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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 381 A Scheme

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When everyone heard Zou Ping’s words, they immediately started clamoring and shouting, “Alright, let’s go and teach him a lesson!”

“Let’s show him there’s nowhere to hide!” one man shouted.

At that moment, everyone felt as if they had been toyed with. They were furious and roused to action. Following Zou Ping’s lead, they quickly flew away from Mount Gezao and shot towards Tiannan aggressively.

But after reaching Tiannan, Zhang Ling suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

By this time, Yan Fang had already escaped, and Wan Zhenyuan was also gone. Zhang Ling had become the leader of this group of cultivators. As soon as her words fell, everyone immediately stopped in midair.

They asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, Zhenren Zhang?”

Zhang Ling turned to Zou Ping with an icy expression on her face. “Does Li Yundong live in this kind of downtown area?”

Zou Ping nodded automatically. “That’s right. He lives in a very high-grade area and has opened a store on the busiest pedestrian street in Tiannan.”

Zhang Ling sneered coldly. “Hmph, there are so many cultivators here. What are we going to do? Start a fight with Li Yundong and go on a killing spree?”

Her words made the cultivators of the other sects tremble fearfully, all falling silent.

They knew that there was an unbreachable law that could never be violated in the cultivation world. This law said that magic and magical items were forbidden to be used for the purposes of killing ordinary people. Along with this iron law, there was also an unwritten rule in the cultivation world, which was that they were not allowed to use magic that could be detected by ordinary people.

The cultivation world, thanks to the Reform and Opening-up Revolution of the country, had gradually recovered its vitality over the years, but almost every cultivator was still deeply afraid of the Great Culture Revolution, in which all the Taoist temples on Mount Longhu had been smashed to pieces by the Red Guards, and the ancestral grave of Wang Chongyang, the founder of the Quanzhen Sect, had also been dug up by the Red Guards. Wang Chongyang’s bones were scattered in the wild mountains. If one of the villagers of Zu An Village, Zhao Maozhong, had not kindly picked the remains up, the current Wang Chongyang’s coffin in Chongyang palace would still be an empty tomb!

That disturbance had dealt a fatal blow to the cultivation world, almost leading it to total destruction.

Therefore, the old generation of cultivators, which had spent a long time recovering, had learned a lesson from this: under the current government’s control, cultivators had to keep a low profile. They could not use magic in front of ordinary people lest they attract attention again. This would avoid bringing terrible disasters to the cultivation world once more.

Therefore, the cultivators of the older generation had repeatedly reminded their disciples of this unwritten rule. At present, these cultivators were all disciples of the inner sect and most of them were busy cultivating in the mountains. They had chased Li Yundong to Tiannan in a frenzy only to find that he lived amongst ordinary people, and his neighbors were all commoners. If they took action, with Li Yundong’s strength and the power of the Fox Zen School, it would definitely not end well. It would cause a big event on the level of Mars colliding with earth.

While they had been in Mount Tianlong, which was sparsely populated, the disciples of the outer sects had sealed the area off, so the intense fighting at the top of the mountain had not attracted the attention of the secular world.

But if they fought in this downtown area, the trouble caused would be immense. The consequences were definitely not something they could afford.

“Then what should we do?” one of the cultivators immediately asked. “Are so many of us just going back in disgrace?”

Zhang Ling snorted and said, “A problem between cultivators should be solved in the cultivation world! Isn’t he going to open a store? We can definitely find him. The Taoist assembly will be held soon. Send him an invitation to see if he will come or not! If he doesn’t, all the cultivation sects in the world will look down on him and there will be no need for us to take action. Other sects will cause trouble for him. If he goes, we will just deal with him then!”

The cultivators of all sects were overjoyed and said, “Zhenren Zhang, that’s a good idea. Let’s do it!”

But one of them asked doubtfully, “But there’s still a long time before the Taoist assembly. Are we just going to let Li Yundong get away with the Renyuan Jindan?”

Zhang Ling squinted at him and said, “Do you think he will hold onto the Renyuan Jindan for you to grab at your leisure? If you want to go, go by yourself. Don’t get our Zhengyi School involved if you cause any trouble!”

The cultivator who had just spoken suddenly shrank back and looked unhappy.

Zheng Yuan had been following them from not far away, flying with his disciple Ding Nan. He didn’t want to stay with this group of people, but he didn’t want to split off from them either. After hearing what everyone had said, he turned to Ding Nan and said, “Let’s go. We can’t do it tonight. It’s a shame that so many people are letting a young man get away with the Renyuan Jindan.”

Having said that, he took Ding Nan and flew back to Wuhua Mount without saying goodbye.

As soon as Zheng Yuan landed on the ground with Ding Nan, he sneered and said, “Humph, the Great Six are a bunch of useless kids! I really don’t know what their leader is thinking!” After that, he turned his head to Ding Nan and continued, “By the way, didn’t you say that you used to be classmates with Li Yundong last time? So, why don’t you go…”

Ding Nan suddenly got riled up and shouted, “I’m not going! If you want to go, you can go by yourself!”

Ding Nan was afraid that she would lose face in front of Li Yundong and worried that he would look down on her. How could she even show her face to him before she had completed her cultivation journey, let alone go and beg him humbly?

Seeing Ding Nan’s intense reaction, Zheng Yuan remembered that his disciple, Lyu Fengping, had had her body destroyed. He had no choice but to say helplessly, “I haven’t said anything. Why are you so agitated?”

“I can’t do anything,” Ding Nan said loudly. “I don’t want to talk to him!”

Zheng Yuan had no choice but to coax her. “Well, I’ll have to think of another way. However, Li Yundong’s cultivation level is already high. Now that he has a Renyuan Jindan, I’m afraid I won’t be able to beat him in the future!”

After taking a few deep breaths, Ding Nan gradually calmed down and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. As far as I know, Li Yundong won’t take the Renyuan Jindan himself and will instead give it to Su Chan or Zhou Qin.”

Upon hearing this, Zheng Yuan was puzzled and said, “Why? He doesn’t want to take the Renyuan Jindan for himself but for the sake of others? Isn’t he a fool?” But soon, Zheng Yuan understood and said, “I see. Does he want to raise these two women as furnace tripods for yin feeding so he can improve his cultivation? Yes, that must be so! Humph, this guy is really lucky!”

Ding Nan sneered and thought, “Li Yundong is a genuinely upright gentleman. Do you think he is the same as you? You are a despicable person, so you think all people in the world are just as despicable as you!”

While the cultivators of all the sects were following Li Yundong to Tiannan, Wan Zhenyuan was standing alone in the Gezao Sect of Mount Gezao with his hands behind his back. He was standing in the courtyard where the battle had taken place, looking up and watching the dark clouds disappearing. He was as silent as a statue.

Not long later, a tall, strong man came up slowly from behind him. He was holding a jade pole with one hand and the fairy-tied rope with the other. His voice was surprisingly old and hoarse as he said, “Has the Renyuan Jindan been taken away?”

Wan Zhenyuan did not even turn his head. He said coldly, “You’d better make sure that your wishful thinking doesn’t go awry. Otherwise…”

The man laughed and said, “For decades, I reckoned accurately. Is there anything in the world that can escape my scheming?”

Wan Zhenyuan had a mocking expression on his face. “Oh? If you really wanted Li Yundong to steal the Renyuan Jindan, why did you use the fairy-tied rope to tie him up so tightly? Weren’t you afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get away with it and you’d end up in trouble?”

The man snorted and said, “Since Chan’er’s Renyuan Jindan was taken by him, I’ve been watching him for a long time. The person I have chosen won’t be so useless. If he can’t escape, it means that he is not what I’m looking for anyway. Worse comes to worst, I will choose another one!”

Wan Zhenyuan suddenly turned his head and said furiously, “B*stard, do you think the Renyuan Jindan I refined is a Six Flavor Rehmannia? It’s so precious that it can’t be wasted at will.”

The man responded rudely, “Don’t talk nonsense. I helped you collect the panaceas needed for your Renyuan Jindan. If I hadn’t helped you get these two golden snakes, you wouldn’t have been able to refine the Diyuan Jindan for the rest of your life!”

A tinge of anger flashed through Wan Zhenyuan’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it and said in a calm voice, “Diyuan Jindan is still lacking the most important ingredient. As long as I have this ingredient, I will be able to refine the Diyuan Jindan!”

The man thought for a moment and said, “Once the Diyuan Jindan has been refined, more than half of our plan will have already been successfully completed. At that time, it won’t be long until your Gezao Sect of External Alchemy will be able to rise again!”

There was a strong yearning in Wan Zhenyuan’s eyes. He thought for a while and suddenly asked, “Where’s your woman?”

“Still asleep!” the man replied.

Wan Zhenyuan snorted coldly and said, “Those who achieve great things don’t worry about trifles. I think you’d better kill her as soon as possible. You always bring an ordinary person with you. Aren’t you afraid that she might spill the beans?”

The man snorted and said, “I can betray everyone in the world, but I can’t betray her! If you suggest such a thing again, it’s you I’ll be killing!”

Wan Zhenyuan’s face changed momentarily, but he soon returned to normal. He laughed and said, “I didn’t expect an old fox like you to fall in love with someone. It’s funny, really funny!”

“It’s none of your business,” the man said coldly. “You just need to do your job well! The Taoist assembly will be held soon. You’d better make sure that nothing goes wrong. Otherwise, you can expect the Gezao Sect to never rise again in this life!”

Wan Zhenyuan sneered as well. “Don’t always threaten me with this. You’re working with me because you want Fox Zen School to rise again, aren’t you? If we work together, we both stand to gain something, but if we fight, we’ll both lose out. So don’t threaten me with this thing again!”

The man fell silent for a while, and then he said, “In short, you should get the last drug as soon as possible, otherwise everything will be in vain! I will arrange the rest.” After that, he turned around and walked into the side hall.

Wan Zhenyuan snorted and continued to raise his head. As he gazed at the vast starry sky, he smiled meaningfully and muttered slowly, “The cultivation world will not be peaceful for long…”

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