Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 417 The Divine Dragon Absorbs Water!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 417 The Divine Dragon Absorbs Water!

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The guests throughout Disanxian saw Su Chan and Zhou Qin strolling out with two big buckets and then using them to fill up the huge tea mug.

Li Yundong stood next to the water tank and said loudly, “Everyone, please watch carefully! Just now, Zhang Ling performed a little trick that made the cup in the teapot disappear without her even touching it. Now, I will perform the trick of absorbing all the water in this mug without touching it.”

Shen Wancai said with a smile, “Young Master Li, your trick has nothing to do with conjuring the cup back. Even if you can drink it all up, how can you conjure the cup?”

“Mr. Shen, don’t worry,” Li Yundong began. “After I have drunk all the water in the pot, it will then be Zhang Ling’s turn to attempt drinking it. If she can finish it, the cup won’t be conjured. If not, the cup will be conjured!”

Shen Wancai was astonished and said, “Where is the sense in this? This is just too odd!”

Shen You beside him sneered and turned his head, whispering scornfully, “You’re playing tricks!”

Shen Hui had seen some of Li Yundong’s magic. She looked at him curiously and for once didn’t say anything to mock him.

Then the surrounding guests also started whispering to each other and talking about the situation.

“Well, what do you think drinking water has to do with a teacup?”

“I don’t know, but I’m really curious. How can he drink water without touching the pot?”

“You’re stupid. Can’t I use cups without touching the pot?”

“That’s right! But even if you were to drink it with a cup, how could you possibly drink up such a large quantity of water?”

“Can’t you just drink it slowly? It can always be finished eventually!”

“Oh no. Are we going to have to watch Young Master Li drinking water slowly here? What’s so good about a trick like that?”

“This, this… Hello? Are you really taking me seriously? Just wait and see what Young Master Li will do!”

“Yes! Wait, you’re the one taking me seriously!”

Li Yundong ignored the murmuring crowd and asked Zhang Ling gravely, “What do you think, Zhenren Zhang?”

Zhang Ling frowned secretly, but she was so conceited that she thought she easily could do anything Li Yundong could, so she exclaimed proudly, “I shall do what you ask!”

Li Yundong nodded. “Okay!” He then cupped his hands and said loudly, “Please watch carefully everyone!”

In an instant, silence fell throughout Disanxian. All of them fixed their eyes on Li Yundong.

Li Yundong stood in front of the huge mug and breathed deeply, sending out a force from the bottom up, which he then shook away from his hands like he was a bear shaking off lice.

Li Yundong raised his hands above the water mug by about one foot, gave it a swipe, and slowly pushed it like he was doing Tai Chi. At first, all of them thought that Li Yundong was performing some tricks, but soon their eyes went wide as they saw the water in the tea mug swirling slowly by itself.

The water in the tea mug began whirling faster and faster with Li Yundong’s actions. When the vortex in the water mug had become so turbulent that it almost splashed out, Li Yundong suddenly stopped and clapped both sides of the mug fiercely!

With a bang, a water column suddenly rose from the center of the tea mug and went into Li Yundong’ mouth, where he sucked it all up at once.

Although none of them knew of Li Yundong’s plan, they immediately cheered upon seeing his wonderful trick.

The cheers were intermittent at first. They soon realized that Li Yundong was constantly absorbing the water, lowering its level by two fingers’ distance in a short time!

Li Yundong inhaled constantly for a whole minute. At this time, the onlookers were all shocked. They stood up one after another and stared at Li Yundong, breaking out into thunderous cheers and continuous applause.

Li Yundong’s aura and Zhenqi had reached an incredible realm. When white Qi was rising from the top of his head, he was like an immortal (a Shenxian) descending to the mortal world, his clothes fluttering even though there was no wind!

All of them saw this continue for a while, and Li Yundong’s Qi had still not stopped even two minutes later, and by this time half the water in the mug had already been absorbed!

They were so shocked that they all forgot to applaud and just stared at Li Yundong, utterly dumbfounded. “Is he still human? How is he doing this?” they wondered.

The distance between his mouth and the mug was about two feet. How was he absorbing the water? How could he do ti for such a long time without stopping? How was he absorbing it so quickly considering that half of the mug probably contained around twenty liters? Could he finish it all?

At this time, Zou Ping and Zhang Ling’s complexions also slightly changed and they looked at Li Yundong in horror. As cultivators, they naturally knew that Li Yundong was reliant on his incomparably powerful Zhenqi.

It was not difficult to do this. The difficult thing was that he could go at a high speed for such a long time!

Seeing her master’s abject unhappiness, Zou Ping said with a forced smile, “He won’t hold out much longer.”

Zhang Ling snorted, not speaking. Unfortunately for her, after a minute, Li Yundong’s aura was still there!

Now all of the onlookers thought that Li Yundong should have died of suffocation, but he still seemed to be continuing to absorb water from the mug, making everyone almost believe that he was not a man but some kind of divine dragon from the nine heavens!

At this time, everyone in Disanxian was stunned. They had seen not only someone who could absorb water in the air, but also someone who could drink more than half of an outlandishly large mug of water fairly quickly. Moreover, they had never heard of anyone who could inhale for two minutes without rest!

In ordinary people’s minds, Li Yundong’s continuous two-minute inhalation was not something that a normal human was capable of. No matter how strong a person’s lungs were, they couldn’t be so large. But they didn’t know Li Yundong had stopped his external Qi, so what was supporting him was the internal Qi in his body. That was the so-called ‘fall of the Fan Qi and rise of the Zhen Qi as they unwittingly tangle’.

It was his powerful Neidan (Inner Elixir) that was driving Li Yundong’s aura. The Neidan (Inner Elixir) within his body was rotating at an amazing speed, thereby constantly driving the Zhenqi in his body to flow out.

Ordinary people’s Neidan (Inner Elixir) belonged to fire, but Li Yundong’s Neidan (Inner Elixir) had both thunder and lightning properties because it had been refined by the power of thunder and lightning when he had built the foundation on the Himalayas Mountain. As such, it could be called a Thunder-Fire Neidan (Inner Elixir).

Thunder came into water, and fire could quickly turn water to steam, so the moisture that Li Yundong absorbed into his body was quickly dissolved by his Neidan into a large amount of water vapor, which then came out of the Baihui on top of his head.

In this way, another minute passed. The water mug was about to be emptied and Li Yundong’s head was steaming with white Qi. A white line rushed to the roof and quickly spread out behind it, looking like three mist flowers, like a crown of blossoms.

Li Yundong’s clothes were fluttering in the mist, and his black hair was being tousled by the wind. He really looked like an immortal, omnipotent and awe-inspiring.

After an unknown period of time, Li Yundong suddenly sucked up the last drop of liquid in the mug. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, as if the past few minutes had been as long as several centuries. They all looked at Li Yundong stupidly and couldn’t say a word. What had happened just now had already exceeded their imagination.

The restaurant of the Earth Three Immortals was so silent that one could have heard a pin drop.

Li Yundong hadn’t touched the mug and had still sucked up all the water in it. His stomach hadn’t swollen, and his body didn’t seem to be tired or heavy at all. He lifted the mug with one hand and turned it upside down, then turned to the people around him to show them that there was not a drop of water left within.

At this time, everyone came to their senses as if they had just woken up from a dream. They let out an earth-shattering cheer, almost lifting the roof of the teahouse with their enthusiasm.

All the celebrities sitting on the second floor were so excited that their applause was like thunder. They whispered to each other excitedly, “This is incredible!”

“It’s not a magic trick! It’s immortal magic!”

“Immortal! He’s definitely an immortal!”

“Do another one, Immortal Li!”

Liu Fei’er was so excited that her little palms turned red from her applause. Cao Kefei, on the other hand, was still able to maintain her composure. She gracefully and politely clapped her hands, but her elbow was still firmly touching Liu Fei’er beside her. She kept saying, “What do you think? He’s a master, isn’t he? A master, right?”

Liu Fei’er admired Li Yundong to the extreme. She kept clapping her hands, but she was not convinced by Cao Kefei’s words. “The cup hasn’t turned up yet!” she said.

Yin Mengfan looked at Li Yundong with suspicion, and from time to time, she would glance at Shen Wancai and Shen You, who were too shocked to speak. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and the others also looked at each other, their eyes filled with a mixture of intense joy and admiration. They were all people who knew their stuff and were well aware how terrifying and daunting Li Yundong was to be able to do this.

They weren’t the only ones. Zheng Yuan and Du Fei were also looking at Li Yundong with complicated expressions. Ding Nan gaped at Li Yundong in shock, a strong sense of worship and desire in his eyes.

Although Zou Ping had seen Li Yundong’s abilities several times, Li Yundong’s move today made her hair stand on end. She naturally knew how powerful and condensed his true essence had to be for him to be able to do that. How terrifying and powerful did one’s internal core have to be for them to be able to separate so much water in an instant?

Zou Ping looked at her master uneasily, only to see her glaring at Li Yundong with an extremely ugly expression. She didn’t say a word. After a long while, her eyes narrowed slightly, as if she had come to a big decision.

Li Yundong turned around for the crowd and let them see that there was indeed no water in the mug in his hand. He turned around and was about to address Zhang Ling, when suddenly a teacup fell from the sky.

The speed of the teacup falling was so fast that it looked as if someone had deliberately thrown it to the ground in a rage.

Li Yundong’s eyes were quick and his hands were fast. He turned his body like a spinning top and placed the pot on the ground with one hand. His other hand was lowered like a monkey fishing for the moon. His wrist turned gently and he caught the teacup steadily in his upturned palm.

Everyone saw a flash of white light and an object in the shape of a teacup quickly falling through the air. Then Li Yundong turned around. When he stood up again, he was gripping the teacup in one hand and standing proudly, his other hand behind his back.

Li Yundong cried in a loud voice, “Everyone, please take a look. I’ve brought the cup back!”

At this time, everyone felt as if they had just witnessed a Hollywood blockbuster, packed with suffocating ups and downs. At that point, they finally breathed out all their Qi, felt the weight on their chests be lifted, and started to cheer like thunder.

Li Yunyang held the teacup high, asking Zheng Yuan and Du Fei, “Do you want to confirm whether it is the original?”

Zheng Yuan and Du Fei were both shocked by Li Yundong’s action and shook their heads. He turned around again and said to Shen Wancai, “Mr. Shen, do you want to have a look?”

Shen Wancai walked up, trembling with excitement. He was looking at Li Yundong as if he was looking at a living immortal. He cupped his hands around the teacup in Li Yundong’s hands and inspected it carefully before shouting a few moments later, “That’s right, this is the teacup!”

Shen Wancai excitedly gave a thumbs-up and shouted, “I, Shen Wancai, have traveled extensively and seen countless extraordinary people, but Young Master Li, you are the most powerful man I have ever seen! I am completely convinced!”

At this time, the outcome of the battle was self-evident. Zhang Ling snorted spitefully. She knew that she couldn’t have produced such a long breath of True Energy. Unless she used magic, she couldn’t just absorb it with True Energy like Li Yundong had done. Her face was pale, and she strode out without saying a word. Zou Ping immediately followed her when she saw that the situation was not good. Once they were gone, Zhao Yougen was helped up by the beautiful women in cheongsam, but he then just stood there in a daze like a stone statue.

Before leaving, Zou Ping glanced at her and secretly spat in her heart, cursing, “If it weren’t for this damn thing being so useless, would we have to force our way out? Hmph!”

The two of them walked out of Disanxian, but they could still hear the people inside still cheering loudly, especially the cheers of Li Yundong’s classmates, which were the loudest.

When Zhang Ling heard these ear-piercing sounds, her face turned ashen and she told Zou Ping, “No matter what it takes, you must think of a way to get the Heavenly Jindan Technique for me!”

Zou Ping paused. “The Heavenly Jindan Technique?”

Zhang Ling berated angrily, “Are you deaf? If Li Yundong hadn’t practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique, how could his aura be so long? How could his Neidan be so powerful? Now he has cultivated to the eighth phase and is so powerful. In the future, if he breaks through the ninth phase, will there still be a place for us in the world?”

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