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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 379 Treasure Hunt in Danger

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Just as Renyuan Jindan rolled out from the head of the statue of Guan Yu, Su Chan shouted from where she was in the room, “I found the entrance!”

Hearing this, Li Yundong immediately jumped up, still looking at Renyuan Jindan rolling on the ground. As he moved, he shouted, “Zi Yuan, take the Liuhe. I’ll take Jindan. Let’s leave quickly!”

Right when Li Yundong shouted, Zi Yuan rushed over to Guan Yu’s headless statue like a streak of lightning, pulled out Liuhe, and then quickly rushed into the inner room.

Li Yundong’s body moved, and he did not even have time to pick up the fairy-tied rope. He rushed to the front of Renyuan Jindan with a wave of his hand and caught it in his palm. Then, he turned his feet and suddenly rushed into the inner room.

As soon as Li Yundong entered the inner room, he saw Su Chan standing in front of a wall. She pushed aside a statue and pointed at a narrow door, which was as tall and wide as a person. “Here! There’s a secret passage just here.”

Li Yundong didn’t hesitate, saying decisively, “Zi Yuan, you lead the way. Su Chan can walk in the middle and I will bring up the rear!” After saying that, he threw Jindan to Zi Yuan and said, “As soon as something happens, hightail it out of here!”

Zi Yuan turned around and rushed into the secret passage. Then, she turned around and threw the Jindan to Su Chan without hesitation. “Su Chan, you are the best at escaping. If pursuers come for us later, you can take the Renyuan Jindan and run first!”

At this time, the Liuhe did not recognize its owner. It was no different from an ordinary long sword. Li Yundong had never learned swordsmanship, so it was a burden for him to hold a long sword and he would be easily recognized anyway, so Zi Yuan simply took the long sword.

Su Chan hadn’t been expecting this Renyuan Jindan to fall into her hands again. She was shocked and shouted, “I want to go with Yundong!”

Li Yundong picked her up and threw her into the secret passage. “Don’t talk nonsense. Just go!”

Zi Yuan caught hold of Su Chan and led her along as they sprinted towards the secret passage.

It was just after Li Yundong had thrown Su Chan into the secret passage that someone broke through the door of the side chamber with a thunderous crash.

Li Yundong turned his head and slipped into the secret passage. He quickly tore off his clothes and covered his face.

Zhang Ling’s Cultivation Quotient was the highest and her speed was the fastest. She ran into the main hall, her eyes darting left and right, and immediately chased into the inner room. As soon as she entered, she saw a dark hole appear on the wall, and the statue of the Senior Moral was slanting to one side.

Zhang Ling saw that this hole would only allow one person to enter at a time. If someone guarded it, it would be hard to get in, especially considering the darkness inside. If someone did a sneak attack in there, it would be terrible.

The other cultivators also rushed to the inner chamber of the side hall. When they saw the dark entrance of the secret passage, they hesitated for a moment and stopped. No one dared to chase after them.

However, Zhang Ling was no coward. Relying on her high Cultivation Quotient, she stamped her feet, gritted her teeth, and rushed in.

Li Yundong had already been expecting the other parties to chase after him. Without saying a word, he slammed his hand toward the pursuer.

Zhang Ling shouted angrily, “Good!” Her palm slapped Li Yundong’s.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, Li Yundong and Zhang Ling both took a step back at the same time, thoroughly shocked.

Because of the darkness of the secret passage, Li Yundong didn’t know who was coming or whether the passage he had found in a hurry even had an exit. If it had no exit, he could only guard the entrance and not let anyone in. Otherwise, they would be caught like crabs in a bucket!

Li Yundong stood guard at the cave entrance, fighting for as much time as possible so that Zi Yuan and Su Chan could escape. He relied on his geographical upper hand to defend for a while longer, but he had not expected his opponent to be so fierce, and her Zhenqi was not any less powerful than his!

Ever since Li Yundong had entered the cultivation world, he had been fighting with cultivators of various sects and had never lost a single battle thanks to his rich, boundless Renyuan Jindan and his Neidan that was as strong as steel.

However, after decades of cultivation, Zhang Ling had been practicing magic in Xuan Sect. She had refined her Neidan and vigorous Zhenqi. Her power was only above Li Yundong’s, not below. In particular, Zhang Ling knew a lot of magic. Therefore, Li Yundong couldn’t be compared with her.

Li Yundong suddenly felt that the person in front of him was the only strong opponent he had ever encountered in his life. She was much stronger than anyone he had fought before, and he knew that if there was no exit for the girls and he was defeated and had to retreat, Zi Yuan and Su Chan would definitely die. There would be no way out for them!

“It doesn’t matter if I die, but Su Chan and Zi Yuan must survive!

“I can only move forward. I cannot retreat!”

Li Yundong strengthened his resolve. He suddenly took a deep breath and the desire to win surged all through his body. His eyes were shining with the light of bloodthirst.

Zhang Ling, who was forced to take a step back by Li Yundong, was also shocked. She had roughly guessed that the person inside was Li Yundong, but she had never thought that Li Yundong’s Zhenqi would be so powerful that it seemed that he was not inferior to her. Especially after throwing a punch, his eyes had burst out with two rays of light, and his momentum and Zhenqi seemed to have become much stronger than before!

Zhang Ling took a deep breath and thought to herself, “How could there be such a master amongst the younger generation of the Cultivation World? I’m afraid that even Zi Yuan is not as good as him! The most amazing thing is that this kid is so young, and yet possesses such vigorous Zhenqi! He has such a high Cultivation Quotient at such a young age like my younger brother, Zhang Tianshī. What kind of background does this guy have?”

Zhang Ling wanted to test how powerful Li Yundong’s Zhenqi was, and she was even more curious to see where his lower limits lay. She immediately took a deep breath and slammed her palms toward Li Yundong. Without using any fancy skills, she did a straight-forward frontal attack with her powerful Zhenqi!

If Li Yundong was afraid, his only option was retreat. If he wouldn’t retreat, he could only defend himself against the attacks and could not dodge.

Li Yundong saw the two bare palms coming at him. Although the palms were not big, Li Yundong felt that there was a strong and majestic Qi on his face, like a huge wave that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. He almost couldn’t breathe.

Although he was being faced with a strong enemy, Li Yundong was not afraid at all. The Zhenqi throughout his body burst out like explosives. The Heavenly Jindan Technique in his body was running rapidly, and there was a cracking sound coming from his bones. He clapped his palms toward Zhang Ling!

“Bang!” With a thunderous noise, Li Yundong and Zhang Ling both took three steps back at the same time. The secret path was shaken by their palm winds and the air had grown thick with dislodged dust. The people outside the secret passage also felt that the ground seemed to be shaking a little.

Zhang Ling was shocked and angry when she saw that Li Yundong’s palm didn’t slow down at all and forced her to retreat again! She had always been proud and arrogant. Apart from her brother, she wouldn’t give in to anyone in the world. But suddenly, in front of so many cultivators, she was being forced to use two palm attacks in a row. She felt ashamed and angry, so she mobilized all of the Zhenqi in her body to its peak. With a shout, she pushed her palms forward and slapped again!

This time, Zhang Ling used up all of her Zhenqi. Li Yundong felt like a high-speed train was rushing over to run him down. As long as they collided, he would be smashed to pieces in an instant!

Li Yundong knew whether he would survive or not all came down to this moment. The Heavenly Jindan Technique in his body suddenly entered its eighth phase. His Dan Qi boiled, and the Yin and Yang Qi of his two kidneys instantly converged. A stream of black Qi and a stream of red Qi spurted from his nostrils. One of his hands also turned red, and the other hand turned dark, like black iron. Jindan’s Qi of Yin and Yang rushed towards Zhang Ling like a beast tide!

Zhang Ling was anxious and angry. She wasn’t using her own magic, instead choosing to compete with Li Yundong with only the purest internal Zhenqi. This time, she was forcing Li Yundong to show all his potential. How could the long-lost Foster Fire phase of Heavenly Jindan Technique be joking?

“Boom!” With a loud bang, the palms of the two people touched each other. Immediately, they were blown backward like artillery shells.

Zhang Ling couldn’t stop herself and knocked down the statue of the shrine behind her with a loud bang. Zou Ping, who was standing to one side, rushed over to her and held her up. Only then did she stop moving and alleviate some of her shame.

The cultivators who could not get in saw that Zhang Ling and the mysterious man in the secret passage had attacked each other three times in a row, but she had been repulsed every time, and the last time, she had even been sent flying. They were shocked, the fear written over their faces.

Zhang Ling’s Cultivation Quotient was very high, and she was absolutely famous in the cultivation world. In particular, the magic she had used in the chaotic battle just now was enough to make every cultivator present feel that she deserved her reputation.

However, even with such a high Cultivation Quotient, Zhang Ling had been forcefully sent flying by someone. What would the other cultivators have done if they’d been in her place?

For a moment, they looked at each other. Although they were eager to get Renyuan Jindan, the narrow and dark hole frightened them enough that they all stopped in their tracks, not daring to a single step forward.

Zou Ping helped Zhang Ling to her feet and asked in a panic, “Master, are you alright?”

Zhang Ling stood awkwardly and looked humiliated. She fiercely pushed Zou Ping away and yelled in anger, “F*ck off!”

After that, she hit the ground with her palm. With a loud bang, countless cracks appeared over the floor. She then reached out her hands through the air and produced countless streams of molten lava. She rubbed her hands and clapped again. A fierce fire dragon shot from her palm and headed straight to the secret path.

Everyone saw the fire dragon wriggle into the secret room and instantly light up someone’s figure. This person quickly touched his index fingers together and had Vájra Fetter with both hands. His middle fingers were being held up in a unique shape, like needles. It was the Samayah Mahāmudrā in Diamond Element of Mantra Mahāmudrā!

The man shouted a noisy mantra.

The Mantra was like thunder, shaking the eardrums of everyone present. They felt a sharp pain starting in their ears and spreading right into their skills. The Mahamudra slammed through the air, scattering the fire dragon. The flames fell on the walls of the secret passage and could not be extinguished for a while. The person’s figure was still partly visible.

Everyone on the scene took a closer look and saw that half of the man’s body was hidden in the darkness, making him look especially mysterious and majestic, and the other half of his body was being illuminated by the flames. He had covered his face, only his shining eyes still visible. His figure was like a mountain, deep and lofty. He was really majestic and heroic!

The crowd saw Li Yundong guarding the entrance of the secret passage alone. Although they had a large number of people, they couldn’t do anything to him. Even Zhang Ling, who had the highest Cultivation Quotient, had been thrown back by his three palms. They suddenly looked at each other. Although they wanted to make a grab for the treasure, they didn’t dare to go advance.

It was not the first time that Ding Nan, who was hiding at the back of the crowd, had seen Li Yundong retreating alone, but when she saw the scene in front of her at this time, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, “What is a great undefeated hero like?

“Just like him!”

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