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This question instantly stumped Zi Yuan. Although she had long predicted that she might have to face up to the problem in the future, she had been avoiding the issue in her subconscious mind, not knowing what to do about it.

On one side was Second Shibo. Although Ruan Hongling had not received much care from her, she had received a lot of instruction from Second Shibo back when she was a child. It was undeniable that she had received a significant amount of knowledge from Second Shibo.

Moreover, even if the Second Shibo had not given her any guidance, she was still her Shibo in terms of seniority. According to the natural intensity of these kinds of relationships, the relationship with her should be much closer than the one she had with Li Yundong.

“Li Yundong is theoretically a person who has nothing to do with me, but my master’s psalm connects my destiny to this person. After spending so many days together, even if there is no true love, there are naturally still feelings. What should I do if he fights Second Shibo, or dies at her hand?”

For a moment, Zi Yuan couldn’t help but feel a little dazed. Ruan Hongling saw that Zi Yuan was in a quandary, and her brows were filled with worry. It was as if tens of thousands of thoughts were tangling together and turning into a knot that could never be undone.

Ruan Hongling let out a long sigh. “Alas, on one side is the Second Shibo, and on the other side is your love. What should sister Zi Yuan do?”

Zi Yuan seemed to have not truly registered what was being said. She couldn’t help but mumble, “That’s right. What should I do?”

Ruan Hongling let out a hearty laugh and clapped her hands. “So, Sister Zi Yuan, you’ve finally admitted that you’ve fallen in love with this guy!”

At this time, Zi Yuan snapped out of her thoughts. She blushed and stared at Ruan Hongling in shame. “What nonsense are you spewing!”

Ruan Hongling giggled. “Sister Zi Yuan, don’t try and deny it. Your subconsciousness has already answered for you just now. You can’t deny it even if you want to!”

“Hongling, you’re getting more and more ridiculous by the second! If you keep talking, I’ll drive you back to the mountain!” Zi Yuan said angrily.

Shocked, Ruan Hongling hurriedly tugged on Zi Yuan’s arm and said in a needling voice, “Sister Zi Yuan, our sect has been sealed off. If you make me go back now, it’ll mean you have the heart to let me be bullied!”

Zi Yuan rolled her eyes at Ruan Hongling exasperatedly. “Well if you don’t want to be bullied, behave yourself!”

After saying that, she sighed and continued, “Now that the power of Zhengyi School is expanding, they are coming step by step over to the bright side. Second Shibo is like a ghost, setting up traps in the darkness. When I thought about it, I felt that we were suffering from both internal and external troubles, which stopped me from sleeping well and enjoying life. I am not worried that Zhengyi School and Second Shibo will do anything to us, but Li Yundong… maybe it is time to teach Li Yundong some powerful magic.”

Ruan Hongling was slightly startled. “Sister Zi Yuan, what are you going to teach him?”

Zi Yuan thought for a moment before replying, “In the beginning, I asked him a question. Out of all of the Great Tao and Five Elements Magic in the world, what did he want to learn the most? He’d said that in this world Taoism and thunder magic are the strongest. He wants to learn the strongest thunder magic! I didn’t dare to teach him when I saw that he hadn’t succeeded in cultivation, but now that he has succeeded, it’s time to teach him!”

Ruan Hongling let out a surprised ‘ah’ and said with great dissatisfaction, “Sister Zi Yuan, I’ve begged you many times, but you’ve always refused to teach me this. Now you’ve actually taken the initiative to teach this guy? You are so unfair!”

Zi Yuan glared at Ruan Hongling. “If you don’t have enough cultivation and can’t cultivate Yang Qi from Yin Qi, how can you hope to practice thunder magic? First, you should hone the ordinary five elements magic! You can use both bullets and nuclear weapons to kill people. Cultivators shouldn’t be too ambitious!”

“Oh, I know,” Ruan Hongling replied with a pout. She didn’t say anything, but in her mind, she thought, “Sister Zi Yuan, although you won’t admit it verbally or even to yourself, I still know that you have fallen in love with Li Yundong. When you finally admit this one day, you will realize that he doesn’t love you back, but loves that fox spirit. Let’s see what you will do then!”

While Ruan Hongling and Zi Yuan were busy talking privately in their rooms, Li Yundong was tasting the “Four Great Delicacies” made by Su Chan.

Cao Yi and the others from Fox Zen School were very good at judging the situation and did not join in the fun, going back to their respective rooms. There was no one around. Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked at Li Yundong, who was slowly tasting the “Four Great Delicacies”.

Li Yundong was serious, chewing slowly and attentively. He glanced at Su Chan and saw that she was deliberately putting on the air of a reserved lady and sitting at the table seriously, but her eyes betrayed her inner thoughts.

The girl looked at Li Yundong eagerly, her eyes full of joy and expectation. It was as if she was asking him wordlessly, “Is it delicious? Is it tasty?”

Li Yundong laughed inwardly as he continued to eat, chewing slowly for a while. As he ate, he nodded, as if he were tasting a delicacy of the mortal world. The more he ate, the more enjoyable it seemed to become. The more he ate, the happier he felt.

Seeing Li Yundong eating so happily, the little girl couldn’t hold back anymore. The corners of her mouth tugged upwards, and her eyes curved into crescent moons. She winked at Li Yundong as if to say: Come and praise me, come and tell me how well I’ve done!

Li Yundong shook his head with a look of admiration on his face. He nodded and said, “Were these really made by you?”

Su Chan couldn’t help but reveal a row of pearly white teeth. She nodded like a chick pecking at rice. “Of course! I made everything! How is it?? Is it delicious?”

Li Yundong was not in a hurry to answer her questions. He wiped his mouth very slowly, like an actor in a slow-motion scene in a movie. It seemed as if he was deliberately teasing Su Chan.

The little girl was so anxious that she couldn’t help but rush over to Li Yundong. She grabbed his shoulders with her hands, shook him hard, and asked eagerly, “What do you think? Tell me, tell me quickly!”

Li Yundong tried hard to hold back his laughter. His expression grew more and more serious, and his eyes were full of surprise. He sighed and said softly, “I didn’t expect these to have been made by you.”

Su Chan beamed. “Is it really that tasty? Is it really that good?”

Li Yundong nodded vigorously. “Really…”

Su Chan suddenly jumped up and clapped her hands, laughing proudly. But after just a few delighted chuckles, Li Yundong said with a gasp, “It’s really… terrible!”

The smile on Su Chan’s face suddenly evaporated. She angrily threw herself at Li Yundong, clawing and biting him. “How dare you tease me!”

Li Yundong burst out laughing. He held Su Chan in his arms, pinched her cheek affectionately and smiled. “You put too much salt in it! We cultivators should eat relatively bland food. Do you want to break my Tao by putting so much salt in it?”

Su Chan burst out laughing. “Is it really so easy for the Tao of you, the leader of our school, to get messed up?”

Li Yundong smirked at Su Chan. “As long as you’re around, won’t it be easy for my Tao to break?”

Su Chan’s cheeks reddened slightly. She giggled and said proudly, “It turns out that the famous Zhenren Li’s greatest nemesis is me. Hum, let’s see if you still dare to bully me! Be careful or I’ll break your Tao!”

Li Yundong put his arm around Su Chan’s slim waist, tweaked the tip of her nose, and said with a grin, “You little fox spirit, you want to break my Tao. Be careful, or I’ll break your virginity first!”

Su Chan immediately jumped up and moved away with a shy smile. She ran to her door like a little rabbit, then poked her head out, timidly looked at Li Yundong, and giggled. “Bad guy, you just want to do naughty things!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “A bad guy who doesn’t want to do bad things is not worthy of the title!”

Su Chan grinned, then pulled a face at Li Yundong and hid in the other room.

That evening, all the people at Fox Zen School began to cultivate. After studying hard for a while, Zhou Qin eventually fell asleep. Li Yundong was still practicing in his Spirit Space. After a long time, he began to vaguely hear a faint voice calling his name slowly.

Li Yundong reacted inwardly. Very quickly, the Yang Spirit went out of his body and headed to the rooftop outside the room. He saw that Zi Yuan was also out of her body in Yang Spirit, dressed in a white dress and looking at him. Although she was smiling slightly, there was a very complicated look in her eyes.

Li Yundong smiled. “Were you calling for me?”

Zi Yuan nodded slightly. “Yes.”

A strange feeling ran through Li Yundong’s heart. “If there’s something you need, you can come to me directly. Why were you calling me by using the way of the Yang Spirit to leave your body?”

“Because direct contact with you would definitely have disturbed the others,” Zi Yuan said, smiling faintly. “But I’m going to give you one last lesson today. This lesson will teach you a secret method that our Zhengyi School does not teach to the outside world. This so-called extreme secret cannot be known to a third party. Only in the state of Yang Spirit can we stay floating in mid-air without consuming too much True Yuan. It stands to reason that no one cares about what happens in mid-air, and it is naturally impossible for anyone to hear what we say.”

Li Yundong’s expression turned grave. “So, are you leaving? Why did you say it’s the last lesson?”

Zi Yuan laughed quietly. “You think too much. The reason I called it the last lesson is that your cultivation of Great Tao has surpassed mine. The only thing I can teach you is some small magic of Tao. Once you learn that, there will be nothing left for me to teach you. From now on, no matter which angle we look at it from, you will be better than me. If we fight again, you really will have to show me mercy.”

When Li Yundong heard this, he sighed internally. He respectfully bowed to Zi Yuan and said, “Zhenren Zi Yuan, you taught me kung fu of cultivation, guiding me to officially take my first step into the world of cultivation. Half of my Shentong kung fu was taught to me by you. In my heart, I consider you as both my teacher and friend. I, Li Yundong, would dare to be disrespectful to everyone in the world, but I wouldn’t dare to disrespect you in the slightest. It would be even more impossible for me to fight with you.”

Zi Yuan had always been beautiful, but as she stood under the bright moonlight, she seemed ethereal. Her figure was noble and elegant, and when she smiled slightly, everything around her seemed to brighten.

Zi Yuan said softly, “You don’t have to do this. This is your creator, as well as my cultivation. After you learn the magic, if you can work to snuff out evil and promote righteousness, it will be a blessing for our Cultivation World and every member of our generation.”

Li Yundong once again respectfully cupped his hand. “I will always remember your words. I wonder what magic you’re going to teach me today?”

Zi Yuan said solemnly, word by word, “Today you shall learn the Five Thunders Spell!”

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