Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 392 The Best Decorating Team in History

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 392 The Best Decorating Team in History

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Li Yundong didn’t seem to feel the overwhelming resentment around him at all. He smiled and said to the little foxes, “Later on, you will be responsible for cleaning up the things in the store, packing them up and clearing out the room. Do you understand?”

The foxes answered, “Yes, sir!”

Li Yundong handed a note to Cao Yi and the others with a smile and said, “You three Shibos will be in charge of logistics. First, go and buy three sets of work suits and a few sets of cleaning tools.”

Smiling, Cao Yi and the others agreed.

Li Yundong then turned his head and looked at Su Chan who was looking at him eagerly and at Ruan Hongling who was looking him fiercely, saying, “I’ll have other arrangements for you two later. By the way, Chan’er, you should get the plastic cover we brought here first and cover the transparent parts of the shop outside. It’ll be bad to let the opposite know about our actions.”

Li Yundong clapped his hands and said, “Let’s go. Everyone, go and perform your own duties!”

After that, Su Chan smiled and turned to pick up the plastic cover. Cao Yi and the others went out of the store and went straight to the mall, while the little foxes were busy working inside the store.

Seeing that they all had jobs except her, Zi Yuan asked in bewilderment, “What about me?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “There is a position for you. You will know when the time comes.”

They were busy at the store. Zhao Yougen and a group of decorators were staring at them with their mouths wide open because they had no idea what was going on.

After all, the foreman and the others were specialized in decoration. After watching for a while, the foreman said with shock and doubt, “Are they going to do the decoration?”

“Ah? Who? They?” It was as if Zhao Yougen had heard the funniest joke in the century. His mouth was so wide that he could almost stuff his own fist inside. He suddenly turned his head to look at the foreman and then pointed to Li Yundong’s store across the street. “You, are you kidding me? A young man who hasn’t graduated from college… With a group of delicate beauties, they’re going to decorate it? Are you crazy, or am I crazy?”

The foreman had a strange look on his face. He stammered, ” Pre… President Zhao, I, I also think I’m crazy… But, but what they did is clearly related to decoration!”

While he was talking, a decoration worker suddenly pointed to Cao Yi and the other people who went back and said, “Look, the big bucket they bought is used to soak the tiles!”

Zhao Yougen saw that Cao Yi and the others had brought a few red barrels as tall as a person and went inside the store. After a while, they put down their things and went out again, as if they were carrying out the second shopping round.

At this time, Su Chan jumped up and down, covering the glass windows with an opaque plastic cover. The people outside could only see the figures inside swaying, but they couldn’t see the details. They suddenly lamented, “Beauty, don’t cover it up, let us see it! We don’t want to look at the mosaic!”

Zhao Yougen only felt that his brain was in a mess. Li Yundong was straying to far from common sense, making him feel as if he had fallen into a mess.

“No, I have to go and have a look!” Zhao Yougen suddenly gritted his teeth and strode to Li Yundong’s shop across the street.

The foreman was so curious that he felt as if he had swallowed twenty-five kittens in one breath, and they were all scratching his heart at the same time. He quickly said, “I’ll go and have a look, too.”

However, as soon as he said that, the workers behind him also said in unison, “I’ll go too!”

Zhao Yougen suddenly turned his head and glared at the foreman, saying, “You have to stay and work!”

The foreman shivered; he turned his head and glared at his men. “Go to work!”

Those workers went back to the shop while sulking. They did their jobs listlessly and looked at the opposite side from time to time.

Li Yundong was working on the layout and interior decoration order of the whole store with Zi Yuan. Suddenly, he saw Zhao Yougen push the door open. He frowned slightly and folded the design blueprint; then he handed it to Zi Yuan. He said, “President Zhao, what’s the matter?”

Zhao Yougen looked around. He was tongue-tied so he could only ask, “Little brother, what are you doing?”

Li Yundong said lightly, ” You can’t tell what’s going on? The movie ‘Southern Mud Bay’! President Zhao!”

“Southern Earth Bay?” Zhao Yougen was dumbfounded.

The foreman next to him responded quickly and whispered in his ear, “It means that they have to do it themselves, and they will find ample food and clothing on their own!”

Zhao Yougen looked with an exaggerated expression and cried out, “Brother, do you really want to decorate this store by yourself?”

Li Yundong smiled slightly. “Can’t I?”

Zhao Yougen suddenly laughed himself into convulsions, as if he had heard that Yao Ming, a basketball star, had turned into a singer and Obama was roasting sweet potatoes on the street. He laughed for a while, tears welling up in his eyes.

Zhao Yougen’s laughter sounded harsh to Su Chan and the others. They felt that they had been mocked and looked down upon, so they looked at Zhao Yougen unkindly, waiting for Li Yundong’s order to throw him out.

Li Yundong didn’t get angry. Instead, he looked at Zhao Yougen with a grin on his face, as if he were looking at a playful monkey.

Zhao Yougen laughed for a long time before he finally got back up. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and said, “Oh, little brother, little brother, you really are quite the character. No wonder you’re still a college student. Great! Do you know what decoration is?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “So what if I don’t know?”

At that moment, Zhao Yougen only regarded Li Yundong as a whimsical and unbridled boy. His eyes were full of disdain and contempt. He said, “Little brother, little brother, you really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

Zhao Yougen turned around and walked to a wall that had been torn down less than a halfway. He said, “Little brother, let’s not talk about anything else. It’ll take you two or three days to knock down this wall and ask two professional decorators to do it. Look at you, there is no one who can do such a rough job!”

Hearing Zhao Yougen’s words, Su Chan and the others immediately flew into a rage and said in unison, “What did you say?”

Zhao Yougen was startled. He shrank his head and looked at the surrounding little foxes in horror.

Li Yundong raised his hand and signaled to Su Chan and the others to keep quiet. Then, he walked over to the wall and touched it with his palm. With a smile, he asked, “Will this wall take two days?”

The foreman next to President Zhao moved closer and said, “It’ll be about two days!”

Li Yundong glanced at him, and then said to Zhao Yougen, “Oh? But why do I think it can be done in two minutes?”

“Two minutes?” Zhao Yougen laughed wildly. “Young people are really good at bragging. Little brother, what you said is too exaggerated!”

As he said this, he raised his hand, glanced at his watch, and made the affected pretense to say, “It’s 8:27 p.m. right now. I’ll give you one more minute. Let’s see how you deal with it. You boast too much little brother. I think you…”

Zhao Yougen wasn’t able to finish speaking. Suddenly, Li Yundong patted the wall lightly with his palm, causing numerous cracks to appear on the wall. Then Li Yundong gently patted on the four corners of the wall. The wall collapsed in less than a second.

Zhao Yougen’s words came to an abrupt end. His eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets, and the foreman next to him almost dropped his chin on the ground.

When Su Chan and the little foxes saw Zhao Yougen and the foreman’s expressions, they felt very happy and burst out laughing.

Li Yundong laughed. He clapped his hands and said to Su Chan and the little foxes, “Girls, don’t stand there foolishly. Let’s get to work!”

After that, the little foxes answered in unison and swarmed in. They passed by Zhao Yougen and knocked him down on purpose, shouting, “Good dogs don’t block the way!”

“What are you looking at? I’ll dig out your eyeballs if you look again!”

“Get out!”

“Humph, now you know how powerful our leader is!”

Zhao Yougen stumbled to the door. When he straightened up, he found that some young and beautiful ladies threw large pieces of bricks and stones to their companions as if they were lighter than pebbles, while their partners quickly placed the stones inside the trash bags. Some of them even saw that some bricks and stones hadn’t been cleaned up, so they simply pulled out the remaining bricks piece by piece!

They worked together like an assembly line. It didn’t take long for the wall to be cleaned up. Even the gravel had been collected into a garbage bag and piled up.

“Oh, my lord…” Zhao Yougen only felt that everything in front of him was unreal. He was stunned as he muttered in a daze, “Am I dreaming?”

At the moment, Su Chan approached Zhao Yougen with two huge trash bags filled with bricks and stones in her hands. She glared at him and said, “Get out of the way!”

Only then did Zhao Yougen come to his senses. He only felt that his face was burning with pain. He walked out of Li Yundong’s store in a daze, and then blankly watched as Su Chan quickly threw two bags of garbage that weighed dozens of kilograms into the dustbin located one or two hundred meters away.

“Isn’t it too exaggerated?” Zhao Yougen even suspected that the bricks in the two plastic bags were made of bubbles. After Su Chan entered the shop, he immediately turned around, ran to the garbage can, pulled open the plastic bag, picked up a piece of broken brick inside, and pulled it hard!

It nearly broke his finger!

Zhao Yougen took a deep breath and quickly threw away the brick in his hand. He looked at the direction of Li Yundong’s shop in shock. He suddenly felt a terrible sense of threat and shivered in broad daylight.

Although he didn’t know what had made him so fearful, he obviously felt that he had underestimated Li Yundong. His previous arrogant words were about to become a joke.

Zhao Yougen rushed back to his store and shouted like a madman, “Everyone, do your best. Don’t lose to them! I’ll give you more money!”

The workers became excited when they heard the magic word. Each of them was full of enthusiasm.

At the same time, Li Yundong, who was inside the shop, said to Ruan Hongling with a smile, “It’s your turn now!”

Ruan Hongling rolled her eyes at Li Yundong. “I won’t let you off if you tell me that you want me to do this kind of rough work!”

Li Yundong laughed. He pointed to the thick wooden boards on the ground and said, “Show me your talent. Let’s see what you can do.”

Ruan Hongling said angrily, “How do you know that I can do carpenter work? Even if I can, do I have tools? I don’t have wood planes, saws, or things like that, do I?”

Li Yundong said strangely, “Don’t you have your magical item? That thing is controlled by your will. Isn’t it better than any other tool?”

Ruan Hongling was at a loss for words. She stammered, “What, what? You, you want me to use a magical item for carpentry?”

Li Yundong said with a grin, “Yeah. I have to say, what can’t be carved and made by your magical item?”

Only then did Zi Yuan understand what Li Yundong was up to. She pursed her lips to smile, then she shook her head slightly and a thought came to her, “Only Li Yundong would come up with such a thing!”

Ruan Hongling looked at Li Yundong as if she were looking at an outsider. Her eyes were wide open and filled with complicated emotions. There was both shock and a hint of admiration in her gaze. She thought to herself, “In the entire cultivation world, I’m afraid that this is the only person who has ever used a magical item to do carpenter work, regardless of whether we consider the ancient times or the recent era. If my master were to find out… he’d go crazy!”

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