Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 423 Who Do You Think You Are?

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 423 Who Do You Think You Are?

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Li Yundong couldn’t wait for the elevator to come down and decided to run up the stairs wildly by himself. He rushed to the 19th floor in only a short time, then tried to find the Cao Kefei and Liu Fei’er’s room as quickly as possible, shouting in the corridor worriedly, “Ms. Cao, Ms. Cao! Liu Fei’er, where are you!?”

His noisy yelling startled the entire floor. Some curious people leaned out of their doorways and muttered in confusion, “Liu Fei’er? Does he mean that superstar, Liu Fei’er?”

Just as they were making guesses, a door suddenly opened and a girl ran out. She was wearing a bathrobe and her hair was disheveled. She waved at Li Yundong with a panicked expression and shouted to him, “Li Yundong, in here! President Cao is almost dead. Come quickly!”

Li Yundong immediately rushed over to her and asked urgently, “What’s going on? Where is President Cao?”

Before Liu Fei’er could stop worrying about being discovered. She grabbed Li Yundong’s arm and pointed to the room. Her voice was filled with fear and thick with sobs as she said, “I don’t know what’s going on either. I found President Cao like this after taking a shower!”

Li Yundong walked into the room and took a look. It was a spacious, luxurious double room, filled with all kinds of appliances, even a bathroom and balcony.

The French windows of this balcony had been left open, and the curtains were gently fluttering in the night wind. The bedside lamp was dimly lit, and the faint glow of it outlined Cao Kefei’s figure. She was lying prone on a bed, her eyes closed, her hands tightly clasped over her chest, and her expression was one of extreme pain.

Li Yundong rushed over to her and checked her pulse only to find that it was very weak, almost undetectable.

Li Yundong checked her breath with the palm of his hand and found that she was no longer breathing.

His heart suddenly twisted. He asked Liu Fei’er in a low voice, “Do you know that President Cao has had a heart attack?”

Liu Fei’er could see that Li Yundong was still calm and composed, so she felt slightly relieved as she responded, “Yes, I know.”

Li Yundong asked accusingly, “Then why didn’t you give her any medicine?”

With tears in her eyes, Liu Fei’er explained, “I tried giving it to her, but she couldn’t swallow it. I attempted to get her to take it with water, but it didn’t work.”

Li Yundong frowned unhappily. “And you didn’t try calling 110 for help? What about 120?”

Liu Fei’er wiped her tears away and shook her head. “No. She was still conscious when I came out. I could see her covering her chest tightly and the pain on her face. I thought that she had had a heart attack and quickly found the medicine for her. After trying to get it down her, she struggled to say that someone wanted to kill her and asked me to find you immediately. She said that you could save her.”

Li Yundong’s frown deepened. He could see not only a pool of water around Cao Kefei, but also a few drops of blood not far away. One of his hands was also marked with flecks of blood. He lifted his hand to his nose and inhaled, then pressed Cao Kefei’s pulse with the other hand and asked in a deep voice, “Did you catch what she said? Who was trying to kill her?”

Liu Fei’er shook her head with resignation.

He asked again, “Did you see the murderer?”

Liu Fei’er shook her head desperately. Her eyes were full of fear, as if she was saying, “If I had seen him, then wouldn’t I be lying right here as well?”

Li Yundong thought for a moment. “Do you guys have any enemies?”

Liu Fei’er promptly shook her head.

“Think about it carefully. I’m talking about some very special enemies. Someone like… like me, who would have a special little skill.”

Liu Fei’er couldn’t help choking with sobs again. “President Cao is a good woman who is good for people. How could she have any enemies?”

Li Yundong felt a twinge of confusion at this response. “But a while ago I saw someone asking to collect a debt from her?”

“She had paid off that debt early. It was those unscrupulous people who were just trying to cheat her.”

Li Yundong fell silent for a while. He slowly sent his Yuanyang Qi into Cao Kefei’s body, trying to help her keep her Qi alive. He asked Liu Fei’er again, “Well, didn’t you guys return to Tiannan City privately? Does anyone else know of your whereabouts?”

Liu Fei’er answered sorrowfully, “My crew may well be aware that we’ve returned to Tiannan City, but I doubt that they’d know where we live.”

Li Yundong’s brows drew ever more tightly together. He was about to ask yet another question when Liu Fei’er suddenly sobbed and yelled, “Hurry up and save her! Please save her!”

Li Yundong smiled confidently and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry. She’ll be fine, it just…”

Li Yundong was about to expound upon the details of Cao Kefei’s current situation when he suddenly heard a noise from outside, “What? Liu Fei’er is here? Where? Where is she?”

The tourists outside were alarmed. When some of the fans had heard of Liu Fei’er’s whereabouts, they had immediately gathered and come to look around the door. Some people pointed to Liu Fei’er’s and shouted, “That’s right, it’s Liu Fei’er!”

“Ah, Liu Fei’er, I love you!”

“Liu Fei’er, please give me your signature. I’m so addicted to watching your movies and TV shows!”

Liu Fei’er had dealt with countless fans before, but it was the first time that she had had to deal with her fans under circumstances like these. She was momentarily dumbfounded and at a loss as to what to do. She just didn’t know how to cope with the present situation.

‘If she agreed to let the fans come in, they’d only complicate matters. How could she deal with the crazy fans in this situation?

‘But if she didn’t let them in, there would be malicious gossip soon spreading around about her ignoring her supporters.

Liu Fei’er stood there with a blank look on her face, seemingly frozen as she watched her fans swarming towards her.

Just as she was about to be surrounded by this swarm of fans, Li Yundong suddenly shouted, “Stop right now!”

Although his shout was not loud, it was full of majesty and power, making the crowd suddenly come to a standstill.

They looked in the direction of the voice only to see a young man squatting on the edge of the bed, looking at them coldly, as if he were a lion looking down at a hundred little antelopes. Though his demeanor was calm and there was no expression on his face, there was a majestic pressure exuding from him, showing that he was in control.

Li Yundong said with a touch of anger, “There’s someone here who is in mortal danger. Can’t you see? Get out now, all of you! If she dies, you will be the ones taking responsibility for it!”

Only then did the people come back to their senses. They looked at the beautiful Cao Kefei on the bed, and then at Liu Fei’er, who was in a panic. Finally, their eyes fell on the young and handsome Li Yundong. Countless imaginings suddenly appeared in their minds, and in that split second they derived countless interesting pieces of gossip about the trio.

Chinese people love to join in on the fun and cause trouble. When the onlookers saw what was going on, they were all excited. Although they did not dare to press forward again, they did not retreat either. They piled up at the door and excitedly snapped photos on their cellphones.

Li Yundong frowned when he saw this. He muttered to Liu Fei’er in a low voice, “Get them all out!”

Liu Fei’er was stunned for a while before she stammered, “Wh-what?”

Li Yundong glared at her. “Do you want President Cao to die? Hurry up and get them all out of here!”

It was a wake-up call for Liu Fei’er, who hurriedly began to plead with her fans. “Make way, my friends. I’ll definitely sign autographs for all of you later.”

Everyone smiled and made noises of agreement, but their feet seemed to have turned to lead, and they didn’t move at all.

Liu Fei’er was so anxious that tears began to spring from her eyes. Just as she was about to speak again, she suddenly heard a woman shouting her name loudly outside. Liu Fei’er was stunned and automatically answered, “Sister Hong? I’m in here!”

A moment later, a tall woman dressed in a black business suit and a pair of black-framed glasses squeezed her way through the crowd. When this woman saw Liu Fei’er, a furious expression immediately appeared on her face. However, she looked at the crowd and forcefully suppressed her rage. She continued to walk up to her and said in a low voice, “Fei’er, you’ve gone too far this time! You actually snuck away from the crew! Do you know how bad the impact has been? Now the entire crew is talking about how you’re putting on airs!”

This woman was Liu Fei’er’s agent, Sister Hong. When Liu Fei’er saw her, she immediately rushed over as if she had just laid eyes on her savior. She took her hand and asked in surprise, “Sister Hong, how did you find me?”

Seeing that she was not answering her question, Sister Hong snorted and put what had happened to the back of her mind for the time being. “I have my ways! Anyway, where’s that Cao Kefei? Why does she so badly behave? It’s enough for her to run away by herself, but she also dragged you away! Where is she?”

Liu Fei’er worriedly pointed at Cao Kefei, who was lying on the bed, and said sadly, “Someone tried to kill her. She’s dying now.”

Sister Hong was really shocked, but she still said rudely, “This woman is the worst troublemaker I’ve ever met. Hmph, this is her just deserts!”

Liu Fei’er pulled on her arm and whispered pleadingly, “Sister Hong, please don’t say things like that. It’s me who wanted to go out with her, so you mustn’t blame her.”

Sister Hong glared at her. “You’re still sticking up for her!”

Liu Fei’er’s tears were about to start falling again. She choked up and begged, “Stop saying that. Just scold me if you want to vent your anger. It’s all my fault for causing President Cao to suffer like this.”

The anger in Sister Hong’s eyes dissipated a little. She glanced at Li Yundong, who was concentrating on transferring his Zhenqi to Cao Kefei, and asked, “Who is he?”

Liu Fei’er whispered, “President Cao’s friend.”

Sister Hong frowned. “What kind of a friend is he?”

Liu Fei’er hesitated for a while before saying, “Just an ordinary friend.”

“Is he a doctor?” asked Sister Hong.

Liu Fei’er was tongue-tied. “I don’t know.”

Sister Hong frowned deeply and said to Li Yundong, “Hey, are you a doctor?”

Li Yundong didn’t turn back and said faintly, “No.”

Sister Hong suddenly became angry and shouted to him, “You are not a doctor! Do you know what you are doing here? Do you know that you will probably end up killing Cao Kefei? If she really dies, who will take responsibility? Hey, you, get out of the way. If you’re not a doctor, what are you doing here? Hey, hey…”

Li Yundong turned his head slightly and glanced at the agent faintly. “Well, are you going to find someone else to treat her?”

Hearing this, Sister Hong was stunned, but soon she became angry from embarrassment and yelled, “Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like this?” She quickly took out her cell from her bag and added angrily to Liu Fei’er, “Have you called for emergency treatment?”

Liu Fei’er was stuck in the middle. She looked at Li Yundong and then at her agent, feeling like she was in a real pickle. She shook her head helplessly.

Sister Hong glared at her fiercely. Just as she was about to dial, she heard someone shouting outside loudly, “I am a doctor, I am a doctor!”

Upon hearing this, Sister Hong was overjoyed. She pressed her phone into Liu Fei’er’s hand and said quickly, “Call emergency services quickly! Don’t let this unknown guy do us a disservice! When Cao Kefei dies, we will all be in trouble!”

She then quickly strode up to the crowd and asked loudly, “Which one of you is a doctor?”

At this time, a tall, upright young man came out of the crowd and said with a smile, “I am.” Then, he took out a certificate from his pocket and claimed, “This is my Physician’s Qualification Certificate.”

Sister Hong glanced at it and asked in surprise, “You graduated from Harvard?”

The young man quickly swept his gaze Liu Fei’er, then he quickly and carefully hid his amazement, smiling and saying, “Yes, I’m a Ph.D. of Harvard’s science and neurology department. I’m currently working at North Kaka’s hospital and know a little about medicine. I think I can help you out.”

Sister Hong immediately displayed a strong smile on her face. She giggled and said, “A double-purity Ph.D. and you’ve only mastered a little medicine? Haha, you are really modest. Unlike some people who only want to pretend to understand and make trouble!” As she said this, Sister Hong turned her head and gave Li Yundong a fierce look.

The young man smiled slightly and asked in a gentlemanly voice, “May I go in and have a look?”

Sister Hong quickly made way and said with a polite grin, “Of course, of course. Come in!”

The young man walked over to Li Yundong. He unconsciously glanced at Liu Fei’er again, coughed dryly, and asked her, “Hello, may I take a look? I’m a doctor, a professional doctor.”

Li Yundong looked up at him and asked weakly, “Do you know what’s wrong with her? Is she dead or alive?”

This young man suddenly felt angry. He thought to himself, “You’re obviously not a doctor. How dare you pretend to be? I am a graduate of Harvard Medical College, but you’re just some unknown nutjob. Who do you think you are? How dare you be so arrogant in front of me? You’re showing off before an expert! You are trying to teach a fish how to swim!”

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