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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 302 I am your Papa!

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As soon as Li Yundong jumped out, he attracted everyone’s attention. However, because he was out of Yin Spirit, his appearance and figure were very different from back when he had settled a score with the Fox Zen School. Moreover, he was more than ten meters away from them and was hiding his aura. For a moment, these cultivators did not recognize him and thought he was just a local from one of the nearby villages passing by.

Immediately, a cultivator shouted, “Little idiot, get out of here! Don’t disturb our business!”

Li Yundong had intended to stall for time and was thrilled to find that the cultivators didn’t recognize him. Playing dumb with them, he asked, “What are you doing here? You made such a racket that I can’t sleep!”

A cultivator laughed and said, “You little kid, don’t go running around outside so late at night. The nearest house is five kilometers away from here. How did you even get here?”

Li Yundong rolled his eyes and said, “I was hunting with my father on the mountain and we set up camp nearby tonight. You’ve bothered us!”

One of the cultivators from the Jinshan Sect said impatiently, “Then hurry up and move somewhere quieter. Do not disturb us!”

Li Yundong pretended not to understand and asked, “Why should we have to leave? What are you doing here?”

This question stumped the cultivators. They looked at each other with embarrassment on their faces and did not know how to answer. It wasn’t like they could just tell him, “We’re catching legendary creatures here.”

Given that the situation was not good, Zheng Yuan coughed and said kindly, “Alright, kid. It’s so late. You should go back to sleep. We’re going to catch some bad people here later, and you’ll get hurt if you stick around.”

Seeing Zheng Yuan’s kindly attitude, one cultivator said impatiently, “Senior Zheng, why are you being so polite to a brat?” He then pointed to Li Yundong and shouted, “Hey, you little twerp, get out of here! Do you know who I am?”

Li Yundong raised his head and snorted. “I don’t know who you are. The question is, do you know who I am?”

The cultivators present were confused by Li Yundong’s arrogant and conceited bearing. Some muttered to themselves, “He looks so proud. Is he an officialling or something?”

Someone retorted in a low voice, “Bullsh*t, what kind of officialling would be hanging around in a remote place like this?”

“Hey, you don’t know this, do you? Nowadays, what the officiallings like doing is chasing excitement. They actually quite like coming to this kind of remote place for hunting!”

“But who would bring a kid to such place!”

“You dunce. What if he’s a bastard? Or it could just be that an official came out here with his lover and let this child wander around by himself?”

“Well, I suppose that that would make sense.”

“But it’s not like we’re just going to give up because a child said something to us, right?”

“We can just kill the kid. No one would ever know. If anyone did ask questions, we could just put the blame on these two stinky snakes!”

“Don’t you know that cultivators can’t hurt ordinary people?”

“Are you stupid? Didn’t we cultivators have to use Magic to kill ordinary people? Hmph!”

These people were whispering to each other, but their words were full of murderous intent. Hearing this, Li Yundong became quite angry.

Zheng Yuan smiled and asked, “Little kid, what’s your name?”

Li Yundong suppressed his rage and went on with his charade of ignorance. Rubbing his nose, he said stupidly, “My surname is Ni!”

Zheng Yuan laughed,”Ni? That’s a good surname! What’s your first name?”

Li Yundong deliberately spoke vaguely in a local accent, replying, “Ni Papa [Translator’s Note: Ni = You in Chinese]!”

Hearing his words, all the cultivators present burst out laughing, and their murderous intent dissipated heavily. They laughed raucously and said, “Ni Papa? [Translator’s Note: Ni is similar to the word ‘dirt’ in Chinese] Why don’t you just call yourself Sh*t Papa? Hah! I can’t stop laughing!”

Li Yundong pretended to be surprised and said, “My uncle is called Sh*t Papa!”

After hearing his words, the cultivators standing around only laughed harder. Zheng Yuan also turned his face away, laughing so hard that his long, white eyebrows were twitching.

A cultivator held his stomach and said with a laugh, “Your family’s names are so funny! Ahaha!”

Seeing the amusement on their faces, Li Yundong was also very happy and said to Zheng Yuan, “Yes, I am Ni Papa [Translator’s Note: your father], who are you?”

Zheng Yuan was aware of something odd about Li Yundong’s words, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He tried to not laugh and said, “My name is Zheng Yuan. We’re so curious about your family. Will we get a chance to invite the elders of your family to meet us?”

Li Yundong snorted, “You want to see my father? Do you know who I am?”

Zheng Yuan felt a stab of suspicion upon hearing this question. “Aren’t you Ni Papa?”

Li Yundong said loudly, “Yes, I am your Papa!”

This time, someone finally realized that something was wrong. One of the cultivator’s whispered, “Ni Papa, Papa? Oh, no, no, no, this kid is making fools of us!”

The people around him immediately understoood the true meaning of the name and shouted discontentedly, “Little b*stard, how dare you take liberties with us!”

“F*ck you. I’m your Papa!” one cultivator swore.

“I’m your ancestor!” another person shouted.

Hearing their profanity, Li Yundong pretended to be frightened and shouted back, “Why are you swearing? I haven’t said anything wrong. I’m Papa!”

The cultivators’ anger intensified and they cursed, “Little brat, how dare you keep playing dumb even now!? Do you want to die?”

Zheng Yuan saw that Li Yundong looked really terrified, so he just said seriously, “How did your parents raise you? You had better ask your parents to see us, or you’ll have to deal with me being rude to you!”

Li Yundong snorted and said loudly, “You want to see my father? Do you know my father’s surname?”

Zheng Yuan held back his anger and said, “Isn’t Ni his surname?”

Li Yundong pretended to be overcome with admiration for him. “You are amazing. You actually know my father’s surname is Ni! Let me tell you, my father’s name is Ni Grandpa!”

The cultivators present took a deep breath. “Ni Grandpa? ‘Your grandfather’? This little fool is still beating around the bush to take advantage of us!”

This time, Zheng Yuan could no longer withhold his malice and said angrily, “B*stard, you must be tired of living!”

These cultivators swore at Li Yundong and rushed over to him together. “How dare you try to make fools of us again and again!”

Li Yundong quickly began escaping in the opposite direction to Zi Yuan. As he ran, he shouted in panic, “What do you want to do? Kill Ni [Your] Papa? Where is Ni [Your] grandpa? Come out quickly. Someone is trying to kill Ni [Your] Papa!”

When these cultivators found that Li Yundong was actually trying to take advantage of his own father, they couldn’t help laughing again. They were also worried that other worldly mortals would really make their way out of the mountain now. “Could this kid really have such an odd name?”

Immediately, one of the cultivators shouted, “Hey, stinky boy, tell me honestly, what’s your name?”

Li Yundong stopped once he was a good distance away and said with a wronged expression, “I’ve said that my name is Ni Papa, and my father is Ni Grandpa!”

His words incited the cultivators’ anger once again. They shouted one after another, “What should we do with this little bunny now? We ought to kill him after he’s taken advantage of us again and again!”

Zheng Yuan said madly, “Boy, I’ll give you one last chance. What’s your name?”

Li Yundong replied innocently, “My name really is Ni Papa!”

Zheng Yuan was furious. “There is nobody in the universe with this name! You’re playing a joke on us!”

Li Yundong said loudly, “I don’t know. Why don’t you go and ask my dad about it? Also, accents differ wherever you go, so you think that you have been taken advantage of!”

The cultivators were stunned again by his words. They whispered to each other, “It’s true!”

“However, who would be so immoral as to give their child such a degrading name? Surely it can only mean that they want to take advantage of others? How hateful!”

After looking at Li Yundong for a long time, Ding Nan felt oddly familiar with the young boy. “Why is it that this young man, who looks only about ten years old, seems more and more similar to the man who laughed and shouted on the stage back then?” She couldn’t help but ask, “Li Yundong?”

As soon as she asked this question, Zheng Yuan became vigilant. He suddenly realized what that question would mean and took a closer look. This juvenile looked really similar to Li Yundong, who had forced back various schools at Fox Zen School. He blurted furiously, “We were wrong. This is Li Yundong’s Yin Spirit!”

Given that he couldn’t conceal his identity anymore, Li Yundong immediately retreated by more than ten meters and laughed, “Nonsense, I am Ni Papa! Who is Li Yundong? I don’t know such a man!”

Only then did these cultivators realize that they had been fooled by Li Yundong. They were so furious that they lost their ability to think rationally. “B*stard, Li Yundong, are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Another cultivator shouted, “Li Yundong, I let you go last time, but you came to us again this time. Do you really think that the Great Six can be so easily bullied?”

“Little bunny, how dare you let your Yin Spirit act so arrogantly? Do you really think that you’re invincible and that there’s no one in this world who can bully you?”

These people hurled verbal abuse at Li Yundong and hit him with their powerful magical weapons, the blows falling like pouring rain.

Li Yundong’s Yin Spirit was out of his body, and he had no powerful magical weapon on him now. Furthermore, he couldn’t make the Mantra Mahāmudrā either. All he could do at that moment was immediately drift away to dodge the powerful magical weapons.

When the cultivators saw Li Yundong running far away, they prepared to chase after him, but then they suddenly heard a clap of thunder. They were shocked and raised their heads at the same time.

The bright moon above their heads had disappeared. Thick, dark clouds formed over their heads, filling the sky like an ominous curtain. In the clouds, thunder and lightning were flashing and rolling, as if they were going to bear down on these cultivators’ heads in the next second.

Zheng Yuan suddenly flew into a rage. “We’ve fallen into his trap! This guy still has accomplices!”

The cultivators were angry and shocked as well. They cursed loudly, “Curse your ancestors. You have accomplices? Who? Come out if you have the guts!”

Li Yundong put his hands on his hips and said loudly, “My accomplice is Ni Grandpa!”

These words sparked such anger in the cultivators that some of them were ready to rush forward to fight Li Yundong to the death.

Li Yundong immediately added loudly, “Think about it carefully. The thunder is coming soon. If you use Magic or magical items, don’t cry when the thunder strikes you!”

The cultivators immediately felt a little afraid. They knew that it would be quite dangerous to use Magic and magical items in a thunderstorm, especially with a bunch of other cultivators around!

Cultivators were all huge sources of energy. Once they were in a group, they could easily become the target of heavenly thunder. If the thunder struck, everyone there would be toast.

When Zheng Yuan saw that the lightning flickering in the dark clouds was getting more and more violent, he hesitated for a moment. At that very moment, a yellow light shot out from the cave and a giant python instantly swallowed a cultivator into its stomach.

Zheng Yuan was shocked and spurred into making a prompt decision. He grabbed Ding Nan’s hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”

Conscious of the danger of the thunder in the sky, he did not dare to fly. He simply grabbed Ding Nan and they ran away together.

Seeing that Li Yundong had single-handedly forced back the crowd again, which was really excessive, she sighed internally. She felt a sense of loss, like this boy was someone she could see, but he was eternally drawing further and further away from her.

These cultivators did not dare to use Magic or magical items. With just their bodies, they were not able to fight with the Golden Snake. All of them immediately scattered and fled in every direction.

Li Yundong felt relieved upon seeing that the cultivators had been driven away. Just as he was about to talk to the python, the golden snake suddenly opened its gruesome mouth and rushed toward Li Yundong like a streak of lightning!

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