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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 372 How Many People Were There?

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Zou Ping, who had been standing guard to one side all this time, asked hurriedly, “Master, did you find that madman?”

Zhang Ling, The Lady of the Earthly Fire, said coldly, “Yes!”

“Who is it!?” Zou Ping asked angrily. “Who dares to be so bold?”

Zhang Ling said coldly, “I wondered who it was that dared to attack Mount Longhu with a lightning strike! I never expected that the man I was tracking would make a detour with me and finally return to Mount Gezao!”

Zou Ping sucked in a breath. “External Alchemy? Gezao Sect? That is impossible!”

Zhang Ling sneered. “Why is it impossible? Gezao Sect has always had conflicts with us, and they have been competing for the business of our sect. When the Renyuan Jindan appeared, some people from our sect also went to fight for it. No wonder Wan Zhen Yuan hates us. Humph, I’m just amazed that Wan Zhen Yuan would do such a shameless thing!”

“Then should we just let it go?” Zou Ping asked resentfully.

Zhang Ling stood up and burst out laughing. “How dare the little Gezao Sect bully us. Humph, Wan Zhen Yuan is literally asking for trouble! Let’s go and hear his explanation!”

At first, a happy expression spread over Zou Ping’s face. However, she hesitated for a moment and asked, “Master, Gezao Sect is one of the major sects of External Alchemy. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to do this. Should we inform our leader first?”

Zhang Ling glared at Zou Ping. “What’s the matter with you? Do we really need to ask the sect leader about every little thing? I’m the elder sister of the sect leader, so I can make decisions by myself. If Wan Zhenyuan dares to come to our Mountain Longhu, why can’t we go to their Mount Gezao? If you don’t want to go, I’ll go by myself!”

Then she snorted, turned into a sapphire blue light and flew away immediately.

Zou Ping paused for a moment. Finally, she chose to chase after her master.

On Mount Gezao, Li Yundong and the others were stunned when they saw Yan Fang. Li Yundong wrote Zi Yuan’s back with his finger, “Did the Liuhe attack Liujia Yang Spirit Fu?”

Zi Yuan looked back at Li Yundong and nodded slightly. She sent a voice transmission to Li Yundong, saying, “Yes!”

Li Yundong wrote again, “Why don’t we seize the sword, capture Yan Fang, and force her to tell us the whereabouts of Ao Wushuang?”

Zi Yuan immediately said, “No. The details of the situation are not clear at the moment. We’re better off doing nothing.”

As if to prove the words of Zi Yuan, Yan Fang looked at the side palace of Gezao Sect. She sneered and said, “Wan Zhen Yuan, when did you learn to use words to provoke others?”

Soon, a man flew out of the side palace. He was dressed in Daopao and wearing a Tao Crown on his head, a fly-whisk in his left hand, and a curved ruler in his right. Li Yundong looked up and saw that the man was about 1.7 meters tall. He had a goatee, deep eyes, and a Roman nose, seemingly of mixed heritage. From his appearance, it seemed that he was about 40 years old.

Li Yundong was surprised. “Could it be that this guy is the Master of Gezao Sect, Wan Zhenyuan?”

As expected, the middle-aged man looked at Yan Fang with sharp eyes and said, “Yan Fang? You really didn’t die. I didn’t expect the rumors to be true! I think it’s you who besieged Fox Zen School?”

Yan Fang snorted coldly. “So what if I am?”

Wan Zhenyuan smiled and saluted by joining his hands. “Zhenren Yan, you’ve done a good job. I admire you!”

Yan Fang snorted arrogantly.

Wan Zhenyuan was unhappy to see her being so proud of his own territory, so he asked, “Zhenren Yan, I don’t know why you are here at such a late hour. What’s the matter?”

Yan Fang glanced around intentionally as the Liuhe Sword in her hand made a clear dragon’s roar. She sneered and said, “I came here to catch a few mice.”

Wan Zhenyuan was furious. He frowned and shouted, “Zhenren Yan, I witnessed you endure humiliation for nine years in order to take revenge. That’s why I respect you. Don’t take it too far!”

Yan Fang laughed wildly. “You think I’m being presumptuous? I can come to Mount Gezao whenever I want. What can you do to me?”

Wan Zhenyuan was so angry that his face turned pale. His voice dripped with rage as he spat out the words, “Yan Fang, you are too conceited! Today, I’ll make you pay for it!”

Yan Fang only sarcastically replied, “Humph, you? Don’t make me laugh. I’m afraid that you don’t even know how many mice are infesting your mountain, do you?”

After that, Yan Fang used her sword to point in the direction of Li Yundong, “Little sh*t, come out by yourself! Do you want me to cut off your head?”

Hearing this, Su Chan was sincerely annoyed off and wanted to jump out. However, Li Yundong remained calm. He grabbed Su Chan and gestured at her not to be rash. Zi Yuan also nodded approvingly at Li Yundong and said over voice transmission, “Don’t get overly excited. Yan Fang may not know where we are.”

As soon as she finished her words, someone jumped up from the wall behind them. This person stood on the yellow glazed tiles of the wall, then saluted with joined hands and said, “Zhenren Yan, you are really sensitive. I’m impressed!”

Su Chan was shocked. As she glanced up, Li Yundong and Zi Yuan also looked up. This short, fat man was Dang Qiang of Penglai Sect, who had participated in the siege of Fox Zen School!

When Yan Fang saw him, she immediately frowned. “Why are you here?”

Dang Qiang smiled cheekily and touched his head, which had several scars on it “Why shouldn’t it be me?” he asked. “Is there anyone else?”

Yan Fang said in a low voice, “I’m not talking about you!”

Dang Qiang slapped his forehead with a palm and said loudly, “Oh, I’ve been fooled. I’ve been fooled by your bluff. Alas, I’m such an idiot!”

With this, he turned around and shouted, “Hey, friends who are hiding, show yourselves quickly. I have exposed myself, so there is no reason for you guys to hide, right?”

However, after he shouted, the sound was transmitted over a long distance, and only a series of insects responded to his voice.

Dang Qiang turned around and said with a grin, “Zhenren Yan, look, there is no one!”

Yan Fang sneered and said, “No one? Hum, is everyone who is hiding a ghost? Come out, don’t hide! Don’t make me force you to come out! It will only end up worse for you!”

After that, she shook her hand, and the Liuhe Sword she was holding flew into the air with a buzz. One sword turned into two swords, and the two turned into four. After a short while, it turned into countless sharp swords hanging in the air, ready to strike. With a buzz, the swords made a menacing clanging sound.

Dang Qiang also turned around and howled, “D*mn it, what the f*ck are you hiding for? Do you want to show up only after ten thousand swords have pierced through your heart?”

As soon as his voice fell, another person jumped up onto the wall not far away. Li Yundong and the others looked at him and saw that this person was slender and strong with two sword-shaped eyebrows. It was Du Fei, who was otherwise known as jade monkey-like face!

Du Fei stood on the wall, saluted with joined hands, and said in a neutral tone, “Zhenren Yan is really domineering. You’re even willing to use the ten thousand swords formation to force me to appear!”

When Dang Qiang saw him, he immediately burst into laughter. “Yo, Zhenren Du, nice to meet you. Why are you here?”

Li Yundong and Zi Yuan, who were standing in the corner, also felt tongue-tied and thought to themselves, “Yes, why did this guy come?

Du Fei disliked the grin on Dang Qiang’s face. He snorted and didn’t look at him, just saluted to Wan Zhenyuan and said, “I’m Du Fei from Quanzhen Dragon Sect!”

One after another, they had jumped out of the walls of the Taoist temple from Wan Zhenyuan’s own sect and he hadn’t noticed it at all, making him feel humiliated. He reluctantly made obeisance and said with a fake smile, “Zhenren Du, why are you here at such a late hour?”

Du Fei was a straightforward person. He was not good at socializing with people, nor was he good at beating around the bush. That said, he was not a fool. He didn’t explain his purpose and instead turned to look at Yan Fang. “What are you doing here, Zhenren Yan?”

Yan Fang hadn’t realized that she had forced two unrelated people to come out. It was really awkward and unexpected. She frowned and said coldly, “Why do I have to explain myself to you? Zhenren Du, did you come alone?”

Du Fei snorted, “Of course! Do you think I still have allies?”

Yan Fang laughed and said, “How would I know!” After that, she took a quick, sharp breath and shouted fiercely, “Show yourselves!”

This loud shout was imbued with the power of Xuanmen Sect, which caused the surrounding mountains and earth to tremble as it echoed through them!

Li Yundong’s cultivation was outstanding and his foundation was stable. Apparently, he was able to block the vocal attack, but he knew that Su Chan could not do the same. He immediately covered her ears, and Dang Qiang on the wall behind them immediately fell down. Du Fei’s body also trembled, and his face suddenly turned from a reddish-gold hue to pure gold and finally to normal.

Wan Zhenyuan’s body also trembled slightly. He said with a cold expression, “Yan Fang, you are too presumptuous. This is the ancestral temple of our sect! It’s not your place to yell at!”

Yan Fang sneered and said, “You don’t know how many people have come here! Your ancestral temple is like a vegetable garden. It’s ridiculous!”

As soon as she finished speaking, people started jumping onto the wall one by one, all looking pale. Some of them thumped their chests with their hands, and some saluted and shouted out the names of their sects.

“I’m Zhang Hongcheng from Jinshan Sect!”

“I’m Chen Anji from Donghua Sect. Nice to meet you, Master Wan and Zhenren Yan.”

“Zhenren Yan, Master Wan, I’m Ning Shouke from Yuyang Sect.”

Li Yundong, Su Chan, and Zi Yuan were shocked to see the cultivators jumped out from the walls one after another like that. Li Yundong thought, “Oh my god, how many people are hiding outside the sect? I thought that we were the only ones visiting Gezao Sect, but there are actually so many companions!”

There were about a dozen people in total. Finally, an old man with white hair and a youthful face led over a beautiful young woman and jumped on the wall with her. He saluted and said to the people around him with a smile, “I’m Zheng Yuan from Yin Yang Sect based in Mount Wuhua, and this is my little disciple, Lyu Fengping.”

When Li Yundong saw him, he immediately frowned, and a murderous light appeared in his eyes. When he saw Ding Nan, who was beside him, he only frowned even more tightly. “Is Ding Nan going to go farther and farther down this wrong road of no return?” he wondered.

When Su Chan saw Zheng Yuan, she also widened her eyes and tugged on Li Yundong’s arm. Then, she wrote in his palm, “It’s Zheng Yuan. What should we do?”

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