Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 356 Large Karmamudra and Small Karmamudra

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 356 Large Karmamudra and Small Karmamudra

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After laughing for a while, Li Yundong choked back his guffaws and helped her sit up. “Okay, okay, stop laughing. Tell me, what do you want me to do?” he asked.

Su Chan snorted with the air of a general who had triumphed and was returning home. She said proudly, “Isn’t the famous Zhenren Li begging for my mercy?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Yes. Fairy Fox, hurry up and tell me. I will do what you say!”

“Just close your eyes!” Su Chan said with a smile.

Li Yundong closed his eyes curiously, feeling puzzled. Before long, he could feel waves of cold air coming in through his lips. This Yin Qi triggered the Yang Qi in his body. Li Yundong felt that if he didn’t control it properly, the Yang Qi would automatically follow the Yin Qi and flow out.

This continued for less than a minute, until Su Chan suddenly said with a smile, “It’s done!”

Li Yundong opened his eyes and saw that Su Chan’s face was blooming. Her skin had become so tender that it seemed to be glowing. Li Yundong asked curiously, “Wow, have you been eating ginseng fruit to renew your youth?”

“Bah, you’re the old one! I only inhaled a little of your Yang Qi. Is the change very obvious?” Su Chan replied, smiling.

Li Yundong looked Su Chan up and down and said in amazement, “Yes, the changes are obvious. You could be a spokesperson for a cosmetics line. If anyone asked you to be their spokesperson, wow, it’d mean the products must be trending!”

Su Chan blinked. “Really? Could I make a lot of money?”

Li Yundong saw that she really wanted to do it, so he quickly said, “No, no, you are my girl. How could you step into the world of showbiz? Showbusiness is too complicated. How could I let you be involved? No, no, absolutely not.”

Su Chan had just asked casually. Seeing that Li Yundong strongly opposed it, she didn’t insist anymore. She smiled and said, “Well, I’ll listen to my boyfriend!”

Li Yundong smiled and reached out to pinch Su Chan’s cheek. As soon as his hand touched it, he drew back and said in an exaggerated tone, “Wow, it’s bouncy!”

Su Chan giggled at Li Yundong’s words. “You’re so annoying. Why are you exaggerating?”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “It has changed a lot, but I feel that you didn’t absorb much Yang Qi. Why have you changed so fast?”

Su Chan sighed slightly and said, “This is the power of demon cultivators. Yundong, do you know what the meaning of the Karmamudra is?”

Li Yundong thought about the classics that he had read, then replied, “I used to think that it was a kind of Lianqi kung fu that could be carried out when a man and a woman were having sex. But later, I realized that the Karmamudra is also involved in the refinement of one’s life and physical and mental properties at the same time. This is in addition to Buddhism and Taoism Karmamudra, practicing both Buddhist and Lianqi kung fu at the same time. Thus, it doesn’t mean the Karmamudra when men and women are having sex.”

When it came to cultivation, Su Chan was serious. She said in a low voice, “You’re right, but Karmamudra is a very complicated and dangerous thing. When a man and a woman are having sex, they often can’t control their feelings. How are they supposed to be able to control their own auras calmly? Once they can’t control their own auras, their essence meridians will weaken, and the weakened aura will flow to the strong one. Then, the weak one will suffer a great loss, and the other one will gain more.”

Li Yundong also nodded. “You’re right. I remember Zi Yuan once said that cultivation is extremely scientific. It has never been able to create energy out of nothing. Even if it’s cultivation, it must abide by the law of Conservation of Energy. It’s almost impossible for the strength of two people to grow together in Karmamudra. It’s just like playing mahjong. No matter whether two people play mahjong together or four people play mahjong together, it’s impossible for two parties to all win money, or four parties to all win. One must always lose!”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong admiringly and said, “Yundong, you’re really smart. You can always draw inferences. You’re right. In fact, many Taoists pay attention to fangzhongshu, which is the way of taking tonics. In many Taoists’ eyes, women are just medicinal materials and furnace tripods, so they don’t care about women’s lives. However, this method works very quickly, especially after the death of the first sect master of Fox Zen School, when the second sect master took over the position. At that time, the power of Fox Zen School waned when the first sect master passed away. Our enemies were everywhere, so the second sect master wanted to improve her strength quickly. At that time, she heard that the Mount Five Hua Shan Yin and Yang Sect had rapid Karmamudra techniques, so she snuck into Mount Five Hua Shan pretending to be a female disciple in order to secretly steal this method.”

At this point, Su Chan sighed and said, “After learning this kung fu skill, the second sect master passed it to his disciples immediately, as if he were distributing loot. In the end, almost everyone in the Fox Zen Sect practiced Karmamudra, and all of them went to the mortal world to find a boy with a Yuanyang Body for Yang Feeding. It made many cultivators think that we are dirty and evil people since they made the world into such a mess.”

Li Yundong said in amazement, “But we’ve been acquaintances for a long time. I noticed that although each of them whether it’s your master Ao Wushuang or Cao Yi or one of the others, has a glamorous face and a graceful body, they are quite dignified and classy and never do anything immoral.”

“That’s because after our Fox Zen School experienced the second and third generations of masters, the fourth master, Mystical Silver Fox, took over the position of leader of the sect. At this time, the Fox Zen School was notorious and was like a rat in the pantry, being hunted down by cultivators. The most terrible thing was that the cultivation of the Fox Zen School found that their Neidan, which they had cultivated through Yang Feeding, almost dissolved at the first touch when they encountered the Xuanmen sect’s authentic cultivation Neidan!

“At this time, Mystical Silver Fox was done with the experiences of the previous two leaders. She thought the Tao of Karmamudra could be achieved quickly, but it would lack tempering and polishing. It was opportunistic and was not eligible to be the right path. Therefore, she left the kung fu of Karmamudra behind and turned into an ordinary female disciple to sneak into the Taoist sect and steal the Xuanmen Sect’s kung fu knowledge. However, it was too easy to master the Tao of Karmamudra. She could not bear to give it up at once, so Mystical Silver Fox improved it.”

“Because the physical Karmamudra of men and women changes into the Aura Karmamudra, Karmamudra is later divided into large Karmamudra and small Karmamudra,” Su Chan said, her tone filled with fervor and assurance as she described the small and large Karmamudra precisely in a few words. “In this way, the disciples of the Fox Zen School don’t have to risk the violation of Tianhe for Yang Feeding. You know, Yundong, if the large Karmamudra for Yang Feeding is done too many times, people will be dried out, shriveling into human beef jerky. As the saying goes, sex is an Osteotome. That is exactly what the saying means.”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “I see. In fact, this principle is the same as the Foster Fire Technique I practiced. My Eight Turns of Fire also combined the Qi of heart and the Qi of kidney water, the Yang Qi of the right kidney and the Yin Qi of the left kidney. Therefore, I refined Yin-based Zhenqi from the Pure Yang and my cultivation quotient jumped from the Yin Spirit to the Yang Spirit.”

“Your spirit Karmamudra also combines Yin-Yang Principle, then generates the Neidan in your body to mature it, right?” Li Yundong asked with a smile.

Su Chan nodded, grinning. “That’s right. Mystical Silver Fox has transformed the Large Karmamudra into Small Karmamudra. Even though the effects aren’t that obvious, it’s much safer for cultivators to do it like that. At the very least, there’s no need for men and women to fear being completely extracted by their partners. They can control their own Qi.”

Li Yundong held Su Chan in his arms and said with a smile, “So, shall we do Small Karmamudra every day in the future?”

Su Chan hurriedly waved her hand and said in a panic, “No, no, absolutely not!”

Li Yundong said, “Why not? You’ve only taken a little bit of Yang Qi from me, but you’ve already changed so much. If you take a little more, you’ll soon become an immortal!”

Su Chan shook her head like a rattle. “No, no. As the saying goes: Constant dripping wears down the stone. I sucked a little from you today, but that was all your purest Yuanyang Zhenqi. It’s very difficult to cultivate the things that are the purest in your body. If I take a little, you will lose a little. You can never make up enough to replace what has been lost. The loss of Men’s Primordial Essence takes only a few seconds, but then it will take days to make up for it. Similarly, the speed at which your Zhenqi is being drained must not be as fast as your speed of replenishing it. If you keep practicing like this, you cultivation will take a big step back!”

Li Yundong didn’t take her warning seriously and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. As long as my girl becomes strong, won’t it be okay?”

Su Chan was moved. She held Li Yundong in her arms and said softly, “Babe, I appreciate your kindness, but you mustn’t spoil me like this. It’s not good. Think about it. If it is too easy for me to get the kung fu of cultivation now, I won’t put in the hard work for it. Without the hard work, the Neidan will be nothing but a Pseudo Vital Orb, and it will dissolve as soon as it meets a master. Even if I refine Neidan to be extremely powerful through Small Karmamudra, it’ll still be useless when I encounter an expert.”

Her words touched Li Yundong. “You are right!” he exclaimed. “I remember after I completed Zhuji phase in the Himalayas, I met Wu Hao, who got his Neidan through Karmamudra of Yin-Yang Principle. As a result, I blew the Beads of Gore upside down, while he couldn’t blow Beads of Gore at all. Why are these two situations totally different? It is because my Neidan was tempered through hardship, and his was practiced through Karmamudra. It’s like being a veteran on the one hand and a comfortable soldier on the other. They’re both soldiers of a sort, they can fight with guns, but once the war comes, the difference reveals itself.”

As Li Yundong spoke, he lowered his head and looked at Su Chan with appreciation and affection brimming in his eyes. He gently touched her hair and said, “Okay, my girl is really thoughtful. You really know how to make progress. How wonderful!”

Su Chan felt like Li Yundong’s compliments were sweeter than honey. She nodded with a smile and said, “Well, I’ll work hard. When my Zhenqi is strong enough, I’ll ask you to teach me the Heavenly Jindan Technique!”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Okay.”

But he couldn’t help thinking to himself, “Cultivation relies on the accumulation of time and effort. When Su Chan’s Zhenqi Internal strength is practiced to the fullest, I’m afraid that she will miss all the important things. No, I have to figure out another way… It’s a pity that I have already taken Renyuan Jindan. The whereabouts of the rest of Renyuan Jindan are still unknown. However, the Medicine King Tripod that Zi Yuan mentioned earlier is indeed a treasure… However, I don’t know where it is, nor how to concoct pills of immortality…”

Li Yundong thought about this for a while. Remaining unresolved, he put the issue to one side, but he remembered it in his heart.

As dawn broke the next day, Zhou Qin came to knock on Li Yundong’s door early in the morning. He opened the door and saw Zhou Qin dressed in a student suit and Ruan Hongling standing next to her, also dressed as a student. He asked curiously, “What are you doing here in this get-up?”

Ruan Hongling laughed and said to Zhou Qin, “I knew it. This guy must have forgotten his other identity, right?”

Zhou Qin pursed her lips and smiled. “Master, have you really forgotten that you still need to go to school? You have skipped classes for many days, and so have I. If we don’t go to class now, we will be expelled!”

Li Yundong slapped his forehead and said with a smile, “I would have forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it. Wait a minute. I’ll come out in a sec.”

By the time Su Chan saw them, Li Yundong had just finished washing up and was about to head out with Zhou Qin and Ruan Hongling. She jumped up and down and followed them, saying with a smile, “Are you going to school? I’ll come!”

As soon as she said that, the other little foxes started shouting, “Leader, we want to go too!”

Li Yundong could feel a headache coming on. “You almost turned the school upside down last time, and now you want to go again? Are you serious? Do you think I’m going on a spring outing?”

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