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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 373 The Second Renyuan Jindan!

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Li Yundong patted Su Chan’s hand and shook his head slightly, writing in reply, “Let’s stay calm. We’ll wait and see what happens.”

Yan Fang hadn’t been expecting that she would make so many people come and so she was also in a daze. For a long time, she did not speak, her face gloomy.

In contrast, Wan Zhenyuan’s expression became very complicated. He was shocked that there had been so many people hiding under his nose. With a ghastly expression, he said, “Who else is here? Come out together!”

At this time, the stocky Dang Qiang slowly climbed up from the wall and said, “Me! Me!”

Wan Zhenyuan was so angry that he couldn’t contain himself. He immediately waved his hand, and a gust of wind suddenly burst from his sleeve, knocking Dang Qiang off the wall again.

On the wall, the cultivators from different sects were standing in a row and laughing in unison.

However, Wan Zhenyuan’s face had turned pale. He shouted, “Do you really think of our Gezao Sect as some vegetable farm? How dare you be so presumptuous! Who else is here? Come out!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a cold voice rang through the air. A young woman and a young girl fell descended from the sky. They were both dressed in Daopao, one with her hands folded in her sleeves, and the other wearing a long sword on her back.

The woman stared at Wan Zhenyuan coldly and said, “Wan Zhenyuan, I’m the one who is being presumptuous. What are you going to do to me?”

Wan Zhenyuan took a closer look at the woman and took a deep breath. His face was full of surprise, and the expression on Yan Fang, who was not far away, had also changed.

Li Yundong knew that the beautiful girl next to the woman was Zou Ping, but he saw that the woman next to Zou Ping was merely plain-looking with a particularly conspicuous red cinnabar mole between her eyebrows. Though Wan Zhenyuan and Yan Fang had seen so many people jump out before, they had never been so shocked. Their expressions suddenly changed when they saw this woman, which clearly indicated that she was not an ordinary person.

Li Yundong couldn’t help but ask Zi Yuan by writing on her back, “Who is she?”

Zi Yuan also looked serious. She said to Li Yundong using her internal power, “This is Zhang Ling, the elder sister of patriarch Zhang Tianshi of Zhengyi School. She is also known as the Lady of the Earthly Fire!”

Li Yundong’s expression suddenly transformed. He quickly wrote on Zi Yuan’s back, “Is she the person who shouted loudly at Mount Longhu before?”

Zi Yuan nodded to Li Yundong.

Li Yundong’s expression suddenly turned grave. When he had struck Mount Longhu with thunder, Zhang Ling had shouted angrily, almost making Li Yundong, who was on the side peak, jump up from the ground. This kind of cultivation quotient was truly powerful!

Such a cultivation quotient was simply terrifying!

Li Yundong thought to himself, “If I fight her head on, I will have less than a 30% chance of winning!

Su Chan, the little fox, suddenly found that there were so many masters of Taoists’ cultivators surrounding her. She was so scared that she could scarcely breathe. She held Li Yundong tightly with her hands, fearing that he would disappear in the next second.

Li Yundong’s heart was beating like a drum. “Is Zhang Ling chasing me? If she took the initiative to mess with me, and Yan Fang also joined in, I’m afraid that today they will take me to meet my maker right here!” he thought.

“It wouldn’t matter if I were to die, but what about my girl? What if Zi Yuan gets implicated?”

Li Yundong ran through everything quickly in his mind. Just as he was getting lost in thought, the situation suddenly changed.

Zhang Ling’s appearance made Wan Zhenyuan’s expression change. He looked at Zhang Ling vigilantly and said in a low voice, “It turns out that the Lady of the Earthly Fire has come. I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

Zhang Ling sneered but stayed silent. Zou Ping, who was standing next to her, yelled, “Don’t try to fool us. Tell me, where were you before midnight?”

Wan Zhenyuan had already been feeling bad enough earlier. There had been so many people hiding under his watch and he hadn’t noticed, and now there was another girl pointing and shouting at him. No normal person could bear this humiliation, let alone a sect leader.

Wan Zhenyuan’s rage had reached its peak. He shouted angrily, “Who are you? How dare you shout at me!”

Zou Ping was so angry that her face was flushed. Just as she was about to speak, Zhang Ling raised her hand and stopped her. Zou Ping glared at Wan Zhenyuan angrily and then stood behind Zhang Ling, still glaring at him.

Zhang Ling kept looking at Wan Zhenyuan and asked coldly, “Master Wan, didn’t you just ask me to show myself? Well, I’m here now. What do you want to do?”

Being questioned in such a strange way, Wan Zhenyuan was naturally vexed, but he was very afraid of Zhang Ling’s strength, so he suppressed his anger and replied, “You must be joking, my lady. Why have you come so late?”

With a snort, she stared sharply at Wan Zhenyuan and said, “I have no other business here than discovering where you were before midnight.”

Wan Zhenyuan’s face changed, “Zhang Ling, do you think I’m a prisoner?”

Zhang Ling sneered in response and said, “If you were innocent, why would you say that?”

Wan Zhenyuan couldn’t control his anger anymore. The veins on his forehead were throbbing. He struggled to stifle his rage as he said in a low voice, “I don’t need to tell you where I was before midnight.”

Zhang Ling didn’t want to tell others how the thunder had struck Mount Longhu as well, in case the many people here would laugh at her, so she kept enquiring about the whereabouts of Wan Zhenyuan during the first half of the night.

At first, she had some doubt in her heart, but when she saw that Wan Zhenyuan was hiding something from her and directly refusing to tell her where he was before midnight, her suspicion grew. She was now sure that it was Wan Zhenyuan who had struck Mount Longhu with thunder.

Zhang Ling raised her head and burst out laughing. “If you don’t want others to ask what you’re up to, then don’t do anything devious in the first place! By refusing to answer such a simple question, it can be seen that you have something hidden in your heart. You must be shocked to hear that I already know what you have done!”

Wan Zhenyuan’s face changed dramatically. His Zhenqi gushed out of his body, surrounded by purple mist. He said murderously, “What do you know?”

Seeing the fierce expression on Wan Zhenyuan’s face, Zhang Ling shouted, “Wan Zhenyuan, you’re finally admitting it! Well, let me try you out today!”

After saying that, she took her red hands out of the wide sleeves of her Daopao.

Zhang Ling clapped violently. With a loud bang, the ground under her feet began breaking up into countless cracks. Through these cracks, one could faintly see dark red flames rolling and surging from under the ground. Countless flames jumped up from the ground and gathered between Zhang Ling’s palms, forming a burning dragon!

On the wall, the cultivators from different sects all took a deep breath as shock swept over them. “What’s going on? Why are they fighting with each other without any build-up?”

Zheng Yuan also began to play the part of a mediator. “The Lady of the Earthly Fire, Master Wan, may I bother you? Please don’t fight now. What’s going on here? Let’s figure it out first.”

Zhang Ling was so arrogant that she wouldn’t accept anyone except her brother. She simply shouted at Zheng Yuan, “It’s none of your business. Shut up!”

Zheng Yuan’s expression changed, and a ferocious look flashed across his eyes, but he quickly controlled himself. He said to Wan Zhenyuan with a big, fake smile, “Master Wan, if you have something to say, let’s sit down and discuss it. Why do you have to fight?”

Wan Zhenyuan’s face was gloomy. He cast his unfriendly gaze at the row of cultivators on the wall and sneered, “Have a talk? Well, tell me what you came here for tonight. If you don’t make it clear, none of you will leave alive today!”

Hearing Wan Zhenyuan’s words, the faces of these cultivators all changed. Some of the more bad-tempered ones immediately broke out cursing. With that, Wan Zhenyuan’s face only became more and more ferocious and murderous.

Seeing the worrying way things were going, Dang Qiang quickly rolled his eyes and shouted at Yan Fang, “Zhenren Yan, do you want to take advantage of us by forcing us out?”

Yan Fang hadn’t expected her to shout to force so many people out. She saw that the situation on the stage was growing more and more chaotic, and she had indeed had the intention to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, taking advantage of the situation, but when she heard Dang Qiang’s words, her hope was destroyed, and she was also pulled into the chaotic situation. She couldn’t help cursing, “Bullsh*t! What the hell are you talking about!”

Dang Qiang sniffed and laughed loudly, “It stinks, but I don’t think it’s bullsh*t. It was you who forced us out just now, so there were so many things happening!”

Wan Zhenyuan couldn’t help shouting, “Why have so many of you come to our Gezao Sect so late at night! Last time someone came here to snatch the Renyuan Jindan. Isn’t that enough already? Do you really think our sect is so easy to bully?”

Dang Qiang grinned and said, “Don’t speak so loudly, Master Wan. You are right. We came here just for the Renyuan Jindan!”

Wan Zhenyuan’s pallor changed as he angrily spat, “You have already taken the pill! Why are you here again?”

At this time, Du Fei suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Master Wan, to be honest, I heard recently that the second Renyuan Jindan is about to be produced in Gezao Sect, so I came to your home to discover the truth.”

As soon as Du Fei finished saying this, the cultivators from other sects also started nodded and said, “Yes, we heard the rumors, so we came to have a look. If there is a second Renyuan Jindan, we’re willing to buy it at a high price!”

“That’s right. How much is it? Name a price!”

“Yes, we can also exchange powerful magical weapons with you, whatever you want!”

Hearing the clamoring of these cultivators, Wan Zhenyuan couldn’t help but raise his head and burst into laughter. His smile made the purple Qi on his face denser and denser, as if he was completely shrouded in a thick purple fog.

He smiled for a while, then looked at Zhang Ling coldly. “You are here to make trouble over nothing!” Then he looked at Yan Fang, saying, “And you’re here to get others into trouble!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the row of cultivators and sneered, “And you all, you are here to steal from me!”

A purple mist spewed out of Wan Zhenyuan’s nose. Gradually, the purple mist surrounding him slowly turned into the pattern of the Eight-Diagram-Shaped Appetizer. He shook the fly-whisk in his hand and said in a ferocious voice, “You’ve stolen a Renyuan Jindan, and that cannot sate your greed! Well, very well! It seems that you really don’t take me seriously! None of you will be leaving here alive today!”

After saying that, he swung the fly-whisk in his hand, and with a loud bang, two gusts of strong wind shot fiercely towards Zhang Ling and Yan Fang at the same time.

Zhang Ling saw that the strong wind was abnormally fierce. If she was hit, it would be no different from colliding with a steel mace. She shouted, “Come on!” With a wave of her hand, a fiery dragon suddenly pounced towards Wan Zhenyuan.

Yan Fang sneered and didn’t move at all. The Liuhe swords behind her blocked the gale with a clang, then turned into countless flying swords, lunging towards Wan Zhenyuan.

The scene had been plunged into chaos!

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