Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 390 Get Ample Food and Clothing by Working with Our Own Hands!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 390 Get Ample Food and Clothing by Working with Our Own Hands!

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After the little foxes started shouting in a chorus, Su Chan lifted her head again and said proudly and excitedly, “Really? Do you think my method is good?”

The foxes all nodded and echoed, “It’s a great idea!”

Su Chan was so happy that she turned to Li Yundong, hoping for praise. However, when she saw Li Yundong’s gloomy face and the blue veins throbbing in his forehead, she suddenly felt nervous and lowered her chin, looking like a good wife who knew she had done something wrong. Rubbing her clothes with her hands, she said timidly, “I, I didn’t say that on purpose…”

His expression dark, Li Yundong pointed to the notebook and paper on the table and shouted, “Do your job!”

“Okay!” the girl responded, lowering her head with a face full of grievance and anxiety. She rolled her eyes and peeked at Li Yundong from time to time. When she saw Li Yundong look at her, she quickly withdrew her gaze, behaving like a frightened deer.

Seeing Su Chan’s reaction, Li Yundong was both annoyed and amused. With a straight face, he said to the foxes, “What I said just now was all a waste of time? Can’t I, the Leader, continue to keep my word?”

Although he seemed to be addressing the little foxes, he was in fact saying this to Cao Yi and others. Cao Yi quickly stood up to maintain order and said loudly, “All of you, keep quiet and listen to the leader!”

After that, she turned to Li Yundong and said apologetically, “Leader, please go ahead!”

Li Yundong noticed that the others’ expressions were strange, as if they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. He felt depressed, but he knew it was not a good idea for him to vent his anger. He could only let it go and continue, “The first rule of the next meeting is that you must raise your hand before you speak. You are not allowed to speak without the permission of the host! You are too noisy for a formal meeting!”

Ruan Hongling snorted and mumbled in a low voice, “This is a dictatorship!”

Unexpectedly, Li Yundong glared at her and said, “If you want to scold someone, you should raise your hand and get approval first!”

Ruan Hongling was clearly enraged as she raised her hand high and ground her teeth in anger.

However, Li Yundong acted as if he couldn’t even see her. He said slowly and methodically, “Next, the second rule of the meeting is that the host has the right to ignore the speaker.”

Still boiling with rage, Ruan Hongling pointed at Li Yundong with one hand on her waist and yelled, “You’re too overbearing!”

Li Yundong’s tone remained grave. “Please raise your hand before you speak!”

Ruan Hongling raised her hand high again an instant later. Li Yundong immediately said, “We shall continue to ignore you!”

“You!” Ruan Hongling was so angry that she almost pass out. The little foxes of the Fox Zen School couldn’t help chuckling at the scene. Cao Yi, Zhuang Yating, and Liu Yuehong also had strange expressions on their faces. The corners of their mouths were twitching as if they were trying to hold back their laughter, and Zi Yuan couldn’t help but turn around and secretly chuckle.

Su Chan, who had been keeping her head down throughout, burst out laughing, but soon covered her mouth with her hands. She glanced at Li Yundong timidly. Seeing that he wasn’t paying attention to her, she was relieved and secretly laughed.

At this point, Ruan Hongling was so angry that she thought her lungs might explode. She sat down and ground her teeth so hard, it was as if she wanted to fry Li Yundong and put him in her mouth and chew him into little pieces.

Li Yundong decided to use a spoon as a makeshift gavel. He tapped on the table and attracted everyone’s attention again. “Attention please. Now let’s get down to business! Someone has poached our decorators, and now we can’t find any other decorators in the entirety of Tiannan City! What should we do?”

Everyone looked at each other, not saying a word.

Li Yundong looked around at the silent audience and pretended to be angry as he said, “You were so excited just now, why so quiet all of a sudden?”

Cao Yi raised her hand gingerly. “Cao Yi Shibo, do you have something to say?” Li Yundong quickly asked.

Cao Yi asked tentatively, “My Leader, if we can’t find a decorator, maybe we can save a sum of money by not having decorations put in?”

Li Yundong’s expression was one of despair. He asked in reply, “Are you suggesting that if the Taoist temple where Fox Zen School is located changes to a temple without decoration, the monks will move in to improvise?”

Cao Yi smiled embarrassedly. “That’s not what I meant.”

Li Yundong shook his head helplessly and asked, “Then what?”

All of the members of the Fox Zen School were unreliable. Li Yundong’s question had no effect. The foxes looked at each other in dismay, shaking their heads like rattles.

In fact, Li Yundong was only pretending to be angry. He hadn’t been expecting the foxes of the school to come up with any good ideas. He said seriously, “Since no one has a good idea, I’ll tell you mine.”

Ruan Hongling, who had been sulking, couldn’t help but snort again. “Why didn’t you tell us all your idea earlier? Why did you delay so much?”

Li Yundong glared at her. “Raise your hand!”

Ruan Hongling raised her hand, but Li Yundong immediately said, “Ignored!”

At this point, Ruan Hongling didn’t even have the energy to be angry. She just rolled her eyes.

Li Yundong could see that Ruan Hongling, who was non-violent and not cooperative, was no longer being naughty. He coughed and said, “My idea is for us to get ample food and clothing by working with our own hands!”

“With our own hands?” Everyone was shocked.

Zi Yuan had been so distracted by Ruan Hongling saying ‘lover’ that she had not been paying attention to the meeting. But at this time, she asked with surprise, “Do you mean that you want us to decorate the place ourselves?”

Ruan Hongling opened her mouth wide and said, “I always thought that there was a limit to your arrogance. I never knew that it ran so deep! Just because you’re crazy, you don’t need to drag us all into your schemes, okay?”

Su Chan also raised her head and stammered, “Yundong, we don’t know the first thing about decoration!”

The little foxes looked at each other in dismay. “You want us to do it on our own? What do you mean?”

“Are we going out to work?”

“What kind of work?”

“Will it be fun?”

“Don’t worry about whether it’s fun or not. Let’s just go. It’s boring to stay in the house all day long!”

At this time, the little foxes all agreed that it would be fine as long as they could go out to play. It didn’t matter what they had to do!

Their eyes lit up as they nodded in unison. “Great! What are we going to do, Leader?”

Li Yundong saw that things were getting chaotic again. He quickly knocked on the glass table with the spoon and said loudly, “Silence, raise your hand. Remember to raise your hand!”

Everyone suddenly shut up and looked at Li Yundong.

He said seriously, “Why, is decoration difficult? It is just carpentry, mud-tiling, and decoration and design work? The most difficult thing in the world is cultivation. Is decoration more difficult than cultivation? Which one of you is not a cultivator? Who has no confidence? Speak up!”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed. No one was willing to admit to this. They all shook their heads.

“Since you all agree with me, it’ll be easy! I’ll arrange work in a while to ensure that everyone can do their best!” Li Yundong said.

His words made Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Ruan Hongling, and the others curious. Su Chan secretly poked Li Yundong’s arm with a pen and whispered, “Yundong, give me a good job!”

Unexpectedly, Li Yundong only glared at her impartially. “Raise your hand!”

Su Chan raised her hand, looking aggrieved. Li Yundong nodded with satisfaction and said, “Go ahead!”

The girl asked, “Can you give me a good job later?”

Li Yundong thought about it for a moment before saying, “Okay, I will!”

When the little foxes heard this, they immediately started shouting, “No fair! We want good jobs too!”

Li Yundong yelled over them, “What are you arguing about? I have my own way of doing things!”

Cao Yi and the other Shibos also started shouting, “Don’t be so noisy. Listen to Leader. It won’t be too late for us to quarrel later if his arrangement is not good!”

“Huh?! What are you talking about?”

Li Yundong looked at Cao Yi and the other Shibos speechlessly. He was about to speak, but then he saw Ruan Hongling raising her hand with a bitter face. It seemed that if Li Yundong did not address her, she would immediately throw herself at Li Yundong and perish with him.

Li Yundong had no choice but to ask, “Hongling, what do you want to say? There is no need to scold me.”

Ruan Hongling snorted and said loudly, “Do you think I’m like you? I just want to ask if there is any need for me to participate in this stuff considering that I’m not from the Fox Zen School.”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Okay! But if this store makes money in the future, you shan’t see a penny!”

Ruan Hongling proudly said, “It doesn’t matter. Sister Zi Yuan has shared and we can split the profits.” Then, she turned around and asked with a proud smile, “Sister Zi Yuan, am I right?”

Zi Yuan looked at Ruan Hongling with a faint smile, not saying a word. They looked at each other for a long time. Ruan Hongling was frightened by her gaze and looked as if she had been defeated. She lowered her head despondently and turned to Li Yundong, saying, “Well, I’ll do my job. What should I do?”

Li Yundong said with an earnest expression, “That’s right! As the saying goes, ‘Heaven has endowed me with talents for eventual use’. Ruan Hongling, you are experienced, smart and full of energy. I’ll appoint you as the Art Director and CEO of Disanxian!”

Ruan Hongling had been holding a deep grudge against Li Yundong at first, but when she heard these words, she was immediately delighted. She deliberately put on airs and said, “Hum, it sounds good. However, everyone knows that the title of a manager, president, and so on are a dime a dozen these days. They’re as worthless as cabbages now.”

Li Yundong’s face darkened. “If you are unwilling, I will appoint another in your place!”

Ruan Hongling immediately interjected, “I’m willing!”

Li Yundong rolled his eyes at her and said to the little foxes, “You are all shop assistants, maybe you will become bosses and shareholders in the future!”

The little foxes were still young, so they didn’t know that Li Yundong’s words were purely a joke. Seeing Li Yundong’s serious attitude, they felt that what he’d said was amazing. All of them beamed with joy.

Li Yundong tried hard to hold back his laughter and said to Cao Yi and the others, “Shibos, could you please be the lobby managers?”

Cao Yi and the others didn’t know what the lobby manager was supposed to do, so they had no choice but to agree first, confused.

Then, Li Yundong turned to Zi Yuan and said, “Zi Yuan, you’ve contributed the most, and you’re also a major shareholder. You can be the general manager of Disanxian!”

Zi Yuan smiled. She did not let on that she knew what Li Yundong was up to, merely smiling and agreeing without saying a word.

Seeing that Li Yundong was talking so excitedly but had never said anything about her, Su Chan anxiously waved her hand in front of his eyes.

Li Yundong’s vision was filled by the hand swinging in front of him. At first, he pretended that he couldn’t see it, but he hadn’t been expecting the girl to be so anxious. She jumped over to Li Yundong and blocked his sight.

Li Yundong had no choice but to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Su Chan stomped frustratedly. “You promised that you would give me a good job!”

Li Yundong pretended to be enlightened. He slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “Oh, look at me. I almost forgot!”

Su Chan giggled. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Come on, what’s my position?”

Li Yundong sighed. “Alas, you are so young, but you are so addicted to being an official. It’s unseemly!”

Su Chan acted coquettishly. “Come on, tell me! Say it quickly!”

Li Yundong had no choice but to say, “Then I appoint you as commander-in-chief of decoration!”

At first, Su Chan was overjoyed, and her eyebrows jerked up. But a moment later, she began thinking, “That’s not right. Commander-in-chief of decoration? What about in the future? No, I want to be a permanent officer of Disanxian, just like them!”

Li Yundong tweaked her nose and said with a smile, “You idiot, haven’t I told you before? If I become the boss, you will be the landlady. Isn’t the position of the landlady enough for you to show off with?”

Su Chan was overjoyed. Ignoring the watchful eyes of the others, she flung her arms around Li Yundong’s neck and kissed him.

Ruan Hongling secretly glanced at Zi Yuan. She didn’t know if Zi Yuan was averting her gaze intentionally or not. Ruan Hongling thought, “Li Yundong simply has no conscience. It was Sister Zi Yuan who helped him set up this shop in the first place! How could he say that in front of so many people! He’s really out of line!”

Ruan Hongling couldn’t help mocking him. “Commander-in-chief? Landlady? What kind of position is that?”

Su Chan knew there was a hidden meaning in Ruan Hongling’s words, but she thought that Ruan Hongling was just being jealous because her position was higher, so she showed off proudly and said, “Who cares? I’m your boss!”

Ruan Hongling snorted and said, “Can you tell me what you are responsible for?”

When Su Chan heard that, she was dumbfounded. How was she supposed to know?

The girl quickly tugged on Li Yundong’s sleeve and asked, “Yundong, What am I responsible for?”

Li Yundong tried hard to hold back his laughter and said, “Don’t you know? The commander-in-chief doesn’t really do anything. It’s a superfluous position!”

The girl’s eyes went blank. “What about the landlady? What is the landlady responsible for?”

Li Yundong couldn’t help laughing. “Counting the money! You can count the money we make in the future.”

Hearing this, Su Chan became delighted once more. “Then, how much money can I take?”

“Not even a penny!” Li Yundong said seriously.

Hearing this, the crowd couldn’t help laughing.

Su Chan stamped in anger and tears welled up in her eyes. She took Li Yundong’s arm and said angrily, “How can you do this! No, I won’t accept it!”

Li Yundong laughed and squatted on the ground, his hands covering his belly. Su Chan tried to pull him up for a long time but failed. Seeing that Ruan Hongling was being so hostile, she said with dissatisfaction, “Then what’s your position? Do you know what you are responsible for?”

Ruan Hongling snorted and was about to boast proudly, but she realized something as soon as she opened her mouth. “An Art Director and CEO? This position sounds impressive, but what am I actually supposed to do exactly?”

Ruan Hongling thought for a while, but she still couldn’t figure it out. “My job was assigned by Li Yundong. You can ask him!” she said.

Su Chan immediately turned to look at Li Yundong with tears in her eyes, “Tell me, Yundong, hurry up!”

Trying hard to hold back his laughter, Li Yundong stood up and said, “As for the Art Director and CEO…”

Ruan Hongling and Su Chan nodded at the same time and asked in unison, “Yes, what kind of job is it? What is she responsible for?”

Li Yundong gave a dry cough and said seriously, “It’s a little difficult to explain. How should I explain it…”

Ruan Hongling sneered, “You don’t even have any idea about the position you appointed. Good for you!”

Li Yundong didn’t even look at her. He said slowly, “Let me put it this way. I will give an example and then you will understand! The Art Director and CEO, relatively speaking… is the same as a carpenter and mason!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone burst out laughing.

This time, it was Su Chan’s turn to be satisfied. She laughed herself into convulsions, her waist moving like a willow in the wind. Ruan Hongling was shamed into anger and screeched in annoyance, “Li Yundong, I’m not done with you!”

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