Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 396 The Liuhe Sword Recognized It’s Owner!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 396 The Liuhe Sword Recognized It’s Owner!

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After Li Yundong and the others had enjoyed a lively dinner, they went back to their rooms to cultivate.

When it was late at night, Zhou Qin, who shared a room with Su Chan, opened her eyes quietly. She looked over at Su Chan, who was sleeping with her. This girl, who was always so vivid and lively, was now sleeping like a baby. She was wearing pink pajamas with lace and had curled up into a ball. She was holding a pillow tightly in her arms, as if she was afraid that someone would grab it from her. She was also snoring softly, looking adorable.

Although Zhou Qin was jealous that Su Chan was the object of Li Yundong’s affection, she simply couldn’t bring herself to be hostile to this innocent girl. She gently got out of bed, pulled the quilt over Su Chan, and then quietly walked out of the room. In order not to disturb Su Chan, Zhou Qin deliberately didn’t close the door, leaving it half-shut.

But when Zhou Qin went out of the door, Su Chan secretly opened her eyes. She also quietly got out of the bed, ran to the door, and peeked through it.

Su Chan watched Zhou Qin gently knock on Li Yundong’s door and heard Li Yundong’s magnetic voice come from within as he said, “Come in.” Zhou Qin pushed open the door and walked through.

Su Chan’s mouth suddenly fell open. She knew that Zhou Qin was going to Li Yundong’s room so late at night because he wanted to teach her how to cultivate. However, even though she knew this, she was still a little jealous. She wanted to go to the door to eavesdrop on their conversation, but considering that she had eavesdropped last time and had been discovered by Li Yundong, she rejected the idea as soon as it came to her mind.

Su Chan gently closed the door and leaned back against it. She stared at the ceiling and sighed to herself, “If you keep being disobedient, I’m afraid Li Yundong will really dislike you!”

Su Chan plonked herself down on the ground. She supported her chin with one hand and rested her elbow on her knees, bending her fingers with the other hand. She said to herself, “Look, now that Sister Zhou Qin has taken the Renyuan Jindan, she will become very powerful in the future. She also understands business and has good handwriting, which can help Li Yundong a lot. Sister Zi Yuan is even more excellent. She is the best and can do everything. Ugh, why can’t I do anything? The only thing I am good at is handwriting, but it’s still not good enough to compare with Sister Zi Yuan.”

Su Chan sighed, filled with self-pity as she pouted tightly. She thought to herself, “Why do you only know how to make trouble? You used to help Li Yundong cultivate, but now you can’t do anything!”

Su Chan carried on thinking like this for a while, but suddenly she was cheered up by something. “No, I’d better go to find Cao Yi Shibo and have her teach me how to cook. I might not be able to do anything else, but at least I can learn to cook!”

Wit that, Su Chan jumped up, gently opened the door, and quietly walked out.

After walking to the door of Cao Yi’s room, Su Chan was about to knock when she suddenly remembered what had happened before on Mount Gezao. Cao Yi Shibo was probably Yan Hua, who had led them to Mount Gezao. Thinking of this, Su Chan suddenly shivered and turned to leave. But at this moment, she heard a vague voice coming from the room. It seemed that two women were quarreling, and the voice was a little familiar.

Su Chan leaned her ear against the door to listen and could hear Cao Yi Shibo arguing with someone in a low voice. “What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I be here?”

“Hmph, I’m warning you, don’t get too arrogant, or…!”

“What? Hey, just try exposing me! Hah…”

Hearing this, Su Chan suddenly felt a chill run up her spine, as if a pair of predatory eyes was staring at her coldly through the door.

Su Chan straightened her back. As soon as she did so, the door opened. Cao Yi looked at Su Chan doubtfully and asked her in a low voice, “Chan’er, it’s so late. What’s the matter?”

Su Chan quickly pushed past Cao Yi and looked inside. She saw that the window was open and a cool breeze was blowing through the gauze window. There was no one else in the room. She looked at Cao Yi again. Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly noticed the murderous look in Cao Yi’s eyes.

Su Chan shivered suddenly. She opened her mouth but did not know what to say. Just then, a loud buzzing came from Li Yundong’s room.

Su Chan got an idea and immediately said, “Sounds like there are noises coming from Yundong’s room. I wanted to ask you to come and see what’s going on.”

Although there was still suspicion hidden in Cao Yi’s eyes, her murderous look finally lessened. She smiled and said, “Perhaps Leader is refining magic tools.”

Su Chan pretended to be enlightened. She slapped her forehead lightly and said, “Yes, Cao Yi Shibo, you are so smart. I am going back to sleep!”

Saying this, Su Chan scurried back to her room without looking back. As soon as she closed her own door, she leaned against it, her heart pounding. She whispered to herself, “How does Cao Yi Shibo know that Yundong has a new magic item?”

While Su Chan was feeling anxious in her room, Li Yundong was with Zhou Qin in his bedroom and both were unaware of what had happened outside.

When Zhou Qin opened the door, she first saw Li Yundong sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room. Behind him was a floor-to-ceiling window with the curtains pulled open. The moon could be seen hanging through the center of the window. The moonlight was pouring over Li Yundong like water, covering him with a silver cassock.

At this moment, Zhou Qin suddenly felt that Li Yundong’s whole body was exuding an unspeakable Lingqi. It was as if Li Yundong would ascent to heaven in the next second.

Zhou Qin stood stunned at the door until Li Yundong smiled and said to her, “Why are you in such a daze? Come in.”

Zhou Qin felt as if she had just woken up from a dream. She walked further in but didn’t see any movement coming from Li Yundong even though the door had been closed gently.

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong sitting cross-legged in the room. She took a deep breath and also sat down with her legs crossed, then said respectfully, “Master, what are you going to teach me today?”

On Li Yundong’s knee was an antique sword. He gently stroked the blade with his hand and said, “Do you recognize this sword?”

Naturally, Zhou Qin recognized it at a glance. It was the one that Yan Hua had brought to school last time. She nodded and said, “Yes, isn’t this Yan Hua’s patrimonial magical sword?”

Li Yundong smiled, his eyes twinkling. “Yes, but not exactly. You must be curious as to why this sword is in my hand.”

Zhou Qin laughed and nodded with some embarrassment.

Li Yundong laughed and said, “I haven’t cultivated for a long time, but you have progressed even less than me, so compared to you, I am a sophisticated Cultivator. Do you still remember that I told you about Mount Gezao a few days ago?”

Zhou Qin nodded and Li Yundong continued, “On Mount Gezao, I snatched the Renyuan Jindan and gave it to you. But there’s one thing I didn’t tell you. I also snatched Yan Fang’s magical item, the Liuhe Sword!”

As he spoke, Li Yundong drew out the Liuhe and gently stroked it. Immediately, the sword emitted a soft buzz and a wave of faint light.

Li Yundong said softly, “The original Zhenqi of the sword was completely expelled by me, and then it was struck by thunder. I thought it would be broken, but in fact, not only is it not broken, it has absorbed a lot of thunder power and become stronger.”

Li Yundong sighed lightly and said, “This is the chain attackers’ sword of Bahuang and Liuhe. It is especially for women to use. However, you haven’t achieved the Zhuji phase and Neidan now, and you only have the Qi of Core Yin and Yuanyang, so this sword can’t recognize you as its master. So today I will only teach you how to make the magical item recognize you as its master. This is also what Zi Yuan taught me.”

As he spoke, Li Yundong’s Zhenqi suddenly gathered into a ball, rushed to his fingertips momently, and quickly rushed to the Liuhe Sword.

Zhou Qin stared at Li Yundong. At first, she could only see Li Yundong’s Qi surging, his hairs floating one by one, and the corners of his clothes fluttering even though there was no wind. Sitting opposite Li Yundong, she could feel a strong wind gusting toward her, as if it wanted to blow her away.

As far as Zhou Qin could see, the sword didn’t move at first. Li Yundong’s Zhenqi disappeared without any effect. But after a while, the sword began to shake slightly. This shaking became more and more intense, and eventually, the Liuhe Sword gave out a fierce sound.

This sound was like the cry of a dragon or a phoenix. It was clear, sonorous and powerful, and sounded particularly loud in the silence of the night.

After a while, the Liuhe began shaking so violently that Zhou Qin felt that there were several Liuhes in front of her, and that there were many residual shadows on them. It seemed that in the next second, this sword would fly right out of Li Yundong’s hand.

At this moment, Li Yundong suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

The Zhenqi in his body flooded into the Liuhe. The violently shaking Liuhe suddenly stopped, and many shadows instantly merged into one.

At this moment, Zhou Qin saw the Liuhe suddenly emit an extremely dazzling white light. She subconsciously shielded her eyes with her hand as the room turned as bright as it would be on a summer’s day, but then in an instant, the light disappeared, and the whole room fell into darkness.

After putting down her hand, Zhou Qin looked at the Liuhe. She could see that the sword, which was about one meter long, had a faint silver light flowing around it, and it was exuding a mysterious and quiet aura.

Li Yundong smiled, looked at the Liuhe, and loosened it. The blade did not fall. It remained floating in the air like a newborn baby, looking around with curiosity and vigilance. After a while, the sword suddenly changed direction and pointed toward Li Yundong, as if it was looking at an enemy.

Zhou Qin could sense that the Qi of the Liuhe was sharp and aggressive. Although the sword was not facing her, she still felt creeped out.

When Zhou Qin saw that the Liuhe was pointing at Li Yundong, she couldn’t help but be worried and whispered, “Master, you…”

Li Yundong raised his hand and stopped her with a smile. He shook his head gently and said softly, “It’s okay. It can’t hurt me.”

As if it had heard Li Yundong’s words and wanted to prove them, after observing Li Yundong for a while, the Liuhe suddenly jumped up and shuttled around happily in the room.

Zhou Qin could hear the sounds of the Liuhe cutting through the air in the room. The sword’s speed was so fast that she couldn’t even keep up with it. She could only see a few silver lights flashing back and forth around her. After a while, the Liuhe suddenly stopped and the silver light in the room disappeared. The weapon then stopped behind Li Yundong and looked around arrogantly.

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Magic items are psychic, and out of all the magic items in this world, the strongest is this sword. Don’t underestimate it. It has its own thoughts. Just now, it was trying to judge whether I am its master or not.”

Zhou Qin’s expression was one of shock. She was tongue-tied. It was not until a long time later that she exclaimed, “It turns out that there are really immortal swords and flying swords going around killing people in this world!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “It’s incredible, isn’t it? I’ll ask Zi Yuan to tell you the story of the Liuhe so you can hear about how these magic items were made and where the principles come from.”

Zhou Qin said with a smile, “But Master, I want you to teach me.”

Li Yunqi said, “Zi Yuan knows more than I do about this.”

Zhou Qin shook her head and said, “No matter how much she knows, she’s not my master.”

Li Yundong gave Zhou Qin a meaningful look. He nodded and said, “Okay. Well, you can go back to your room and sleep now. You don’t need to go out with us tomorrow, you can just cultivate at home.”

Zhou Qin was about to say something, but Li Yundong raised his palm and said in a deep voice, “Whatever you’re going to say next, I’m not going to discuss it with you now.”

Zhou Qin didn’t say anything. She was a strong woman, but no matter how strong and domineering a woman was, in the face of the man she loved, she would always show her soft side. She smiled helplessly and said, “Well, Master, don’t get too tired.”

Li Yundong had indeed consumed a lot of Zhenqi to make the Liuhe recognize him as its owner. At this time, his face had gone a little pale. He smiled and said, “I’m fine. Go to sleep.”

Zhou Qin went out of Li Yundong’s room. When she returned to her own room, she secretly glanced at Su Chan, only to see that the girl had turned over and was facing the wall, her body all curled up.

Zhou Qin smiled slightly and sank down onto the bed, but her eyes were still wide open. Li Yundong’s handsome figure in the moonlight seemed to be shimming before her eyes, making her feel too excited to rest.

Meanwhile, Su Chan stared at the snow-white wall. Her extremely beautiful eyes were flickering with confusion, vigilance, and a trace of craftiness.

These two stunning girls lay on their own beds and were consumed with thinking about their own affairs. They tossed and turned, and it was hard for them to sleep at all that night.

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