one transcendent component and the three material components of the human soul, making her different from ordinary people. At the moment, Cao Kefei seems to have a relationship with the Fox Zen School, and when I saw the three Shibos of the Fox Zen School, they were shocked by the sight of Cao Kefei. It was obvious that they knew her!”

Zhou Qin opened her mouth wide, her face full of disbelief. “Really? So President Cao has always been a member of the Fox Zen School? Then, she is also a…”

The word “fox spirit” had derogatory associations, and Zhou Qin decided not to say it in the end.

But Zi Yuan shook her head in denial. “No, if she were a Fox Spirit, I would easily have detected it. But what makes me suspicious is that Cao Kefei doesn’t have a trace of an evil spirit within her. So then why is she involved with the fox Zen Sect? Why is there one transcendent component and the three material components of the human soul in her body? It’s wild!”

Zhou Qin thought for a while before asking tentatively, “Well, I’ll go and ask President Cao some other day?”

Zi Yuan smiled faintly. “Zhou Qin, the most important thing for you now is to pass through the Zhuji phase. You don’t have to worry about other things. When your master Li Yundong was at the Zhuji phase, he even sold his own cellphone to stop himself from missing Su Chan too much. You can’t leave with cares weighing down your heart, or you will be half-hearted, and it will definitely end up with you getting trapped in delusions!”

Zhou Qin’s expression hardened. “Got it. I understand now. Then, I will ask you to help deal with this matter next.”

Zi Yuan smiled slightly. “You’re welcome. If nothing unexpected happens, we should be able to capture the hidden traitor of the Fox Zen School tonight.”

Zhou Qin seemed to suddenly think of something and asked, “But Yan Fang has the Yang Spirit body and is free to come and go as she pleases. Her speed is extremely fast, and she killed Cao Kefei with her Yang Spirit body. How can you even know which is her real body?”

A confident smile spread over Zi Yuan’s face. “We have our ways to force her true body to reveal itself!” she said mysteriously.

Zhou Qin subconsciously wanted to ask, but she didn’t want Zi Yuan to think that she didn’t know anything, so she quickly resisted asking and said instead, “I know, but it’s a pity that I can’t help Master.”

Zi Yuan shook her head slightly and chuckled. “No, you have put yourself in danger and helped Li Yundong a great deal. Although he didn’t say anything, he knows very well what you’ve done. Moreover, no matter whether it’s Li Yundong or me, we can’t help you with the rest of the journey. You’ll have to continue by yourself,” she said.

Zhou Qin knew that the fairy-like Zi Yuan in front of her had been begging alms for thousands of miles, and had finally succeeded in her Zhuji phase after enduring numerous hardships. She thought in her heart, “If Zi Yuan can do it, why can’t I?”

Thinking of this, Zhou Qin’s heroic spirit stirred. She smiled and said, “Please tell my master to wait to receive my good news. I will definitely succeed in Zhuji phase!”

Zi Yuan nodded slightly, a small smile on her face. Then, she turned into a flash of blue light and left in an instant, leaving Zhou Qin alone in the darkness of the barren mountains. She looked up in the direction Zi Yuan had left in and became lost in thought.

Just as Zhou Qin was resuming her cultivation journey, in the senior care ward of the Second People’s Hospital of Tiannan City, Cao Kefei was texting with Liu Fei’er on her cell, feeling utterly bored.

The text from Liu Fei’er read: “Sister Cao, I have returned to the crew, and the director is scolding you!”

Cao Kefei smiled, tapped with her fingers and quickly wrote a text message back: “When does this guy not scold people? Besides, I don’t believe that he would only scold me but let you off!”

“Of course, everyone in the crew was scolded by him once, and I was scolded twice. It was a bloodbath!” came the reply.

Cao Kefei smiled and typed back: “So, do you regret it? Who asked you to come with me?”

Liu Fei’er sent a grimacing emoji. “I don’t regret it. I’ve learned a lot from this trip. From now on, we will be regarded as knowledgeable people. Knowing that there is a master like Li Yundong in this world, it wasn’t in vain for me to be scolded! In my opinion, these crew guys are the frogs at the bottom of the well. Humph, they’re all clueless!”

Cao Kefei gave a hollow laugh. “You just saw him, and now you feel that you are knowledgeable? Do you know how he even got his skills? I don’t know, and I don’t dare to claim that I am knowledgeable!” she typed.

Liu Feier replied: “Hmph, sometimes you only need to read things once. In any case, I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time and gained a lot of experience!”

Cao Kefei smiled as her fingers flew over the keyboard. “This is called long-term knowledge. Don’t get embarrassed here!”

Liu Feier sent a grimacing emoji again. “Ah, then I don’t care about you. Sister Cao, you have to be careful, don’t lose your soul or you’ll have to let Li Yundong help you get it back!”

After Cao Kefei read this text message, the smile on her face gradually disappeared. There were countless suitors going after this strong, glamorous woman. Among them were excellent business elites and handsome dandies, but she only had eyes for this young boy who was fashionable and a bit green.

When Li Yundong disappeared, she had felt lost every day, and it had taken a long time for her to recover.

“Until I met him again, it seemed that my soul was really lost. In the first two days, I really lost my soul, and Li Yundong was the man who found it!”

“This guy, is he some enemy from my previous life? If I lose my soul, I have to have him find it for me?” Cao Kefei suddenly laughed, and her plump lips revealed a certain word: “Fate!”

As soon as she finished laughing, she felt a cold wind blowing through the ward, and the curtains on the balcony fluttered high.

This frigid wind lifted the curtains like a cold current, rushing towards Cao Kefei.

At this moment, Cao Kefei felt a chill all over her body, as if something had penetrated her skin. It was like there was a hook digging into her soul as hard as it could, pulling it out.

This feeling was exactly the same as when Cao Kefei had encountered in Di Hao before. She had opened her mouth wide and wanted to shout and struggle desperately, but all her strength had disappeared at this moment.

Cao Kefei felt cold all over, and she thought with horror, “Who on earth wants to kill me? Who have I offended?

As soon as she started thinking about it, she suddenly saw herself floating up and down, and she could see her body lying in the hospital bed as she towered above.

Immediately afterward, there was a sudden fierce sound of fighting coming from in front of her hospital bed, as if there were two invisible people battling there. The fight between these two people was so passionate that the surrounding air was shaking.

“Is Li Yundong protecting me? If it’s him, why won’t he show himself?”

As soon as this thought came to her mind, she heard the loud, low voice of the Mantra Buddha‘s intone, “Ah!”

This shout was like the clang of big bells from the dying river in the cold winter, or the sound of the Buddha’s majestic horn reverberating through a quiet, lonely, empty mountain.

This sound shocked Cao Kefei to the core. She could feel that there was an invisible hand in the air around her, pulling at her soul again, and causing her to slowly drift towards her body.

After her soul had returned, she opened her eyes and saw Li Yundong standing like a mountain at the end of her hospital bed.

His hands flew, quickly making the Fixed Fundamental Palm and the Baoxiang Rulai Palm, and patted the empty space in front of him. Only a muffled sound was heard, and a person seemed to have been instantly knocked into the air by him. The room was shaken by the shock of someone hitting the wall, and when the person appeared, it was clear that it was Yan Fang.

With disheveled hair and blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, Yan Fang looked at Li Yundong in shock and said loudly, “This is impossible, how were you able to come back so soon!?”

Li Yundong snorted and said solemnly, “Yan Fang, this ends here! I advise you to hand over the Emperor’s Clock and release Ao Wushuang, otherwise, I will extinguish your soul!”

When Yan Fang heard his words, she suddenly began shaking and quickly understood what was going on. She said bitterly, “I actually fell into your trap! The version of you next to Zi Yuan was a decoy!”

“Exactly!” Li Yundong said smugly.

“Unexpectedly, I played right into your hands! Well done!”

Li Yundong sneered. “Why do you want to kill Cao Kefei? How did she offend you?”

Yan Fang laughed loudly. “Her? She hasn’t offended me at all, but she is a sinner and she must die!”

“Bull. What has she done? How has she sinned? You are going to elaborate right now!”

Yan Fang laughed and said, “Li Yundong, when you participate in the Taoist assembly, you will understand everything!” After that, she began moving and rushed out of the window like a flash of lightning.

The Yang Spirit was the fastest in the sky. Li Yungdong knew that it was absolutely impossible for him to catch up with her with his body, so he immediately groaned loudly. The Yang Spirit left his body and chased after her like a shadow.

There was silence in the ward at this time. Although Cao Kefei had known that he was going to use her as bait to lure out the real murderer, she had never expected that she would witness this kind of scene like something from a fantasy movie before her.

She had originally thought that what she had seen in Li Yundong before was incredible enough, but she had not expected that what she would see today would completely subvert her understanding!

While she was still in a daze, Cao Kefei’s cell phone rang again. She came back to her senses, picked up her cell phone and glanced at it. It was a text message from Liu Fei’er, which read: “Sister Cao, you haven’t replied for ages. What are you doing? I’m so bored on the crew!”

Feeling drained, Cao Kefei sent a text message back: “Fei’er, come with the director to see God!”

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