Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 149 The Most Powerful Cultivator of the Younger Generation!

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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 149 The Most Powerful Cultivator of the Younger Generation!

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Zhou Qin glared at He Shao, who now had one hand inside Ding Nan’s skirt. His other hand had slipped under Ding Nan’s blouse and was now fondling Ding Nan’s breast.

Zhou Qin clenched her jaw.

“I said stop!” Zhou Qin growled.

That finally did the trick.

He Shao stopped what he was doing and looked up at Zhou Qin.

Zhou Qin approached the bed slowly, her glare never once leaving He Shao’s face.

“What is the meaning of this eh, Zhou Qin? I thought we had a deal,” He Shao said once Zhou Qin had stopped beside the bed.

“I changed my mind.”


“Let. Her. Go,” Zhou Qin said in an icy tone.

He Shao released Ding Nan and leaped up from the bed. “Are you out of your goddamn mind—”


Oh boy, that felt good. She’d been wanting to do that for a long, long time.

Zhou Qin glared at He Shao, who was holding his left cheek. His expression was that of utter disbelief.

“Y- You… You slapped me…”

Zhou Qin shoved He Shao aside and reached for one of Ding Nan’s arms. Then, she pulled until Ding Nan’s torso rose into a sitting position on the bed.

“Hang in there, okay?” Zhou Qin whispered into Ding Nan’s ear. Then, she slung Ding Nan’s arm around her shoulders. “Now get up and walk.”

Zhou Qin rose from the bed, pulling Ding Nan with her. When Ding Nan complied without any resistance, Zhou Qin sighed inwardly. Thank God she can still stand up.

Otherwise, Zhou Qin had no idea how to get Ding Nan out of there without drawing unnecessary attention. Calling the hotel staff for help would just be a scandal waiting to happen: Deputy Director Zhou’s daughter caught her fiancé spending the night with another young woman, who also happened to be her close friends.

The reporters were going to have a field day.

At the bedroom door, Zhou Qin came to a halt and glanced over at He Shao. “I suggest you clean up your act, He Shao.” Zhou Qin gave him a cold stare. “Like I said, no evil deed goes unpunished. I’d watch my back if I were you.”

Then, Zhou Qin dragged Ding Nan out of the room without waiting for He Shao’s response. The truth was that Zhou Qin wanted to get out of the room as soon as possible. She couldn’t stand the sight of He Shao. The man gave her the creeps, and that was saying something because Zhou Qin could literally count on her fingers the number of things that frightened her. Case in point: she could stare down gangsters and murderers without batting an eye.

Gangsters and murderers were one thing. But He Shao? That man was another kind of evil. One of the worst kind.

Zhou Qin made it out of Room 1503 without much difficulty. Outside the door, a sniffing sound made her stop. She turned her head and realized that Ding Nan had begun crying. Then, as though sensing Zhou Qin’s gaze on her, Ding Nan glared at her.

“Don’t think I’d start feeling indebted to you just because you came back for me…”

“I don’t care about your gratitude,” Zhou Qin snapped and kept walking forward. Liar, a voice inside her head supplemented. The truth was that Zhou Qin cared. Despite the initial deal they’d made with each other, Zhou Qin had really come to care for Ding Nan. Not that Ding Nan would know, since Zhou Qin had never overtly showed that she cared.

Ding Nan no doubt thought that Zhou Qin was just a heartless bitch who only saw Ding Nan as nothing but a pawn. That, however, couldn’t be further than the truth. Ding Nan had no idea how many times Zhou Qin had saved her ass over the years. No idea.

If Zhou Qin truly didn’t care, she wouldn’t have added a special clause in their agreement stating that Ding Nan should never—under any circumstances—sell her body for Zhou Qin. If Zhou Qin truly didn’t care, would she have intervened every time those sleazy men tried to sleep with Ding Nan? Granted, her interventions were done in the shadows without anyone’s knowledge. But still, Ding Nan would’ve noticed it if she wasn’t so blinded by her own hatred and jealousy.

They trudged along the long hallway, walking past door after door.

“M- M- Mark my words…” Ding Nan mumbled. “I’ll destroy you the next ch- chance I get…”

A stab of hurt shot through Zhou Qin’s chest, but she clenched her jaw and ignored it.

“Bring it on then,” Zhou Qin said. “I can take whatever you dish out.”

Finally, they reached the elevators. Zhou Qin slapped the elevator call button and waited until a ding announced the elevator’s arrival. They stumbled into the elevator. When the doors slid shut, Zhou Qin hesitated for a moment before she pressed number 18.

They rode in silence until the elevator doors opened to the eighteenth floor a minute later.

Zhou Qin dragged Ding Nan out of the elevator, stopping in front of the elevator. She craned her neck and stared along the long hallway. If I’m not mistaken, there should be a few staff doing rounds on this floor… There!

“Excuse me!” Zhou Qin yelled.

A man in uniform paused in the hallway and did a double take.

“Yes? Can I help you, miss?”

Zhou Qin waved at the man.

The man pushed the cart over and stopped in front of them. “Is everything alright, miss?” he asked, eyeing Ding Nan warily.

Zhou Qin offered a gold card to the man and said, “I need you to give me access to a room. This lady here is unwell.”

The man bowed slightly, though he didn’t take the card. “I’m terribly sorry, miss. The hotel’s policy requires that you present your identity documents at the concierge’s counter to make a formal booking—”

“Just do as I say!” Zhou Qin snapped. The man flinched at Zhou Qin’s sharp tone and stared back at her in shock.

Zhou Qin shut her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Please…” Zhou Qin said in a calmer tone. “This is an emergency. My friend here is unwell, and she needs to lie down immediately. I’ll go down the reception as soon as I get her settled in a room.”

The man’s face softened. “Alright, miss. Come this way.”


“Arrrrggghhh! F*ck you, Zhou Qin!” He Shao grabbed the lamp beside the bed and smashed it against the wall. “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!!!!!”

Another series of crash sounded as He Shao began to smash any object he could find in the bedroom: the tea cups; the tea pot; the saucers; the phone; the TV remote; the ashtray.

At one point, He Shao picked up a chair and hurled it towards the TV mounted on the wall. A loud crash sounded followed by He Shao’s angry roar.

“F*ck! Why do you always have to get in my way, Zhou Qin! Why!”

Just then, the bedroom door swung open, and the hotel’s senior manager rushed inside.

“H- He Shao… What is the matter?” the manager asked in a careful tone.

He Shao turned around abruptly and glared at the manager.

“What’s the matter with me? You have to f*cking ask?”

The manager flinched slightly.

“Arrrggh!! I’m f*cking angry is what it is! F*ck!!!!” He Shao slammed his fist against the wall.

“P- Please calm yourself, He Shao,” said the hotel manager in an—no doubt futile—attempt in placation. “You need to mind your health. It’s not worth sacrificing your health over this matter, whatever it is.”

He Shao huffed loudly and gave the manager a dismissive wave. “Get out of here and leave me the f*ck alone!”

“He Shao…” the hotel manager said in a careful tone. “May I ask who made you this angry? Maybe I can help you deal with them, whoever they are.”

Those word managed to grab He Shao’s attention. He Shao suddenly turned his head to regard the hotel manager curiously. Seconds later, a contemptuous smile formed on He Shao’s face. “The likes of you? Deal with him?” He Shao laughed derisively. “Trust me, that guy could end you with just a finger.”

The manager bowed slightly. “In that case, is there anything else I can do for you He Shao? Although I’m just a lowly manager, there are still a few errands that I can run for you. Who knows they might help soothe your anger.”

He Shao yanked his collar a few times. “Bring two girls to me.”

The hotel manager smiled. “Ah. Two girls, you say? Right away, sir.”

“And I want new faces this time!” He Shao snapped. “I’m bored with most of your female staff already!”

The hotel manager’s eyes widened slightly as though he’d just remembered something. Slowly, the manager approached He Shao and whispered something into his ear.

Seconds later, He Shao’s eyes glinted brightly.

“Twins, you said? Hah! Not bad! Bring them here!”

The hotel manager smiled. “Right away, sir.”

Ten minutes later, the manager returned to the room with a conflicted look on his face.

“He Shao… The twins refused to come…”

He Shao sprang to his feet. “What the f*ck did you say?!”

The hotel manager flinched. “The twins are actually university students. They’re our new part-time employees. Today is their first day on the job—”

“Shut the f*ck up, you motherf*cker!” He Shao pointed a finger at the manager’s face. “Do you know that over 99% of the women in this building started out as prostitutes? You think I have no idea that this entire f*cking hotel is just a brothel for high-ranking government officials?” He Shao laughed derisively. “How the f*ck do you think Shengyuan Hotel managed to last until today without being shut down by the police, hmm?” He Shao suddenly pointed a thumb at himself. “Yeah, that’s right. Because of me. For years, I’m the one who’s been covering up for you dumbasses! And now you’re telling me that you can’t even do one thing right for me? Seriously? Not even one thing right? After everything I did for you in the past?” He Shao shook his head in disgust. “Try again! I don’t care what means you use. Just bring me the twins.”

The hotel manager bowed. “Y- Yes, He Shao. Right away.”


Li Yundong stared at Su Chan’s slightly bulging tummy. Granted, Su Chan hadn’t wolfed down all the food on the table, but she still came pretty close. Li Yundong chuckled and gave Su Chan’s stomach a few not-too-gentle pokes.

Su Chan burped.

Li Yundong’s gaze snapped to Su Chan’s face, where a rosy tint had formed.

“S- S- Sorry…” Su Chan mumbled.

Li Yundong chuckled and glanced down at her stomach again. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look at the size of that tummy,” he said jokingly. “How many months pregnant?”

Su Chan pressed a finger under her chin. “Hmm…”

Li Yundong grinned at her.

“Three months!” Su Chan announced proudly, then gave Li Yundong a playful glance. “You must take responsibility for me and our child, beloved.”

Li Yundong feigned a look of surprise. “Three months, you say?”

Su Chan bobbed her head up and down. “Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!”

Something warm bloomed inside Li Yundong’s heart. Cute. So damn cute…

Li Yundong nodded as though he was impressed by the knowledge. “Three months, huh?” Li Yundong smiled and leaned his ear against her tummy. “Let’s see if I can hear the baby kicking.”

Su Chan giggled and smacked Li Yundong’s head. “You dummy!” She giggled some more. “The baby would only be thumb-sized at three months!”

Li Yundong rose to his feet and feigned an affronted look. He narrowed his eyes and tickled Su Chan’s side. “Well, you seem to know a lot about pregnancies. Tell me the truth…” he growled playfully. “Who the heck is the father, hmm?”

Su Chan giggled and tried to twist away from his touch, but Li Yundong pulled her into his arms.

Su Chan yelped, then glanced around warily. “L- Let me go… P- People… People are watching…”

Who cares if people are watching? Li Yundong was here to keep President Cao safe, not to impress a bunch of snobs. As long as he didn’t let President Cao out of his sight, he could tease Su Chan all he wanted.

The alarm bells rang inside Li Yundong’s head the moment he felt Su Chan’s body tense up in his arms. He glanced down worriedly. “Hey, what’s the matter?”

Su Chan’s face was now drained of color and her lips were quivering. “Oh, God… Oh, God…”

Li Yundong’s blood ran cold. “Hey!” he hissed, shaking Su Chan’s shoulders. “Are you okay?”

Su Chan stared up at him with hazy eyes. She looked like she was about to pass out, or have a panic attack.

“D- Divine…”

Li Yundong felt his stomach drop. “What?”

“D- Divine Aura…”

Li Yundong’s scalp tingled, and he started scanning the room for threats. Was Ruan Hongling here? Was—

“Oh God, she’s here… She’s here for me.” Su Chan hid herself inside Li Yundong’s arms.

“Ruan Hongling?” Li Yundong kept looking around. “But I don’t see her?”

“Not her,” Su Chan whispered. “Ruan Hongling is just a small fly compared to her…”

Li Yundong clenched his jaw. “Okay. Then we gotta leave now. I’ll tell President Cao right now and we can—”

Su Chan shook her head and gave Li Yundong a look of grave resignation.

“It’s pointless, Yundong. We won’t be able to outrun her. She’s too powerful. She’s not widely acknowledged as the most powerful Cultivator of the younger generation for nothing.”

“We have to try,” Li Yundong said and started making a beeline towards the entrance.

However, he had barely taken two steps before a voice behind his back made him stop.

“So we finally meet, Jindan’s Heir.”

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