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Screams erupted behind Li Yundong the moment his body flew over the railing. Instincts took over. He reached down as far as he could and wrapped his fingers around Wang Yong’s ankle. Then, with his other hand, Li Yundong grabbed the bottom edge of the railing to stop their fall. Next thing he knew, he was dangling nine floors above ground while supporting the weight of an obese man. Sometimes, Li Yundong wondered if he was a masochist.

Footsteps sounded above him. “Hey! Li Yundong!” Li Yundong glanced up. A moment later, President Yin’s head appeared above the railing. Even from his position, Li Yundong could see the relief on her face when she spotted him.

“Oh, thank God…” President Yin sagged against the railing.

Seconds later, a few of her security personnel poked their heads out too.

“Hang in there kid! We’re gonna get you some help!”

“No!!” Li Yundong hollered back. “Let me handle this for now! I’ll let you know if I need any help! “

Nobody else had to risk their lives.

Li Yundong glanced downwards. Wang Yong was trembling in fear. Ha. Maybe the bastard wasn’t that eager to die after all. Still, now he had to figure out a way to deal with this. Li Yundong shut his eyes. Okay, what now? A few options came to mind. The most obvious solution was to drop the guy onto the balcony on a lower floor. “Hey! Wang Yong! Look down! Do you see any balconies?”

The only answer he got was a whimper. Li Yundong muttered a curse. This was starting to piss him off. Mostly he was mad at himself for being stupid enough to risk his life to save this piece of trash who had just threatened to blow everyone to kingdom come. What the hell was I thinking? Right. Of course. He wasn’t thinking. He just reacted.

Li Yundong glanced down and activated Mingmu’s telescopic vision. Indeed, there was a balcony on the 8th floor. There was, however, one major problem. He wasn’t sure if he could make the drop safely. It was too risky—the 8th floor’s balcony didn’t extend beyond the 9th floor, so if he let go, Wang Yong would just fall vertically downwards. Wang Yong would most likely fall past the balcony instead of onto it.

What if I just drop him into the swimming pool? But the swimming pool wasn’t within Wang Yong’s vertical falling path too, so Li Yundong would have to swing Wang Yong in mid-air to create a trajectory that would—hopefully—get Wang Yong into the pool. And it certainly didn’t help that: A) Li Yundong was dangling in mid-air; and B) Wang Yong was fat.

Clearly, the second idea was a no-go as well. Hey wait a minute… I don’t even need a swimming pool

“Hey!! Security guys!!”

A middle-aged man poked his head over the railing. “Yeah? What can we do, kid?” The guy sounded a bit anxious.

“How long do you think it’ll take to set up an air mattress on the ground floor?”

A look of recognition formed on security guy’s face. “A Rescue Air Cushion?” He paused in thought. “It probably won’t take long to set it up. Maybe a minute or two to fully inflate it? I don’t know. But we’ll have to call the firefighters to get one of those. And how long the firefighters might take to get here is another story. Can you hold on that long?”

He probably could, but that wasn’t the problem. The real problem was whether Wang Yong could even last until the firefighters got here? Li Yundong might not possess any medical knowledge worth a damn, but he still had a bit of common sense. Hanging upside down for long periods of time can’t be good—what with the blood rush to the head and all.

There had to be another way.

Maybe he should just let go and then do the same thing he did to save Ding Nan the other day. He could carry Wang Yong as they fell and then land on his feet. But sadly, that solution had its own set of problems—this time, he wouldn’t be holding on to a slender woman as he fell. Shit. Were his arms even long enough to circle Wang Yong’s wide girth? What if he lost his grip on Wang Yong while they were falling?

Why? Why did he keep putting himself in these situations? Because you’re a masochistic idiot with a hero complex, that’s why, a not-very-helpful voice inside Li Yundong’s head added.

Li Yundong let out a frustrated growl. You know what? F*ck this shit. He glanced up at the railing again. “Hey! Sir!” He waited until the security guy poked his head out again.


“Clear the balcony!”

The security guy seemed perplexed by that request. “What?”

“Clear the balcony! Get everyone away from the balcony!”

The security guy stared at Li Yundong like he was nuts. Li Yundong sighed. “Just do it. I know what I’m doing…”

The security guy nodded. “Sure.”

“Thanks! Let me know when the balcony’s clear.”

Security guy disappeared. Suddenly, Li Yundong felt the load in his arm twitching. Wang Yong was weeping. Li Yundong rolled his eyes. “Tsk! Pull yourself together, man!” Li Yundong said. “Nobody’s gonna die today!” Not on my watch… he added silently.

“Balcony’s clear!!!”

“Good! Make sure everyone stays inside! Do not come out until I say so!” Li Yundong hollered back.

“Roger that!”

“Hey! Wang Yong!” Li Yundong shook Wang Yong’s ankle harshly. Wang Yong whimpered.

“Listen, man,” Li Yundong said. “I don’t know what drove you to become the suicidal maniac you are. Maybe something happened to you. Maybe shit happened in your life, and everything sucks. But I’m gonna tell you this. Life is precious. If you wanna risk your life, make sure that it’s for a worthy cause. Don’t just throw your life away for nothing. Today, you’ve got a second chance, because I’m gonna save your ass. And you are gonna do time and pay for your crimes. Hopefully you can get your shit together by the time you get out of jail. Oh, and make sure you grab onto something if I miss.”

He got another whimper in response. Li Yundong snorted. Right. Guess he better not miss then.

Li Yundong blew out a breath and closed his eyes. Su Chan once told him that the Qis of the five Zangs were much more powerful than the Qi generated from his essence at the lower Dantian. Maybe he could take advantage of that. Seconds later, Li Yundong’s Yuanyang circled around his Lung, trying to draw out his Lung’s Qi. Of all the five Zangs, he chose the Lung to draw Qi from because it was the Zang nearest to his right arm, where he needed the extra boost in strength to make the toss. All he had to do was guide his Lung’s Qi to his right arm with his Yuanyang.

The difference was immense. He felt a surge of strength in his right arm like never before. He tightened his grip on Wang Yong’s ankle and looked above him. The railing itself was slightly more than a meter tall, so there wasn’t that much vertical height to clear. The trick, though, was when to release Wang Yong’s ankle: too soon, and Wang Yong would fly away from the balcony instead of onto it; too late, and Wang Yong would smash right into the railing.

Li Yundong swung his right arm a little to get a little bit of momentum going. With a grunt, he swung his arm upwards and released Wang Yong’s ankle when his arm was at the 2 o’clock position. There was a scream followed by a loud thud seconds later. The railing tremored in his grip, and he sighed in relief. He did it. He made the toss.

Climbing back up over the railing posed no challenge at all—it only took him seconds. When he landed on the balcony, everyone inside President Cao’s office staring at him in utter disbelief. Weird was the new normal. He’d gotten used to receiving these looks by now. He walked over towards Wang Yong, who was now a heap of whimpering mess on the floor. He crouched down and patted Wang Yong’s cheek a few times. “Hey! Breathe, man. You’re fine now.” When Wang Yong didn’t react, Li Yundong jabbed a finger to his Renzhong—an acupoint between the nose and the upper lip. Wang Yong gasped and started gulping for air. Li Yundong rose to his full height and then stared down at Wang Yong. “This is your second chance. So I hope you get your shit together from now on. And don’t worry. I don’t think those guys can kill you once you’re in jail.”

The balcony’s sliding door slid open. The middle-aged security guy and his team stepped out. Li Yundong walked over and patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder. “Well. I’ll leave him to you guys now,” Li Yundong said, gesturing at Wang Yong.

The man nodded. “We’ll take care of it.” He paused, then looked at Li Yundong with awe. “Holy sh*t, young man… What you did just now… Holy sh*t…” Suddenly, the man’s eyes widened as if a thought had just occurred to him. “Do you have military background?”

Li Yundong chuckled and shook his head. “No, sir. I’m not a soldier.” Never was, and never will be.

The middle-aged man gave a few hand gestures to his team. His men nodded and walked over to Wang Yong. He turned back to Li Yundong. “But how? The stuff you did just now… They’re mind-blowing…”

Li Yundong shrugged. “Well. Maybe I’m just a guy who likes Bruce Lee movies?”

The man snorted at gave him a skeptical look. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.” There was a brief pause as they both watched Wang Yong being hoisted up by two guys and then dragged away from the balcony.

“Hey, um, listen,” the middle-aged man said with a low voice. “If you want a job here, I can put in a good word for you with President Yin.”

Li Yundong stared at the man for a moment, then smiled. “That’s very kind of you to offer. I’ll leave the decision up to President Yin.” Li Yundong patted the man on the shoulder twice, then walked back into President Cao’s office.

Inside the office, he noticed that President Yin had just gotten off the phone and was heading towards him.

“Hey,” she greeted. “Are you alright?”

Li Yundong rotated his arms a few times and shrugged. “A little tired I guess? But I’m fine.”

President Yin studied him for a moment. “Good. Well, the police have recovered the suicide vest from the pool. They have to take it apart before they can figure out the estimated blast radius.” President Yin held Li Yundong’s gaze. “You’ve done a great job today. Thank you.”

There was a loud snort. Li Yundong glanced sideways and saw Shen Hui glaring at him. He sighed and turned back to President Yin.

“You’re welcome. It’s not like I can just stand by and let everyone here die, you know?” Li Yundong paused for a while, then lowered his voice. “Listen. About your cousin. It really was just a misunderstanding. I swear to God, I wasn’t trying to molest—”

President Yin raised a palm. There was a look of amusement in her eyes. “I get it. She’s a little… spoiled. Don’t mind her.”

Li Yundong sighed in relief. Good then. He really wasn’t looking forward to spending a few nights down at the police station for a crime that he didn’t even commit.

“And regarding your employment…” President Yin said.

Li Yundong cleared his throat. “I have to be honest here,” he said sheepishly. “I know next to nothing about real-estate, sales, and finance. Well, like I said, I know a bit of martial arts and I have good reflexes and stuff.” Li Yundong rubbed the back of his neck. “I suppose you can call me all brawns and no brains…”

President Yin opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by a strangled moan. A loud crash followed suit.

President Yin was already moving towards President Cao’s desk before Li Yundong could figure out what was wrong.

“Oh my God, Kefei!!”

President Cao was lying on the floor with both hands clutching her chest. Her face was twisted in pain and she was gasping for air.

Li Yundong was beside President Yin in an instant. “What’s going on?” he asked, kneeling down beside President Cao’s body.

Instead of answering, President Yin turned around and yelled over her back. “Somebody call an ambulance! President Cao’s having a heart attack!”

Li Yundong’s gaze instantly went to President Cao. “Shit…”

President Cao clawed at her throat. Li Yundong quickly pried her hands away from her throat; those long nails could draw blood.

“Hang in there, Ma’am,” Li Yundong said. “Just hang in there, okay? Help is coming.”  

President Yin kept barking out orders. “Xiao Zhang! Xiao Zhang! Where’s Xiao Zhang!”

Footsteps sounded nearby. A few seconds later, Xiao Zhang appeared.

“Her meds!” President Yin yelled, her voice colored with desperation. “Do you know where she keeps her meds?”

Xiao Zhang turned around and pulled out one of the drawers of President Cao’s huge desk. She rummaged through the drawer for a while.

“Come on, Xiao Zhang! The meds! Hurry up!”

“I’m trying, President Yin! But I can’t find them! I swear this is where she keeps them!” Xiao Zhang pulled out all the other drawers and rummaged through them as well.

President Yin got on her feet and ran towards the desk. “You search the left drawers! I’ll take the ones on the right!”

President Yin stopped at the desk and turned to the others in the room. “Hey! What are you guys standing around for! Help me look for her medication! Go through that cabinet over there!”

“Y-Yes, Ma’am!”

Li Yundong ignored the sounds of feet shuffling and hurried whispers. Instead, he focused his attention on President Cao.

All of a sudden, President Cao stopped gasping. At first, Li Yundong thought that maybe the heart attack had stopped, but his blood ran cold a moment later—he could no longer hear President Cao’s heartbeat with Eryue.

“President Yin… I think her heart just stopped,” Li Yundong said grimly.

President Yin to look up sharply from the drawers she’d been going through.

“Oh, no, no, no…” President Yin scrambled towards him and kneeled down. “She’s not breathing either. Damn it! We need to start CPR.” President Yin unbuttoned President Cao’s blouse, then began a series of chest compressions.

Li Yundong stood up to give President Yin more space to work. He glanced around and saw Shen Hui and other female employees standing there watching the scene.

“An ambulance is on the way!” the security guy yelled from the balcony. “ETA 15 minutes.”

Did they even have 15 minutes to spare? Li Yundong glanced down at President Yin who was still pumping President Cao’s chest furiously.

“Come on, come on, come on…” President Yin muttered. “Don’t do this to me, Kefei… Don’t you dare do this to me…”

Seconds later, President Yin stopped the compressions and bent down to breathe into President Cao’s mouth.

“Wake up! Damn it! Wake up!” President Yin was in tears. “Come on!” She began another round of chest compressions.

President Cao lips had turned slightly purple. Li Yundong knew right then that he had to do something. He couldn’t just watch this woman die.

“Please…” President Yin’s pressing movements were starting to slow down. “Please… wake up…”

Li Yundong crouched down and put his hand on President Yin’s shoulder. “Let me try,” he said.

President Yin looked up at him in surprise.

“I can do it.” Li Yundong gave her a reassuring nod. “I can save her.”

President Yin stopped pressing and stepped aside.

Li Yundong stared down at President Cao’s unconscious form. What he was about to do might very well expose his status as a Cultivator or—heavens forbid—reveal something about the Renyuan Jindan inside him. Heck, he honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Lin Youfa suddenly showed up to challenge him again after this. But still, he had to do the right thing.

Li Yundong looked towards President Yin. “Alright. Now listen to me carefully…”


“Get her into a meditative posture,” Li Yundong said. “And help me keep her body upright.”

President Yin quickly did as she was told without arguing. During the performance night, John had gone into cardiac arrest as well after he got hit in the chest by the shockwaves generated by Li Yundong’s punch. Back then, Li Yundong had resuscitated him using the Three-Pronged Flower Gathering technique.

President Cao was currently in cardiac arrest as well.

This would work. It must work.

Li Yundong rose to his feet and walked around to stand behind President Cao.

“You mean hold her up like this, right?” President Yin asked, looking towards him. President Yin’s composed, take-charge attitude was now back. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Li Yundong.”

Li Yundong nodded. “Now make sure you don’t move her—”

He was interrupted by Shen Hui’s voice. “I suggest you leave it alone, pal. If you do nothing, none of this will be your fault. But if anything goes wrong and something happens to President Cao, it will all be on you.”

“Shen Hui!” President Yin said, sounding completely affronted.

Anger erupted inside Li Yundong like a volcano. “You heartless and selfish bitch!” His voice boomed, resounding through the huge office. He glared at Shen Hui, whose face had suddenly gone pale. “This is a person! Your cousin’s friend! And you’re telling me that you’re more concerned about politics than her life!”

Shen Hui’s face contorted. Seconds later, she started bawling.

Li Yundong sneered. “Yeah. Cry. Go home and cry to your parents. I’m sure they are so damn proud of the heartless creature they’ve raised. Get out of my sight. You disgust me.”

Shen Hui turned around and ran, her wails following her all the way to the door.

Li Yundong turned back around and saw President Yin staring up at him in shock. Li Yundong shook his head and got into position again. They didn’t have much time to lose.

“Hold her still!” Li Yundong snapped, then glanced around the room. “Do not interrupt me, you understand? Don’t speak. Don’t yell. Don’t touch. Don’t do anything until I’m done.”

Li Yundong positioned his fingers on President Cao’s Baihui, Shenting, and Taiyang—the standard finger positioning for the Three-Pronged Flower Gathering technique. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The first step involved gathering his Yuanyang at his fingertips, which took him mere seconds to complete.

Then came the hard part. He had to slowly channel his Yuanyang into President Cao’s body and then use it to draw out President Cao’s Qi. This was, of course, another application of the Yin-Yang Principle that Su Chan had so often expounded—using a man’s Yang Qi to draw out a woman’s Yin Qi or vice versa.

However, after Li Yundong’s Yuanyang had entered President Cao’s body, he ran into another problem: he couldn’t get her Yin Qi to come out.

Li Yundong was stumped. From what he understood from Su Chan’s lessons, it was supposed to be easier for Li Yundong to mobilize President Cao’s Qi with the Three-Pronged Flower Gathering technique as opposed to mobilizing John’s Qi because President Cao was a woman and her Qi was Yin in nature. Due to the inherent attraction between Yin and Yang, it is always easier to guide the movement of Yin Qi using Yang Qi or vice versa. When Li Yundong resuscitated John that day, he had had to force John’s Yang Qi to move.

Out of desperation, Li Yundong circled his Yuanyang around President Cao’s five Zangs, hoping to draw out the Qi of her five Zangs. After a moment, he got nothing. He couldn’t even draw out the Qis of her five Zangs. What the hell was going on here?

Okay… Last resort.

He hadn’t planned to do this, but now it seemed like he had no other choice. Li Yundong had asked Su Chan why he had this orgasmic feeling when she gave him the massage inside the lecture hall the other day. Su Chan had told him that it was because his Huiyin—an acupoint between the anus and the scrotum/vulva—was stimulated during the massage. That was when he learned that concealed within the Huiyin was the purest form of Qi inside a person body.

But the problem was, if he tried that on President Cao…

Great. Not only was he risking the exposure of his status as a Cultivator, but he might get arrested as well. Imagine the headline: Guy Brought Woman to an Orgasm by Touching Her Head. Nobody would buy that BS.

Screw it. He had to try. At least President Cao wouldn’t be dead if it worked. Perhaps he would be pardoned from these alleged sexual assault charges for the crucial role he had played in saving a woman’s life?

Argh. To hell with it…

Li Yundong moved his Yuanyang down towards President Cao’s Huiyin. A moment later, he felt it—President Cao’s pure Yin Qi was drawn out. It worked. Now he just had to guide the flow of her Qi in Xiao Zhoutian’s circuit. Once her Qi started to move, her blood would start to circulate and hopefully generate enough blood pressure to forcefully contract her cardiac muscles.

Around the fifth Xiao Zhoutian circuit, Li Yundong could feel the heat emanating from President Cao’s head. Good. She was wearing the Crown of Three Flowers now. It was working well so far. After a few more Xiao Zhoutian circuits, he could feel the trembles and shudders in President Cao’s body. Despite Li Yundong’s earlier request for silence, he could hear the sound of cheers and cries of relief all around him. Did it work? Was President Cao breathing again? Had President Cao’s heart been jump-started?

It must have. Why would everyone be cheering if it hadn’t?

The final step was to return the purest form of President Cao’s Qi back to her Huiyin, which meant stimulating her Huiyin again.

Seconds later, he heard the unmistakable sound of a moan, a feminine moan that could only be heard during the horizontal tango.

President Cao just had an orgasm.

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