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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 401 Who Are You Inviting?

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On the way back, Zhou Qin thought constantly about a certain question: “Should I tell Li Yundong about my father’s comeback?”

This news would be reassuring to Li Yundong and the others. It could put him more at ease to deal with other things, and he would no longer have to worry about being secretly scolded all day.

As the saying goes, it’s easy to cultivate in Six Gates.

If a sect had a background in official circles, no matter how weak the sect was, the other sects would not dare to casually suppress it.

Li Yundong’s current situation meant that he wasn’t afraid of others making trouble for him in the cultivation world, but he was wary that they would trouble him in the mortal world by all kinds of means.

Zhou Qin clearly understood her father’s temper. Although Zhou Keqiang was domineering and rarely thought of others, he was at least extremely protective over his daughter. Zhou Qin firmly believed that even if he often quarreled with her, Zhou Keqiang would still love her deeply.

Even if only for her own sake, Zhou Keqiang would protect Li Yundong more or less. With this big backer, if others wanted to make trouble for Li Yundong in the worlds of business or politics, they had to think twice.

But after thinking about it for a while, Zhou Qin decided not to tell Li Yundong so as not to make others feel that she was asking for credit and showing off.

While Zhou Qin was rushing back, Zi Yuan suddenly answered a call in the shop. When she put down her phone, she winked at Li Yundong, her face full of misgivings. They went over to stand in the corner and she whispered to him, “Li Yundong, I have some good news.”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Good news! Then why are you still being so mysterious? Spit it out!”

Zi Yuan shook her head. “No, there’s something fishy about this matter.”

“What is it?” Li Yundong asked.

Zi Yuan whispered, “Didn’t I tell you last time that someone was out for us over the certificate and registration funds?”

Li Yundong’s face darkened. “Someone is up to no good again?”

Zi Yuan said with a strange expression, “No. Just now, the people of the Administration for Industry and Commerce called me and said that we have successfully passed all formalities and that the certificates have all been completed.”

Li Yundong was deeply confused. “What’s going on?”

Zi Yuan said, “I don’t know. They just called me to tell me that it has been done. Last time I called, they were still beating around the bush and delaying.”

Li Yundong pondered for a while and said, “Could it be that another sect is helping us out?”

Zi Yuan smiled helplessly. “We only have enemies now. How could another sect be assisting?”

“Perhaps it was Du Fei? Maybe he helped us?” Li Yundong suggested.

After thinking for a while, Zi Yuan shook her head. “If it is him, we should be more cautious. There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Li Yundong nodded. “Yes, we don’t know what’s really going on! However, generally speaking, we won’t have to worry about the future anymore. The thing we were worried about has mostly been solved. Let’s get to work!”

Zi Yuan laughed and said, “You’re right.”

Li Yundong turned and shouted over to the little foxes, “Guys!”

The little foxes were all busy with their work. After hearing his shout, they raised their heads one after another, looking at him with dirty faces. They said in unison, “Yes!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “We have got all of the certificates we need, so we now have nothing to worry about. Let’s work even harder from now on!”

After he said that, there was a burst of joyous cheering in the store, and the little foxes began to busy themselves once more.

Li Yundong looked at them with an affectionate smile. He glanced around and saw that Su Chan was leaning against a crack in the opaque plastic cloth over the glass window, looking out. Her butt was raised high, looking plump and juicy.

Li Yundong quietly walked over and slapped her butt, making her jump up and cover her behind with her hands like a frightened rabbit.

Li Yundong laughed proudly, as if he had done something extraordinary.

Su Chan rubbed her lower cheeks, her face flushing a deep scarlet. She said angrily, “What was that for?”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “What are you doing waving your ass so high in the air like that?”

Su Chan suddenly forgot that she had been spanked. She grabbed Li Yundong and muttered to him, “Yundong, look!”

Li Yundong went over to the crack and saw that Zhao Yougen’s store opposite had also been decorated with an opaque plastic like theirs. People were moving around inside, but no one could see what they were doing.

Li Yundong straightened up, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “That’s what you’re staring at? Why are you being so sneaky? Like a thief!”

Su Chan blinked her eyes. “The windows are all covered with plastic. If I don’t get into the gap like this, I won’t be able to see it clearly!”

Li Yundong pulled her to the door, pushed it open and said, “Babe, can’t you just look from here?”

Su Chan’s face turned red with embarrassment. She said angrily, “You’re so annoying. I didn’t think of that in such a short time!”

Li Yundong patted her head and said earnestly, “Honey, you won’t be reincarnated if you’re too stupid. You should reincarnate quickly and hope that you’ll come back smarter in your next life since you’ve been so stupid in this one!”

Su Chan rushed at Li Yundong’s back, clawing and biting him. “You dislike me. You do dislike me! I knew it! Don’t even think about it! Humph, I will follow you forever. Even if you want to drive me away, I won’t leave!”

Li Yundong cupped Su Chan’s round butt with both hands. He laughed and said placatingly, “Okay, okay!” Then, he took her on his back and carried her into the store.

In the shop across the street, Zhao Yougen was also standing by the window and nudging a corner of the plastic aside. He looked at Li Yundong coldly and thought, “Hum, show off. Let’s see how long you can maintain your arrogant attitude!”

He turned around and saw Zou Ping looking at him coldly. “If you dare to say a word about what you’ve seen today, I’ll rip off your head!” she shouted menacingly.

Zhao Yougen shivered and quickly turned his head to take out all of the anger that was building up from Zou Ping’s abuse on Li Yundong. He gritted his teeth, and his eyes were as cold as poisonous snakes hissing in a dark corner.

Days passed quickly. Li Yundong kept himself busy with purchasing all kinds of tea sets, tables, chairs, and interior decoration materials for the shop together with the members of the Fox Zen School. Meanwhile, Zhou Qin was doing her basic cultivation exercises at home. In the blink of an eye, half a month passed and the decoration of Disanxian had been completed. Since they had chosen to use non-toxic paint with no side effects, Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and the others decided to hold the opening ceremony the next day after finishing the last bit of decoration work in the shop.

After confirming the opening date, Li Yundong and the others returned home and began writing invitations. When they were ready to write the cards, Li Yundong and the others began to worry again. “When someone wants to entertain, they worry about whether to invite someone or not, but when it comes to Li Yundong, he worries about who’d like to be invited by him.”

Counting on his fingers, Li Yundong found that the number of people he could invite did not even reach a total of ten.

“Feng Na counts as one. Cheng Cheng can also come. Well, the class rep Sun Li too…” Li Yundong calculated and realized that he had few friends in school. Most of the people he knew were girls. He turned his head and said to Zi Yuan, “Has me going to college been a failure??”

Ruan Hongling responded mischievously, “Quite a failure!”

Zi Yuan glared at her. “Hongling, don’t make trouble! Carry on with your invitations!”

Ruan Hongling snorted. “How many people are there in total? We don’t need to write invitations.”

Su Chan comforted her lover, saying, “Yundong, you’re thinking too much. You could invite thousands of students from the school. If you want to invite them, there’s no limit on their number!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Forget it. If you are talking about the kind of people who just want to watch the fun, they’d better not come.” As he said this, he simply took out twenty blank invitation cards and mixed them together with Feng Na’s. “Let her be in charge now and fill in the invitation cards. We needn’t bother ourselves.”

Zi Yuan saw that this group of people had been thinking for a long time but most of the names on the invitation cards were only those of students. She thought, “This can’t be right. After all, it’s a big shop. How can it possibly start successfully without a few socialites to support it?”

Zi Yuan hesitated for a moment before saying, “How about letting me find some people?”

Li Yundong refused instantly, saying, “No, I know exactly what your friends are like. They either covet your beauty or ask you for favors. If you invite them, it’ll be exactly what they want.”

For some reason, Zi Yuan felt a slight warmth in her heart upon hearing this. She smiled and said, “Not all of them.”

Li Yundong shook his head and wanted to speak, but Su Chan next to him stuck out her neck and tried to say something, making him smile and say, “Chan’er, if you have something to say, just say it.”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong and asked weakly, “Yundong, do you need to send an invitation to President Cao?”

“President Cao? Cao Kefei?” Li Yundong was stunned for a moment. Only then did he remember the strong, glamorous woman who was exceedingly beautiful but also worryingly ill.

Li Yundong asked with deep curiosity, “What made you suddenly think of her?”

Su Chan blinked her eyes and replied, “Well, weren’t you thinking about who you can invite? I think President Cao can also be considered a friend, right? If she is not a friend, she is at least still an acquaintance, isn’t she?”

Su Chan’s words reminded Zhou Qin, who had been silent all this while, of something. Recently, Zhou Qin had been immersed in cultivation and paid almost no attention to the outside world.

Upon hearing Su Chan’s words, Zhou Qin suddenly remembered that she had some friends in Tiannan City who could also be called for support. She opened her mouth and was about to speak when Li Yundong began saying, “I won’t bother President Cao again. I’ve caused her a lot of trouble, which I’m not too proud of.”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong in confusion. “Why? I think she cares about you quite a lot.”

Li Yundong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He thought to himself, “Honey, I’m not calling her because of you. How can I not know what Cao Kefei is thinking? If I provoke her, who knows what might happen? You really don’t have any cunning.

Li Yundong tweaked the little girl’s nose out of both anger and amusement. He pretended to be annoyed as he shouted, “Don’t say that! This issue depends on me.”

Su Chan pouted, her high spirits dashed. She replied with a faint ‘oh’ before lying her head on the table unhappily.

Hearing Li Yundong’s words, Zhou Qin, who was to one side, also shut up. She didn’t mention the matter again, but it remained in the back of her mind.

After finding an excuse to go to the bathroom, Zhou Qin found her cell phone, which she had not used for a long time, and looked up Yin Mengfan’s number.

Zhou Qin hesitated for a moment before typing out a message.

At this time, Yin Mengfan was signing a document in her office. When the cell phone next to her vibrated, she picked it up casually and glanced at the message. After realizing what it said, she immediately tossed the pen in her hand away and dialed back. However, after dialing for a long time, no one answered.

Yin Mengfan angrily sent a message which read: “Zhou Qin, what’s wrong with you? You haven’t been in touch with me for so long. Why weren’t you answering my calls?”

After a while, Zhou Qin’s response arrived: “It wasn’t convenient, let’s talk about it over text.”

Yin Mengfan sighed. She felt that Zhou Qin hadn’t picked up her calls probably because she hadn’t gone to check on Zhou Qin when she was in trouble and it had made her a little resentful.

Yin Mengfan sent a message back, saying: “Zhou Qin, are you still angry with me? There was a reason that I didn’t go to see you back then.”

After a while, Zhou Qin’s response arrived. “I know, the He Family was being arrogant. It’s natural that you would want to protect yourself. You don’t have to say it or apologize. I understand. I’m contacting you today for something else.”

Yin Mengfan was slightly relieved. At this point, she was unaware of the news of Zhou Keqiang’s comeback. She asked guiltily, “What’s the matter? As long as I’m able, I will help you.”

Zhou Qin’s reply read: “On the pedestrian street tomorrow, there’s a tea shop called Disanxian that will open. It’s Li Yundong’s store. I want to invite you to come and support us.”

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