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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 386 Jindan Rebuilding Body

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While Li Yundong was sorting out the Qi pulse for Zhou Qin, Su Chan waited outside until dawn. Li Yundong still hadn’t come out, so she was a little anxious, wandering back and forth in the corridor.

The other little foxes of Fox Zen School had also woken up early that morning and were all in the living room meditating.

Zi Yuan arrived at Li Yundong’s residence early. She saw Su Chan spinning around, so she asked curiously: “Su Chan, what’s wrong with you? Are you practicing Wu Qin Xi already?”

When Su Chan saw Zi Yuan, she immediately stepped forward and pulled Zi Yuan to one side, then whispered to her in a low voice, “Sister Zi Yuan, Yundong went to Zhou Qin’s room last night and said that he was going to give her the Renyuan Jindan, but he still hasn’t come out yet.”

Seeing Su Chan being so anxious, Zi Yuan thought that she was worried that Li Yundong would not be able to behave, so she smiled and said comfortingly, “After taking the Jindan, Li Yundong, as Zhou Qin’s master, has to remain with her to cast a protective spell. You don’t need to worry about it. Li Yundong is a gentleman, he would never betray you.”

Su Chan stomped her feet angrily. “Sister Zi Yuan, what the hell were you thinking! I am not worried about him doing anything like that! Of course, I trust Yundong, but I am worried about what will happen to him while he’s protecting Zhou Qin. I used to help Li Yundong when he faced the difficulty of rebuilding the body with Jindan, and both of us almost became unhinged. I didn’t dare to push the door open to check, for fear of disturbing him. Sister Zi Yuan, your cultivation quotient is higher, can you help me see what the situation inside is like?”

Zi Yuan smiled faintly. “Don’t worry, Li Yundong’s Zhenqi is vigorous and condensed. There will be no problem. As long as he doesn’t encounter someone with a higher cultivation quotient, he should be able to control the Qi in his opponent’s body.”

“It is always wise to play it safe and prepare for every possibility,” Su Chan said anxiously.

Zi Yuan groaned for a moment before saying reluctantly, “Okay, I’ll help you check on the situation inside.”

As she was worried that the sound of her pushing the door might disturb Zhou Qin in her meditation and Li Yundong while he was casting a protective spell, Zi Yuan chose to get into the room by using her Yin Spirit.

As soon as she entered, Zi Yuan found that the whole room was filled with clouds and mist. Carried on a thin vapor, a faint fragrance was wafting through the room, its scent somewhat medicinal yet also reminiscent of the delicate fragrance of virgins.

Zi Yuan looked at the figures in the room intently. Zhou Qin was sitting on the bed cross-legged with her back to Li Yundong. White Qi was flowing from the top of her head, and her sweat had rendered her clothing sodden. Li Yundong was standing behind her with one palm pressing the Baihui on her head. His other hand was moving like a flying butterfly, quickly taping or poking, pressing or kneading the various acupoints of the Du Meridian on Zhou Qin’s back.

At this time, Li Yundong also had a steaming white line of Qi rising from the top of his head, but his line was so condensed that it was only one finger thick, and it rushed to the ceiling before spreading. Meanwhile, the white Qi from Zhou Qin’s head was rising like uncooked bread dough, rising only an inch before spreading.

Zi Yuan knew that Li Yundong was taking advantage of the opportunity of rebuilding the body with Jindan to help Zhou Qin complete her cultivation of Sutai of the first stage and Kuojing of the second stage. As long as she made it through this stage, Zhou Qin would complete all the basic kung fu of ordinary people’s cultivation, and then directly enter the intermediate level of the second stage. She could begin to observe the Gods’ soul of herself and enter advanced cultivation of the second stage.

Zi Yuan’s Yin Spirit looked behind Li Yundong for a while. Just as she was about to leave, Li Yundong suddenly said, “Is that Zi Yuan?”

Seeing that Li Yundong was fully engrossed in Famai and Kuojing for Zhou Qin, Zi Yuan hadn’t been expecting him to have enough spare energy to speak to her. Thus, she couldn’t help admiring him in her heart. “Yep, it’s me. Su Chan saw that you didn’t come out for the whole night, so she was afraid that something bad had happened to you and Zhou Qin. She asked me to come and see.”

Li Yundong said in a deep voice, “I know. Have you seen the way Zhou Qin is sweating?”

“I see. It’s normal to sweat so much when one is going through rebuilding the body with Jindan,” Zi Yuan said with a nod.

“Yes, Zhou Qin has a special physique,” Li Yundong began saying. “She has strong kidney fire and heavy Yin Qi in her body. Jindan’s Yang Qi attacked her body very powerfully, which caused a fierce battle between the Yang Qi and Yin Qi in her body. The Qi in her body is in utter chaos because of the battle, so she is sweating heavily. Also, as this room is airtight, the sweat on her body does not have much chance to evaporate. I am afraid that the moisture will cling to her and bring some disease that might make her future cultivation difficult. Please find some towels for me.”

As a cultivator, Zi Yuan had experienced similar situations before. Thus, she naturally knew how much of impact moisture could have on one’s cultivation. She nodded in agreement, and her Yin Spirit quickly left the room and returned to her physical body.

As soon as Zi Yuan opened her eyes, she said to Su Chan, “Don’t worry, Li Yundong is doing the Kuojing and Famai for Zhou Qin. I’ll find some towels. You should stay here and wait.”

Su Chan stopped her and said, “I’ll go!”

Not long after, Su Chan found three dry towels, handed them to Zi Yuan and said in a soft voice, “Sister Zi Yuan, you may go.”

Hearing that Su Chan’s voice had become a little lower, as if she was afraid of disturbing Li Yundong, Zi Yuan couldn’t help but smile and say, “You can push the door open and go in. It’s okay. He noticed me when I entered the room by my Yin Spirit and we even exchanged a few words. But you should be gentle. Don’t disturb Zhou Qin.”

Su Chan blinked slowly and hesitated for a while. Then, she boldly pushed the door open and peeked inside.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw a stream of mist welling up around the room, and the figures of Li Yundong and Zhou Qin were looming within the vapor.

Li Yundong could sense that a person at the door was being brave enough to peek at him, but wouldn’t dare to walk in. He immediately realized that this person must be Su Chan, so he said solemnly, “Chan’er? Did Zi Yuan ask you to bring towels?”

Su Chan saw that Li Yundong wasn’t turning back but already knew what was happening outside through the wall. She secretly stuck her tongue out and said admiringly in a soft voice, “You are so amazing, you already know what’s going on without needing to look or listen.”

She walked into the room lightly and whispered, “How do you want to use these towels?”

“Help me wipe the sweat off her body. Be gentle and don’t disturb her.” Li Yundong stared at Zhou Qin’s neck meridians intently, seemingly able to detect the changes of Qi in her body through the beating meridians under her skin.

Su Chan stuck out her tongue and said, “How gently? I can’t do it, you should do it yourself.”

Li Yundong replied, his voice a low rumble, “Didn’t you do it for me before?”

“You were a man, and you had fallen asleep at that time, so you couldn’t feel anything. But now Zhou Qin is just meditating. How is that the same? What’s more, you hold her meridians now, you know the exact strength to use, so you’d better do it. Besides, she’s your apprentice. It’s to be expected that you do it yourself,” Su Chan said in a low voice.

Li Yundong frowned slightly, but he knew that this was not the time to hesitate. After a moment, he replied flatly, “Well, you lift her clothes.”

“Eh?” Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked at Li Yundong in surprise, but when she saw his serious expression, she immediately knew that she was wrong.

The little girl stuck out her tongue and reprimanded herself in her mind. “Su Chan, how could you not trust Yundong? When cultivating, the teaching of kung fu between masters and their disciple is inherently very private and intimate, don’t you know?”

Su Chan walked over gently, put the towel down within Li Yundong’s reach, and then gently helped lift Zhou Qin’s clothes.

Zhou Qin was wearing loose pajamas with no underwear underneath. Lifting her clothes up, Su Chan suddenly revealed her white back.

Although Su Chan was also a peerless beauty, she could see that Zhou Qin’s back was smooth and unblemished, like a piece of natural, flawless white jade. The body hair on her back was so fine that it was hard to see with the naked eye, and the curves of her back were extremely soft and beautiful. Even when Su Chan saw it, she felt moved, gasping in admiration.

Su Chan looked on in awe, but Li Yundong was as impassive as stone. He quickly reached out and picked up the towel, then quickly swept it over Zhou Qin’s back.

At this time, Li Yundong was focusing his whole body and mind on the Kuojing and Famai for Zhou Qin. In his eyes, he could only see the Qi flowing inside the human body, not the graceful appearance of the woman before him. After he had wiped off the sweat on Zhou Qin’s back, he threw the towel out the door, saying neatly, “Bring a new one!”

Zi Yuan caught the towel at the door and could instantly feel that the towel was heavy and soaked with sweat. She was shocked and thought, “Li Yundong’s move just now was so wonderful that it not only wiped off the sweat from Zhou Qin’s back but also did not disturb her. He must have moved as sensitively and elegantly as a flying swallow across the water. It’s really amazing. No wonder he was able to use the Liuhe to deliver thunder in an instant and accurately hit the fairy-tied rope last time. I thought it was a fluke back then, but it seems like Li Yundong’s control of strength really has reached an astonishing level!”

Thinking of this, Zi Yuan couldn’t help but look at Li Yundong in admiration. Then she turned around to go to the bathroom to wash and change the towel, only to see that the others from the Fox Zen School and Ruan Hongling had all gathered at the foot of the stairs and were staring at her as a group, as if they wanted to know what was going on upstairs.

Zi Yuan whispered to the crowd, “Li Yundong is doing the Kuojing and Famai for Zhou Qin. Don’t speak loudly lest you disturb him.”

Everyone came to a sudden realization. They began whispering to each other. Ruan Hongling winked at Ziyuan and said under her breath, “Sister Zi Yuan, where did you go last night? I went to your room to find you, you were not there.”

Zi Yuan looked around and saw that the three Shibos were standing together with the little foxes of Fox Zen School. They all raised their heads and looked toward Li Yundong’s room nervously.

She whispered in response to Ruan Hongling, “I’ll tell you about it later. It’s not convenient now.”

Ruan Hongling nodded. Then, she added, “In that case, I’ll go to Li Yundong’s room to take a look. I won’t say anything. Is that okay?”

Zi Yuan nodded and advised her in a low voice, “You must be careful. Li Yundong is fine, but Zhou Qin must not be disturbed. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain!”

Ruan Hongling made a gesture to Zi Yuan to indicate that she understood. She went up the stairs softly and cracked the door open to look inside. She could see Su Chan removing the pajamas from Zhou Qin’s upper body, standing to the side of Li Yundong and helping him with the towel.

Li Yundong was still staring intently at Zhou Qin’s neck pulse. He took the towel from Su Chan and swept it over Zhou Qin’s back, then threw it to the door without looking and said in a deep voice, “Bring a new one!”

Ruan Hongling saw the towel flying towards her and quickly caught it, feeling somewhat annoyed. “It’s fine that this guy can’t get along with me in daily life, but now he is daring to use me as his maid?!”

But she also knew that now was not the time to be angry. She snorted in her heart and turned around, wanting to go downstairs.

Just as Ruan Hongling was about to leave, she suddenly found that there was a faint smell of medicine coming from the towel, and at this time Zhou Qin’s body suddenly began to burst with explosions of five-color brilliance.

Ruan Hongling was immediately shocked, blurting out, “Rebuilding the body with Jindan? This, this is Renyuan Jindan?”

Her exclamation caused a commotion among the people of the Fox Zen School downstairs. All of the foxes, old and young, were stunned, but especially the little foxes, who said one after another, “Renyuan Jindan?”

“Who is taking the Renyuan Jindan upstairs? Is it the leader?”

“What is Renyuan Jindan like?”

“Shall we go and have a look?”

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